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  1. Yes I was looking into it a couple of weeks ago , about the same, area as you . Just for the turf I think around 3 - 4 grand . Then labour , and other materials that's like 200 square meters any around 15 - 20 pounds a meter
  2. A very sad loss, RIP
  3. Can you not arrange a courier to pick it up , that is silly money they are asking
  4. johnphilip


    Bitter cold wind here this morning in Southwest Scotland. Lovely yesterday at least the sun is out
  5. Some good news for a change , hope he hits the ton , and more .
  6. I watched the program of Eubank interviewed by piers Morgan , Watson was in the audience , very moving i found it to be , no hate to one or the other Watson saying it was what it was, let's move on dont let it dwell inside you . Two men forming a bond and forgiveness. Found it very moving .
  7. Do you have a new phone that can use " smart view " it send the signal from you phone to TV. If so you can download the discovery + app . On the Samsung smart TV they now have the app . I payed 29 pounds for the first year , I watch loads of stuff on it .
  8. Looks like a lot of them are broken anyway , maybe did the locals a favour .
  9. Her Indy followers will still support her , they are hell bent on this independence , nothing else is a problem to them , her undoing has to come from within there party . Hate all she stands for .
  10. The string vest affects his all over tan
  11. Oh its really beautiful Gordon all the west coast is amazing . Has to be seen to believed, found the coastal areas more beautiful that in the middle of the country drove right around it a few years ago in my motorhome . You need to add it to your list .
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