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  1. Loved the tomb raider games , nathan in Uncharted. both the sniper elite . The last of us . I am struggling a bit with God Of War .got the cowboy one still not sure if i like it. The graphics now are amazing on the Pro .
  2. A great shop , and very helpfull staff , it has come on a long way since John Cartwright , bought the place .
  3. Yes . I liked that place , seemed to get a better deal there .
  4. All the times i was in , it seemed a bit quite , a nice staff and helpfull. Shame to see it close .
  5. Napier pro 10 ear defenders. Comes with two sets of slip on foam plugs new .Never realy used these , as i did not rifle shoot much . Asking £20 posted . Thanks for reading .
  6. A great feeling to be granted your ticket , go enjoy yourself .
  7. johnphilip

    edd oakley

    Good to here a praise for our fellow members
  8. I got an electric one they are ok, but seem to go through more paint .
  9. They are based on the Beretta 680s , the wife has had hers for about 4 years .
  10. Hello i have one , think its about 3 years old its in outstanding condtion had covers on it all the time . If you would like pictures would be happy to do so . Its set to factory reset .
  11. A beautiful , little pup . Hope she finds a loving home.
  12. Its lovely wood for woodturning .
  13. I watch that Chanel quite a bit, some great programs , thanks for the heads up Simon .
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