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  1. Tryed to find you on YouTube but not able to what's the code?
  3. Very nice report i enjoyed that. Hope the old dog gets his rubber sorted for the next trip.
  4. Spot on it's the security that's at fault, the man should get a medal he did something positive about a situation that no one else was!!!!!!!
  5. Yeeeeeeees of cause he does still got the marks on his wrists.😎
  6. I'll second that as a very lucky recipient.
  7. My shooting partners labradoodle is the same as your dog but he usually takes the hide with him too! nice vid more please.
  8. Of cause it is its grown for winter feed.
  9. Soon be time for a quick snort of red to get the little cells working.🍇
  10. As I have been a tester since 1971 you are correct, hence today the fail rate is very low, you now have 3 categories on faults major, minor, and advises, not many people have the minors repaired lead allone the advisors.
  11. Well done boys you managed to scare more than you shot CP would be proud of you. 😎
  12. Great job protecting the crops again PC, can't see many young uns in the bag! are thy a bit later this year?
  13. You lot are frightening me to death, i got all the symptoms except blood in my pee. making appointment with doc on monday not seen him for 7 years!😱
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