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  1. There needs to be a proper website where people can see what work is being offered and sign up I for one wouldn't know where to start looking if I needed to.
  2. Self insure if you have the discipline to do it. Pay what you would be spending into a saving scheme such as a regular saver cash isa and don't touch it.
  3. From another source, and I am not seeking to slander anyone and we must be very careful not to spread misinformation so treat this question in an adult and balanced way as a genuine question. Is it or is it not true that Alex Salmond appointed the Judge that tried him? no speculation please
  4. Jeremy Corbyn in parliament today "we need clarity not confusion" and your answer is Jeremy?????????? Total waste of Oxygen. This man rakes in close to £300,000 in salary and expenses plus perks a year. About as much use as a haemeroid
  5. Jeremy Corbyn has only ever been able to criticise everything the British Government (of either political persuasion) has ever done. Mind you, he doesn't ever criticise Russia, Islamic terrorists or the IRA. Funny that
  6. I must say I was extremely surprised by the verdict You do wonder, probably best to leave it at that
  7. As long as you have the receipt kept safe no need to if its only to store. However what I have done before is sign it over to the RFD so I can free up the slot. Its unrealistic to think much is going to sell at the moment.
  8. I think it was initially arrogance but some of the stuff she has come out with since leans towards her having a screw loose
  9. The trouble with legalising it is that would remove the income stream from thousands of lowlife scumbags who sell it. They would have to find other ways to fund their lifestyle because they are not going to go out and get a job are they?
  10. Cornwall is called cannabis county by my mate who lives there
  11. Vince Green


    Oh yes but the millions came from people who lost their money. That's how these things work.
  12. Vince Green


    A ponsi currency, it only exists because people believe it will make them money. Anything that looks too good to be true is because it is too good to be true. Money cannot be created from nothing.
  13. I agree, parking is a big part of it for me
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