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  1. We normally have about 5 or 6 housemartins or swallows nests on our house each year . Not one this year . I am only 100 yards from the farm I rent my cottage of . I see maybe 20 on my telephone wires of an evening , weather they have nested up at the farm buildings I don't know . Has the ground been to hard to get nesting material . I am lest than half a mile from the beach all up the coast poor sea birds washed up with bird flu , so sad . I just don't know the reason , it's something I look forward to each year the arriving , nest building and rearing there young .
  2. Big happy birthday to you Mel, your humour is what makes this group ,plus the hard job you have trying to keep a few inline . No names . Have a great day ,
  3. No sorry it just a picture I found on the Net , was curious about them , we get the odd one in the garden , my dogs just give it a sniff then leave it alone . They are so lovely to see , used to see lots when we were kids over 60 years ago .
  4. Not sure if you all have seen baby ones , they look a bit different
  5. The only thing they are desperate for , is to take over , they sail across the water in there trojan horses .
  6. And crossing with guns according to this report
  7. johnphilip


    I want to join him 😀
  8. Great Post, happy people .
  9. Thats a plus one from me . Greats respect for the Queen,
  10. What do you belive Farage has done that makes YOU call him a slimeball . There has never been a political person who tells it as it is , and can speak so people can understand what he is talking about .
  11. Are her views now what we should be looking at, not that I know that . Have never realy followed her. We all thought when we were young we could rule the world . Time will tell.
  12. We have started using Morrisons home delivery . My nearest town is 14 miles away . The wife got token thing for a fiver . So many deliveries a month . It would cost me that to go to town and back once . She has had 3 deliveries this month so a good saving on fuel in the car .
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