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  1. Never mind mate as one door closes another one opens, I was made redundant twice the second time I started my own company now i'm a retired millionaire. ( well nearly )
  2. Many thanks and good luck in the future keep posting too.
  3. How interesting that this is not widely known, history is so fascinating.
  4. Do not bother about that we will all be dead before momentum get in power.
  5. Say it as it is present facts as thy are and you get shut down by the media, thy do not like the truth.
  6. Time to buy a hushpower if its close to houses, watch smallbore hunter on youtube.
  7. NO No NO what you need is a semi, tight choke and 29 gram 7 1/2. The hatsan has a super absorbent shoulder pad built in and very little recoil, very comfortable to shoot EVERY DAY, as long as you do not run out of cartridges.😎
  8. Thanks Bob but on YouTube now so watched it.
  9. Sorry unable to watch it something about code?
  10. Thank you Dave for being the management for this very worthy cause. It must have taken up a lot of time and effort. I'm sure Martin will appreciate it after he's calmed down.
  11. Trust you to find a fault.😎
  12. Another great vid you get better and better. Cracking long shot too.
  13. Another great report and pictures, ( I must try to post pictures again ) You both did well and had enough cartridges to last the session.😎
  14. Excellent detailed report worthy of any magazine article, well done you and sounds like you have more to come.
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