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  1. From any one who has no financial interest in the eu! LOOK up hammonds interests to see his motive!
  2. Think it's already here thinking of putting the central heating on as its so cold.🤬
  3. Great wright up and report very nice bag that decoys much to close!
  4. Great first outing solo only hit 1 on my first one but i had a smile from ear to ear, and it tasted very good, keep up with the reports very interesting.
  5. Keep an eye on them good draw for pigeons!
  6. Great report and very similar to what i am experiencing at the moment, none the less as you say great fun and excitement.
  7. Most is cut round here still some spring barley to go very hard to find birds in any number, all the butterfly shooters are f-----g everything up and really getting up my nose!!!!!!!!!! Farmer was spraying roundup on 5 fields yesterday to kill the weeds and black grass, all going to be direct drilled rape. Guess how many butterfly boys will be protecting this through the winter? 🤬
  8. Great report i enjoyed that keep up the good work and welldone on the ton!
  9. Feeling for you mate, roll on better times to come, look forward to your posts.
  10. I'M AMAZED, and you didn't run out of cartridges! best get on to proper cartridges and place an order NOW!
  11. NOOOOOOOO run out of cartridges i recon.😊
  12. It's a mess badly fitted and probably unsafe judging by the tape that's holding it together! 😎
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