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Dead-Eye, I had a good day on Wednesday, a report has been filed with William and will probably appear (next month).  ;)


I was shooting on a recently mowed hay field, next to a rape field.

There are a lot of pigeons about at the moment.

Check out any set-a-side fields or meadows.


In our area the farmers are either spraying off the rape or cutting and turning it. This kills the plant which is necessary prior to harvesting.

This will bring the pigeons in,before the actual combining.

Keep your eyes peeled. :)

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I try to avoid "high" crops as they are dificult to move in, without causing damage.


When they spray the rape it sort of collapses and is no longer "high". Although it is better to decoy on the lower areas.

When they cut and turn it (swarfe/ swathe it ?), the gap between the rows of "turned rape" is usually 5-10 ft. Set up in the rows, it works for me.


Oh, happy days are here again... ;)  :)  :(  :(

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