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  1. dead eye alan

    Anti-brexit march

    Just sick of it now roll on March 2019 and lets start a new chapter.
  2. dead eye alan

    Barley Frustration

    Anouther fine bag sir have a great holiday.
  3. dead eye alan

    springy washers ?

    Trust the Norfolkiums to have some sort of jiborish word for a double spring washer.
  4. dead eye alan

    It's been a long day.

    Me too the hatstand is a great gun love mlne .
  5. dead eye alan

    An Entertaining Afternoon ( In More Ways Than One )

    What a wright up well done in all aspects, 2 weeks ago Tom and I were shooting a manure heap and bletchley park being just by us we saw the air display the noise of those engines is something else.
  6. dead eye alan

    Gaming disorder?!

    Yes you got it right, another made up problem for the NHS to sort, time they sorted priorities and tell these idiots where to get of.------ MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!!!!
  7. dead eye alan

    blacks with hushpower

    Super subs seem to work well.
  8. dead eye alan

    Bridge on the River Kwai

    I seem to remember most of them committed hari-kari.
  9. dead eye alan

    Straw hide net

    Thumbs up for this + I have a roll of bamboo screen think it cost me about 6 quid from the garden center about 5 years ago, works a treat.
  10. dead eye alan

    FF5 question - best practical option

    I have one without remote works OK.
  11. dead eye alan


    Well done mate good result from a mutch disturbed day.
  12. dead eye alan

    Credit where credits due

    That's great nice to see something positive from the police.
  13. dead eye alan

    Farmers to be paid for shooting badgers

    Yep no problem as long as you have a big freezer.
  14. dead eye alan


    Shot clover last week with Tom started at 11.30 did not get going till 15.30 ish went well from 17.00 to 18.30 ended with 37 picked 3 lost. No young birds in bag.
  15. dead eye alan

    Tree identification.

    No idear !