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  1. RIP Harnser. I remember all too well his wonderful bunker windup. I rumbled it early and we had some off line messages so I did not let on. He was brilliant and probably the best windup ever on PW.
  2. Great to have the clarity and consistency of the message to all police forces - a real benefit to the community - Thanks for the post David
  3. What a gem, really enjoyed that, thanks.
  4. London Best - Not sure what you are after exactly, but did you see this in the small ads?
  5. A side on view forgot to add: Electric windows and mirrors : on the original description
  6. Many thanks for the offer and link Martyn2233
  7. Huge thanks to Old un for shrinking the photos to allow me to add them. 👍
  8. Mine has been a MK1 Toyota Rav 4 that seems to go anywhere off road nice and quietly without fuss - but sadly no use for her now so in the sales section
  9. For Sale Toyota Rav4 MK1 for sale (Based in Coventry) . A reluctant sale but I gave up shooting over a year ago and this has to go now as I've no use for it. I had it as a shooting truck hence the fantastic mud tyres that just transform this truck which has taken me across the fields even through the worst of weather. 4X4 vehicle and Auto gear box makes it great off road. Electric sunroof is just superb for shooting from the roof so great for foxing New MOT 4 New Mud Tyres last month cost around £300 S reg so around 22 years old and works a treat. Engine sounds sweet and pulls well 128K miles Colour - Silver Whilst old, it is very well looked after and has given me years of superb reliable service. Farmers liked it as it is light and with grippy tyres, I didn't chew up the fields when I was driving when their pickups made a hell of a mess! I have the V5 2 Coded keys for the alarm - all working how they should £950
  10. put your finger on the front of the fore end and pull down if it is like mine... it just pops off. Like you use your finger as a wedge
  11. I've recently had to put my bins in the back garden to prevent fly tipping in my bins and often just mixed rubbish that I then had to sort out before it would be collected by the LA.
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