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  1. Waleshie same here after passing it every year for the summer holiday last 12 or so years we stopped off for a couple of days. The old town was worth a look. The lemans museum was good for a retired part time race mechanic like me .watching the film is On my list to do next week possibly big screen imax ! regards Agriv8
  2. Not money per say but memories went beating with my dad for the first time in 15 years. For the following reasons. A few messages on here that don’t think parents are going to be about for ever. A family run shoot that I had a couple of end of season tidy up shoot days. So felt I needed to say thanks You appreciate the sport of watching a gun enjoy his sport pick of 5 high challaging birds then slip his gun and spot for his mate on the peg next to him pointing out where he is going wrong so he hits em rather than winging em. chatting with friends of my dads about my grandad and his friends that are no longer with us. putting birds up that dogs had missed seeing 3 hares ( not sure the last time I saw one ) Seeing 2 dear 2 red kites one very close being thanked by a gun for the heads up on a couple high birds obscured by the last few autumn leaves. While flanking the wood in. loads more to smile about and memories to pack away. Been invited back and all being well I will be beating again in a week or 2. Agriv8
  3. Nice gun a little out of my price range for a S by S -but and a good excuse to visit coniston work very well on the simulated grouse but. Our a pair off the tower. good luck with the sale - regards Agriv8 - 6’6’ lanky *** with a 725 who shoots at coniston Sunday mornings
  4. Agriv8


    I think there is another setting somewhere. Our Samsung if you go for a setup from scratch it ask you questions Then off it goes and tunes it’s self atv possibly be analogue which has all been switched of and bandwidth sold to mobile companies! best searching google with model number ATB Agriv8
  5. Could you measure pit to pit please thanks Agriv8
  6. Interested but need to work out if that will fit my browning jacket. ATB Agriv8
  7. Clarkson is like marmite you love him or hate him. regardless of your view he is able to put into words better than most the fact that Good shoot management will sustain more wildlife than woods left un managed i would love to shoot with him and go for a pint afterwards he is not politically correct and to be honest neither am I but his word will be with me a week on Saturday for the first beating day on the family run pheasant shoot. PS he does a **** load of work for disabled kids and ex service personnel. well done mr to Clarkson I would love to see a debate between him and Peckham! ATB Agriv8
  8. Dooder, have you got a 44 in blue or green ? thanks Agriv8
  9. If this is as good as there’s trousers it will be flipping brilliant . Bought a pair after a heads up from this very forum ! Good luck with the sale. Tempted my self Agriv8
  10. Agriv8

    quantum computing

    Now then dichman yep your right and I am going off to google Patrica Preece. if you said 35 years ago that we had computers in our pocket that you held in your hand could send letters instantly to the other side of the world Take pictures and send them. Have a 2 way chat and be able to see each other. Order somthing at 10 at night and it would be delivered tomorrow. you’d have been carted of to the nut house !
  11. Agriv8

    Itv 4 8pm

    Thanks for heads up I enjoyed that ? What I deduced very labour intensive top quality workmanship and only make 100 a year all made in house ! Don’t recon I will be ever able to afford one but if the numbers come up on lottery... Agriv8
  12. Agriv8

    Clear Out

    Peltor defenders please will message you thanks Agriv8
  13. Agriv8

    quantum computing

    It will Change computers but years off ending up on your desk or hone. not likely more spam but it will mean computers will be able to work out what you had for breakfast and what breakfast you want tomorrow and where to buy it from. the phone I am typing this on has more computer power memory and storage than the first mainframe I kept going with 3 on a shift 24/7. It needed 3phase feed a huge room then there was the cooling. Regards Agriv8
  14. Could you measure pit to pit please interested in this. Thanks Agriv8
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