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  1. dead eye alan

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Totaly but thy just dont get it.
  2. dead eye alan

    mazda pickup

    Take inlet pipe of and give it a blast of easy start or brake cleaner if compesions are good should fire up for a second or two.
  3. dead eye alan

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    Posibly cartridge fussy try hull superfast , my first hatson did the same with eley carts. my latest one 4 yeas old no problem fires any thing.
  4. dead eye alan

    And Now John Lewis are Blaming Brexit for their Poor Profits

    Carney is Canadian and a remainer he should have been replaced as soon as the vote result was released. The reason being we need a british brexatier to taulk it up and be positive not negative. Talk of 30% drop of house prices will slow the housing market imidiatly, a bit like Obarmer puting us back of queue made people mad and helped the leave vote
  5. dead eye alan

    A day at the Seaside

    Me too he always made sensible replyes and vast knowledge .
  6. dead eye alan

    Getting started

    Best advice i can give you is fill in your profile someone on hear may be local to you and have all the knowledge you need.
  7. dead eye alan

    Prime Minister - Is it time to go?

    Indeed but not untill after March 29th, to clean up the mess !
  8. dead eye alan

    BREXIT - merged threads

    So the barmy man says could be deal done by November, thats a bit of a change from bis normal negative stance!
  9. dead eye alan

    Just what the doctor ordered

    Cracking day very enjoyable report, PC may have a coment on presantation.
  10. dead eye alan

    You can't shoot the fairy fields

    My wifes been teling our children and grandchidren that we have fairys at the bottom of our garden for over 40 years! now you tell me you have a field full at the bottom of your permission? now im confused. Better get me booked for some flower power therapy!
  11. dead eye alan

    Not So "British" BT

    Its a bloody disgrace and high time that something needs to be done to stop this shameful behaviour from big companys takeing advantage of the vunrable. No doubt the c e o will get a large bonous paid for by the poorest makes my blood boil !
  12. dead eye alan

    Nissan Terrano

    If you was closer i whould weld it for you, no problem.
  13. dead eye alan

    Nissan Terrano

    Super motors had mine 5 years never missed a beat goes anywher. wife says i love it more than her!
  14. dead eye alan

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Very good news May sayes NO to anouther vote!!! Sooooo get on and leave please.
  15. dead eye alan

    Rubbish Rant

    And feathers.