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  1. Very well done you, i went to take a look and drank tea in the motor the wind and rain was too much for me. So went to take a look at a series 3 landy on the bay, i'm biding now so not a wasted day.
  2. Excellent couple of hours that, but do not count the carts its all about the sport.
  3. dead eye alan


    Do not get involved it could cost you dear.
  4. + the 25in length of your arms above your head, 😎
  5. Good for you your not letting it get you down, positive attitude is sometimes better than medicine. good luck JD.
  6. And the rest of us! follow that as the saying goes, most enjoyable read.
  7. No worries with that for at least the next decade by then i may have already left this earth.
  8. dead eye alan


    Hip Hip haray today is the day we voted for in 2016, now lets unite and put the GREAT back into Britain.
  9. dead eye alan


    Good old Nigel at his best loved it!
  10. That has happened to me more than once.
  11. Steven Kings Dark Tower books for me on the the third time now just got to song of susannah, do not have much time to read so it takes me some time to get through.
  12. Me too that report is great, reminds me of my exploits with old Tom loved it thank you.
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