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    I have struggled on and off with insomnia for years after coming of shifts. dont recall having issues sleeping when I quit smoking but had a newborn in the hose so wouldn’t really know. my personal experience no coffee after lunch or I would wake up for a pee about 2am and that would be it same for coke and caffeine weight found out about this a year or two ago overweight people suffer more with sleep problems alcohol might help drop off but won’t help for quality of sleep. i found having some repetitive wave sound helps. finally saying the same short words the is supposed to be good to drop off last one I think we have a help guide from work about looking after ourselves ( key worker during this epidemic) that had a big section on sleep u2u your email address and will see if I can send it. finally my sympathies go to you I never feeling as low as when not sleeping properly. atb Agriv8
  2. Thanks fellas it’s not just me then. Though must have made an impression as I am now called to the old grey haired it guy at head office ‘but he knows his stuff’. glad the post is putting a smile on a few faces in these uncertain times. so these computers had a zx81 and learnt to program pet, Ibm, bbc micro ( colour ) and then to college where we learnt dos and lotus 123. And then these Amstrad PC’s !! With a hard disk !!!! These days try and hide away in the data centres keeping core servers and hardware ticking along. After over 30 years in computers Recon I Am still learning but enjoying the fact I am closer to a new chapter in my life.Must admit enjoying a bit more dealing with end users but prefer being surrounded by servers the users could be full of germs 🦠. Anyway keep the stories coming as us oldies need to stick together. agriv8 Aka grumpy grey haired old in’
  3. So classed a key worker mobilising our pensions staff paying ex local gov staff to work from home. priority last week was older staff and those with health issues. This week was Those needing to support close family. So talking to one of the lasses while talking through the security of the remote login procedure . Member of staff had been with us for a good 10 years so not a teenager. But it’s the fist time I had really struck up a conversation as she works at one of the branch offices. me Kayleigh that’s an interesting name ! member of staff oh blame my parents my dad liked this band and they had a song called kayleigh don’t know what the band was called. me oh it’s one of the first albums I bought ! hell fire I know I am marching on for the half century but that suddenly made me feel bloody old. Maybe I should be working from home as high risk ! so come on fess up what suddenly makes you think you may be on the down side of your peak. ATB Agriv8
  4. I have several bits of kit from richer sounds I do believe he has now sold the company and gave most of the profit to his staff. He may have some misguided views but seem to recall he quite liked the old ‘Golden Brown’ and that does not seem to have held mr Tesla back. regardless of his political view point he Knew good service and hard bargain met him once IIRC Regards Agriv8
  5. Agriv8

    face masks

    Lyn & Mel, Thanks from me. When the world goes mad you have stepped up and gone out of your way to find a way to do something to help. You are the gems that make the uk and this forum a good place to be ( Social Distance Rules Applying) the donation should cover the postage and a bit more when all this blows over please by yourselves a drink On me as thanks and cheers 🍻
  6. Agriv8

    browning 525

    Hi craglands I will send you a u2u regards Agriv8
  7. Agriv8

    Storm Dennis

    Bit windy up north but that might be the curry rather than Denis heading out to shoot coniston in the morning but water proofs and wellies are in front of central heating. Atb Agriv8.
  8. Neil good luck. if I did not have a 32 inch 725 s1 I would have had that at that price I am tempted to have it as spare as not a huge distance from you. if anyone is thinking about wanting one to try I don’t think you would loose much on it at that price but be quick I don’t recon it will be around for long. ATB Agriv8
  9. Need to be closer to 35 but thanks anyway. Agriv8
  10. Shot at coniston yesterday there were as many staff as there were shooters ! The shut down at 11 when some of traps were fully submersed and it was lapping at the top of the blue cartridge barrels on Spor-trap. Shot 75 the clays on the tower were being blown of the plate ! Regards Agriv8
  11. Trying to decide if this is pip (3 Months) indicating I am not allowed to go shooting without her or that she is telling me that me that she’s going to become gun shy so she off to hide my carts!
  12. Could you measure inside seam please thank Agriv8
  13. Agriv8

    Storm Ciara

    Well they shut coniston SG early as us 3 plus two others were the only ones who were mad enough to head out ! Shot at 70 but the tower traps it was blowing the clay off the trap plate before the arm got change to launch it ! regards Agriv8
  14. Agriv8

    Storm Ciara

    Bit wet and windy in Yorkshire night have to resort to putting wet weather gear on to miss some clays this morning. I recon the one off the tower could be a tad sporting. Anyone else out shooting?
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