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  1. All jesting aside, I can see how my original post might have been met with raised eyebrows ( though I stand by it), even if you think its cobblers, just have a quick Google of Robert Maxwell's involvement with various intelligence services and what he was up to beyond diddling thousands out of their pension. Fascinating stuff
  2. Careful, or I'll be setting Dave onto you. He does freelance work now, since Morrisons had to let him go as he was actually working undercover as part of that massive recent drugs bust. He would follow them round the aisles listening in. All came to a head though when there was a spillage in aisle 12, and he left the target and instead chose to sort the spillage out before someone slipped. That's just the kind of guy he is.
  3. OK, I really shouldn't say, but its Dave from the Legion, the pub, not the French foreign version, though he did serve with them, before he was begged to join the SAS (he was the first man into the Iranian Embassy). He's taking it easy now, feels he's done his bit since tracking down Bin Laden with the Americans (apparently they asked for him specifically because his beard was spot on and hes really good with accents.). He's decided to call time on all that now though, and can be found collecting trolleys at Morrisons 3 days a week. There, all happy now!
  4. Oh! A couple of appreciative responses and he's going to milk it for all its worth... do continue, you're on a roll!
  5. Like I said, make of it what you will.
  6. I know of someone who was well placed in, shall we say secretive organisations, who who informed a family friend of Robert Maxwell's 'suicide' 2 weeks before it happened. Make of that what you will, but its a true story.
  7. Yep, just think of something you have never talked about or searched for previously ( we used vacuum cleaner), then have a conversation in front of your Alexa / phone about how you need to buy this thing, whats the best one to buy etc etc. Then watch as the adverts start popping up. Truly nightmarish stuff.
  8. treetree


    Sums it up. Mad idea. They'll be on and off the pavement to avoid lights etc. Why wouldn't you just buy a bike anyway? Whack a set of panniers on it and you can carry most of what you need. Bikes on pavements is my top bugbear at the moment. I'm at the point where I'm refusing to cede any part of the pavement and happy to have the conversation.
  9. treetree

    The Meg

    There are some films that are to be instantly avoided because of the actors in them. Jason Statham is one such actor. I believe he is leading man in 'The Meg'. Adam Sandler is another.
  10. He could have given those jeans a quick once over with the iron before he left the house.
  11. So what you're saying is that we need a 'Medical Advice' sub-forum to allow us to share the wealth of medical knowledge this particular post has demonstrated is out there. Mods - please make this happen.
  12. Yes, and if that doesn't work, chop off the affected area. Instant relief from itch.
  13. The best advice for horse fly bites I've used (may have even been from a thread here) is to put a spoon in boiling water for 30 seconds, then firmly press the back of the spoon onto the bite. Hold for as long as you can tolerate, then repeat a few more times. This does work, though would need to be done soon after being bitten, and stops the bite from progressing to the need to scratch symptom.
  14. treetree


    I was there at 35, partly because the drivel on almost every other channel, but also The Today programme, and PM ( when Eddie Mair did it) were superb. Only Womens' Hour has me wanting to punch out the radio, with the presenters' incessant need to find sexism in EVERYTHING. Womens' achievements can't be celebrated for what they are, but rather has to be set against a backdrop of patriarchal oppression.
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