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  1. My wife cleans ours daily, still looks like new, ( 13 years old ) her secret is jiff and wire wool. Takes 10 minutes or less to clean out and relay ready for next youse.
  2. Cor Simon can you remember that far back.
  3. And be quick or somebody else will.
  4. Exactly. Eddie had a heart transplant some years ago he also had kidney problems for over 20 years and very lucky to have survived this long. He was in hospital for heart problems when he died.
  5. Yes and neck week go bankrupt and keep our money.🤬
  6. Unable to access anything other than spending more money on seats, meals, extra baggage etc, on a flight that has been cancelled. Was due to fly out on 15th April, nobody answers phone as it ends the call after a recorded message, this is ridiculous just give me my money back!!!!!!!!!!
  7. From the title i was expecting pictures of Bercow and co, but was very pleasantly surprised to see a charming picture of rats.
  8. What a villiers with a handle starter i here you cry, ----------------------------- Cabin fever really kicking in now , doing a 1000 piece jigsaw.
  9. He's upset by someone's comments.
  10. Sad news and good news a rare combination, a bit like your crown, that looks heavy and cumbersome. thanks for the report.
  11. PM me if not sold will collect tomorrow, thanks Alan.
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