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  1. Agriv8

    Storm Dennis

    Bit windy up north but that might be the curry rather than Denis heading out to shoot coniston in the morning but water proofs and wellies are in front of central heating. Atb Agriv8.
  2. Neil good luck. if I did not have a 32 inch 725 s1 I would have had that at that price I am tempted to have it as spare as not a huge distance from you. if anyone is thinking about wanting one to try I don’t think you would loose much on it at that price but be quick I don’t recon it will be around for long. ATB Agriv8
  3. Need to be closer to 35 but thanks anyway. Agriv8
  4. Shot at coniston yesterday there were as many staff as there were shooters ! The shut down at 11 when some of traps were fully submersed and it was lapping at the top of the blue cartridge barrels on Spor-trap. Shot 75 the clays on the tower were being blown of the plate ! Regards Agriv8
  5. Trying to decide if this is pip (3 Months) indicating I am not allowed to go shooting without her or that she is telling me that me that she’s going to become gun shy so she off to hide my carts!
  6. Could you measure inside seam please thank Agriv8
  7. Agriv8

    Storm Ciara

    Well they shut coniston SG early as us 3 plus two others were the only ones who were mad enough to head out ! Shot at 70 but the tower traps it was blowing the clay off the trap plate before the arm got change to launch it ! regards Agriv8
  8. Agriv8

    Storm Ciara

    Bit wet and windy in Yorkshire night have to resort to putting wet weather gear on to miss some clays this morning. I recon the one off the tower could be a tad sporting. Anyone else out shooting?
  9. Smoked my last cig sat outside maternity unit calling my parents and telling them they were grandparents. Nearly 14 years ago I used patches and 1 cig left in a packet it my desk draw made a pact with myself that if started again that cig had to be the first one I smoked . Still love the smell of a Marlboro light !! Ps yes the cig is still in my desk draw !! Agriv8
  10. Looks like what I am After some picks I will u2u. Thanks Iain
  11. Ditchy I bet they always listened and hardly ever answered back and all they wanted was a little scratch behind the ear or praise. Just on the start of our journey and life together with pip all I can say about My sprocker so far is she is so eager to please and get a well done pet or treat !
  12. This is Pip the sprocker trying to impress me rather than the accident she has just had, but barking at back door most of the time. “Looking forward to a bit of training “ though Mrs Agriv8 is definitely the alpha of the family!
  13. Just read through this as we are getting a sprocker most interesting the views on here. but reading a few dog training books sprocker sounds right for what we need. We have bought her because mum and dad are both working dogs and family pets and that’s what we want. Personally I have witnessed labs with pedigree as long as your arm labs retire at 7 or 8 with hips and artists. Any dog is a bit of a lottery health wise either it has a long pedigree or not. regards Agriv8
  14. Ok all many thanks for your help - compare the market has listed two bought by many policies both with life cover and seem to offer good value for money for cover . My shooting insurance is cpsa so not seen anything for dogs. Pet plan is costly ! So I think we will get a few quotes - bank and e and l who I have a camera policy through. bought by many have a 4K policy and a 7k policy for a quid or two more a month ! As posted above it feels to make sense to over pay a quid or two first couple of years just in case ! further comments and suggestions welcome and thanks for all your help ! Agriv8
  15. Ok picking a new pup up Sunday. first I have owned while my two boys 13 and 9 were old enough to respect the animal. number 1 job will be family pet but it will come beating with me and my dad. Very small 60 bird family shoot. i need recommendations for Mut insurance I plan to fire a insurance quote through price comparison sites. As you lads and lasses on here are so helpful I wandered if you could pass on your tips on who to avoid or who were really good. dog is registered with local vet ( recommended ) already who have already asked if I would like to join there pet plan dog insurance plan. Thanks in advanced Agriv8 ps is you are going to really slag a provider off u2u me as it may save the mods some ear ache
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