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  1. Vince Green

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    There is nothing wrong with the old .22RF, it always used to be the definitive fox calibre but these days people are shooting them with .243s Have foxes got harder to kill? I don't like HMRs, a few years back in Arizona, I saw coyotes shot full on with HMRs run off into the desert wounded, the locals attitude was "it will still die, so no problem " that's not my way. The issue was expansion and a surface wound against penetration and a kill.
  2. Vince Green

    London Terror incident

    Driving back tonight about 10oclock listening to it on the news the story gets more bizarre, the police are "still treating it as a terrorist incident but they are keeping an open mind" I take that to mean he was not a terrorist but may have been some sort of fruitcake instead My bet is on fruitcake at the moment. Would a serious terrorist drive a ford Fiesta at a barrier designed to stop a full on lorry and do it when the place is empty?
  3. Vince Green

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    They know what he's really like
  4. Vince Green

    London Terror incident

    Actually, its more than a bit confusing to drive round there now with all the barriers, but Parliament is in recess at the moment, all the MPs are on holiday. There is not much evidence he was trying to kill anybody, if he was he was spectacularly unsuccessful, its hard not to hit cyclists in london
  5. Vince Green

    London Terror incident

    All will come out in good time, early reports say it was an Uber Cab
  6. Vince Green

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    I keep saying it on here, he was my MP for nearly ten years. The man is totally bone idle, that's my biggest criticism of him. He doesn't lift a finger to do anything unless it suits him to do it. Think back since he was elected leader of the Labour party, have you ever once seen him on TV visiting a school or a factory? meeting the ordinary people he needs to relate to on a day to day basis, just being a party leader putting himself around. I haven't, not even once. He is distant and a bit aloof in a sneering sort of way, . He surrounds himself with his own little clique of looney lefties and never wants to venture outside that circle. He hasn't done a real day's work in his life He would never make a Prime Minister in a million years
  7. Vince Green

    BREXIT - merged threads

    +1 Our balance of trade with the EU is £70 billion adverse (some say £100 million adverse) no deal is not going to be our problem.
  8. Vince Green

    opt out organ donation

    When you die, a lot of your organs are removed anyway. Look up the Alder Hey organs scandal. Tip of the iceberg
  9. Vince Green


    The programme seems to imply that anyone can go to America and just buy a handgun (WRONG!) even if its antique you cant do that. They then can 'export' it out of the US (MEGA WRONG in so many ways) and just walk through customs with it by explaining its an antique. I have got to see this! it appears to be a total work of fiction. I mean to say, they wouldn't be biased would they? Surely not!
  10. Vince Green

    Importing from usa...

    +1 I bought a lot of primers off them at Bisley a couple of weeks ago. Yes they are good
  11. Vince Green

    Shower Screen Cleaner

    Cillit Bang, the one for lime and grime. its what our cleaning company uses. If there is a heavy build up you have to let it soak
  12. Vince Green

    Lack of diversity in shooting..

    I agree but its interesting never the less and we ought to know why. Are they not interested or do they feel they would not be made welcome? if its the latter we need to look into it.
  13. Vince Green

    Lack of diversity in shooting..

    When I was a kid I grew up near a very big American Air Force Base at West Ruislip. Lots of black people but all American service families. I loved them, their dads drove Chevies, thunderbirds, Buicks etc and their toys were a million years ahead of what we had. They had fridges and food mixers, their mums made waffles etc To me they were an elite, its strange how racial perceptions alter
  14. Vince Green

    Lack of diversity in shooting..

    I have never really thought about this before but now I have I realise its true. Very interesting observation. A very good friend of mine is West Indian, from Barbados and he is a mad keen match fisherman but as he admits, He's the only one he knows.
  15. Vince Green

    Mcarbo trigger kit from the US

    send them an email and see what they say