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  1. Please can I have the viyella shirt size 15.5/16 collar u2u inbound
  2. Agriv8

    Still Ms200t

    Where you based ? if it does not sell my shooting buddy may have it. bit of a old stihl collector ( horder ) has a similar one nicked a few years ago IIRC those had a bit of a cult following especially those using them while up in the trees !! All the best with the sale Agriv8
  3. Agriv8

    Nearly painful

    June last year these holed up for the evening they we gone the next morning. Very impressive to watch but was wary about getting too close. Regards Agriv8
  4. Tim my shooting buddy says they do Usually publish prices a few days after the auction ends he believes He has won another Thomas bland to add to His collection.
  5. Tim don’t know but my shooting buddy placed a sealed bid for the auction that got cancelled due to Corvid 19. he has bid before through our gunsmith I think they can enquire but not sure they are made public can ask Him if I remember regards Agriv8
  6. Evening all I was not sure of the best place to post so stuck it in here. I am Registered for ShotKam emails and this came through I have bought a second hand one but the reduced price is a big saving. only used mine a few times during lock down but finding it useful so far. regards Agriv8
  7. That is a stunning case. Gracing the back of any range rover with a matching pair of Purdies and the case Full of dark storm carts. With a tweed shooting jacket draped over the top. Not sure i would have the same affect Me struggling to find it in all the crud I carry around in the back of my transit with the £200 hatsan ! good luck with the sale Agriv8
  8. Not being pulled in to the report or not report. but the touran does have bars with holes for strap to go through if fitted. To me even two straps One Front and back it i would struggle clarify as safely loaded as nothing along the length of load as this would require cross bars can’t see them the fact is that he is travelling on a motorway if it become free and hit some on a bike or someone to swerve and cause an accident .. I believe minimum of 3 fixings working on a principle that the load remains safe if one fails. me personally seeing that on the motorway would have had the hammer down and be in front of the numpties. Agriv8
  9. Roku box for mr please u2u inbound
  10. Thanks BB I have your number hopefully call tomorrow. Thanks Agriv8
  11. Hi Big Bird . got a 6 month sprocker who is showing promise more pet than worker but I do beat and shoot on a family run 50 bird shoot. First dog so all of my own so all a bit new, but following a few books and advice on here so not doing too badly. Interest in costs and info as you are a couple of hours away. assume training is done in week blocks could this be while we are on holiday For example? the only other thing she is a little timid now and again anyway here’s the possible pupil? By all means contact me on u2u PS what options are there for training the owners As this might be more difficult that the dog. regards Agriv8
  12. U2u inbound regards Agriv8
  13. No that’s some Expensive cartridges going cheep the Churchill’s alone mealy the asking price. Wrong end of the country for me ( oh and I ain’t got £440 at the mo ) good luck with the sale Agriv8
  14. Excuse 194 the hand sanitizer made my stock slippy and my hand slips so I missed.
  15. sorry missed this thread so copied from My duplicate thread Have a read https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-52667502 Not intended to be a thread to manage or not manage raptors. but could it just be that more people are at home taking walks in the countryside around them ! my local dog training walk is now akin to the m62 at 8am in the morning With people trying to keep 2m apart !. It used to be I would regularly meet 1 or 2 dog walkers and the odd runner. People also have large amounts of spare time to report this. Next PacMan will be using snipets in his twitter feed. I reiterate that I am all for preserving endangered birds even in managed moors and woods but come on BBC please actually try and be a little objective ! Regards Agriv8
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