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  1. Henry I don't know if you are very nieve or just don't want to believe what is fairly obvious to the rest of us. You are not going to get that word for word quality of a sound recording on a smart phone through a substancial floor in a quality building like that. Their flat was professionally wired and its pretty obvious why and by whom.
  2. They were still going on about it today on the news saying they were unfairly treated. I think they were right, if they had been fairly treated they would have been down to about five players by the end of the match.
  3. How many people have a tape recorder and the Guardian's phone number to hand at 1 in the morning? I'm sure half the people on here have it on speed dial just in case. Doesn't everybody? Not a conspiracy, just a stitch up
  4. Vince Green

    Home town

    Yes, predictive texting error
  5. can't post a link, just google Peterborough Vote rigging
  6. I would hope the Brexit Party would have the sense to not try and split the vote. But who knows? It now looks likely they were the true winners in Peterborough so maybe they feel empowered to go for it. Just when you think it couldn't get any more crazy
  7. Vince Green

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    There are a lot more drug dealers than there are police officers in the UK and their earnings from importing and selling drugs is far greater than the entire police budget many times over. Diverting a few resources isn't going to come close.
  8. PPU is the benchmark, and also possibly the most widely available over all. Some people love it some people hate it
  9. Truly appalling! You have to remember this was a job interview.
  10. Vince Green

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    Marriage in the early teens used to be common in the US, many states have a lower minimum age than here. Also marrying cousins was much more common than here, primarily to keep the land / farm assets within the family circle.
  11. Vince Green

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    The problem with legalising drugs is that the dealers won't just give up their criminality and get a job stacking shelves in Tesco instead. That's what the authorities fear, a pandora's box. The present situation may be far from ideal but they don't want to replace it with something much worse. Putting thousands of violent drug dealers out of business overnight with our police force in the state its in would be carnage. Otherwise they would have done it years ago. One of the most interesting aspects of that article was the commonly held belief that what they were doing wasn't really so wrong as long as they were selling the stuff to "their own". Very similar views emerged from the grooming trials, I think that double standard could be actually the key to a lot.
  12. Vince Green

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    There is no evidence that Jimi Hendrix ever took hard drugs, Janis Joplin certainly did and died from an overdose but in America. Hendrix's intoxicant of choice was red wine which he drank in copious quantities. He also took speed to stay awake for days at a time (uppers) and so had to take sleeping tablets (downers) when he needed to sleep. He died from an overdose of sleeping tablets and a lot of red wine which he inhaled as vomit in a flat just off Notting Hill, not a fashionable area in those days.. His autopsy revealed no needle marks or scarring from needles. The evidence of hard drug taking in the swinging sixties in London is scant, not the hard drug fuelled era it is portrayed as today. The seventies, especially the latter half was certainly different, very different but the musicians that succumbed mostly were introduced to hard drugs when they went to USA West Coast
  13. Vince Green

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    As a lot of poppies are grown in Pakistan for the drugs trade its not that difficult to make the link.
  14. It also depends on whats available to buy in your locality. Dealers don't usually keep much of a selection.
  15. Vince Green

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    I believe this story exactly mirrors what is happening in Luton
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