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  1. You will not need a camera for that I can tell you!!!!!!! it's the christmas cake in the cartridges.😎
  2. Had mine for 7 years best thing I ever bought for shooting.
  3. She should be swapped for Assange, thy get what they want and we get to see justice done (maybe).
  4. Started sleeping yet or still wetting your pants in anticipation, Hope it turns out well for you and every Friday nite is a sleepless one.
  5. Same here of the shelf guns have been fine for 55 years. Pointed in the right direction no problem.
  6. I have similar problems from time to time, I have made some scare crows from the wifes old clothes I have 3 made up, one in the middle of a field works fine.
  7. Yea I had that job too and no electric listening to the old accumulator radio in gas light by a flickering fire in the range, but as happy as larry.
  8. My village copper was George Chalenge got caught by him scrumping, I'd parked my bike against a wall and used it as a ladder to get over into the orchard. When I tried to get out the same way the bike had gone and george was waiting, after scraping my knees and losing most of my apples the definitive question came.--------- Now Alan do you want me to deal with this or should we go and tell your father? Ho no George you deal with it please! BIG MISTAKE!!!!! after being cuffed round the ear with his leather gloves that I was told latter had 3d bits in the fingers, my ear was ringing for hours. O
  9. Could be lots of reasons for this, call from the wife dinner is on the table, ground too hard to get any depth of disc, ground too soft and discing too deep, to name a few.😎
  10. On wednesday I inadvertently discovered a wasp nest in one of my compost bins they had me before I realised it was their, it's still itching, got the wife too and apparently its all my fault. 🤬
  11. What a lovely report of a very nice sesion never mind the bag, the food part makes me drool. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Good luck in the new job hope you enjoy the work.
  13. I'm delighted to see a smiling Lord G, made my day.
  14. Yes same happens to me, As to lead well the more you think about what your doing the worse it gets, snap shooting gives you no time to think and confidence and ability comes to the fore. As a rule I just yous natural lead ie judge speed and line and put the shot in front accordingly.
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