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Found 6 results

  1. For Sale 3“ Chambered 12b BSA BLE Selectable 27 ¾” Barrels Choked ¼ & ½ LOP 14 ¾" Ejector Single Trigger Auto Safety Pommel/Prince of Wales grip Colour case hardened Immaculate shiny bores Tight action Recoil pad Takes Standard Steel no problem Bought from Mick (Wabbitbosher) last year just need the space for something else Have to put a price so £150 but open to offers Collection from Portsmouth or would RFD if costs covered by buyer
  2. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a second-hand Parker Hale o/u shotgun (Italian made in '81) but the action is very stiff to open/close especially when the ejectors have been triggered. I'd like to strip down the ejectors to clean them out thoroughly and lubricate them to see if that is the source of the problem but I've struggled to find any instructions on how to do that without damaging anything. If anybody here some details or links to resources they're willing to share I'd greatly appreciate it. The top lever and safety/selector are both pretty stiff too so I need to take apart the action (I don't think it's had a decent service in a while) so if you have any details about that too it would probably come in handy. Cheers, Chris
  3. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a second-hand Parker Hale o/u shotgun and although the gun's in pretty decent condition all-round it can be really stiff to open & close. I've narrowed the problem down to the ejectors but I'm struggling to find any info on how to remove them so that I can clean out all the **** that I suspect has collected around them. It looks like the gun is Italian made in 1983, according to the AI proof mark on the barrels. Any assistance on this would be really appreciated as it's driving me nuts. I think I could do with taking apart the action too as the safety/barrel selector is pretty stiff too so if you can give me any hints on how to do that before I start pulling it apart that would be useful too. Thank in advance. Chris
  4. Just in case someone has something looking forlorn in the Cabinet. I'm looking for an good quality over under gun 12 bore ejector gun with 30 inch barrels, the gun could just be a barreled action or a gun that has a damaged, ugly or broken or even completely missing stock. The action and barrels must be in reasonably good condition but woodwork is completely unimportant. Would prefer something with multi chokes or 3/4 and full choke, Shot in the dark but its worth an ask. PM me if you might have a suitable candidate.
  5. Anyone ever heard of this or got it done? I'm after a SxS 12 Gauge with a single trigger and 3" chamber and ideally wanted ejector on it. (I'll of brought this up in the past) I plan on buying it mid September time The closest I've found to my specs sadly has no ejector so am I able to have it modified?
  6. Got a 25 year old Lanber for my nephew (big thank you to Gazzyapp for the freebie). I cannot tell you how excited the lad is for his first gun. Just as Gazzy said, it does not eject from the top barrel. Took the stock off (to get access to the action )and released the ejectors from the barrel (removed them along with the springs and pins etc). Nothing is broken or stuck. It all moves very freely However it is lazy perhaps read worn? If I push the ejector actuation rods forward from the action with my fingers - Bingo it all works. BUT if I fire it normally the top barrel ejector does not eject and seems to me the mechanism is not being thrown forward enough from the hammer on firing. Any experts out there who can shed light on what to replace or how to fix this? (Also I need a new bead for the front sight if you know where any are...) If I was to have a guess, I'd say the first part of the mech (the spring steel plates) that the hammers strike with the bevelled pins, is a bit slack so when struck, it does not move forward as much as it could. As I said, when pushed gently with my finger, bingo it all works. Thanks...
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