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Hi need a bit of advice on using a diesel generator to power traps using a 240v to 12v Transformer to supply traps. 
has anyone done this before? 
what’s the requirements if any and best transformers to use. 

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Depends on the make of traps I suppose. Promatic 240 traps that I have used,  were transformed to 12 volt anyway. We had mains to the 2 DTL trap houses and used transformers, but all the sporter traps were 12 volts, using leisure batteries. You may be better using 12 volt battery traps and using the generator to charge up the batteries. Be aware that leisure batteries require trickle charging and a car battery charger will damage them. I know, we found out the 'expensive' way  !    I have only really seen DTL/ABT or Skeet traps on 240 volts. 

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