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  1. Looking at the saw , cant see it all , but if your doing 90% cuts you dont need that plastic guide, that is going to cut down on the size of a piece of timber your going to cut .
  2. Well spotted an me an ex stick maker to😂😂
  3. If Logan has any sense he will leave them to it .
  4. The far right one is it a thumb stick , cant work out the shape is part of a crook .
  5. I got a smk cp2 from a dealer in England , I am in Scotland . He had to RFD it to my local gunroom . Air rifles ect dont go on the licence it's just a licence to have air rifles . As long as you have a licence you could buy private and have it posted to you .
  6. Is correct private sales are ok . But a shop would need to RFD , that would put around 50 quid on the price plus post .
  7. The guy of Time team phil Harding is very good at it . If you can understand him 😀
  8. I have had a few dog ones of ebay , I made a latex mould and cast some of my own when I was stick making .
  9. Just let the horses eat the grass ,
  10. Simon will be along just now to help .
  11. See your using briwax, great stuff .
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