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  1. Yes , and a shame a few on here , would have had him , hung drawn and quartered.
  2. A very valid point , you don't know you have been granted your SGC till it drops on the mat . And if its nicked before you even get it , what troubles lay ahead for you .
  3. The original question was asked about the possible use of an illegal SGC . You pointed out that a person could use violence to get the said shotgun. I just made a point that , perhaps it would be silly to presume you can knock on a guys door and beat him up to take said shotgun of that person . The hole object of the question was the use of a illegal made SGC. 5 or 6 blokes turning up at a person door are not likely going to say here is my dodgy SGC . I gave a possible reason for someone wanting to obtain a shotgun , for reasons, one of them being perhaps they had appli
  4. How do you know the guy who is opening the door , your going to be able to take on . I am 6foot 5 . Ex marine 15 stone , try it . Maybe someone does not want a gun for violence . They just want one for illegal use , say they had applied for there SGC , and were refused for what ever reason . They were hell bent on getting one by illegal means , but not by violence . When we go to a clayground do we know that everyone walking around has a SGC . I have sold a couple of guns privately , and to be honest did not check out there tickets with a fine toothed comb . So guess
  5. Of course they are , only the other week they used covid as an excuse .. then another country took a guys sandwich of him 😀😀
  6. Never leave fuel in drain out , run carb to empty . Get rid of the old fuel . Don't buy fuel from supermarket filling station . Some how flush out the carb . Check the bulb for cuts . Check fuel lines for splits . You can get an adaptive to add to fuel to help store it longer .
  7. By preparing for each eventually that would be proposed, if something was dreamed up at the last minute , then that is just someone being awkward .
  8. Same here our female driver is amazing , always a smile. Sends me a text if I am out
  9. Oh Kevin , a great lad , does he still sell secondhand detectors , years since I spoke to him .
  10. A lovely man , inspired many of us years ago a great lost to the detecting world ,
  11. Still got my Deus , not detected in over a year , the old walking is rubbish at the moment . How's you been doing .
  12. Fantastic bleeding Fantastic . Love watching people folding steel and the patterns forming .
  13. All of what OPP says , there are a few Facebook groups , or you could join an old established group I help out on , there is tons of info on it. Some pleasant members . Its called " Rogers Relecs " keep away from the army stuff .
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