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  1. Hide seat to short

    Take a spade and dig a hole for your feet.
  2. Never seen as many

    I agree with you even if i sometimes feel more like a bird scarer than a shooter!
  3. Anas platyrhynchos

  4. Shooting in fog

  5. A Dry Saturday

    Great result again PC, fantastic explanation of JDogs request!
  6. Wild afternoon in the Wolds

    That's pigeon's for yer. Never cease to amaze you. Always unpredictable. So get em when you can.
  7. Day pass issued.

    It's all about being outdoors.
  8. Anyone using the new sillo sock pigeon decoys

    Pull a few leaves or grass or straw and stuffem.
  9. Moving forward from Big Cat sighting thread.

    As elusive as the loch ness monster.
  10. Pigeon Feeding.

    Me too, i have seen them sit up for several days in the past.
  11. What type of fridge?????

    I don't waste any birds as i brest out 10 birds wrap them single in news paper and keep them in a fridge in the garage. these last for several trips until the better half complains of the smell.
  12. absolutely gutted

    Bit of update police on premises within 2 hrs, insurance company have been fantastic, broken windows boarded up by 3am, all locks changed by sunday 2pm. Been all day today sorting passports, new gun safe, insurance details, estimates for repairs ect. Still got to list stolen items as they took the complete wall safe with a lot of sentimental stuff not been able to settle to this task yet. This will take us some time to get over. Thanks to you all for your kind words.
  13. absolutely gutted

    Got home from shopping tonight to find my house ransacked and burgled, my wife is devastated ime furious, guns still intact but home safe pulled out from wall and gone, gun safe top box opened but no ammunition missing.
  14. Any winter pigeon experts?

    I know how frustrating this time of year can be , but if you don't bother to try you will only go cabin krazzy. Keep trying and look for the flight lines.
  15. Pidge Deeks