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  1. Vince Green

    Brexit airbus now BMW

    When you consider the number of companies that were bribed to shift production out of the UK with EU financial grants before Brexit happened these two are nothing BMW Minis are only assembled here now anyway. https://janetteheffernan.blogspot.com/2016/06/brexit-list-of-uk-companies-no-longer.html when your read that and you see the EU has offered financial inducements for companies to move production to places like Malaysia and the Far East you have to wonder what the heck is going on. Is there a deliberate policy to weaken the UK economy like it has with Italy, Greece and Spain?
  2. Vince Green

    Plane flight paths

    The house I grew up in was close to the flight path of Northolt airport and back then practically every weekend it would take off and bank left over our house at chimney pot height. It filled the whole sky, staggeringly impressive sight. I don't know why it banked over our house, none of the ordinary planes did. People would come running out of their houses to look up at it
  3. Vince Green

    Yokel Mobile

    google 'importing a car from usa to uk' there are dozens of companies plus lots of websites offering "how to do it" advice if you want to check out whats available and what sort of prices they are going for start on ebay usa but there are better sites once you get a bit deeper into it
  4. KISS = keep it simple stupid do not ask for a .308 ask for 7.62/308. Most target rifles are 7.62 and so is a lot of the ammo. but you need to practice practice practice to start with. One day you will perhaps feel the need for a Creedmore but that day is here yet. Go 7,62/.308 and just buy the ammo for the first couple of years
  5. Vince Green

    Alan Sugar tweet

    There is nothing wrong with being a sheep ****er as long as you don't **** the ugly ones. That just shows lack if good taste.
  6. Vince Green

    best powder for 243

    Flyboy if you are in Bristol you are not far from HPS who are very good for Vhit and Swiss
  7. Vince Green

    cleaning brass

    There was a thread on this a few weeks back Cillit Bang, the one in the orange bottle for lime and grime, diluted about 10-1 or more rinse out your cleaner afterwards and rinse the cases too then upend them on a bit of polystyrene foam packaging with pins stuck in it to hold them up. I use map pins, perfect for .308.
  8. Vince Green

    Alan Sugar tweet

    I really couldn't care less to be honest
  9. Vince Green

    Would you take the shot?

    My old mate Rick O'Shea loves a shot like that. Even if it wasn't a pub garden, any building would make it a no
  10. Vince Green

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Springers are probably my all time favourites, our last one Luke could almost talk, but they are very lively and need to get a lot of exercise every day
  11. Vince Green

    Upskirting bill

    You could open a big can of worms with that question
  12. Vince Green

    Pleasantly surprised and shocked.

    Just to put in in context, when my two sons were living at home and used to come shooting with me to my club we could get through 500 CCI blazers in a night and they were £19 a brick. Not that long ago either, the youngest is only 22 now
  13. Vince Green

    BRNO 611 semi auto wmr magazine

    Have you tried www.RifleMags.co.uk ?
  14. Vince Green


    Try and get to one of the Caravan shows, there are two I believe run by rival magazines. You will be amazed at how many different makes and models there are. Its a good day out just to go and look.
  15. Vince Green

    Old Wad Punches

    Best to look on ebay at gasket punches, that's what I use