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  1. Interested if not already sold. thanks Agriv8
  2. Maybe we need a stud section adding in here ? simple photo, age, size weight, temperament and location plus a request of what the fee would be. I may be after a stud for my sprocker one day if she ever comes into first season ! No sign at 15 months atb Agiv8
  3. Sounds plausible but the thing the gets my goat we have only had accurate thermometers in the last 100 years ? Measure the North Pole but that’s been under an ozone hole and as dichey says must also be affected by the earth wobble. plus when the romans i believe they were growing wine quite successfully ! I am not saying humans have helped but 50 years ago everyone was heating there homes with coal something does not add up ! anyway make sure you recycle you tin foil hat and everyone will be fine ! atb Agriv8
  4. Not trying hard enough its because no one listend to Packham 🙄
  5. Agriv8

    Niel Woodford

    It’s all legal but it stinks. he will blame accounts and underlings but he knew the risks of investing in unlisted stock market companies. This meant it was hard for anybody outside the organisation to really quantify on how the funds were really performing. His investment managers will have been taking big bonuses so will have not been bothered risking other people’s cash while people were getting good returns no one asked too many difficult questions soon as market slowed up his returns dropped and people started digging suddenly the gaps in the accounts were a bit digger
  6. I would use a non scratch non marking the pan scrub ( usually white ) and a the browning legia spray let the scrub do the work minimal pressure. A fair few of us semi auto users are using these to clean carbon from gas ports and mag tubes. In industrial terms scotchbrite pads have been used for years to remove surface contamination but remove minimal metal I would also use very fine wire wool again with an oil and decent diy shop should have it for polishing wood / cleaning ps not recommended for blueing going rusty. pps if you have surface rust on action faces you ca
  7. The logic that it was cheep and to keep the eco mob happy! We can’t be seen to be giving us road tax paying motorists more motorways or lanes. adding a further lane would not work for just about every motor way junction roundabout plus the amount of trees we would have to pull up on embankment. Also I believe the changes would require huge changes to drainage as the motorway run off would need to drain to collecting / settling pools. I believe it would cost about the same as Building new as adding a proper extra lane. unfortunately there are mums and dads that do not
  8. Just ordered 1k hull sporting 100s from local farm services cheaper than Just Cartridges no delivery they get a delivery once a week, and I am supporting local company Chap I deal with at farm supplies shop confirmed Hull and Gamebore have both got price increases on the way. Fella he called in front of me ordered 6,000 carts atb Agriv8
  9. My mate converted a truck to race car trucks he usually byes a scrap caravan for toilet, water systems and electric hook up / charge atb Agriv8
  10. Agriv8


    A colleague at work had her power terminated remotely via smart meter due to a mess up with there systems took her a while to get sorted ! I won’t be having one !
  11. My sprocker did the same at less than a year old at the time she’d begger off with a tennis ball ( there is the thread on here somewhere) and start messing about so she wasn’t for letting go of her first pigeon. Shes just finished her first season (ok only out 4 times due to COVID ) beating at 14 months but now retrieving game to hand most of the time. She still has her moments if she thinks she can get away with it ! The other way of looking at it is it’s happened and she proved she has the drive to get after live game. regards Agriv8 and Pip the sprocker link to pip at 8 months
  12. Sorry just to add hope you boys frying in Beef dripping ! Now that does make your cloths smells regards Agriv8
  13. Not so sure I thought maybe very good at holding yews steady for farmer and wide top wellies ! Regards Agriv8
  14. I am going a bit left field here Marks and Sparks speyside don’t know who makes it for em but light delicate wee dram not sure it’s what you would call cheep but one of my favourite and i am not really a whisky man
  15. Ultrastu not had any complaints but I am working around pregnant yews that do give me a wide birth thus the going down .410 It’s more a case of I have the db meter so why not ! like your idea of readings at different distances I know have 3inch Eley normal and the 3 inch subsonic version both fibre and both same size weight. reading up on the web it may take a while for mod to be fully effective. report back soon but my moderator still not turned up yet ☹️
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