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  1. That link refers to "protected species". Will it cover the GL species ?
  2. Blackbriar


    Can any of PW's cofficianados answer a question that's been bugging me for a while ? In the Kenco "cofficianados" ad, it says it's made with 15% whole beans.............what's the other 85% ?
  3. Micky Flanagan ! Can you imagine him doing his " cockney geezer walk" into the G20 conference ?
  4. I read recently that 99.9% of all the species that have ever lived are extinct. In the grand scheme of things, humans have only been on earth for the blink of an eye, so I've long believed that there is a certain inevitability about it......... Maybe, as far as planet Earth goes, our extinction would be a return to normality ? "Extinction is the rule, survival is the exception" as I heard someone say recently..........
  5. My trigger was bodged early on, by a self-professed "expert". He did such a good job that it fired if you bumped the butt on the ground ! Got it working well enough now, but I'll probably source a replacement - the trigger isn't the best to begin with, anyway.
  6. Ok, so............ Stripped, cleaned, piston sleeve fitted - all went very well...........until I put it back together ! The piston won't compress far enough to fully cock the rifle and set the trigger, despite only having the torsion washer fitted under the top hat.. I'm wondering if the sleeve has taken up the space needed for the spring to compress far enough ? I can't imagine that the new top hat is too long, but I'll check that too. Got some free time in a day or two, so I'll have a nice afternoon sitting in the sunshine, while I investigate. Hey ho...........
  7. Blackbriar

    foreign aid

    Foreign aid ? An excellent way of transferring money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries............
  8. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, mate ! At very least, you can have some fun with it ! Gamo's reputation is improving and yours should be good for close-up small vermin and ferals, Beyond 25yds, I'd have my doubts, but you never know...........
  9. Agreed. He's also a very nice chap - always has time for his constituents, and not one for fobbing you off with a glib soundbite !
  10. My previous MP was Mark Lancaster (MK north), who I only ever found to be a s useful as a chocolate fireguard - completely out of touch with his electorate and blindly toeing the party line. My current representative is Peter Bone, who has consistently voted against the Maybot's Brexit deal, as well as HS2 and other such follies. They're both Tories, but I'd take the latter over the former, all day long.
  11. The good Lady is 59 this year (I'm 56), and she is happy to point out that my beard is turning grey, while glossing over the fact that she dyes her grey hair ! At a slight tangent, I've also noticed that......Women with big backsides tend to live longer than men who mention it !
  12. I don't know if we have local elections here (Northants) this time. If we do, I won't bother - we have reached the ludicrous situation of having a bankrupt County Council, that recently voted itself out of existence ! As a result, our local councils are being merged and redefined into 2 new unitary authorities, thus diluting 'local' democracy. The local issues in our rural area are not the same as those in the urban areas, which will dominate the new councils.........and their spending !
  13. Got a couple of mates who have Dusters and they love 'em !
  14. It should have been fairly easy to deter his kind from that type of crime. They could have just put something unpleasant-tasting on the windows !
  15. British Rail ? I think it's probably more than 5 years since you last caught a train !
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