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  1. Nice wright up thanks for posting keep picking a few of before the flocks break up.
  2. You do not need an eye test to see that castle.
  3. Nice to see you getting a few 27 good result on such a large area well done, good for jacko getting his work mates to play ball so he can play shooting.😃
  4. Are but has it actually moved yet?
  5. Yes more than once! far too many of them about now seen 7 in the air at the same time!!!!!!!
  6. Well done JD, I notice that you had a different seat and not the drummers seat has it broken? We all need our heads testing at this time of year, but TLC will do.
  7. Were you the Lone Ranger or the Cisco Kid? 😄
  8. Do it Dave before its too late you wont regret it.
  9. I was shooting close to a park the other side of the river, and the old millhouse was just 130 yards behind me and a grumpy London lawyer lives there and complains to the farmer. Of cause the farmer just tells him its safe and legal.
  10. See what went wrong with the plan for report.
  11. Arrived at field 9.45 put up about 200 from bottom as thy left thy picked up more from the top end and almost darkened the sky, not seen this many for months. The ground was frozen so could drive to within 30 yards of chosen spot, unloaded and started to set up, first problem was the ground was so hard that the magnet was almost impossible to get in I had to make 4 holes with the center spike it was really hard to get in. So only 1 magnet and a flapper 12 shells and hide by a low hedge. Birds were swirling in strait away in flocks of 8 to 20 it was madness, second problem the hush power is cum
  12. Thanks for that, I thought I had more but I remember now that a certain family member borrowed a slab last year, still waiting for its replacement.
  13. You lot are Pusey's get out there and shoot some pigeons !!!!!!!!!
  14. Got better things to do than watch carp, like watching the flames in the log burner!
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