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  1. Cat interested can I have More details here please ? Are you saying that I might need to get an order in for shells as well as the £300 wine collection from pidou wines on the return leg of yearly summer holiday to France ? Interested to know what paperwork and preparation you do ? thanks Agriv8
  2. Oi go shoot your own pheasants ! Rather those in Gods own country. I’ll be passing on ur details to the boarder forces . Have fun and give us a report when you done. There’s a rumour we might be out on some ducks Friday eve before the syndicate I beat for starts up so will have to unearth my steels ! Don’t recon it will take as long as going through your stash tightchocke atb Agriv8
  3. Jim you need to get a sideline writing comedy. That has put a smile on my face !
  4. Thanks for heads up ! step 1 £25 prescription check specksavers ( I can claim this back at work - VDU user ) booked online step 2 thank the very nice man who mot’d my eyes and printed my prescription onto a label ( slight change in prescription from 2017 - oops ) step 3 - the dodge - “Mrs Agriv8 won’t let me buy glasses on my own - as she says Last pair I bought solo made me look a Norbert “ step 4 paid for prescription and left step 5 go to Google’s 4 you website enter email address for 30% off code find some glasses measuring a previous pair I like step 5 add prescription ( Had to measure my PD - pupil distance a ruler and bathroom mirror ) step 6 added these to my basket and left it - went shooting rats ! step 7 got an email this morning flash 70 % sale today only ! step 8 add 2 more pairs and checkout remove 30% code ad sale70 and checked out with PayPal step 9 feel smug 3 pairs for less than £50 delivered ( one clear for work /driving - 1 sunglasses for car. 1 sunglasses for home ) all with coatings . saved enough for a few more slabs of sporting 100’s thanks for the original post ! Agriv8
  5. 1 Sat afternoon ( 3 time lucky for me - not for the tree rat though ) so 2403
  6. He was a heavy bu66er that’s for sure ! Took me by surprise picking up - one out of the Jean pool anyway !
  7. So out with new toy ! Only had a very small hunting window after a bit of a plumbing disaster! this male has evaded so far. the new toy sat in silence watched him for a while the next time he stuck him nose round the tree showing me enough of his head.
  8. It’s all a bit of a grey area as far as I know. But you can have a private policy on a commercial vehicle. But in my case I can not claim back my work miles ( if I recall my policy on my previous Audi A6 had to have business class 1 cover ) but not an option on commercial vehicles covered on a non commercial policy Agriv8
  9. Clitheroe and Accrington Are very much just over the hill Will dig further fisheruk U2u inbound. thanks all Agriv8
  10. Took my sprocker out at lunch time walk up on the crag and.heather and bumped into an old fella not met before. First statement from him was that a working dog if I am not mistaken My stock answer is she is when her ears are working ! He laughed and said cockers always tying it on playing the deaf card ! Any how a wander on and a chat Indicated a local (ish ) woodland trust are planning re introducing reds or have some reds so bit of digging required me thinks ! Agriv8
  11. Ah yes supplying a locality would have made sense On the rambling post above live outskirts of Skipton Yorkshire / Lancashire boarder. Thanks all Agriv8
  12. Evening i would love to know how to volunteer to keep the greys down to give the reds a chance as a responsible owner and insured shooter ( silenced . 410 and sub 12 ft lbs 22 air rifle with ir ) how do I join or help this noble cause especially as I have short range thermal spotter in transit ! i am actively controlling greys on my mates farm and rats that don’t venture up trees his contains a small copse wood with a number of greys that I haven’t cornered YET thinking a feeder may be in order if the thermal does not root them out ! a campsite we visit in France has a red squirrel population and though I have seen many close in France none on the uk. u2u if preferred but thought it eortb an ask thanks Agriv8
  13. Gone non commercial on mine - transit custom crew cab- chances of doing work mileage is very low with pandemic and working from home - so if they want me to deliver stuff they will have to hire me a van for the day ! I have gone Aviva but can’t warrant a commercial policy just so I can get my boss out of the smell stuff !
  14. Sent a U2u that’s absolutely shocking. there should be no hopefully about it making November Payroll ! regards Agriv8!
  15. B725 you need to send an email / letter requesting that this is raised urgently ! Ask to see internal complaints process / procedure ? ( who / what / when ) Ask if they have self reported to pensions ombudsman! Ask for a reference number to enable you to make personal enquiries with pensions Ombudsman . recon that might get em moving ! If not send me a U2u if you need anything we ( work) would supply pension options with provisional retirement pack ? Bit different funds work in different ways regardless of this you seem to be getting fobbed off ! Atb Agriv8
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