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  1. So my pip ( insert your own expletive here ) ! She’s 18 months and loves to please. Happiest as all spaniel are nose down bum up ! sneaked of work early so up onto local crags for some training. Dummy and tennis ball. Hunting ok on command where I point ok. recall not perfect but not doing too bad ! Dummy retrieve 6 times no chewing and messing about ( not delivered to hand ) but sat as instructed and let go on dead command. Same with tennis ball. So all in all a good afternoon feeling pleased and positive! The flattened Mankey magot ridden pigeon road kill she snaffled up
  2. he's still a bl00dy good shot and an entertaining watch, I bet he's be good entertainment down the pub post shoot after a few beers! it was the fact that all the other singles he'd had the gun opening while back scanning / watching for the next bird ATB Agriv8
  3. Not sure I think the Bang 6:36 was his mate in the other Hide - I think Mr Crow was just covering it just in case ( Might be wrong ) ! Agriv8
  4. Could the bag be used for game do you think ? thanks Agriv8
  5. Hi bigbird - unfortunately that’s the sharp end of nature ! It’s rubbish but guess you have to focus on mum and the pups ! hows pip ? Milk come in ? Is she coping with looking after her new brood ? ‘Keep us updated when you have energy. all the best Agriv8
  6. Big bird not boring at all. Following as intended to line my pip in a year or two. keep us posted good luck to you and your pip for an uncomplicated whelp!
  7. I agree..... but there is no smoke without fire and in his case it seems like there is a lot of smoke and a lot of fires from multiple different sources. Back to the light hearted discussion does this mean he is not H as bbc have not pulled the episode?🤔
  8. Mrs Agriv8 states Nesbit character can’t be dead and will be on on Sunday or they would use any 2 bit character / actor. she also states he’s the next king pin they will be after and teds going to need his passport for next series! Me I recon ocu has something on the chief supper ! keep them theories coming ! atb Agriv8
  9. Hi Lloyd My 725 was £200 14 months ago and a couple off weeks through my AFD ( he sent it somewhere that have done him a fair few ) having a little more rib showing my scores have increased at my local clay ground Peaking at a 24 our 25 on the sporting layout. A rule of thumb is a quid coin on the rib at the action end you should just be able to see the sight when the gun is mounted ? Having viewed my before and after on my Shotcam it would appear that I am mounting locking on and adding lead more cleanly and consistently post adjustable comb fitted if you want a test before shelli
  10. sorry guys I have ensured the OP has been adjusted to ensure it stands up in court ! ( So am I H ? tampering with the Evidence !!!! )
  11. Blimey fellas feel like I have been cross examines so going with 'No Comment' There isn't much tv that has me riveted to the sofa ( even left the Pub early Sunday Eve to make sure I was home !! ) but looks like I am not the only one so.... "A Sweep Stake you Say" - "Now were Sucking diesel " For those that may have missed it Ted'isms all in one clip ! I have even started saying fella at the end of each sentence ! Ted'isms on the BBC
  12. So I am sure a few on here have there own take on who H: is and will Hastings ( like the Battle ) Get 'his Bent Coppa' before his forced retirement. So Pigeon watch 'Colective' can just about solve any problem ( So it seems ) But can we sus it before the Last one of the series on Sunday Agriv8
  13. Blimy bigbird surprised you have time for dog training sound like you are nearly full on dog maternity unit! ps it is customary to have cute cuddly photos of pups and two of working parents immaculately groomed.... gun and brace of pheasants or partridge or if really posh grouse !!! ( you know the ones ) As before good luck with pups - one sprocker is enough to keep me busy ! ps will be back in touch re some boarding / training for my Pip ( was planning some before COVID ) as we may need to board her this year if we get away for a holiday? Is that something that’s possible? U2
  14. Clodhopper it’s worse than that ! Involving cold hands, some iodine and a sharp scalpel - then soldering iron and Mrs Agriv8 offered no sympathy whatsoever! Least it was at local doctors and I went for a pint to console myself!
  15. Ok where far enough down a thread to drop this one in. All the Green do Gooders will tell us that we are killing the planet. In reality yes changes need to be made but we need to understand that we need to reduce the population that is growing globally out of control. By globally agreeing to reduce offspring. Oh but that would prove vastly unpopular!?! So no we all have to eat flipping pineapples and stop eating pigs in blankets. Ps I can only afford two kids ??!!! atb Agriv8
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