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  1. dead eye alan


    I do not drink coffee to me it's devils pee but about 8 cups of tea a day keeps me happy.
  2. It's worth it just for the brownie points. 😏
  3. Wow Ditchy that's looking amazing i'm almost wetting my pants in anticipation of the finished article.
  4. Well done but you should pluck them at home not in the hide.
  5. Nooooooooooooooo Juncker has already been and there's no wine left...................
  6. That's a great start to your new hobby, but keep an eye out for pigeons
  7. That's great looking forward to my Ditchy special ....
  8. Wow ditchy that one really looks to be a big challenge good look with that.
  9. Never mind the cartridge count just enjoy the sport. That rape looks very poor!
  10. To answer the posters question NO NO NO!!!!!!!
  11. Too many bikes not enough tools and gadgets ( see Ditches for more detail )------------------- But you will enjoy it!. 😎
  12. I bet fat sera comes into it somewhere. 😊
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