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  1. Moment 180 mph motorcyclist in T-shirt is caught - BBC News
  2. Go Outdoors and Milletts are doing huge discounts at the moment
  3. A lot of retailers are desperate this year
  4. Another example of the true price of fame, like so many footballers, rock and pop stars, film stars etc before him. They burn so bright but then they cant cope with the life it brings with it.
  5. My TV does not have to connect to an antenna, it all comes through the cable or internet these days but once you have a subscirption and a password to log in with you can watch it on your phone or ipad. So these arguments are getting a lot more complicated
  6. That is not uncommon apparently, an American policeman friend of mine years ago told me many people who try to commit suicide do so by putting the gun to the temple and pulling the trigger. The shot then passes below the brain rather than into it. The injury is catastrophic but far from immediate death. look in the mirror and you can see how it could be like that.
  7. Effectively you have always been liable (by default) because if the tenant does a flit leaving unpaid utilities the gas water and electric want the outstanding debt paid before they will reconnect to allow you to re-let the property
  8. A lot of those low offers are just vultures. Many distressed sales (as they are called) are taking place because people are in difficulties. If you are really desperate you might just take a silly offer because you have no choice. The problem is if the neighbours sell cheap it devalues your house as well because everybody checks the history of sales in that road now.
  9. Some twenty years ago we were taken by a friend to a clay shoot in Cyprus. I could write a whole page about what we saw and we were only there an hour. People walking about with guns unbroken. Swinging them around, loaded guns coming out of or going back into cars. "A Greek man never has an unloaded gun" said our friend with a laugh. "Its their way" He thought it was funny . I could tell you similar stories about my time in the US where things were equally casual, but even at Bisley forty years ago the old timers would walk around carrying a rifle with the bolt closed.
  10. You need to look at something along these lines Investor magazine (yodelar.com)
  11. As a landlord with many years experience i can tell you a few things 1) The big long term earner was capital appreciation, Thats going to be at best dead and at worst property prices are forecast to drop 20% in next few years post covid. 2) Changes in tax laws have had a huge detrimental effect on profitablity 3) Much harder to evict bad tenants and so many tenants are losing jobs through no fault of their own 4) Landlords are getting out of letting like rats deserting a sinking ship in their droves its not a good time, that ship has sailed
  12. If thats more than 12m of paved area and you are covering grassed area you need permission from Thames Water (bizzarely) in this area and they charged us £500 to come and issue approval when we built a patio area.on one of our properties a few years back.The inspector was there about a minute. If the uprights are more than 6ft high they will likely write to the neighbours and invite comments. Its always bests to go to them before they come to you about a complaint. They are box tickers
  13. That would probably need checking with the planning dept round here but it wouldn't or shouldn't be a problem getting it OK
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