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  1. On my tablet I use Snapseed , it free , love it . I used it on this to create a bit more sky .
  2. Burnwell is its name . A shovel full seems to last for ever, and it keeps my stove ticking over all night .
  3. I pay £16 a bag for those coal / cement thing . Two bags last me 3 weeks , so around £10 a week , and it's running 24/7 . It's a good stove and very efficient . . I have a little a little electric heater for in the hall .( That may go on if it gets really cold ) As all our rooms are of that, it's a bungalow. . That is all the heating I have .
  4. They are scum , they keep doing it to try and catch someone of guard , thanks for the heads up Simon .
  5. The shims are tapered , plus they are the shape of the stock. So when the stock and action are together it forms the shape.
  6. Al the manual should have a list , you can only put one metal one in , but it can go either side . I found it hard to work out at first . You need to right down what's in it now all of them then look on the charts to see what you need to alter it the way you want .
  7. Al I have the 828u , and would think it may have the same shim set up .the metal shim goes inside the stock down the long bolt . The plastic shims go between the stock and the action . I think you would need to see what you have in yours . Then look in the manual to see what shims you would need to use to alter it . It's a bit completecated at first , I used a lazer down the barrel to keep checking it . To see were it was pointing . This is the 828u kit the bottom two are the ones you choose to go down inside the stock . They are metal . The plastic go between the stock and action
  8. AFRAID . Not for one minute. It's what she wishes to happen to cancel Brexit . To ignore what people voted for . I pity her stupid ness to even think why would anyone be so stupid , to come up with an idea . She is very dangerous and do not trust her for one minute. Have read some very disturbing things about her .
  9. That's so funny ...... but you are spot on 🤣🤣
  10. Have you tried Ebay.
  11. I was treat for Prostate cancer 7 years ago , been in the clear since , get my PSA done every six months .
  12. Lovely offer , hope it's new owner loves it .
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