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  1. That was amazing , loved every minute of it , thanks for sharing .
  2. Thats a great shame had some amazing stuff of them , in the past .
  3. I think your ment to cut a bit of the front 🤣
  4. Lost my job in 96 due to chronic M.E. / CFS . Spent 25 years building diesel engines .. now retired at 68 .
  5. This is were it is so wrong for them to say that , to say you may die of something else . 6 years ago i was treated for Prostrate cancer , all is well now , fingers crossed .one of the most important checks they do is check it has not spread anywere else. This can happen , a cell can breakaway and travel through your bones to somewere else and cause a cancer somewere else . Ie lungs etc . So its wrong for them to say its a slow growing cancer . How many men have died because of this .
  6. LIdar has not been done all over the country , just parts of it . Here in Scotland , none has been done .
  7. I would say round bales , the center line , there stacked on end , then laid flat to stop them moving. The small field , looks like a few square bales .
  8. I love it there , just a shame its a 180 mile round trip for me . The stands are amazing .
  9. The rivers Tyne , Wear and Tees are tunnelled together . This was done when British Steel was a busy place at Teeside.. when it first started , Tyne salmon were trying to come up the river Tees . Amazing how the could sense the tyne water in the tees .
  10. Is it the ally action , the wife has that gun , and we all shoot Hull Comp x 28 grams , no recoil . The also do a 24 and 21 gram , i belive .i think the problem you may have is The " LOP" of the stock , unless it feels right for her , i cut my wifes down to 13 and half to fit her .
  11. We are two couples who shoot two males and two females . We shoot the hull comp x in 28 gram . Mainly for the ladies , as there is very little recoil on light guns the ladies were using. I got my bennelli 828 last year , as its a light gun . I find the comp x , ideal . The only thing i would say is they are maybe a little slower . But cant realy tell . If you could get them local you could save on the £15 post from Justcartridges .
  12. There you go Gordon , your new hobby . I have made a few in the past . Its a lovely hobby . Going out finding the stick to cut . And learning a new hobby and reading up . I used to make them and give them to friends and family .
  13. johnphilip

    Boat Trailer...

    Ebay, or there is a web site call "boats and outboards " . Worth a try .
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