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Going to Court over Fixed Penalty Notice for parking Advice Required

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Why would you pay a fine when no-one has explained why you are being told to pay it? That's extortion.

Take them on, push it as far as you can, accept nothing less than not paying. Just did the same against a well known company of private parking racketeers and won.

Loads of good forums out there specifically for fighting these.

They do not have the god given right to extort money from you when they want.

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Private parking companies cannot issue fines they issue invoices and it is all to do with contract law and heard by a district judge. I have successfully quashed countless of those for family and friends as they are never argued properly. 

The police issue fines and they are heard in a criminal magistrate court totally different and in this case either covered under under the  road traffic act or the highways act as an offence. Both can be used for parking on a verge. 

Defending one is easy the other a lot harder. Ignorance of the law is no excuse ignorance of terms and conditions of a private invoice is a very effective  defence. 

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