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  1. +1 And mostly on buds, saw 50 on one hawthorn hedge yesterday and more joining.
  2. That's terrible what on earth goes through these peoples minds.
  3. In the grand scheme of things a few bob on a lick of paint and a roll of wallpaper falls in to insignificance compared to the billions spent on track and trace that achieved absolutely nothing. At least the flat will be habitable for the next PM no matter who that may be. As a side note Boris has been in one of the worst crisis of modern times and has done well compared to the rest of the world. Can anyone remember Brian Rix.
  4. Never mind the grey man what you doing wearing the wife's pink jumper? 😎
  5. Are you on anger management yet? 😎
  6. Exhalent report of a good days crop protection, I too have a heated body warmer for the cold morning starts in the winter best item of clothing I ever bought.
  7. You need deeper pockets. 😎
  8. I don't post because i do not want to give antys ammunition.
  9. Great post good you managed to find a few, pity that JD ran out of cartridges yet again, still thy do say you can not teach an old dog new tricks.
  10. Ha Ha no more like Alan Missalot as in previous posts, but on this very good day everything was just right I even had 2 for 1 twice! never done that before. on it again today but got back pain from carrying the pigeons back so need to get to a spot I can drive to.
  11. So yesterday I checked out my latest drillings, not a bird to be seen on any. Popped in to see a farm that I had not shot for 2 years as the farmer had several other shooters, and has been very ill with cancer so didn't want to bother him. To get to this farm you have to go a mile down the most rutted track in the world that's always half blocked with flooded holes that are very deep. Well as I drew near the farm house the field on my right side erupted with pigeons the sky was just full of birds mulling around and dropping straight back in, what a site not seen that many birds in this area fo
  12. Nice to here from you Martin keep it coming mate.
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