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  1. Cor your having a bad time health wise, hope it improves soon, nice bag and report.
  2. On the subject of what to buy, I have a Hatsan Escort had it 5 years now and cannot fault it. Its my go to gun cost less than £400 new much better than my Beretta A303.
  3. Great result for this time of year 6 or 8 would be good for me at the moment.
  4. Very good result, Semi auto is the best option with any neck or back and shoulder issues.
  5. Well done HM nice report hope to see many more similar reports in 2022. Happy new year sir.
  6. 49 great result thanks for posting, happy 2022 to you sir.
  7. I hope morels wins and you find work else ware. You heathen Guinness is gods nectar.
  8. Disappointed no Christmas jumper, nice result though and good description sounds like you have no shortage of birds up north.
  9. The branch at the top appears to be drooping down a bit I'm surprised pc didn't menschen it with his OCD of straight row's , very nice though.
  10. 23 in less than 2 hours on your door step, don't get much better than that.
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