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  1. Hell i have fitted a few of those fuel pumps in the past
  2. So does my 25 year old camper van . Bleeding housemartins . Love em realy. And no they have not been nesting in it 🤣😎😁
  3. Here is a wee spuggie shot with a 1000 mm mirror lens in my Nikon d5600. This is an old lens and had to manual focus and i had to work out F stop and shutter speed . The original shot was 12 meg . I have had to compress it to get it on here . This was about 50 yards away .
  4. I seem to remember seeing a picture of it before. It looked tidy .
  5. Sorry to here your selling it Simon , but good luck with a sale .
  6. Westland is amazing , they have been doing a lot of work there , they now have a caravan / static caravan and log cabins set up . Some amazing stands , love there . Its just a shame it is a 180 mile round trip for me .
  7. My cousin Tom , who is in his 80s now farms in the lake district and said many years ago farmers did not mind the Rooks as they would take the leather jackets , before they damaged the wheat and barley crops .
  8. johnphilip


    I think you have summed it up Simon , in so few words, what sort of person would we be , if we could not shed a tear for others . You have wrote a beautiful and very moving, tribute to your mother lord Geordie. She will be proud of you and your farther to, hold him close , your head will be in a daze , one step at a time hey . There are no other words to be said stay strong .
  9. So true , as they saying goes " its better to be judged by 12 , than be carried by 6 " .
  10. johnphilip


    Will just leave this here . RIP
  11. No from a hedge or wall to the main road would be classed as part if the highway .
  12. Ah but thats only for black and white ones 😁
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