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Diver One

Sig Sauer 226

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 until I went to the Shooting Show at NEC a couple,of weeks back I didn't even realise that I fancied an air pistol ....my last one was a Gat about 50 years ago

im quite taken with the Sig 226 BUt are they any good?   Probably only use it for plinking cans and paper targets in my garden or my mates field ( is it actually capable of anything else? ) .  I  Like the idea of it taking BBs or Pellets   Are they any good or am I just wasting money getting one?

has anybody got one OR can suggest something better value?  All this is new to me so I am open to suggestions from experienced users


many thanks in advance

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Posted (edited)

I have a P226. It does what it is supposed to. It's heavy supposedly the same weight as the real one, which is nice.

I've only used pellets in it. I use RWS Hobby, I was using RWS co2 target but they are no longer available.

If the Sig M17 (I think that is what it is called) was out at the time I bought mine, that is what I would have bought, but I'm unsure if it fires BBs like the 226.

Edit - it was the M17.



We shoot Iron plate and practical pistol at our club so that is what I use it for.

Must say my Glock 17 Gen 4 is my go to pistol though, but it only shoots BBs.

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