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An interesting morning

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Unexpectedly a friend  text me to say that a friendly farmer he knew had an abundance of pigeons on some bean drillings and would I like to join him. Normally I take him out so it was good to see his new permission. 

We arrived at 9 and due to a a few constraints could only really shoot from a hedge on the corner of a field. This wasn't ideal as the main flightline was some way off but we put some birds up on arrival and it would have been rude to not have given it a go. 

I couldn't find a single bean on the surface and most were just sprouting so not sure quite what they were eating. It's not my experience they pull sprouting beans?

With only plastics we threw a load out haphazardly and hunkered down out of the ever strengthening wind. Within a few minutes we had one for the flapper. Than another 2 so out went a rotary. I put the rotary on the very edge of the patter  where passing birds would see and although we couldnt shoot that direction I hoped it would turn a few. 

This made a significant difference and pulled the fighting birds round towards us and a few then dropped down to the flapper giving chance of a shot. 

Another flapper joined the pattern and the high fast birds would occasionally come in for a look. When I say high I mean an easy 60 yards up, given the wind they were motoring as well. Most either closed their wings and dropped like stones or shot across hugging the hedge tight and out of sight at such speed we didn't have time to mount. 

It's not often I'm on top form but today I was, my mate (unusually) not so much. With the banter flowing and the birds so good the time flew. 

With the bag very comfortably into double fiqures we had to pack up after 3 hours as other commitments got in the way.  Well worth getting out. 

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