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  1. Vince Green

    Testing Bullet proof glass 1952

    Well you wouldn't want her doing the shooting would you? HaHa!
  2. Vince Green

    fine for too much ammo

    When firearms licencing was introduced in 1927 it was because the Government feared the rise in the Trade Unions (which were run by Communists) calling for revolution. It had happened in Russia, it nearly happened in Germany, and they saw the writing on the wall. They set out to limit the supply of rifle and pistol and their ammo to keep a record of purchases so the revolutionaries couldn't stockpile weapons for an uprising. They didn't feel shotguns would be a threat to soldiers or police armed with .303s Firearms legislation has nothing to do with preventing crime as is widely supposed.
  3. Vince Green

    Tradesman rates

    If you are currently employed by NHS (which I think you are) never leave it to go self employed. Once you are on the other side the agencies have you by the round bits.
  4. Vince Green

    fine for too much ammo

    Yeah! like they have got the manpower to do that. Anyway, if you were on the wrong side of your allowance for what ever reason it wouldn't be hard to stash it away somewhere, spread it around your mates or whatever. Not saying you should or advocating its a good idea but making criminals out of idiots is just point scoring. A warning would have sufficed but as he was a magistrate maybe there was a hidden agenda.
  5. Vince Green

    357 magnum loads

    The old loading for bullseye in a 357 was 7 grains before the loading manuals got sanitised. Bullseye is too fast burning a powder to give you the really high bullet velocities for long range shooting at 100 yds plus so there is no point in going above 5 or 6 grains which is a nice 'cowboy action' load at shorter ranges. Its more likely to cause leading if you go much above that with bullseye. Bullseye is not really the best powder for full magnum loads. Carbines usually are more comfortable with a slower, less peaky, powder but if you are only making holes in paper it doesn't really matter. If you are shooting foxes with it you really need a different powder.
  6. Vince Green

    The Admirable Gordon R

    Its interesting, my brother is a tool hoarder, he has been for years. There ought to be a medical name for it and therapy available on the NHS because it definitely can be obsessive.
  7. Vince Green

    Dash cam's

    I think there has been a thread on this recently
  8. Vince Green

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    On of the big problems in this area is they did away with dustbins years ago and you have to put out your rubbish in bags for collection. Fox heaven
  9. Vince Green

    Tradesman rates

    Domestic cleaners and carers charge around £16-20 per hour cash in hand no receipts
  10. Vince Green

    Nigel Farage

    There will be a vacancy soon in the Conservative party he would be absolutely perfect for...………………………..
  11. Vince Green

    Buying my First Rifle

    +1 to getting the .22 first, and a big +1 for the CZ
  12. Vince Green

    Car scrappage scheme

    Not if you had been running it!
  13. Vince Green

    UN Immigration Policy

    The UN is a large ineffective talking shop which is widely ignored by all the people it was created to keep in line.
  14. Vince Green

    .44mag marlin

    Marlin microgroove rifling doesn't like soft lead bullets so the hard cast bullets from Shellhouse Bullet Co will be ideal. Any published load using Unique is pretty much always going to be good. Its such a forgiving powder its hard to go wrong .
  15. Vince Green

    America - nicer than Oz :)

    The things you most want to bring back you can't anyway, and bizarrely that's because of US law which is crazy.