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  1. johnphilip

    Flower/plant ID please ?

    Forget me nots
  2. johnphilip

    Garage/workshop ideas

    And how many spirt levels was there😤
  3. johnphilip

    Making a priest

    He is out metal detecting 😁
  4. johnphilip

    Is this good or is this good?

    It might be if you can see it
  5. johnphilip

    FREE !!

    Hey dont be hard on yourself after all you were beat by a long range sniper
  6. johnphilip

    Replacement stick handles for saucepans

    Can you get a wooden one maybe, should last longer.
  7. johnphilip

    3D printed moderator

    Nice one Steve, love it when people can make there own stuff .its not always about cost saving, its the pride in " i made that ".
  8. johnphilip

    Garage/workshop ideas

    Up here in Scotland they tend to call them a " Bead" instead of a spirt level. Think there is 4 aswell .
  9. johnphilip

    Rifle slips

    Your very welcome Kevin.
  10. johnphilip

    Shotgun slip wraps up

    For what???
  11. johnphilip

    Rifle slips

    Will do ,and send me your address please.
  12. johnphilip

    Rifle slips

    Of course you can , would prefer bank transfer , do not like giving paypal money. They have had enough of me over the years , thats if thats ok with you .
  13. johnphilip

    Rifle slips

    Two rifle slips the black one is 44 inch ,fur linned £15 posted The green one is 42 inch , fur linned £15 posted BT is fine
  14. johnphilip

    Shotgun slip wraps up

    Slip it rolls up size 45 inch .looking for £12 posted , BT is fine.