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  1. The company is in Bristol, my son lives in Bristol so be aware
  2. Their written quote has "this is not a binding agreement and is offered for guidance only without prejustice" in the VERY small print, but you don't read that' when you think its all going to be above board. I wonder now whether it was always going to be a sting.
  3. A bit too complicated for that I'm afraid, been on to my usual van hire company and no Lutons available for Friday
  4. Vince Green

    Owen Jones

    Most of the street people around that area are somali/ Iraqi/ Iranian/ Afgan/ Bagladeshi/ Pakistani and very young, as such they would be very homophobic, if he is openly gay its not the sort of place to be hanging out at 2am.. Unless you have a death wish But as I have pointed out in a previous post the far right would not be out either, they would be three sheets to the wind in some club or already tucked up in bed. They don't do "street"
  5. What is it about my family at the moment? My oldest son and his wife are moving on Friday. All sorted out, removal company booked, quoted £800 for the move which has been accepted. Today the removal company phoned to say they have been offered a better job for Friday now, price is going up to £1400 or they are going to cancel. What on earth is this world coming to? I just dispair
  6. Oh they do, believe me, they do.
  7. Vince Green

    Owen Jones

    Thank you, it appears my point of view is getting out there. I'm not sure Pentonville Road is in JC's constituency, I don't think it extends that far south. His constituency is further north around Archway and Highbury. I think where I used to live on Junction Rd Tufnell Park was on the southernmost edge of his private fiefdom. Mind you Pentonville Rd near the junction with the Caledonian Rd at 2am in the morning is not somewhere I would chose to be hanging around socialising. There are some seriously rough estates not far off there to the north and east and the inhabitants are the worst kind of low life imaginable. If he 'only' got kicked in the head and a few scratches he was lucky, that's all I can say. If indeed he really did? I think its fiction, stabbed and robbed by a bunch of Somalis? that's more likely. Anybody who attacks you that time of night is likely to be robbing you unless you are 18 and wearing street clothes in which case its turf war. But lets put this story to bed. The far right are not street people, they drink in private clubs and go home in Ubers. They never go out onto the streets (or at least those streets) at night because they are not that stupid and despise the street gangs. (and vice versa). The far right don't have, or want control of the streets If he got attacked at 2am on Pentonville Rd there is no was it was a far right "gang". There is no such thing as a far right gang on the streets at 2am. Here speaks a TRUE Londoner, who really does know what he is talking about
  8. How to kill a thread, have you noticed nobody has replied to you? does that not suggest something may be lacking in your ability to discuss an issue rationally?
  9. It is a food fad for many people, not for everybody but it is being heavily promoted on social media targeting kids and it has grown as a result. Its a copycat thing for many. Years ago it was jogging
  10. I'm surprised they are not factory fitted in new cars. Then they could be a lot more discrete and not a black box hanging in the windscreen, but yes a must have.
  11. Appears to have happened at a very rural location, ten people arrested. I think we can work that one out.
  12. There were dozens of people doing it the other night when I was coming home from the pub!
  13. the most important secret of paint spraying is get a good gun. Its not impossible to do a good job with a naff gun but its an uphill struggle.
  14. If you think that is democratic you have totally lost the plot. Do you think people will wake up the next morning having totally forgotten what happened the day before? like some groundhog day movie? Because I can tell you now, they (we!) will not What is being proposed is sedition pure and simple. Undermining the LAWFUL government is not legal simply because you personally don't like what they are doing.
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