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  1. Hi all, I recently purchased a manufrance robust Brevete and I am trying to find out the age and model of the Shotgun. It's the first of the robust family I' ve ever seen that intead of a number for model, it has a letter. Where on other models (barrel flats) writes No 7 , or No 6, etc the certain shotgun has a capital "A". Any help? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a second-hand Parker Hale o/u shotgun (Italian made in '81) but the action is very stiff to open/close especially when the ejectors have been triggered. I'd like to strip down the ejectors to clean them out thoroughly and lubricate them to see if that is the source of the problem but I've struggled to find any instructions on how to do that without damaging anything. If anybody here some details or links to resources they're willing to share I'd greatly appreciate it. The top lever and safety/selector are both pretty stiff too so I need to
  3. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a second-hand Parker Hale o/u shotgun and although the gun's in pretty decent condition all-round it can be really stiff to open & close. I've narrowed the problem down to the ejectors but I'm struggling to find any info on how to remove them so that I can clean out all the **** that I suspect has collected around them. It looks like the gun is Italian made in 1983, according to the AI proof mark on the barrels. Any assistance on this would be really appreciated as it's driving me nuts. I think I could do with taking apart the action to
  4. Very sturdy case. Perfect for carriage of two rifles.£55 collected from SW London. Can be shipped at cost
  5. Hi all, Sadly due to a bleed on the brain, I can't shoot for the foreseeable. I have all my cartridges for this season up for grabs. Collection is from just outside Oakham in Rutland (LE15). SGC holders only please. Discount for multiple purchases! All 12 gauge. Game Slab 1: £60 (RRP approx £88) 250x Hull High Pheasant Extreme 32g 5 Fibre Slab 2: £55 (RRP approx £91) 225 x Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm 32g 5 Fibre, 25 x Hull High Pheasant 30g 5 Fibre (250 Cartridges altogether) Slab 3: £45
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has ever used the services of Kent Gunsmiths in Faversham. Ive just brought a secondhand Hatsan Escort Gen 1, I believe anyway. I think it’s well overdue a bit or tlc (even for a semi auto) and most probably some replacement parts. They are within an hours drive of me and website looks promising. Any thoughts? Also without sounding stupid. I belive it is chambered for 3” carts as it’s got 12x76 stamped on the barrel along with steel shot. Am I correct? Cheers Adam
  7. Hi All, I am a new shooter based in central Bedfordshire. I have been shooting clays for just over a year and at this point am 95% self taught. I’m loving my new hobby, however being a young (20) first generation shooter is proving to have its challenges. I felt slightly too inexperienced to get myself onto a game shoot last season, however I am hoping to get myself onto a game shoot or 2 next year. Only issue with this, and this is a bit of a confession on this forum, I’ve never killed anything. The thought of it doesn’t bother me and morally I have no problem with doing it,
  8. Help required with powder primer choice for loading shotgun cartridges. I’ve loaded rifle ammo for a long while but centre fire seems more common, it’s a different animal to shotgun reloading. Looks like plenty of choice re powders, so which one do I choose? Are they all really that available? Which primers for reloading old factory carcasses? I’m starting with #7 lead shot 28 gr on clays initially. Many thanks
  9. Hi All, Admins, I hope this is fine. I do have my Shotgun License. I'm after a double barrell shotgun, either SxS or U/O to work on as a project. Something I can restore. I've got great ideas to shou-sugi-ban (Japanese charred wood technique) the stock and foreend and completely sand and re-blue or some funky finish on the barrels and action. Complete strip down, service and re-assemble. If anyone's got a gun to give away that might be a good fit do let me know. Regards, Fran See an images below of what I'm thinking of doing with the woodwork. https://resawntim
  10. Hi everyone. I took my dad shooting yesterday. it was his first shoot in around 30 years. he was a keen shooter up until the late 80s. I took over his gun last summer and have got into the sport my self in a big way. I have a semi auto browning and his old Franchi 400. All is well and good with the guns for my use. The problem is he has now started taking an interest in shooting again. But has sever arthritis in his wrists and hand and the recoil is making it near unboreable for him to shoot. I want to get him a gun that he might be able to work with something he can use and shoot without bei
  11. almost any 12g shells wanted , old , odd or just not wanted any more most anything can be used but 24gram and over and shot no larger than 6 , will travel for large amounts . Mike Kent
  12. Hello, I am relatively new to the shotgun community, but I have an important question about the first gun that I bought. The Parkemy 410 3" double barrel poacher's shotgun was the gun in question, and when I bought it the dealer said that although it had 3" chambers I can only shoot 2" 1/2 cartridges through it. I couldn't really get a straight answer as to why that was, only that it wasn't proofed for 3" cartridges. The gun has the spanish APM proof mark on it, but could it be that this gun was proofed for black powder cartridges rather that the modern nitro celulose equivalen
  13. Hi, I have a long 54 inch Benelli shotgun slip the same as this one: http://www.thecountryman.com/benelli-shotgun-slip-brown I don't know if it was a joke, but I got it from a gun shop when I bought a Benelli 828u. It is far too long for this gun and has therefore only be used twice and is in excellent condition. I expect this is designed for long barrel semi autos or very long o/u. I have some pictures if you want send me a message an I will email them to you. As it was £50 new I'm looking for £30 postage included. Thanks, Alex
  14. This post is on behalf of PW member "Old Boggy", who asked my help to be part of his restoration effort of this Woodward "the Automatic" My own additions into this post are in italics, everything else was written by Old Boggy Acquisition & Refurbishment of Woodward No.3638 Introduction Firstly, as this is a long drawn out account of the acquisition and refurbishment of an old Woodward shotgun, I apologise in advance for any repetitions and non sequential details etc, but hope that it may be of interest to someone out there, so here goes :- In conversation with a lady frie
  15. New Police Interceptors on Channel 5 tonight. S13 Episode 7. So the police decide to visit a house for reports of cannabis cultivation. Turn up, woman answers, they enter the property and almost immediately find a glass jar with a small amount of cannabis in it. Knowing more will likely be around, the officer heads up into the loft and finds 3 small plants and a much larger already cultivated plant - probably missed a big grow/cultivation by a few days. However the more concerning thing was that prior to heading into the loft, the officer spotted a gun cabinet in the bedroom. Husband arri
  16. Okay, I have a number of Shotguns already and fancy something of a smaller gauge just for light walked up days or even driven days if I'm feeling good and think I might be able to hit anything.. I do have various gauges already but I fancy a 28g or a 20g. I do have .410 , 16, 12, 10 had numerous 20s and sold them on however never a 28...people say they shoot very well and pattern beautifully which I find very appealing I would like a nice gun side plated, walnut, game scene 14 3/4 stock or 14.5 with the ability to fit a silvers pad or something similar, preferably 30/32" bar
  17. BSA deep 8 gun cabinet with top ammo lockbox, 2 keys. Height 1500mm Depth 345mm Width 460mm I'll also throw in a new Napier sachet as I'll have no need for it. Located in Middlesbrough £175, I can deliver locally if needed Thanks for looking Mark
  18. cant find any remington 209 primers in Kent . anyone know of any ? Mike
  19. Hi Guys, I've shot clays a few times and I've decided it's a sport I would like to get into. I'm from North Yorkshire and I was wondering if anyone knew of any clubs in the area (rather than just experience day type venues) I found one in Barwick-in-Elmet which seems excellent (£35 for 50 clays including instructor, gun hire and cartridges). You turn up for 3 of the instructor led sessions and then you can become a member if they think you're competent (I'm not a certificate holder) This is the kind of thing I'm after, and it's a very good option, but I was
  20. Hi guys; looking for any advice/history/links etc to find some information on my english made bozard. It is stamped with no1, would this indicate it was a pair? Also it has been resleeved, very well, does this affect its desirability?
  21. Wanted once fired 20 gauge cartridges Anything considered
  22. hello all, i have a question, my FAO coming over in a few days and live in a new house and the walls are mostly plaster board, i were to use a corner wall (2 external walls) to install it and drill all the way to the outside brick and use expanding wall plugs would this work?? Any tips would be amazing thank you
  23. I have a Baikal 12g side by side that is no longer required, therefore I would like to offer this gun to somone who is just starting out in shooting. Preferably a young lad or girl who just needs something to start them off. obviously this will need to go on thier parants or thier own certificate if they are lucky enough to have one. The gun itself is in reasaonable condition, its a side by side with 14.5 lop, 28 3/4 barrels and 2 3/4 chambers, non ejector. chokes unknown but would expect cylinder and quarter or somthing alike. The gun itself is not the prettiest but will do somone
  24. Hi lads im wanting to get into practical shotgun and my club (mayfair) apparently have a course in pittington. Just wondering if anyone has been or goes? As I don't know too much about the place and just need to know basic stuff like whether you can buy cartridges there or have them beforehand etc.
  25. Good evening guys! I am a sucker for Side by Sides, I don't know whether it makes me look classy or whether its the feel of the gun when I am shooting. I have owned a Ugartechea Model 30 in 12 bore for a number of months now and I am in two minds about the purchase of another. either an English Side by Side or a Hammer gun. I think it's the lovely exposed hammers which is drawing me to the idea of a Hammer Gun, or the rich history of owning a piece of fading English engineering and shooting history. What are your views chaps? What should I look for in English Side By Sides and Ham
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