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  1. If I had £93 billion my ex wife would have still wanted more
  2. I told my solicitor I will not pay for phone calls or letters from her solicitor so decline them and tell her go **** herself. If her solicitor wanted to ask (mostly irrelevent) questions tell her to email me or decline
  3. Pellets are cheap, make sure to buy up a good few tins now and put them away. I'm not advocating you do anything illegal with them but markets might dry up. I have a few thousand in store. Who knows? there may be a black market in years to come? I have to say, who is ever going to know what you are shooting? and who is there to police it? I shoot mainly rats, nobody has ever asked me what pellets I use
  4. Thats right and paypal is the biggest bank in the world.
  5. I don't think many politicians, especially on the Labour and Lib Dem benches could hack it in the real world. (and not all conservatives could either)
  6. I can't imagine the money passed through Boris's hands or bank account so its all just mud slinging by Labour. The apartment doesn't belong to Boris and he won't benefit personally from the refit. So it all looks a bit like a typical Labour smear.
  7. excellent powder, almost legendary status amongst us old timers
  8. There are many functions for a sub other than combat/ attack role. And even that depends on who you are up against, you can stomp around in your own back yard bullying the neighbours if they are lower in the food chain. It is fairly clear now that the Germans in 1944/45 used subs to transport 40 tons (at least) of stolen gold to Argentina. Plus a lot of high ranking Nazis.
  9. There is no need to clean cases, its nice to do i know, and I do. but if you are just starting out and testing loads its an expense that can be bypassed.
  10. No problems on here then...............
  11. It used to be said that when you joined the Army they sent you on basic training to learn how to include a four letter word beginning with F into every sentence that you ever spoke. If you could manage to get it into every sentence twice your card was marked as potential corporal material. Manage three times in a sentence and you were fast tracked to SM. Today the same applies at school with the word "like". Kids on the bus I get on say "like" in every sentence, Teachers (my son is a teacher) are not allowed to pick children up on the way they speak. Its called "their vernacular" an
  12. I totally agree, she was out to embarrass the Royal Family by her actions and paid the price
  13. Are the wheel bolt spacings the same as older models? because if they are that will make then very desirable for the thieves, easy to sell on once they get four. Best way to make wheels thief proof is to make them incompatible
  14. left hand down a bit................
  15. Who is going to enforce the law? Try phoning Crimestoppers and see what answer you get
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