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  1. Big fan of the titan stuff, especially for those tools I'm only likely to use every now and then, like sds drill. Just got the table saw for £99. Good enough for what I need and my limited skills.
  2. treetree

    Lawn Care

    Very useful info, thank you all very much.
  3. treetree

    Lawn Care

    Well now seems as good a time as I'm likely to get to sort the lawn out. I've got a fair amount of moss, weed, thatch and a fair amount of weakly looking yellow grass. Grassy area is around 10m x 6m The ground seems compacted. Could anyone please advise on the following * Best family friendly moss / weed killer (bearing in mind I'll only be able to keep the dog and kids off for a while) * best method to aerate, fork (which I have) or hollow pronged thing. * best method of overseeding general patchy, thin areas. Many thanks for any help
  4. Go the whole hog, get a drill and impact driver twin pack. I did recently and cant believe how good an impact driver is
  5. There was a large pot hole near the kids' school that had been an issue for a few weeks. Everyone at the school was aware of it, and moaned to each other about it. My wife decided to report it to the Council. They visited that afternoon, and fixed it the next day. In all that time, and moaning, my wife was the first to report it to the council, who to their credit, got straight on it.
  6. Teachers have the potential to be 'Super spreaders'. I could have taught 150 different students over the course of one day, in an enclosed, stuffy, densely populated classroom. This, and the dubious hygiene practices of children means that if it gets into the school population it will spread rapidly. A sensible precaution.
  7. treetree

    No easy life

    You wont find a better account of what life was like for these men than the opening chapters of George Orwell's 'The Road To Wigan Pier'. I had never stopped to think about the life of a coal miner, but it certainly put in context the modern day gripes about work with petty office politics and the air conditioning being up too high!
  8. Certainly not why I donate to the RNLI
  9. treetree

    *** THINK

    What a tragic story. The comment I'm about to make is in no way making comment on the circumstances surrounding this terrible incident, about which I know nothing, but more and more I find tractor drivers unwilling to pull over and let the built up traffic pass. They seem willing to drive for mile after mile oblivious or unconcerned about the traffic flow behind. Again, I'm not condoning reckless overtaking or suggesting anything about this sad case.
  10. Tp link wireless version. Gets a good signal to garage 25 metres away
  11. If you are swapping from hot to cold, you'll never get past the shock of the cold to the point you can make a habit of it. Ive probably had 6 non-cold showers over the past year, even then it's only warm enough to take the edge off the water. Just slowly dial the heat down over the next week. I honestly think this is one of the single, most simple and beneficial things you can do. Just Google all the research coming out.
  12. Hi, Anyone here growing their own mushrooms? ****ake or oyster mushrooms specifically. I know nothing about it, other than reading on the internet. Just wondered if the rewards outweigh the bother. Many thanks
  13. I'm not sure I follow. Are you suggesting its all some nonsense for someone to make money off the back of? Normally with these things I'd agree with you, but I can assure you its not the case here. It costs nothing ( I've probably saved a few quid on the hot water) and there is no need to buy any special kit, get the t-shirt or generally act like you've joined some kind of cult. Give it a go.
  14. I started looking at it a year ago. I tried the whole breathing thing, but couldn't really get into it so didn't carry on with that part. The cold water part has however, been incredible. I started cold water showering just over 1 year ago. And by cold I mean the coldest setting on the shower. It doesn't take as long to get used to it as you would imagine. I can only describe it as a reset button on the fog and tiredness I used to feel each morning. I always come out feeling invigorated and ready for the day. I would sweat a lot at work to the point of shirts with embarrassing sweaty armpits, but this stopped. I've had fewer colds. It honestly creates such a physical and mental buzz that my body craves it now. As a side benefit I can now sea swim all year round having been in for long periods a few times this week alone. My words really cant do it justice, but I honestly believe cold water therapy is the real deal in terms of mental and physical benefits. I strongly encourage you to do it and set a target to stick to so your body has time to adapt.
  15. He should just go for it and not worry about what his dad thinks, or Prince Charles for that matter.
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