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I have done a bit of decoying before but only ever with static decoys.

Now the opportunity has come up that i will be able to do some more especially over winter on oil seed rape etc.


I am looking to buy either a flapper or a rotary decoy as with so much 'food' around for the pigeon, I expect I will need movement to bring them in.


Could you please help me with this decision.


Giving reasons for each and where you can buy good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg.......


Any other advice on shooting pigeons over oil seed rape in winter would also be very helpful!!!


Many thanks

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Like above, Turbo flappers are great bits of kit! the down side is that the delay switches are very poor and blow if you are not very careful. they can be replaced at around £10


This said, flappers are very very good.


Rotary's are also fantastic, like all other bits of kit they don't work every time but all pigeon shooters should have one i think. try and go for a light weight one if you can, sometimes the cheaper the heavier, i would personally go for the rotary or X2 flappers! if you go with one of these options your shooting will be elevated for sure buddy.


Even the best decoyers can struggle on rape so you do need all the help you can get.


Good luck and get am em!

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Hi Westy,

I don't think there is one single solution that works all the time.

I have found that different set ups are required on different days and over my time, I have accumulated a number of solutions that I can choose from depending on the situation.

1. Rotary.

Works brilliantly sometimes and I have found in my area that success ranges from completely mesmerising the pigeons pulling them in from a good distance to scaring the living bejesus out of them!

I usually start off with hypaflaps which work well. I have tried dead pigeons on it, but have not noticed a huge difference between them and hypas. Positioning and decoy pattern also needs to be considered.

2. Flapper

Excellent piece of kit, very realistic and helps draw them in. Doesn't tend to scare them off on a bad day.

3. Floaters

I sometimes use the hypa flaps on these instead of rotary if I don't have dead birds. Putting these into the pattern, especially on a breezy day works well. I sometimes attach some string to one on a still day and give it a tug when a pigeon is showing an interest.

4. Full bodied decoys.

When the leaves are down FB's are a great help when lofted in a sitty tree.


If I was to prioritise what you obtain, I'd recommend floaters first (make your own out of cut sticks or scrap tent poles), flapper (AA turbo seems to be best) and then the rotary (can't remember what make mine is).

If you are buying flappers or rotary, remember to buy a good high capacity battery and charger.


However, after saying all of that, the best piece of equipment I've invested in is a pair of binoculars!


Hope this helps.

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