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  1. put your finger on the front of the fore end and pull down if it is like mine... it just pops off. Like you use your finger as a wedge
  2. I've recently had to put my bins in the back garden to prevent fly tipping in my bins and often just mixed rubbish that I then had to sort out before it would be collected by the LA.
  3. This thread is a real rib tickler When they open one in london, I wonder which lube station it will be near?
  4. Fishing suddenly looks appealing does't it I've I am super light I take a pocket of carts, 6 or so sillosocks and a face net ..... now that is light.
  5. +1 look around local hedges etc as it may just be in there.
  6. Get a dog ..... then sharp bits chase after the thieves and make lots of noise about it.
  7. Oh, and I meant to add, an Aldi ultrasonic cleaner for about £20 or £25 IIRC
  8. I watched the road race as well and was impressed with those lads.... I've done 6 hours in the saddle and I am full of admiration for their fitness and stamina
  9. The smoke machine is NOT the engine. (but a good trick!!) I think the smoke is from baby oil but I may have this slightly wrong.
  10. I've just leaned he is an airline captain as his day job ...... hope he doesn't try these stunts with a few hundred passengers on board !!!!!! He has a number of clips on Youtube
  11. There is a lesson in this for everyone...... No witnesses, no film footage, his work against hers. No damage or injury just huffing and puffing and upset. Move on and plan for the new baby. I had a bus driver deliberately pull out - oncoming- into my carriageway to block me as he was miffed at having to wait between parked cars. He was clearly frustrated at the traffic flow coming against him and he should have waited. Because he gave me some loads of attitude and felt he was bigger than me - bus to car- I simply reported him to his employers and hope they review the footage that busses record. No road rage but I thought professional drivers need to be told from their bosses if they overstep the mark. I use busses and understand their frustrations but that is still no excuse for bad driving.
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