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  1. Many thanks - you learn something new every day ! thanks Agriv8
  2. Sorry don’t want to hijack post but the rifle looks to have two triggers. Just interested why ! thanks Agriv8
  3. Good luck with the sale - I will be walking the dog past where that was made in about 5 mins. I can vouch for the made in the uk. if I didn’t already have one ( and far too many jackets ) I would have that. Snugpak are based in a listed mill built in the 1800's on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing not only in the UK but across Europe. www.snugpak.com › about About Us - Snugpak
  4. Agriv8

    Boeing 737

    The system that screwed up was put in place to make the Max 8 fly like older 737 so Airlines minimise the time they have to release pilots to certify for that plane. They screwed up because it a took it input from a single input component and the pilots did not know the system was there so what it was doing or how to switch it off. What I mean re the computer is that in the same way that in modern cars there is no direct connection between your accelerator pedal and the engine your just telling the ecu you want to go faster. I know planes are slightly more complicated. if the plane p
  5. Agriv8

    Boeing 737

    I would go the other way - no plane has gone through external testing and fault finding more than the max 8. All planes are flown by commuters these days. ! I believe the only reason a euro fighter can fly is there is no direct link between the stick and the flaps ! If there is another crash the leasing companies will dump em and sue the **** of Boeing. it will be interesting eu regulators say without the trump interference! regards Agriv8
  6. AVB - wasn’t offered any Polaroids but when the C word was mentioned a bit of discomfort to catch it early can be endured ! I have a inflamed prostate that’s pushing the bladder up and raised some of the blood vessels around the valve that. Let’s the wee out Most uncomfortable bit was sitting there with a full bladder then the urologist saying this is going to hurt as he pushed camera through my enflamed prostate ! Medical advice- keep hydrated ensure I drink a pint of water every morning. Currently up a couple of time a night needing a pee but I can cope with that. So far no more
  7. Never had kidney stones s but have had the displeasure of camera check of the bladder to investigate blood in urine. 6mm is doable for that bit. I think my dad had his ultrasounded to break them up to enable them to be passed but he said it was still like passing 80 grit sand paper. good luck regards Agriv8
  8. Good buy that I bought a pair of trousers that I can’t say . been fantastic and would have bought 2 pairs in the sale at the shop in ambleside - would have had these but pie consumed means I am a little to large round the midriff! atb Agriv8
  9. Leaving the labour vs conservative out of this. Let me throw this into the boiling pot. the internet did not exists 20 years ago. Our decisions on the way we voted was either from the newspapers and which camp they were paid from. Or what we discussed down the pub or working men’s club or on the golf course. these days of everyone an expert and Facebook feeding mis information the lines are very blurred. But my belief is that PM need to be liked slightly more than they are disliked. unfortunately BJ is now seen as a puppet in most eyes sticking by Cummings rather throwing him u
  10. Blue and black north face for walking the mut please
  11. Hi Tc it used to live that way round but the palm swell on the 725 sporter means it rubbed through the fabric and foam that started all this work. Ver 2 of the case may revert back and have a idea to mold some plastic to the stock and cover that or make some shaped braces to lift the palm swell off the base. I have also got some heavy duty felt for the high contact area. Atb and thanks Agriv8
  12. Afternoon all decided against foam as pointed out it tends to fall apart. Sticky back felt is easy to work with. Chamfered edge on the cut boards was a lesson learn from the lid. Ran a hot glue gun round the edge on back and corners tighchoke - this negrini is double skinned on the base so seems reasonably sturdy. But the hardboard acts as a bit of strength. anyway plan to use it for a while and see if works - scratching head for a way to lightly spring the lid lining to press everything in place when shut. atb Agriv8
  13. Bit of template fettling over lunch with pip ‘assistant’ !! Will cover later when I have completed the foreend & barrel template
  14. Well .... edge and lid covered made a template out of 3 mm hardboard. Decided on a dark blue as might not show the grubby oil prints up so much a couple of hours invested so far and reasonably happy a couple of small Imperfections that I will have to see if my OCD can live with. Lid fabric not glued in yet
  15. Was a load of asbestos roof sheets dumped on the track I walk on. Reckless as they all shattered as they were ejected!
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