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  1. johnphilip

    Stove fan

    Heat will rise ,
  2. Fair play to you . . I enjoyed reading that , and can understand your feelings .
  3. johnphilip

    Benelli spares in the UK?

    Would it not have to be got through a RFD . As its part of the action.
  4. johnphilip

    Tan leather cartridge bag

    I got a nice cartridge bag of steve a couple of weeks ago , great quality . And a great price.
  5. johnphilip

    Identify stock finish?

    A photo may help more .
  6. Saw on facebook one country think it was in europe people but the clithes they dont want on fences and lamp post . For the homeless .
  7. johnphilip

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    A letter opener.
  8. johnphilip

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    Walking stick . With antler handle
  9. johnphilip

    Stove fan

    I have the same stove . Its only 5 kw . With the fan on top it does move the heat around . I am using the Aldi one as my last one started to slow down . I now use it on my stove in the shed. The thing i like most about them the heat makes them work .and dont need a power source .
  10. johnphilip

    Stove fan

    If you go to there web site they talk of using a fan
  11. johnphilip

    Stove fan

    Yes had mine for about 6 years , i leave all the doors open . And the fan does seem to move the heat about . At the moment our stove is on 24/ 7 and the house is cosy .
  12. johnphilip

    personal navigation assistant.

    Get knotted 😎🤣
  13. johnphilip

    plastic polution rant

    I saw a video , think it was in India , they were using plastic to build roads . Not sure how they worked the plastic into the stuff they were using . But we are always needing roads . And road repairs !!!!
  14. johnphilip

    personal navigation assistant.

    I would be worried about using an app on my phone as a means of navigating, what would happen if you lost the phone signal . I have a hand held garmin i used to use it when i metal detected . I would down load to google earth when i got home . It would show me in the field were i had been . Plus if i found a nice find i would put a waypoint at that point. So i could build up a picture of were in the fields some good finds are located.
  15. johnphilip

    Free - Young Shots Only

    Thats a lovely kind offer , hope it goes to a great home.