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  1. A bit demoralised.

    I was out on saturday with mine and had similar problem 17 for 4 pigeons only 1 killed outright, i think it shoots low will try to pattern it this week. I don't like risking wounded birds not in my nature. I also find it heavy and cumbersome in the hide, not used to pumping eather, that said it does have its advantages.
  2. Slow on the Rape

    That's because you usually shoot twice as many!
  3. Wednesday 6th.

    Ho S---! missed the opportunity again! NOTE TO ALAN must check this part of site more regularly.
  4. Ditchman.

    That's it then buy a german car and then leave the forum? don't get it mate if the best people on here start to leave where will we get our loughs from. Hummmm didn't jdog leave once too?
  5. Christmas pickles

    Sorry just picked up on this thread did mine a long time ago, 5 keller jars of onions in malt vinegar and pickling spice, 2keller jars pickled egg's in just plain white vinegar does is it for the family at christmas.
  6. God I'm Tight!!

    Cheaper than chips a lot more fun.
  7. From a Cold and Windy Field.

    Nice write up I could feel that cold as I read it.
  8. Out and about with a few birds at last

    Very nice report.
  9. The Wolds Finest

    Well done you lucky boys, is it a case of 2s company 3s more fun.
  10. Slow on the Rape

    Me too.
  11. Another little rant!

  12. Is this the Norm

    Jakey Boy you need to take this offer up NOW!
  13. Favourite One Hit Wonders

  14. Just to prove we are human.

    HA HA so now you have lost your superhuman powers, well for 1 week anyway.
  15. Can’t stand this new layout

    I agree with you on the font hurts my eyes so don't go on for long now.