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  1. That doesn't really add up because on that basis somebody has to pre judge the worthiness of the case. Where asylum is concerned the applicant cannot be denied legal aid. That's why these immigration lawyers are always circling like vultures putting in appeal after appeal on even the flimsiest of grounds. Win, lose or draw the lawyer puts in his bill regardless I think jumped under a terrorist would be more accurate
  2. That would be a vast improvement on the shoddy timber frame houses they are building all over Cornwall at the moment.
  3. Very little of the stuff we put in our recycling bins ever really gets recycled. It an elaborate charade to create the illusion that they are doing something positive when really there is very little opportunity to commercially recycle any of it.
  4. Yes and South Wales was the same, even the rivers ran black, but its not like that now, and neither is the black country. Humans produce 50 times more CO2 than all the vehicles in the world just by breathing. To reduce CO2 and all the other problems we need to reduce the human population which has quadrupled in my lifetime. Any suggestions on how we go about that would be very interesting because that is the issue no politician would even dare to mention. I did notice one of these little rich kid spokespersons turned the subject round to Veganism very quickly. Well my, my,, that's a surprise
  5. Vince Green


    At least now they can knock it down and build something more modern if they choose to
  6. Vince Green

    foreign aid

    Certainly its very easy to set up a charity
  7. Vince Green

    foreign aid

    The big problem with foreign aid has been at this end with Civil Servants not investigating the good causes they give to and then not following up afterwards to check on how the money was spent.
  8. Vince Green


    Allegedly, according to CNN the French have already collected equivalent of $700 million in voluntary donations. If that's true its a heck of a lot of money in less than 24 hours,
  9. You cant beat a Ghillie Kettle!
  10. Vince Green


    Don't worry he will get a grant from the EU, he's been doing them some favours lately over Brexit so it only right
  11. Vince Green


    It should be inconceivable in this day that any fhistoric building could be destroyed by fire. For my sins I was for several years a (company appointed) Trustee of St Albans Cathederal. The endless risk assessments and incident forecasting was all consuming and to comply with all the draconian regulations was like having to jump through endless hoops laid out end on end. Basically, you couldn't even f -a-r-t let alone burn the place down.
  12. Bottle of whiskey? actually you only need an AA card, IF there is a phone signal. Otherwise food, water and old newspapers (for bedding down) When I lived in Upstate New York, parts of which were way more remote than the Scottish Highlands, people carried complete life support systems in their cars in the winter for good reason. Get cut off in the wrong place and you died, simple as that. Every year people really did die in snow drifts and by skidding off roads. The bottle of whiskey was your last goodbye.
  13. The Dutch dispute a legal marriage ever took place, clearly they are not as stupid as we are. They have the right attitude
  14. Its a drop in the ocean compared to the legal aid given to dubious asylum claimants. Its just that they don't make the front pages .Legal aid is very contentious.
  15. Jt can literally change your life. More to the point not having it done can be so debilitating and you can end up with all sorts of secondary spin off conditions like poor circulation etc. Lucky you are not a horse...………. That's all I'm saying
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