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  1. Thanks all the same , no energy for a pump . Just fancy the CO2 route , been reading up on the SMK Victory p2 , quite an interesting pistol / rifle compo . Plus seen people do mods on them . It's just for a bit of fun in the garden , on warmer days . Thanks for all the replies folks .
  2. johnphilip

    1917 film

    It is just as well we all have different taste , or it would be a very boring old world we live in .
  3. It's all ready happening now , virus are changing and lasting longer . And more of them .
  4. johnphilip

    1917 film

    Oh yes it was far worse before the built cow green reservoir . The bore that came down that river after a storm was scary you heard it before you saw it.
  5. johnphilip

    1917 film

    Here is a video of were it was shot
  6. johnphilip

    1917 film

    The river scene was filmed very near were I was born . On the river Tees in CO Durham.
  7. I still have a pair I got from the factory in Richmond 30 years ago . Had new heals and soles once , they came back like nearly new . Like a pair of slippers now .
  8. That's a good price for someone .
  9. Stick the holders on Ebay , bigger market .
  10. Fantastic offer PW at it's best again .
  11. I have had a few emails from them with special offer of about £450 .
  12. A pint of beer for less than two bob,
  13. Ok what tests have you had done , are they going to do any more tests . If it just enlarged and hard to pee , then be thankful that is al, it is . 6 years ago I was treated for prostate cancer , with the seed implant . It worked , I get my Psa done every 6 months the results are very good , so good that I dont think about it now , as said maybe it may take a little while for the tablets to work . Or maybe they can try you on something else . Hope everything gets sorted for you soon . I know it can be a scary time . We have to put our trust in the NHS . They did everything for me . It was my local GP who spotted my problem , I keep reminding her for been on the ball and getting me checked out , I had very few symptoms at the time . I was lucky it had not spread.
  15. It was called the cartwheel penny , 1797 , George 11 , heck of a large coin , would not take many to have a heavy pocket .
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