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  1. Ps seriously nice motor would be in my dream 10 classic motor garage. One of the cars that made Audi the ‘premium brand’ it is today ! and that’s the reason to get it sorted properly. atb Agriv8
  2. Another goodbye old pall post. what about asking the mods for a dog book of remembrance section atb Agriv8
  3. Do they come off ? If yes ? take to a specialist media blasters and see what they would charge for a fill in job ! atb Agriv8
  4. You will remember today for a long time it’s not a numbers day it’s a bonding day. well done to both of you and keep up the good work. atb Agriv8
  5. So if you have a Tesla and you are board instructions ! ps I have a transit van not a tesla
  6. The story has hit the BBC News Technology - Just changed my password and did know know it had my address as never sold anything on there ( but done a lot of looking at stuff I can't Afford !!!! ) BBC link to Story It is a worry that there appears no known motive at the moment ATB Agriv8
  7. Windswept you have one the prize which is “servicing” the things ! now regarding farts in a house with two youngsters ( both boys ) lagging about farts is a daily ritual. those who have kids or grand kids with a google Alexa ask Alexa play a ****. For those who don’t understand how Tesla joined the conversation I believe Tesla can play a **** as well !
  8. Any update? Did the vet shed any light ? atb Agriv8
  9. Hitman - sorry about Rio - try and focus on the 14 years of getting up to mischief atb Agriv8
  10. Or worse “Champagne Socialist” know quite a few of them !
  11. Jim - that’s why I thought camping pod shape and referred the size of sapling tubes. never seen one like that nor could I find on on google- but the two there look suitably of grid to need heat / cooking. Mrs Agriv8 and I stopped in one up in Scotland with a log fired hot tuB needles to say bottle of Prosecco and a beer it two laid star gazing as it was in a no light pollution area ! Near balbeatie IIRC Sure we will sis it Agriv8
  12. They look like those camping pods with some sort of fire / heater attached at the back what sort of size are they ? atb Agriv8
  13. My old man. (A Ford man- I thought to his dying day ) was persuaded to try the 1.2 7 speed auto version after it came top in which magazine. The next thing I knew he’d put a deposit down for one and was waiting delivery ( that was 5 years ago ) as an retired electrical engineer and a complete perfectionist it has never let him down and has had brakes and tyres every other minor issues sorted via Skoda ! He would have replaced it if they did a suitable replacement new what ever it’s called is lower ! Which my old man struggles with ! having driven it it’s super quiet and built to a better standard than the flagship vw makes. Quite a few retired farmers and vets use the 4x4 round us and the only issue I have heard about ( from the vets) is rubbers on bottom arms going due to rutted farm tracks. as pointed out the fact they hold there value so well usually means they are ok. Would I have one yes - but the old ****** won’t buy something else so I can pay trade In price for it !
  14. Not a vet - but that looks like you need a vet or horse person to take a look and a walk round field! But long could it be taking something from overhanging trees ! Maybe needs a muzzle on short term. regards Agriv8
  15. What weight (grain ) are they please for mr sub 12lb pcp Thanks Agriv8
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