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  1. Modern good quality 8’s 28g perfect for clays.I don’t even bother with a few 7.5 just in case these days ! if I think I am running out of range just use a red 7.5 cartridge as this always works . wrong end of the country for us flat cap and whippet lot ! good luck with sale Agriv8
  2. I was just thinking how tidy you garage wax and then read the words. nice bike likely to be in better Nick than when it was built ! Agriv8
  3. Well that’s now on the list to visit John bit of a family favourite Alnwick and surrounding area ! I do like to see a stick being used but just like good art it’s lovely to appreciate a craftsman’s work/art anyway we’ll done HRH Turning this back to opening post it seems a lot of spotted the queens nod to her outdoor roots. Atb Agriv8
  4. Holts auctions is you fancy taking a risk. Agriv8
  5. Good point old boggy almost sure it’s tapped one or two corgi a bums in the past . She still needs to bring the muts behind her in the picture under control! Agriv8
  6. I Thought the same Dichy - you got room in ur life for a wealthy widow ! belive she has a bottle or 2 of Red wine lying about ! Agriv8 Yes mine as well especially if it is Philip’s Agriv8
  7. Anybody else pick up on the queens choice of walking aid during visit to the jubilee line? One of prince Philip’s I suspect! just made me chuckle that seeing her with her Barbour and it you would not bat an eyelid. But posh frock in London it stood out. well done HRH now go belt some of them politicians with it ! Preferably the horn spike In fact just spotted 3 of them lurking in that picture start with them ! Agriv8
  8. Might need to move on some shells tc - negotiations with Mrs Agriv8 have stalled re gun cab number 3 ! Agriv8
  9. My vet got you there as well £25 if you want a copy of the prescription you have just paid a vet to create ! Agriv8
  10. Brill my lads passport delivered and it’s nice black uk passport ! Email with TNT tracking number was received and it turned up today. All sorted looks like yours will be too. atb Agriv8
  11. Not just my pip then - especially the one she has flushed out marks the flight line like a hawk and follows it after the bang if it doesn’t drop - its - look of discussed that Mrs Agriv8 can’t match. the dog look of I don’t know why I flipping bother. Agriv8
  12. Hang on you saying lloyd90 has 10 offspring out there ? joking aside well done FTW Ted - you got a ‘option on One’ lloyd ? Atb Agriv8
  13. Well done muller choke at less than £24 each. I have inv ds version in my 725 and think they are fantastic! Agriv8
  14. My sons renewal has been with them 2 weeks - just received an email saying passed to printing stage. hope yours is similar Agriv8
  15. Nexgaurd spectra for my sprocker as always in the thick stuff tic removal tool is on standby but not required so far for my dog but used on my sisters dog numerous times Like the idea of broveco once a quarter- will as next time her prescription is due ! And interested that your vet chary£25 for issuing a prescription ! Agriv8
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