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  1. She has made things a hundred times worse by trying to run away. Nieve in the extreme to believe it wouldn't follow her, stories like this go global instantly. It could have been dealt with by a straight forward admission of guilt and the whole thing wouldn't have even gone beyond a few columns in the local paper
  2. Growing up near a big US base as a kid, US service men who got into trouble always got reposted. The most common crime was drink driving, followed by fights etc
  3. The reason they are called horse chestnuts is because they used to gather them up to bulk up the winter horse feed
  4. A lot of heavy rain here today
  5. I believe the judges had already made their decision before they sat down. I also believe they were hand picked.
  6. I'm old enough to remember "real" cartridges which carried a 30g or 32g shot load but a nice slow burning powder charge which made them sweet to shoot in a sxs but allowed the shooter to shoot 100+ in a day with no bother. How else do you think the big shoots on estates like Sandringham pulled down the massive bags that they did in the years leading up to the first world war? To me, today, modern cartridges are a very poor substitute. Ultra fast burning powders are cheaper, (OK? is that good?) requiring a much lower powder charge (why is that an advantage? apart from cost) and less shot (definitely not an advantage0 but they are harsher and rubbish in comparison. For those that reload, look at loads for 32g of shot and Green Dot or Unique powder and learn what real cartridges are all about. It doesn't have to be paper cased or felt wads but in time you will realise something about cartridges you probably hadn't been aware of.
  7. In 1953 over 300 people drowned in one night (100 in Norfolk) as a massive tidal surge hit the East Coast. They are right to take the risk very seriously.
  8. Agreed Check pattern at 40yds, that's where lessons are there to be learned (holes etc) 20yds will tell you nothing unless its a .410
  9. The Supreme Court is a bit of an oddity. It was created as a political expedient by Tony B-liar who wanted to remove the power of the Law Lords because he wanted to be able to impose more control over the legal process. Perhaps he still can It operates outside the rest of the UK legal system, and unlike the High Court which resides in a magnificent building in the strand the Supreme Court sits in a rather unattractive little building called the Middlesex Guildhall. I would first of all like to know how the Judges are/were appointed, I can't believe that Tony B-liar would have set it up using Judges that were in any way impartial. That simply wasn't his style. It appears his legacy lives on
  10. Personally, I don't give a toss if Boris squeezed her thigh or not. Funny though, how it took till now for her to say anything...………….
  11. Drove back across Bodmin yesterday morning on the A30 (very exposed at the top). Very rainy and the cross winds were really pushing the car about. Not all together uncommon on that stretch of road
  12. Fortunately, I haven't had to ever get involved personally so I can only report on what others have said
  13. Agree with the others, no licence required for blanks
  14. I am not just dubious about shooting cover but all types of liability based policies On a work based forum a few years back a regular on the forum, a small tradesman, was complaining that he had had an accident on a customers premises damaging a carpet worth a fair bit. He put it through as a claim on his insurance and they just rejected it out of hand. Never even sent somebody round to look at it. So he vented his anger on the work forum. Almost immediately other posters started piling in with similar stories of getting bounced on claims. Till in the end they were asking if anybody had actually made a claim and had it paid out? It appeared nobody had. Claims were nearly always refused citing "negligence is not an accident" or some vaguely worded exclusion clause or other. Don't assume these policies are giving you the peace of mind that you may believe they are giving you.
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