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  1. Asylum seekers have to, by law, be provided with adequate, full and working housing that can be lived in from day one. So they get all the mod cons, fridge, freezer washing machine, TV, kettle, toaster, cutlery, crockery , pots, pans, bedding, towels etc waiting for them when they walk through the door. The assumption being that they have arrived in this country with nothing and once they say the magic word "Asylum" they are legally guests of the British Govt and have to be given proper and adequate housing they can live in. And, of course, its all free So there is no choice, once the magic word has been uttered That's the law, every asylum seeker gets it, plus social services provide clothing, shoes, coats etc . Plus more benefits than an equivalent unemployed British family because its worked out a different way. All those people you see getting fished out of inflatables on the South Coast this summer or dragged out from lorries at a motorway services are all well prepared. They all invoke "asylum" like a mantra. Housing associations in the South of England are pulling their hair out trying to cope with it all. Asylum applications went up 21% in 2019 compared to 2018 and remember an application can be an individual or a family of ten. Also, once an application is made other family members more or less get waved in past immigration to join them.(European court of human rights - the right to family life)
  2. They are still banging on about the NHS because they don't have anything else to say, well, nothing that isn't ridiculously over budget
  3. Its not so much that the local bobby clipped the ears of the local kids. Yes he did but it was because he was a daily presence in the village and if you accepted it as a warning it didn't get back to your Dad and it didn't go on the sheet. win/win but most important the kids knew the score and their own limitations. We could do with more of that today
  4. What about when they phone up and say some body broke in and stole the washing machine? Because they have sold it on Gumtree? I'll tell you what happens - nothing, that's what. They get a new washing machine. Because housing officers cannot accuse the tenant, no matter how implausible the story, of lying. I don't think I would last a week doing that job, mind you for £42,000 a year (which is what a housing officer gets) I think I would learn to bite my lip
  5. An RSPB woman told me the re-introduction of Kites around here has had a detrimental effect on songbirds
  6. Nothing at all here but its such a Conservative safe seat I don't think the other parties even put in a token effort. I saw Tom Brake (Lib dem MP) actually out knocking on doors in his constituency in Surrey last week
  7. Its a bit more complicated running a still than first meets the eye. There are some toxins that have to be removed and discarded, called the fusil liquids. On the other hand, there are a lot of stills available and books on the internet.
  8. How did Diane Abbott's son get a job working in the Foreign Office in the first place? Apart from the obvious nepotism issue, as the son of an opposition Cabinet Minister wouldn't that make him a potential labour mole?
  9. Latest one in South London is kids wandering between cars stuck in traffic popping the boot open on cars and grabbing whatever they can. On my car that wouldn't work but a lot of cars the boot unlocks when you unlock the doors.
  10. One of my step daughters is a housing officer for the local council. People phone the council because a light bulb needs changing or the battery has gone in the door bell. When she says they need to change it themselves, the reaction is OK if you send me the bulb I will change it but I'm not buying it.
  11. We don't do Christmas except for the kids. No tree and just a few token decorations. There is a big family gathering on 28th and that's about it really
  12. No doubt it won't be long before somebody crawls out from under a stone somewhere and starts criticising their actions. I would be interested to know his history and why he was sent to jail before all this, also why he was let out
  13. My mind just blanks them all out, its strange but they don't even register with me. Most of the time now I don't watch live TV, I record everything and FFWD through all the ads and the trailers.
  14. Armed police are a fact of life in London these days. Who would be a copper living under this sort of pressure day in day out? They are after all just ordinary people who go home to their families at the end of their shift. Yet every day they are walking round with an MP5 and a Glock waiting for their worst nightmare to kick off. Be very grateful to them.
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