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  1. Only had 1 field of rape this last year due to flea beetle, got 5 this year happy days.
  2. Well done JD for another interesting invite nice report, did you run out of cartridges?
  3. dead eye alan


    No need to when the german car industry starts to hurt and the german recession hots up you will see what happens.
  4. dead eye alan


    From the Diane Abbott school of mathes!
  5. dead eye alan


    Yes we can! within a few days deals will be done!
  6. Very informative post jd nice to see such a good looking dog too.
  7. Good luck to the lucky person taking up this very generous offer.
  8. As paul Hogan once said thats a knife!!!!!!!
  9. Nah wait a bit longer and there will be a drone out that will take all the gear you may need to the exact spot ready for you , and then return all the gear and pigeons back for you. A big plus hear is you will never run out of cartridges again!
  10. dead eye alan


    IF and it's a big IF thire is another vote it should have the same choices!
  11. Very funny but your probably right.
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