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  1. The truth is that negotiations for a settlement are on going.
  2. So has Europe, the problem is world wide the reason is poor working conditions poor pay and mainly the age of drivers retirement ect.
  3. Complete numpty no idea how such a **** should be given air time.
  4. Not had to throw any away yet but my freezers full and demand from friends and family is waning, no game dealers left round me so a problem is going to raise its ugly head. This year I have 5 farms growing rape 4 more than last year so demand for my services will be high, and hopefully a few good bags had, however disposal of the birds will be a problem.
  5. Another exhalant detailed report I enjoyed reading that.
  6. Nope its a first for me, although I have found snails in a crop before.
  7. Jacko would say "nowt as strange as pigeon" sometimes it just astounds you how so much easy pickings is totally ignored.
  8. Have you got post code could be well interested if close enough.
  9. Great place to celebrate another birthday and with the better half and dogs, not to mention the cake, corr I'm very envious.😃
  10. I will try to get a teck grandchild it to do a link. Thanks again. Alan.
  11. Over the last few weeks I have seen several coveys of greys and several pheasants brood's over a short time a lot of the young have disappeared, we have a very large number of Kites and buzzards in this area and I have had them attack my decoys on more than one occasion, I wonder if this is the reason for the lost young?
  12. Thanks old'un from your post I managed to get a motor of the bay for 8 quid fitted and working great. The watch at its best again.😃
  13. So nice to read a good report and farther and son 1st outing, one for the memory bank.
  14. Nice report and a good bag, as for car keys I put mine in the cartridge bag as soon as I return to the hide, never lost em yet!
  15. My A1 decoys turbo flapper has finally given up, the gear box has expired. Tried emailing them to see if a replacement motor is available and get no reply, looked on web site nothing listed! So to the bay of many parts and totally confused as to which motor I require, so to the PW massive I ask has anybody any idea what I need to order?
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