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  1. Well done nice report, the smile will last at least till you miss the next sitter. 😃
  2. How about a draw in the second and then a nail biter?
  3. Yesterday I got a call from one of the workers on a farm I shoot regularly, he is a scout leader and is taking his troupe on a wild weekend camping. The request is for some pigeons to take as there specialist task is to prepare and cook something you can catch! How nice it is to here of someone in the real world, teaching kids how to think and do things that have been forgotten, in the modern world of every thing comes from a supermarket. So no pressure just supply 10 fresh shot birds on the 15th July. 🤒
  4. NO wrong place wrong time.😎
  5. Very nice bag for t shirt shooting, nice picture too I wondered what 42 pigeons looked like as 20 is as good as it gets for me lately, thanks for posting.😃
  6. Some times the hard work pays big dividends, and some times its just nice to be out and enjoy a couple of hours with a friend, enjoying the fresh air and a few shots and a lot of banter. thanks for the report.
  7. About 14 yeas ago I found a caterpillar that was enormous and on investigation it was of the same species. As a side note yesterday while cutting the hedge I found a duck egg.
  8. The layed barley was impossible to shoot as would be unable to pick up or shoot safe due to position on the field. At 11 am no visible flight lines and seemingly no interest in the barley, but put up a few from the cut grass field next to it and a few from the large oaks on the boundary. So set up on a hedge between the 2 oaks, I have used this position many times in the past and generally done well. Listening to the 12 o'clock news as I drove the truck to its resting place in the shade 200 yards away, and watching a group of 5 going straight in to the decoys my hopes of a reasonable day was escalating. The first hour only produced 2 birds! bit of a disappointment but persevered, as the day went on a few more started to move and a few fell to the Lincoln, ended at 3.30 with 11 in the bag and 1 lost for 24. the best result so far this month. I think on reflection that a later start say 2 ish and stay later may produce a better result.
  9. Nice bag JD good to see at least you can find a few.
  10. You play with fire you get burnt! no sympathy from me, how ever who would want to take his position now?
  11. As I entered the field I could tell that what I'd seen the day before was not happening but as it was only 10,30 I hoped it would be repeated later on. 15 birds in one spot in the worst place in the field, main road behind, foot path to the left, wind in my face! So unperturbed I set up some 200 yards further down in a safe position under one of yesterdays flight lines, usual set up 12 FUDs and my home made new bit of kit a riser. By 1.30 I had just 4 in the bag but past the time trying to work out how to modifier the riser from a 90 deg to about 70 deg lift. The wife then phoned to tell me she had a dental appointment at 3.00 which she had forgotten to tell me about! So had to cut my visit short added a further 2 to the bag and started to pack up when the phone rings again, this time its the farmer " is that you shooting" he asked yep its me I replied, your in the wrong place says he there down by the river going into a layed patch of barley! OK says I will check it out, drove over to said spot to see a constant line strait into the barley, had to work yesterday so no shooting but checked it out on the way home at 4.30 loads in the trees dividing the fields and a weak line in. Sooooooooooo today is another foray into battle with the elusive pigeon. PS the 6 cost 14 carts. 😒
  12. I will wright a report tomorrow, don't hold your breath.
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