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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone hope you're safe and well. I'm looking to see what people think of Harkila Boots. The reason is that I bought a pair of the Driven Hunt GTX about a year ago, had cause to sebd them back after only 7 months light use only to have my claim under the 2 year warranty dismissed. I am in the process of taking the shop who I bought them from to court under the Consumer Rights Act. Don't want to name the party concerned at this time. They will no doubt claim in the proceedings that they have sold loads of these boots with no complants, backed up by Harkila themselves, which from the general comments on this and other forums I doubt very much. If anyone has had the same happen to them I would be grateful if you would resond to this post so that I have some numbers to throw back at them . regards, chessy.
  2. Good morning all, I am a British translator working on a French client's text about woodpigeon shooting, which will ultimately be read by enthusiasts in English-speaking countries. Some of the more specialised terminology has led me to appeal to the shooting community. I am struggling to find the correct English term for a device which pretty much looks like this: Its key characteristics are: Its role is to cause the decoy to move so as to imitate a landing woodpigeon and attract other birds. By setting your decoy on this X and pulling on the cord, the pigeon moves and flaps it wings. This attracts birds from a distance. Folded size: 60 cm Dimensions when extended: 1 m The French name for this item (at least in the catalogue) literally reads as 'ground pump' which seems wrong to start with. Thank you for any input you may have.
  3. Hi all, I rather fancy treating myself to a pair of Pilla shooting glasses but I don't know of anywhere near me (North Staffordshire) that is a stockist. All the lads I know that shoot use either Oakley or ebay glasses and after looking on the Pilla website I thought I come to the best place for information. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum so hope that I have posted this correctly. Just to give you some background; I used to shoot clays up until my early teens, when I discovered beer and girls! Now that I am 40 and married with kids I am looking to get back into shooting but want something a bit more interesting so am working on getting myself some permissions to shoot pigeons on the local land. So, as I am embarking on my journey I am looking for some advice from the more experienced shooters as to what kit I actually need to get me going and whether the cheap and cheerful kit from Deathon is worth it or am I best to invest I decent kit straight away. I have a 12g and and a sub 12 .22 rifle and that is about it so I am hoping that I can grab a few bargains in the end of season sales and I would welcome advice on the essential starter kit i.e. boots, jacket, trousers, bags etc Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance
  5. I've decided to give up shooting so everything must go. I would prefer local pick up (from Herne Bay, Kent) but postage can be arranged and at the buyers cost. There;s quite a bit to go so please PM me if you want stuff, add questions to the thread. Right here goes; 25 FUD Duck decoy's, a mixture of mallard and widgeon (both sexes). all weights, lines, and carry hooks. un-used, as new. £65 12 Pigeon decoy's with poles. neoprene shell design. £15 Camo ''Shot box'' storage case. never left the house. £25 12G cartridge belts (£5 each) / game bag £10 / Cartridge bags (£8 each) / 100L rucksack £15 folding saw £3 / Original Buck hunting Knife £12 / stock cart holder £3 / Teal whistle £3 / Duck commander ''Uncle Si'' call £15 (un-used) / Acme mallard call £5 / Acme crow call £3 Buffalo River gun slips (£10 each) / DPM camo net, unused, approx 5M x 3M £15 / Camo sheet approx 2M x 1.5M £5 Hide Poles (un-used) £15. Seat £5 Cartridges: 50 Eley Lightning steel 3's / 30 Gamebore mammoth 3's / 30 Gamebore mammoth 4's / 30 Gamebore Mammoth super mag BB's - whole lot £50 Highlander waterproof DPM trousers and jacket XL £10 / 3D leaf suit jacket and trousers XL £15 Stormkloth Realtree hardwoods waterproof / fleece lined trousers (very nice in the cold) £10 / brand new neoprene waders XL £35 Stormkloth Moleskin green shooting jacket, worn once XL £20 / StormKloth Realtree shoftshell waterproof / fleece lined jacket XL £15 Waterproof smock style DPM pattern jacket, very comfortable, little use XL £20 / Jack Pike Grasslands jacket Never used L £40 Various hats, head overs, gloves, gaiters (new), ect, ect, £25 the lot. I also have some guns for sale which will be listed on the other section. However I have 2 I would like to give away. A .410 bolt action and a 9mm bolt action garden gun with a box of carts. Both guns haven't been used for a long time so need oiling, ect. I would like these to go to a young shooter, first gun, getting into the sport, so they don't need to spend there pocket money on something new. Any Q's please ask, I will consider selling in bulk for an offer. Col.
  6. Hello all. As I'm sure you are well aware, the wildfowling season is fast approaching. This is particularly exciting for my stepdad and myself as we have managed to secure some wildfowling rights for the very first time. Also fast approaching is my stepdad's birthday, so it would seem the obvious move would be to buy a suitable jacket for the usually difficult man in question. The problem, however, is that I am completely unfamiliar with the most effective waterproofing and camouflage solutions that are on offer nowadays (my shooting is currently limited to clays and game). If it helps at all, he's of average height (around 5'9") and average weight. We live and have rights to shoot in Cumbria so excellent waterproofing is absolutely essential. It will likely be a joint gift from myself and the mother so money isn't too much of a worry. Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance, Kieran.
  7. I have done a bit of decoying before but only ever with static decoys. Now the opportunity has come up that i will be able to do some more especially over winter on oil seed rape etc. I am looking to buy either a flapper or a rotary decoy as with so much 'food' around for the pigeon, I expect I will need movement to bring them in. Could you please help me with this decision. Giving reasons for each and where you can buy good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg....... Any other advice on shooting pigeons over oil seed rape in winter would also be very helpful!!! Many thanks
  8. Hi there, i am looking at investing in some new equipment, specifically a magnet and flapper, but would you suggest that both were required and if so what sort of set up, is it easy to attach a flapper and can anyone recommend a website with any good deals. Many Thanks
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