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  1. dead eye alan

    Up To His Neck In It!

    Must of voted out to have it so far up. 😎
  2. dead eye alan

    A few on a line.

    Well done jDog well spent hour.
  3. dead eye alan

    Best Rotary

    Try the sponsors Shootwarehouse.com.
  4. dead eye alan

    Just a little help

    Nice to see the watch at its best when needed. Sorry for your bad news but do enjoy the pigeon.
  5. dead eye alan

    Back on the Turnip's.

    Saturday back to the turnip field arrived at 7.45 hundreds of pigeons poring in to the field, as i opened the gate and drove in the field erupted in a sea of blue, pigeons circling around and dropping straight back down a little further up. I watched in amazement as the line continued to add to the hundreds already their, this particular field is big around 40 acres and has a high hill in the middle with an old WW2 look out on the top. A quick call to the farmer got me permission to drive up to the look out and set up. On doing this all the birds vanished to the other side of the field or went of in large flocks in three different directions. It was windy with the direction from left to right, started with just 7 dead birds on cradles, had a steady hour and half with 12 birds in the bag, then it died i rejigged the set up several times and finally put a magnet out still dead, only 3 added to the tally and thy where very long shots. I stuck it out and at about 2.30 it suddenly kicked off birds coming from all angles and high speed some just a few yard's in front of me large flocks and small groups, birds swirling round and diving into the decoys made for some glaring misses and some great sport. it lasted for about an hour and in that time I added 22 to the bag. What a day the highs and lows of this wonderful sport all in one day.
  6. dead eye alan

    Show time!

  7. dead eye alan

    New Hatsan escort , 250 superfast cartridges & a cap

    That's a great offer may be due to the fact that its nearly 7 tl to the pound, that's like 25% off.
  8. dead eye alan


    Just go and shoot it mate!
  9. dead eye alan

    Semi Auto Advise

    The hatsan is easy to eject unused cartridges just pull the bolt back 3 times and its done, the beretta only ejects one and doe's not reload may be its just me and will get yoused to it.
  10. dead eye alan

    Semi Auto Advise

    Had Hatsan escorts for years put thousands of cartridges through them and had very few problems, just got a Beretta 303 and finding it difficult to get yoused to. The trigger is very light and the loading mechanism complicated, not as nice to fire as the Hatsan. But the main problem is the safety catch is in front of the trigger and difficult to push of.
  11. dead eye alan

    7 windy pigeons.

    Very windy yesterday shooting over what looked like very large radishes reddish on top and white at the bottom, lots of pigeon about but a bit decoy shy. Managed 7 for 20 which reflects the very windy conditions. No cannot get the picture up sorry!
  12. dead eye alan


    Had loads like that since Christmas. About 20% of what I've shot. But thy do eat nice!
  13. dead eye alan

    Trouble with the Wind

    Another great result PC beats my score of 7!
  14. dead eye alan


    Very nice bit of rat clearance.