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How are you finding it??


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:what: I don't know about you, but i'm having real trouble

finding anything to shoot,

since I've been back from hols i've had a couple of 'recie' trips

around my main fields, rape(still standing).


But have seen no more than 5 or 6 birds....


As far as I can see they are sitting in trees eating the young leaves. :grumpy:


Sould I spend more time sat at the edge of the field squinting like a pervert through my binoculars or wait until the rape is cut??


Is the cut rape as good as is made out or am I clinging to false hope??  :)  :)


:grumpy: I haven't seen a decent flight line ,to encorage me to set up my hide, for well over a month. :grumpy:  and i'm starting to suffer withdrawl symptons. :(


... How are you boys getting on ? ... or must I try harder ?..

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I have made similar comments about our area. :)


2-3 weeks time they will start to cut the rape.

Decoying over rape stubble can be some of our best shooting.


Next comes wheat stubble and then its sowing rape again. :(


I tend to write-off the period of May-June-part July.

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:) Thanks Cranfield, I was kind of hoping you would reply with

a simular kind of post, after seeing those flight lines that day

they have just dissapperd. :(


I have spent hours watching fields and not seen anything

which you could say was a patten.....still look foward to the cutting of the rape.....then fill the freezer....stocks getting low.. :evil:  :evil:

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