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  1. Vince Green

    Climate Change

    Its not quite as untrue though as it might appear. She is a social medium phenomenon with a huge number of hits and her earnings from that will be equally huge. Cleverly marketed and managed.
  2. Vince Green

    Climate Change

    Unbelievably, People With Money magazine has included Greta Thumberg in their list of the top 100 highest paid individuals in the world 2019. Based on her earnings on Social Media Now I am too stupid to understand how that works, but a lot of things are making a lot more sense suddenly
  3. Modern car tyres can't cope with snow as well as the old style tyres although they weren't great. Low profile tyres like the ones on my car are lethal
  4. -25 feels warmer because all the moisture in the air is taken out completely leaving the skies clear and deep blue.
  5. Its like that in Upstate New York, absolutely freezing in the winter, people die every year from hypothermia. But life just carries on like normal, the roads are cleared instantly..and that has a big effect on keeping everything running.
  6. Its all the fault Brexit! I can hear the remoaners saying it already
  7. exactly, except that the Queen is still (technically) the head of State in Canada which probably means they cant really say no
  8. Murders tend to get sent to different prisons where the day to day regime is very different to the overcrowded holding pens that short stay prisoners have to endure. They get a much more comfortable time inside generally speaking. Many prisoners, I am told, get so institutionalised that they don't want to be released. Life on the outside with all its uncertainty frightens them. Which is one of the reasons they repeat offend, to get back.
  9. They could find a lot more cells if we weren't paying host to a disproportionaly high percentage of foreign nationals. Most of whom should never have been here in the first place At any time about 4000 EU citizens enjoy our hospitality, up to 200 (mostly Jamaican mostly female) drug mules. and so on down the line. Add to that Indian, Pakistani, Afghan. Nigerian, etc and you start to realise that the price of a Cosmopolitan country is cosmopolitan crime. But we are not allowed to say that Many illegal immigrants and asylum seekers actually escape being sent to prison simply because the Prison Service know they cant legally be released at the end of their sentence so they wont take them. The Home office can't be bothered to try and deport them knowing that, without a passport, the C of O ( country of Origin) won't take them back.. So they just get let off all sorts of serious crimes . I tell you, you couldn't make this stuff up.
  10. They find space by letting others out early,
  11. Its not about lobbyists and people pulling strings its more about money and resources, or lack of them. "You can't send anybody to prison this week because they are rammed and can't cope with who they have got now" OK same as last week then, and the week before. "Oh and by the way you cant give community sentences either because they haven't got the staff to supervise them" So what can I do? "You can tell them they are very naughty boys and girls and wag your finger at them, that's what we are doing this week" Its not the magistrates fault although they are more than aware that they often appear soft.
  12. I agree but magistrates are not given the freedom of choice in sentencing that you might imagine they have. I know of several magistrates who have given up because of the frustration it caused them day to day
  13. Vince Green


    Do you read the Guardian? that might explain a lot about where you get your point of view
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