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  1. Me neither. The first of 13 (!) inquiries started in late 2015, and ended in October 2018. Given that some of the allegation go back the best part of 50 years, it looks like the County and City councils have already did a good job in spinning it out a bit !
  2. I am ashamed that this appalling catalogue was allowed to happen in my home town - the perpetrators must be brought to justice without any further delay and, if found guilty, punished to the limit of the law.
  3. I'll eat anything that stays still long enough !
  4. Blackbriar


    And you can rest assured that if Boris doesn't produce the goods, they'll do the same to him !
  5. Blackbriar


    I'm probably them only one who felt a small sympathy for Mrs May today. She left the House, clearly emotional, after her final PMQs, to a rousing cacophony of clapping and cheering....,.....by the very people who stabbed her in the back and deserted her when she needed their support !
  6. Blackbriar


    Not quite what I meant. The parliamentary arithmetic Boris faces is, if anything, worse than previously. His majority is disappearing, and the EU won't renegotiate. He has support from the MPs who opposed Mrs Mays deal, while her supporters will now oppose him. At least 4 current ministers have already resigned or stated that they will not serve his government. He may be popular among the party membership but, among his MPs, he is liked and loathed in equal measure - the cries to unite the Tory party have seen one of its most divisive figures become leader ! And all the while, the hamster wheel of doom continues to spin. Same deadlock, but the other way around. Unfortunately, I don't for a second think he'll get "no deal" through and will be forced to either call a second referendum (which flies in the face of all things democratic), or call a general election - if that happens (and I think it will), then as you say, things could get a whole lot worse ! He'll be gone by the new year.
  7. Blackbriar


    Boris is PM.........just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. I going outside, I may be gone for some time.
  8. UK doesn't give foreign aid to India, in the sense of handing suitcases of cash over to the government. We "invest in Indian enterprises and support technical expertise......."
  9. There's one still flying from a small aerodrome near us. Comes over regularly - a marvellous sight, that never fails to make the hair on my neck stand up !
  10. I think that largely due to the teams doing their homework on each other. Both sides got this tactics spot on, separated only by a stroke of pure luck, when the ball deflected off Stokes' bat. (I wouldn't call the boundary tread "lucky" as it might have been avoided.........) I'm pleased England won, but the real winner was the game of cricket ! ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾
  11. The good Lady and I had one for a while, after we sold our caravan. Much easier to tow and manouvere manually. Pretty straightforward to put up, but you'll need at least 2 people, and much more spacious than a 'van or a regular tent (which we also used when we were younger and more mobile.). If memory serves, we bought it secondhand for well under £400. It came with pots, pans and a 2 hob camping cooker. We used it for a year and sold it for £600 ! Shop around, at the right time of year, and there's bargains to be had !
  12. I wasn't recommending or otherwise (I'm not with them)..........just passing on info.
  13. Green Flag are currently advertising to beat your AA or RAC renewal quote. (Might even be halve your quote.........but don't quote me.........)
  14. I avoided the news all day - didn't want to know the score before I watched the highlights. I almost managed to, but.......... At the end of my local news, at 6.30pm, the fella says "Can't wait for Sunday - England in the final !" The names I called him ! If England stick to their game plan, as they did yesterday, they'll walk it !
  15. Blackbriar


    Lefties are "pro-Palestinian", which they often equate with "anti-Israeli". Most Lefties also feed into many of the Zionist conspiracy theories too, such as the Rothschild's ruling the world and a totally debunked document called "The Protocols of the elders of Zion." I thought it was 44 virgins ? (Still too many for me, mind !) Maybe it depends which version you read ? Like "thou shalt not cover thy neighbours ***/ox/wife" ?
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