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  1. Thats correct the second amendment enabled the right to raise a civil militia, The right of the people to keep and bear arms
  2. The only thing you are not right about is that there are ever any military contracts issued for ammunition in the USA. Since WW2 Federal law has been that all military ammunition and all its components has to be made in house by the military itself from materials sourced from within the US. The biggest plant is at Lake City, and its huge, but there are others dotted about strategically. Most american military ammo is headstamped LC like ours is stamped RG (Royal Ordinance Factory Radway Green) None is bought from any civilian manufacturers. They probably wouldn't be able to meet the
  3. Thats where you will get the best advice on primers and a lot of other things besides. Be careful though, this time next year you will have three
  4. More lead in the sky is the way to break more clays. cheap cartridges with less lead are just that, cheap. One day you will understand In the mean time, practice practice, practice
  5. Are they legal? Not all 10/22 stocks are but as long as it is try ebay
  6. My mate drove a reliant kitten for a suprisingly long time. He loved it, they were easy to fix and didn't rust which at that time was a real bonus. We look back on them now with distain but they had their strong points
  7. The trouble is it makes puppy farming a real money earner
  8. They were told they were very naughty boys and not to do that again or the policeman will be very cross with them
  9. You can't go far wrong with a KIA to be honest. They used to be considered a budget marque but those days are long gone
  10. The Europarts of this world cherry pick the parts they want to supply. Its a perfectly fair business plan and one that clearly works given the success of the operation but it lumbers the main agents with having a much slower rate of turnover. That becomes a slow downward spiral where prices are concerned.
  11. If i am right its based on how the vehicle was declared when first registered. this
  12. Yes but the cost of maintaining such a vast inventory of different parts, many of them slow moving is horrendous for all the different makes and models they have to keep
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