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  1. I shoot an S200 and an S400 carbine...............in my humble, you're hard pushed to beat either.
  2. Blackbriar

    Jo Brand

    It seems to me that the comedy panel shows can get away with the most outrageous and rude comments.............provided their target is Nigel Farage.
  3. He also said....... "I could never ever countenance suggesting voters support Liberal Democrat or Conservative candidates on account of their Remain credentials." Oh, the irony !
  4. I've been thinking the same thing, as I read this thread. He will get support simply because he's not quite as bad as the scruffy communist ? Doesn't fill you with hope for the future, when the choice will be "who is least bad ?" Good grief - Johnson, Corbyn and the wittering old woman at the LibDems are all **** poor politicians. Why are we prepared to accept any of them ?
  5. The man is a shameless liar, and he is downright untrustworthy, with a dangerous habit of accelerating his mouth before his brain is engaged. He has an equally dangerous habit of repeating conjecture and opinion as fact......... He lost two jobs, both given to him by Michael Howard, following extramarital affairs ( which he initially denied !). He (falsely) blamed drunken Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough tragedy, and said that the city was "wallowing in its victim status". Whilst London mayor, he promised to eradicate rough sleeping - it more than doubled during his tenure. Also while London mayor, he presided over the Garden Bridge fiasco, which was given £53 million of taxpayers money, before being scrapped. During his brief tenure as Foreign Secretary, he attempted to secure the freedom of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliff, a British citizen, from an Iranian prison - such was his success that her sentence was increased. Also during this time, he referred to black people as "picaninnies" with "water melon smiles".........hardly behaviour becoming of our most senior diplomat ! And that's just the ones off the top of my head !
  6. Blackbriar

    The 1980's

    "Not the nine o'clock news" crew ? Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith et Al ?
  7. Blackbriar

    The 1980's

    80s.....so much good music across such a wide spectrum.......but generally........ For quality of production, any of the videos by Ultravox. For quality of showing off, Duran Duran. For quality of great music (and still doing it nearly 40. years later), Depeche Mode ! Favourite individual tracks from the 80s ? I'd be listing them for days !
  8. My sainted mother (77) always says " There's no point being the richest man in the graveyard !"
  9. I was forced to give up work by the good Lady's frequent bouts of ill health and heart problems of my own. I was a qualified nurse, but I've also been (among other things) a "pathological anatomy technician", retail security guard, warehouse worker, lorry driver, care home manager, screen printer........whatever paid the bills !
  10. Have whatever tests are deemed necessary ! If its anything remotely sinister, it needs treating pronto ! However, to keep things in perspective, I used to work in a mortuary, and I remember the pathologist telling me that almost every man over 50 that came through his doors had some degree of benign prostate enlargement.
  11. I'd dont bend or bounce anything like I used to ! I have to sit down to put my trousers on and make a funny grunt, when I pick something up off the floor. It takes me two goes to stand up from the settee and the parts that don't hurt don't work anymore. I put my pyjamas on at the time I used to think about going out for the night. I came, I saw, I got distracted, I've completely forgot what I was doing and now I need to pee............ "Youth is wasted on the young" George Bernard Shaw (?)
  12. Well deserved ! When I was a boy, there was a lady in our street, who everyone called "Auntie Dorothy". All the kids loved her and all the parents held her in great respect. She fostered over 50 kids and adopted twin boys herself. They all do an unbelievable and selfless service to society !
  13. If the young ladies were holding hands, embracing, even kissing, how is that provocation ? They're doing no harm, minding their own business, going about their lives......... There is no excuse, no excuse, for yobbish behaviour and I hope that the perpetrators are appropriately punished !
  14. No mentions yet for Callaghan and Major ? Both pretty dire, just in different ways.........
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