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Patience is a virtue.

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    We went out for a few hours fox bashing last night. We got there shortly after 8 and I had the first vixen in the bag within 5 minutes of getting there. We saw a few more skulking about and thought we were going to have a really good night. Then...nothing. We didn't even see one, let alone get a shot on one.

    We set up the fox caller....nothing. Tried the mouth squeaker...nothing. 

    We decided then was a good time for a coffee break. We discussed which was more frustrating, seeing them but not being able to get a safe shot as normally happens, or not seeing one in the first place. We agreed we'd prefer to see them, but it didn't look like it was going to happen.

    I hoped Jack would get a shot at one, as he can be a bit sulky if he doesn't. 

    10.00 came and went, then 11.00. I was just about to suggest calling it a day, when a fox appeared in front of us at about 60 yards, maybe less. Jack took aim. Bang! ********. There was no thud to say the bullet had found its mark and it scarpered into the bushes. He had missed low. Hopefully that wasn't going to be the only chance he would get.

    Shortly after that, he got another chance and vixen no.2 of the evening came a cropper. As we got to it, we saw another about 100-150 yards behind us. Jack got on the ground with the gun on the bipod. A couple of squeaks stopped it in its tracks and it stood looking at us. Careful aim, breathe out, gently squeeze trigger..Click. Nothing. 🐱 I checked the gun for a misfire, but when he had cocked it, the bolt had slid over the round instead of chambering it. By the time this was sorted, the fox had got bored of waiting and wandered off. 

    At least we had one each. (Jack could have had 3 by then if it wasn't for the miss and the failure to chamber.) We were going to head back to the van when we saw yet another. Jack didn't miss, the gun worked properly and vixen no.3 was in the bag. We had a quick look round, but there was nothing else showing itself.

    It was gone 12 when we finished, so 3 foxes wasn't a bad night, but frustrating.  First shot at 8.15ish then nothing at all, not even glimpse, for 3 hours, followed by an hour of mad activity. Good job we decided to wait it out. 

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    Still time well spent, mate !

    Last time I was out, we put the jeep in a ditch, after 20 minutes and that was game over ! :D

    Nice write up !

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