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  1. Vince Green

    BREXIT - merged threads

    You are correct There was a lot of discussion about this today. Honda are drawing all their production back to japan as the car market continues to contract, as you say. However, a lot of remainer saddos are trying desperately to link it to Brexit
  2. Vince Green

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    This is all getting off topic, she is coming home, she is legally entitled to come home, so don't even try to dispute it. BUT what is she coming home to?? a quiet life and anonimity? no way she is going to live in the spotlight constantly.
  3. Vince Green


    I tend to use Virgin
  4. Vince Green

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Yes but Thatcher did not close the mines in South Wales. Most of them closed under Wilson and Callighan before Thatcher's time because the demand for Welsh coal was declining as the railways went away from steam and people got gas central heating.
  5. Vince Green

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Nobody can explain to me why German made cars like Porsche are cheaper in USA than they are here. It could very well be that prices will go down once we leave
  6. Just one small error in the advert. It says that in Britain it is illegal to use lead over open stretches of water, I don't believe that to be true. I believe the lead ban is specific to quarry species not geographical location.
  7. Vince Green

    Argos - peculiar text message

    We did but it wasn't so well publicised.
  8. Vince Green

    prince harry

    Where did that figure actually come from? I can't imagine the official channels provided it
  9. Vince Green

    Motorcyclist/Climate change protesters

    No its a bit more serious than that, Who put the idea in their heads to do that? thousands of kids being "mobilised" to break the law and play truant doesn't just happen overnight or spontaneously. Hidden forces pulling strings again, weaponizing and brainwashing kids for political ends Whether you believe in their cause or not does not matter, using kids in this way is cynical manipulation. Once you get kids out on one protest its easier to get them out on a second and a third. Its like the kids who sign up for 'innocent' vegan sites and then get bombarded by hard left sites advocating direct action like this (and a lot worse!). We need to be aware these militants are targeting kids.
  10. Vince Green

    Yet another scam!

    My son and his girlfriend bought a house last year from a man who (unbeknown to them at the time) went bankrupt in a big way. They can write a book on weird phone calls and people knocking on their door
  11. Vince Green

    British Shooting Show 2019

    £18 to get in!
  12. Vince Green

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    I don't think there is any question about her being able to return. She is a British born citizen and entitled to the protection of the British Government, what we think of her has no bearing on the issue. Unfortunately
  13. Vince Green

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    lots have come back already apparently, its just that her case was very high profile when she went that now generates all this coverage.
  14. Vince Green

    Das Boot

    Its a German programme about German people killing unarmed British merchant Navy sailors. Where is the entertainment in that? The U boats sank unarmed merchant ships lets not forget that.
  15. Vince Green

    Load lugging

    I bought a second hand carp fishing trolley on ebay about six years ago for £10 and it has been used as a range trolley (regularly) and about a dozen other uses "as and when"