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  1. No not at all unfortunately, for most of my life I would have loved it with a real passion but I can't at the moment
  2. Lovely gun, but the price will have to be negotiable in the present climate sadly
  3. They are so very light, too light in fact, my main rifle likes a much, much heavier pellet. I do think this is part of the problem. They work well enough in my 1950s 8ft lb cadet rifle that I used with my boys when they were young I now only use Exact Jumbo Diablo, available in four diameters and two weights for 22. Never looked back. The air rifle section of my club the Exact Diablo pellts are the most popular choice by far for field target shooters. Almost universaliy popular I would say, but the good thing is the members will always give you a little sample from their tin if you ask. So you can try out all the different weight and diameter combinations. Thats how I have come to realise how much importance these competitive air rifle types place upon pellet diameter and weight Before this I thought a pellet was a pellet but It turns out its absolutely not Its a science
  4. Trouble is there are virtually no teachers qualified to teach it its a pilot scheme to be tried out in 40 state schools because there are concerns about the number of schools that have dropped it in recent years. It won't be taught to all kids, just those doing languages already. A comparatively small number Its amazing how quickly this got hijacked by the Boris bashers and twisted
  5. I think you would blame Boris if your horse lost in the 2.30 at Sandown Park
  6. The only bit i'm uneasy about is the growing practice of charging people to shoot pigeons
  7. My uncle used to keep goats in the back garden, but that was before I was born. He would buy them young from Southall market and bring them home on the bus to keep them in the garden to bring them on. This was in the days of rationing
  8. Very much like lamb but not so fatty, The Halal butchers round here sell it but I won't buy Halal on principal
  9. Nearly every country in the world is looking into this. It does have its merits, It would kill stone dead the cash in hand economy, illegal immigration, benefit fraud and internet scammers for example
  10. usually obtained by having you head up your own behind. its called be hindsisight. Thats the trouble with this pandemic, every idiot is an expert
  11. speaking of communist states China rejects WHO push for more investigation into coronavirus origins in Wuhan - The Washington Post
  12. I still don't understand how you try to link deaths in care homes to Boris?
  13. Yes but thats hardly using the rifle to its true potential. Try shooting foxes with 14.5 grns of 2400 and a 158 grn jacketed soft point at 1600 fps and you will realise you have a whole different rifle. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Its a damn good target load at 100 yds too, even 200 yds on a still day. Not legal in the UK for deer but thats a common deer load in the USA. Braver souls than me shoot bears with it Fast burning powders are OK for plinking ranges but once you go out to 50 or 100 yds you find that much slower powders hold the accuracy when the fast burning powders fall apart. Unique, Herco, N340 rule at these ranges. Lead bullets too have their limits. Most (all?) serious shooters double lube their bullets. This has happened since pistol days and before All this talk of chamber rings in rifles using .38 special loads is like a trip down memory lane. rediscovering old knowledge from the pistol days . Fast burning powders don't only burn fast they burn hotter. Hot enough to strip raw molten lead from the base of lead bullets and deposit it on the chamber wall or the bore Slower burning powders are much gentler but generally use 50% or more powder charge .
  14. Competitive clay shooters don't appear to clean their shotguns, ive seen dozens brought into the shop to trade that look like they have never been cleaned. I think thats why so many have chrome bores
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