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  1. About this time last year I got a bite on my elbow which really came up. Being wary of tick bites I went to the doctor which is unusual for me but I was overdue for my annual blood pressure review anyway and getting pestered by texts to make an appointment. She said no its a spider bite and they are seeing quite a few Having lived in US I knew all about spider bites but had never heard of it over here. Are these false widows an American import? Funny that I'm not getting messages about getting my blood pressure review done this year, a small but real reminder that a lot of things are getting left behind in the present situation.
  2. actually many more .22 barrels have a little ring bulge or two than people realise.. They are caused by stuck bullets from misfires. Technically is illegal to sell it but not to own and use it.
  3. 40 grn Vhit N140 168 grn HPBT Sierra or PPU Match is the standard load. You won't go far wrong with that
  4. Yes watched my workmate Ray die of lung cancer in his 40s from smoking. That would make anybody give up believe me. Used to visit him before he died, saw him coughing up blood and gasping to breathe When he died they said his eyes were bulging and his tongue was sticking out trying to get his breath for hours before he finally gave out. The cancer gradually blocked off his airways till he suffocated. His family were traumatised by the way he went at the end Horrible way to die
  5. Yes Steve they are more than good enough for what you are going to want for a very long time to come I have used thousands, one day hopefully you will outgrow them but not for a long while
  6. yes and rabbits not to mention muntjacs and grey squirrels and those ******* red kites coypu and mink, and the parakeets that I see in my tree every day
  7. I would have thought she would have felt safer in prison
  8. as I understand it the initial transaction is between the two RFDs. Then your RFD enters in on your FAC when it arrives. The selling RFD cannot enter it on your FAC because the transaction is not face to face.
  9. Its taken long enough to get to where we should have been on day one
  10. Yes that was the load I used for years, any primer any wad plastic or fibre, it wasn't the least bit fussy
  11. It was the same with Maxwell's father One minute he was sipping cocktails on his private yacht and the next minute he gets all depressed and throws himself overboard???? really??
  12. I have been using Barnaul .308 ammo from HPS. Its only £38 per hundred but it holds about 4" at 200 yds and thats good enough for what I use it for. Yes it could be better The question is what is the definition of good?
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/health-32791195/philippines-booming-qualification-forgery-industry Its always been the same
  14. That practice was endemic in the Asian communities a few years back and everybody knew it was happening. Also sharing driving licences.
  15. PPU ammo is very good and a lot cheaper than Hornady
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