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  1. I have some , thank you . The poor chisels don't like it 😀😀
  2. Sorry then not , sure . Strange you can buy an air rifle / pistol From the EU have it shipped to your door for around £ 15 . Yet here in the UK you are stuck with two RFD costs at maybe 50 quid total . At the end of the day its just a meta tube . Sorry can't be more helpfull . Plus here in Scotland we have the bleeding licence to deal with .
  3. vintage can also be about a particular year , like a fine wine
  4. second that Dumfries are very good the wife renewed hers at the start of the year the young female FAO said would you like the air rifle one as well for only a fiver . Hey why not. 3 air weapons later 😀😀 we are loving playing with CO 2 stuff .
  5. fantastic work and a very generous person you are aswell , all credit to you. P.s I am a woodturner 😀😀
  6. Your deer handle knifes are different and all crefit to you . A knife has to have a tactile feel aswell as look . The price of some knives these days . I would be scared to take it out of the house. I got a beautiful knife cheap at a boot sale was out in me boat fishing , my mate was cleaning a fish . Swished over the side of the boat to clean it and dropped the sodding thing into about 300 foot of water . Broke my heart .
  7. If its a private sale then no . I have sent shotgun barrels away to get reblued . I asked my firearms officer . He just said they are just two metal tubes , crack on .
  8. I bought a cowhorn from a charity shop someone had made it into a penguin 😀😀. I get a few bits from them shops for my stick making. The cowhorn , has a nice look to it .
  9. If you have a belt grinder then yes , I belive the company who supply them will grind it for you . They send you the pad , you scribe the area to be removed . Post the pad back to them . And they do it at a cost . They are not cheap to buy , and the custom grinding ads to that .
  10. Yes the wife has an adjustable one on her gun . And I fitted one for my pals wife's gun aswell .
  11. Will do Chirs , and your address please .
  12. Well there just sat there and nice condition say £45 posted . If for some reason they don't fit , send them back for a full refund . Regards john .
  13. Not sure Chris here is mine with case . To be honest they were hardly used got them to shoot skeet . But did not get into skeet sold the gun and forgot I hate these two .
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