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  1. The measures will be easily by passed by those who need to be caught out. Its a totally toothless piece of legislation. If they want to read my posts and emails feel free. Even on here I use my real name, Nothing to hide
  2. Its soft metrication, you go and buy a bit of timber and its 102 .x 51mm and then you measure it and realise its 4x2" But Rboowning2 is correct, we went metric decades ago (another useless EU directive we really didn't want or need) and it was/is enforcible IN LAW. It would actually be illegal to sell cartridges with the load described as 1oz. People have been prosecuted for not complying BBC News | UK | Grocer fights metric laws
  3. As I understand it there is no equiv of a British Standard for shot sizes, just a convention that has evolved over time. Even if there was, by the way shot is made it would be very hard to stick very precisely to weight or diameter of a pellet all the time. The old way of grading shot was through a series of sieves, So even there a range of sizes would exist within each sieve increment.
  4. That wouldn't stop them in Upstate New York when I lived there.
  5. For so many people in the third world a big family is wealth and security. Their only protection against getting old or getting ill. In the absence of any sort of social care or health care thats all they have Its going to take generations to alter that perception, if you ever could
  6. My Mum died in June and we are clearing her flat. Lots of bits of furniture advertised on Facebook Market place. Only asking peanuts. The Eastern Europeans are a nightmare. They want everything for nothing. Or they take all your details and dont turn up
  7. I still don't understand why my cousin and her husband who live in Spain should get it ?
  8. Our surgery has effectively closed down this past year or so. You phone up to get told they have no appointments and if you are unwell go to A&E total shambles
  9. We have to get tougher and have a plan just sitting back and waiting for it all to just muddle through isn't going to work
  10. Israel has a way of dealing with illegal migrants who have no paperwork. They ship them straight out to two un named African nations (somewhere like Namibia) with whom they have an agreement to take them. Of course they are paying this country to take the migrants but its so much cheaper. Most important, it is a huge deterrent. Israel is geographically very close to many countries that traditionally "export" migrants. So they are potentially a soft target and they do take in a lot of genuine cases. But their approach is (as you would expect) very business like No paperwork? how can you say you were being persecuted in xyz if we don't even know you have come from there? It works, genuine refugees turn up with bundles of paperwork because they know its their only chance of being let in. Already they have established they are genuine and are processed accordingly. The chancers and fakes don't last 48 hours before they are on a military jet to some un named African country Now here is the crunch, before they are released off the plane they are given equivilent of £200 towards their travel costs back to their home country. £200 is more than several years income in most African countries. To be walking out of an airport in sub Sahara Africa with £200 in your pocket is a death sentence. You would have the life expectancy of a mayfly. Everyone would know who you are, and what you are carrying do you want to be that person?
  11. The French genuinely believe its totally our own fault and they have very little sympathy when we get annoyed. Their view (with some justification) is we are making a rod for our own back by being so accomodating towards the migrants. The French give them absolutely nothing, treat them like they are invisible. The migrants live in makeshift tents in filthy illegal squatter camps and rely on charities like the Red Cross to feed them. Once they cross the channel and they are living in hotels and given prepaid debit cards to buy food I think the French have a point If we didn't give them all the handouts, would they want to come here?
  12. This ^^^^^ The biggest single pressure creating migration is world population growth.
  13. A vote catching bribe to voters by Gordon Brown in 1997. Typical new labour tactics. bribe bribe bribe not a bad idea in principle but tainted by flawed motives. Why should Rod Stewart, Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the queen and Prince Charles and the like get it?
  14. I don't know it does mean legally at the relevant time. The guidelines dont make any definition of what it means. So it means whatever some copper thinks it means later down the line. You can be done for being drunk in charge of a vehicle even if its parked on your drive with the engine switched off, because the law doesn't say it has to be on the public highway. It has happened Be very scared of loosely worded rules / guidelines / laws. They are the work of the unaccountable faceless civil servants
  15. We are not powerless to stop them. All we have to do is change our law. we can now we are out of the EU At the moment we choose to abide by the existing international law, many other countries choose to go down the plausable deniability route. If you dont give them any opportunity to create any sort of data trail at any stage that they are in your country then you can legitimately deny they were ever there.
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