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  1. johnphilip

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    If there is no proof , then what can you do .
  2. johnphilip

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    Ok you did not rape me but i still want £ 80,000 .
  3. johnphilip


    I had the same problem a few years ago , was making some goose calls on my lathe , could not get the Guts for them anywere in the uk , same thing , card from post office throught the door , had to go into town 14 miles away and pay up .
  4. johnphilip

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    Na you weardale lot nicked em lol
  5. johnphilip

    Antique table

    Clean it , polish it use it and love it .
  6. johnphilip

    Antique table

    Looks like ball and claw feet very nice. Its so sad that the brown furniture is not in fashion , i love the stuff .
  7. johnphilip

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    Yes Beamish is an amazing place . I am an ex Co Durham lad , its a lovely county . I was born in teesdale . An area that has never changed with time .
  8. johnphilip

    Guess the tool

    Lol well said 😎
  9. johnphilip


    I got some when they first came out could not part them at first , they scared the **** out of me , when i got them apart i put them in different parts of the shed and hid them from each other, i swear they wanted to keep joining back up together .
  10. johnphilip

    Free stuff

    Great offer
  11. johnphilip

    Heart Bypass ???.

    May i wish you all the best, and a great recovery .
  12. johnphilip

    Is it just me?

    Yes of course .
  13. johnphilip


    Ok were is the other report .
  14. johnphilip

    Browning 425 20g too short- Help!

    Ok , can you not get a bit more by moving the trigger forward , think looking at the picture it is ajustable . That would be a start. Then your not going to need as much on the backend . The Isis pads are quite nice , but need grinding to shape . Check the trigger first .
  15. johnphilip

    Is it just me?

    Trump it is then .