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  1. Childhood dream fulfilled 🤠
  2. It uses 10 of these just slip the pellet in the end . Slide all 10 in and away you go . Great fun . Love the mechanics of it . It is a replica of the original one .
  3. just purchased a new co2 Umarex Legends Cowboy underlever Rifle from SWS in Germany. Wow its amazing . Every young boys dream back in the day . It feels amazing . The look of the weather action and barrel . And the wood look stick are very realistic . Only got it yesterday. Was a bit windy to try it . So just fired at a few cans . It holds 2 co2 cartridges in the stock . Got about 80 shots . Its a BB ver . But shoot 177 pellet fine . Cost only £ 15 delivery from Germant to my door . Buy in the UK would have cost more . Plus would have been two RFD costs total about £ 50 Here are a few pictures
  4. Was he a witness to this traffic incident???
  5. does that not depend on the person being called names . And how it affects them . How they can end up be scared for life .
  6. You know what , I think he did , and he mentioned that cake dunking to 😀
  7. Badger used to be called " poor man's pig " many years ago .
  8. Bet he holds his little finger up . But 😎
  9. Yes could end up someone getting a ban if they say the wrong one 😀 . I hate see people dunk cake , that is so wrong 😀
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