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Not long now???

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Excuse my lack of knowlage, I may be repeating somone elses

post..but last night I had a reccie trip and noticed most of the rape had either blown over or been 'knocked over'.


It is as though it's got to heavy for the stalks and all just fallen like domino's......but I did notice there were definate

tractor tracks........What has happened here....


Will the rape be harvested soon....and how long will pigeons

be interested in the harvested crop.


It looked like there were alot of birds on the field flying from tree to tree, I just can't get though the crop to get to them :P


What do you think they will plant next :(

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Dead-eye, look at lazzas post.


The rape has probably been sprayed, this effectively kills it prior to harvesting.


The farmer won,t want you walking all over it, but if you can carefully use the tractor lines to set out your decoys and pick up your pigeons, you could get some good sport of the lower lying areas.


You could also set up an ambush point on the way to the field, or set up on the field and not use decoys.


They normally harvest 7-10 days after swathing, I think its much the same after spraying.

The moisture content has to be right though.

This rain we are getting won,t help.

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