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  1. Do you mean the people who saw that a constant cycle of Bush / Clinton / Obama dynasties was going to continue to provide nothing for them? Your post seems to suggest that these people are in some way inferior to non-Trump voting individuals. And this is what I don't get, why the vitriol thrown at Trump was never aimed at Bill Clinton. A man who bombed some of the poorest nations on earth by way of providing a distraction whenever the heat was on him regarding numerous allegations of sex crimes
  2. Please could you give examples of what actions Trump took to make the world a less safe place?
  3. The mob did a disgusting, abhorrent thing, as shown by the footage. Not sure how you make the link to that being Trump's fault. "March on the capital" type rhetoric and phraseology has been the back bone to most political speeches for the past 200 years. Trump derangement syndrome is still alive and kicking, despite him no longer being President.
  4. Excalibur, can't listen to Wagner's 'Siegfried's Funeral March' without thinking of that opening.
  5. I'd take a very careful read of their new terms and conditions around privacy if I were you. You have given them permission to see whatever your camera is seeing or microphone is hearing, just one of many outrageous invasions in my opinion. I deleted mine.
  6. Now Google 'Hunter Biden's laptop' (not that any of the interesting stuff will come out in that search). This came out just before the election, but massive suppression of the story in the mainstream media, twitter etc. Some of his business dealings seem a little dodgy too, using his dad's name and some would allege influence. The press would have had a field day had that been the Trumps
  7. Trump has probably been the least hawkish of any president in recent times. With the exception of (an ill judged) strike on a Syria
  8. Rowing machine. Just managed to borrow a concept 2, hugely addictive and you'll be total body wrecked after 15 minutes. I think I'd need a couple hours sat on a bike to reach the same point
  9. treetree


    The whole thing gets more bizarre by the day...
  10. treetree


    Was this condemnation of violence and unrest so forthcoming by high profile Democrats when Antifa were on the rampage? Not in anyway condoning what happened but the rank hypocrisy of some Democrats is startling.
  11. treetree


    Seems a bit like using the process to subvert democracy. If he got trounced in the election fair and square then why do they have to be worried about any future campaigns...
  12. treetree


    Always thought they were a waste of time... until I moved into a house with one in the garden. Gave it a go in the summer, and I'm in there twice a week now. Incredible feeling of health, wellbeing and relaxation after. I don't think I would be without one now.
  13. Has the military found a way round this? Watched a nature doc following a hunting pack of wolves in pitch black and was astonished by the clarity and distance of the thermal imaging.
  14. Oh yes, because it is beyond the wit of man to fill a bit of paper work out. Just imagine if world trade needed paper work filling out. I do wonder how long brexit derangement is going to last for some people.
  15. Terrible film. Although the soundtrack with the variation on Elgar's Nimrod is rather good. 1917 was also a load of rubbish, like watching a video game with the main character having to navigate one ridiculous event after the next.
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