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  1. johnphilip

    TomTom Sat Nav help

    Might your hire car not have one fitted
  2. johnphilip


    Thats an amazing offer PW at its best .
  3. johnphilip

    My favorite time of year

    And the new born lambs in the fields .
  4. johnphilip

    Plastic or metal Disc's

    Have you tried Ebay
  5. johnphilip

    ATA bronze

    Ata Arms made barrels for Berretta shotguns . So they must know what they are doing .
  6. johnphilip

    Shout out to Rink123

    Yes me and him have been pals for years . They are a nice family .
  7. johnphilip

    Pigeon shooting stuf

    Rinks my pal and he lives in Shrewsbury , thats a great bargain he has up for sale .
  8. johnphilip

    Escort 12 gauge

    I have seen this gun and know Rink , he has looked after it .
  9. johnphilip

    Heart bypass update.

    Samboy , i wish you all the best, take your time and look after yourself . As they say time is a great healer ,
  10. johnphilip

    Westlands Country Park

    When we go , my mate is not to good on his feet , so we hire it , i sometimes get a lift back . Sometimes we go to the last trap and work our way back to the start , then not as far a walk when your finished .
  11. Nice area , years ago i used to fish the Nith for salmon at Thorhill .had my first salmon of there in 1986 .
  12. johnphilip

    Caesar guerini stock finish???

    Its not were your cheek rests again the stock , . If its oil then reoil it and just add a little extra in that area and slowley build it up .
  13. Were are you based Scotslad , our practice charged me £ 50 . But the money does not go in the doctors pocket . It goes into buying things for the surgery . As does anyother private medical . So not as bad i think . It just the way it is . I am Stranraer area . But we have a little village surgery .
  14. johnphilip

    It`s getting used

    🤔 oh erm ok
  15. johnphilip

    Westlands Country Park

    Compak is like shooting all the differant stand around a clay ground without moving much . And nice doubles , as you move from one stand to another . There is a differant letters to shoot at plys the clay seems a little differant as you move . Like skeet a bit . I dont shoot it much . Think it would be more fun in a little competition.