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  1. No real gentleman would (or should) ever turn up at a "proper" shoot with a plastic cartridge, much less a plastic wad. It is just asking to have people tutting at you behind your back. These things are noticed and commented on although not to your face. Might as well write CHAV on your forehead with a sharpie, gentlemen use paper cases and fibre wads
  2. Plastic wads evolved in the late 60s through into the 70s purely for one reason and one reason only. The cartridge manufacturers were creating faster loading machines and to handle the faster speeds they needed plastic wads because they could be fed automatically in the machines when fibre wads had to be fed by hand So to convert the rather stuck in the mud old fashioned cartridge users huge campaigns about better patterns etc was carried out by american shooting magazines who were really in the pay of their advertisers. No advantage of plastic wads has ever been proven in actual un
  3. Carp fishing trolley, i bought mine secondhand for £10 CARP COARSE MATCH FISHING FOLDING TROLLEY FOLDS FLAT TWIN WHEEL 7333109008763 | eBay
  4. At the old house when i looked into building a shed/workshop i found I could buy a good one ready made much cheaper than buying the materials and building one myself from scratch.
  5. I remember the chippie in Carterton with fond memories, I am often down that way because I buy a lot of shooting supplies from Dauntsey. Still the best stocked gunshop and I am often passing on the M4
  6. No its almost the reverse, they put huge obstacles galore in the way of genuine people wanting to catch them. Its crazy to me but they say "they have to protect the native crayfish" but the native crayfish are long gone, kaput, finished, as soon as the reds turn up. Instead they should be producing books on how to cook crayfish, 101 crayfish recipes. The crayfish BBQ book, etc, they are a potentially huge and more or less sustainable food source. In Florida they are a delicacy served in restaurants. Crawfish they call them. Another huge missed opportunity in my opinion. Crawfishing a
  7. I would imagine .22 ammo would always have been easy to get hold of for the wrong sort of people. I'm not stupid enough to say how on an open forum but many of you will have an idea what I am getting at. For a start you always used to be able to buy it without a licence in quite a few European countries
  8. All the rivers around here in NW London run into the Thames eventually. The Colne, The Chess, The Pinn, The Gade, the Crane etc. They are all equally infested, plus the Grand Union canal takes the crayfish all round the country. We ought to have a "general licence" situation on crayfish whereby anybody can catch them. Instead you have to apply for a licence, which is difficult to get, they often refuse to give one. Tnen they limit you to three tagged traps and a short designated stretch of water from which you cannot stray.
  9. Yes a lot of the "second and third division" airlines are running older aircraft by buying secondhand parts to keep down costs. Another interesting programme, in that respect, is the plane breakers. Literally every part from the engines down to the toilets of a scrap plane are carefully taken out and resold to somebody somewhere. Lots of other corners get cut like re-using high tensile bolts instead of replacing them each time
  10. During lockdown I have been watching a lot of those Air Crash Investigation type programmes. Its scary how often it highlights maintenance not been carried out as well as it should be. Not in the UK I have to point out
  11. I am of the opinion that the decline in fresh water fish around here is mainly due to red crayfish eating the eggs before they can hatch
  12. The whole point of a S7 is possession without the ability to use. Its real purpose is for collectors, museums and executors etc. Its not an extension of you existing licence
  13. Its an obsolete practice now to mix it with water to wash out the bore, that goes back to the days of corrosive primers. But yes, the smell was that of my childhood.
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