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  1. Just had a check I’d heard Jackie Stewart liked his shooting confirmed have a read here ! https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/features/sir-jackie-stewart-interview-40525 regards Agriv8
  2. I was under the impression wrongly that the following applied Parker website https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/advice/speed-limits/ quote What about kombi and double-cab vans – what are the speed limits for vans with side windows? This is perhaps the area where UK speed limit laws are greyest. For while kombi vans, also known as double-cab vans, can qualify for dual-purpose status – subject to the 2,040kg unladen weight rule – their overtly van-like appearance has been known to cause confusion when it comes to police speed limit enforcement.
  3. Just got a producer through doing 59 in a 60 MPH My van is a Dual cab DCIV transit custom 290S so 4 doors and windows its under the weight for Dual purpose as its under the 2040 unladen weight. it is and always unladen as I use this as a family car ( not connected with any Trade or Work ) as I am office worker Anybody had this how it works to appeal ? help gratefully received as always Agriv8
  4. Seems I am not the only one taking advantage- No silver pins up here sort wash freeze and quick blitz in food processor ! And a spoon I’d crushed almonds ! Oh and I don’t sweated until ‘brewed’ then sometimes Go exotic with dark soft brown ! but definitely filter through used wool walking boot sock 😂🤣😂 then ladies silk stocking ! Or I just use muslin then unbleached coffee filer papers ! happy brewing ! Agriv8
  5. My usual sloe bushes up north not ripe yet and still too hard ! but down in the Midlands picked this little lot while out with the dog ! Squishy if pinched too hard. Strange thing was bushes were in the middle of the village in front of village hall. Sorted and cleaned and in the freezer ready for sloe gin production when I pick up some gin. regards Agriv8 Anybody else picked a crop yet !
  6. Na I recon TC has decided that just because they are cheep does not mean he needs to buy them. I wish Mrs Agriv8 would apply the same logic to handbags and shoes!!!!!
  7. Agriv8

    Clay Shells.

    I can take power reds if not sold.
  8. U2u inbound re .410 yes b please
  9. Agriv8

    Cottages . Com

    Here you go named and shamed on the bbc - read full report ! regards Agriv8
  10. Agriv8

    Cottages . Com

    Did the same to sister in law holiday home for 15 a week before there was a problem and it had become double booked at double the cost. And they offered them alternative accommodation as per there terms and conditions! It was not as convenient location but there was little they could do as her extended family had all booked the time off ! Shame away but they will start up under another name next year ! Regards Agriv8
  11. I have an old garmin that just keeps going had a problem updating maps for up coming trip when help chat came back online sorted in about 15 mins. Asked the techie what I should replace with if we couldn’t fix it. There was only one listed I the uk part of garmin website. Which is a shame as always preferred the way garmin works over Tom Tom . regards Agriv8
  12. Thanks all I think thermal has been borrowed ! Problem is the day jobs gets in the way of 24 hour monitoring a stillborn lamb was left out and dragged to the side of the wood, Replaced and watched and three evenings Mornings and they stayed away. The cameras have only caught them twice at two ransoms Times. the gut feelings of the old uns might be that they are holed up somewhere close and travelling in the pens and carcass were investigated as different new smells. The lie of the land gives them lots of wood covered streams and gullies to move in but no sign of active route or
  13. As it’s an open forum don’t want to give too many details away I guess most of you will understand why. the foxes around the very small Family shoot I am invited and that I beat on are usually tempted in by the fox caller and dispatched with the rifle couple of youngsters have been seen on the cameras taking an Interest round the freshly built poults pens A week before delivery not ideal. I was part of a fox drive Round the woods last night but nothing seen, smelt or evidence found those with rifles will be back out during the week. so I was wandering what other idea
  14. No that’s the chassis lubrication device !
  15. Well it’s still alive and well I Will get it’s ring number and see if I can locate / contact it’s owner . I assume water, sunflower seeds are ok. thanks Agriv8 Update 2 there are rings on each leg one of the rings has a phone number not many miles away so will call in the morning.
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