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  1. dead eye alan

    Was Today Cold Or What ?

    Sat in a hedge bottom strong wind on my back scaring pigeons of the only rape field i have this year. NOT PLEASANT!!!!!
  2. dead eye alan

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    Me too!
  3. dead eye alan

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Shame that. ------------------- My choice would be JRM, at the moment, a no nonsense approach and get us out of this mess that May has created.
  4. dead eye alan

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    Pigeon is by far my favorite and the wife loves it too, sometimes we have it up to three times a week. Ooooooops Does that read right?
  5. dead eye alan

    Bayliss and Harding

    I hope Ditchey don't get on this thread, it will be bad for his health especially if he's smokin them tea leaves as well.
  6. dead eye alan

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Now your talking, maybe a little Aromat to give it a bit of zing.
  7. dead eye alan

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    Roll on new year looking forward to more joy from whizo Simone.
  8. dead eye alan

    Groundhog Weekend

    Great post again PC puts my FOUR to great shame, still next week rodders 100's.
  9. dead eye alan

    A few at roost.

    Well done JD I bet you enjoyed that.
  10. dead eye alan

    BREXIT - merged threads

    The COULD brigade strike again, It's all nonsense made up rubbish but some gullible people will believe it to be true.
  11. dead eye alan

    BREXIT - merged threads

    In any battle there are casualties, it's usually the lower end of the pecking order that get hurt most, big business will adapt to a hard brexit very quickly when forced into it. At the end of the day (if it ever comes) we will be better off.
  12. dead eye alan

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    Amazing work Simon I am in awe of the craftsmanship, more power to your elbow.
  13. dead eye alan

    20 bore mossberg barrel.

    Need a standard barrel for my mossy pump good price will be paid dont mind traveling.
  14. dead eye alan

    A very lucky find.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed reading of your good fortune.
  15. dead eye alan

    Cartridge choice

    Only available from Donaldson's as specially packed for them, i believe several other gun shops do the same but have different names for them.