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Found 12 results

  1. For Sale 3“ Chambered 12b BSA BLE Selectable 27 ¾” Barrels Choked ¼ & ½ LOP 14 ¾" Ejector Single Trigger Auto Safety Pommel/Prince of Wales grip Colour case hardened Immaculate shiny bores Tight action Recoil pad Takes Standard Steel no problem Bought from Mick (Wabbitbosher) last year just need the space for something else Have to put a price so £150 but open to offers Collection from Portsmouth or would RFD if costs covered by buyer
  2. Hi all, I have registered interest with both Langstone and Chichester Wildfowling clubs last year whilst my SGC Grant was in with Hampshire Constabulary. I have now received an email to progress my application with Chichester but my SGC Grant application was refunded along with everyone else's in Hampshire. With no light as to when they are going to start accepting applications again do you think I could still join one of the wildfowling clubs ready for next season? I would have to go out for the first year with another member anyway so would not having a SGC be that much of an issue to start with? Also does anyone know of the pros and cons or have any recommendations of either clubs?
  3. Does anyone know of anyone that carries out tuning and regulator fitting to BSA airrifles? All the ‘names’ see to be up North, would much rather drop off rather than post. Cheers
  4. Hello I have been shooting clays and wingshooting for over 20 years, mainly in the US. Just moved back to UK and got my SC last week so I got myself a nice shotgun and I am ready to go. Looking to get into pigeon shooting and , since I don't have any contacts or permissions yet, I am willing to pay for some shooting as it becomes available over the next few months and depending on the local crops etc. I live around Fordingbridge- Ringwood and I am willing to travel perhaps up to 1 1/2 hours for a good place. I can be contacted here, but better at jmmartiherrero@hotmail.com. Cell is 0034 648 026 028 I would also consider helping out with whatever, in exchange for observing and learning, if you want to take me as a pupil Thanks very much. JM
  5. Hi guys, I am looking to join a wildfowling club either before the season starts or sometime next year. Now, I clay shoot, but unfortunately I have never had any experience on live game other than popping bunnies with an air rifle. So, I went to Highclere fair on Monday, and two of the local clubs to me tried to persuade me to join their club. Being fronted with this new found information has enthused to start looking for a suitable club, but i need a little advice on the gear needed. So, I have (I am kind of a shamed to say) a Revo Premium Game O/U 12g 3" chamber, I think steel proofed and i am thinking of getting a new gun! What gun is the best for Wildfowling? O/U, S/S or Semi Auto? And, do I go for a synthetic stock or risk it with a usual walnut stock? Also, best cartridges for a starter for Geese, ducks, and hopefully if I get some contacts pigeons? Good waders/warm weather gear? Also, not trying to make a fight, which is the better club? Langstone and District or Chichester? Thank you, Verminator343
  6. This is my first chat on this forum as apparently i have been a member for years since i was 16 seams a hell of a long time ago. I have had my lisence for over 10 years and reacently moved to Portsmouth. I have been to Fareham Club and last week managed to find my way to West Meon. Whilst i was there i spoke to a gentleman who told me of a variety of sporting shoots in the area, If anyone has the address or contact details dates etc for the following shoots that would be great. Chichester: Bramley: Chalky Hill: Lee on Solent: Wallers Ash: Ower: Southdown: Thankyou Jordan Boon
  7. Hi All My name is Chris Chapman , i am 52 years old and live in Basingstoke Hampshire, i like thousands of you have a passion for the outdoors and am probably at my happiest walking through copse and fields as much as possible. I am semi -retired and have my own business which affords me the opportunity to be out most days of the week and weekends, i have been shooting firearms most of my life and have owned a considerable amount over the years, my present guns include, Beretta 692, 686 E Evo, SV10 perennia and a benelli M2 semi. I drive a ML320 mercedes which is total pants/useless when trying to drive through mud - maybe its just me that can't drive Anyway i am looking like everyone else for a permission to shoot some pigeon and vermin where i can and was hoping that someone can point me in the right direction or put me in contact with someone that can help. I have been knocking on doors and have dropped off flyers and have passed the word around but everything just seems like a dead end. ​I am happy to be newbie and tag along anyone who will afford me the opportunity and guarantee that i won't go behind someones back and rape their permission or disrespect anyones land that helps me. I am fully insured with BASC and am also willing to pay for the opportunity to shoot. Hope to hear back from you all with some advise ... Regards Chris Chapman
  8. Hi all, Trying to navigate though the new world of cyber meet and greet and throwing a line out to anyone that might be able able to help... Last year I returned back to the glorious rolling hillsides of Hampshire, after a 5 year stint in dry dusty Australia and I'm looking to meet someone/people that wouldn't mind giving me abit of a intro back into shooting.. I started shooting when I was about 12 originally with an old 410 hammer action poachers side by side, shooting pigeons and rats, rabbits, going along with a family friend on a rough shoot he was a member of. Then went along as a half gun on the same rough shoot and I absolutely loved it, got my shotgun licence owned a few labs decided the country life was for me.. then I hit 18 and booze and girls and gave up . I have never shot to a high standard but I just love being out, walking for hours, being with the dogs sitting in hides WAITING..!! Since I have been back I've tried to make contact with the old club I was part of but most of the old boys I went with I guess, don't have the internet.. I'm looking to join a rough shoot and chip in with feeding of birds, maintainanace of pens/woodland etc, I'd like to come along for a few days and not shoot and then join for next year, ideally carrying on abit of out of season pest control with my new shooting family.. I'm based in Portsmouth/Southampton half way in between but I'm neither Pompey or saints. I'm work mon-fri till 5 as an electrician so shooting sat would suit me best.. If you can put me in touch with any clubs I'd be more than grateful, I'm not looking for huge bags or a huge cost thanks in advance, Mike
  9. Am looking for a shotgun cabinet in the Hampshire area, either a 2-3 or maybe a 5 gun, if you have anything that might be suitable send me a PM Cheers!
  10. i am 15 and want some beating/picking up next season in Hampshire because i plan to go and study gamekeeping at college . i currently beat on a shoot but they only shoot about 8 days a season and was wondering if there was any availability anywhere. also i have beat for 5 seasons so i have experience but want as many days as i can get on. Saturday only and close to andover if possible. also wanted to do some pigeon shooting. i don't have my own gun but am fully safe and have shot on many driven days and have had pigeon shooting experience but the person i use to shoot with sold his guns. i would be willing to bring my own cartridges and pay a small cost if wanted.
  11. Lambert & Wiltshire gunshop in Ringwood, Hampshire, Was burgled this week. No guns were stolen, but an estimated 8ks worth of clothing was stolen. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/10773926.Raiders_burgle_gun_shop/
  12. Just watching the local news. It appears that some "Pest controllers" shot and killed a whippet whilst out after rabbits at night down our way in Hampshire. It seems from the report that the dog comes from a house that borders the golf course and made its way through the hedge and was allegedly mistaken for a rabbit There'll be some **** hitting the fan there then I feel for the chap who's dog it was, clearly and understandably very distressed. :( I would hazard a guess that they thought it was a fox, but obviously for whatever reason didn't clearly identify what it was before pulling the trigger
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