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  1. Don't forget that he gave all our gold away too
  2. treetree


    Why oh why are you wishing to impose a police state on yourself and the rest of us. Is that really the kind of world you want your kids / grandkids growing up in? Surely mask wearing should be on the basis of irrefutable science, not "decency and condideration". The evidence for mask wearing is weak.
  3. Its OK, Banksy will get his stencils and spray cans out again, graffiti some wall somewhere with deep and meaningful message, and the world will fawn over his brilliance and all will be forgiven.
  4. Friend of mine has gone from never having fished to becoming addicted, and rather good, in a short time. Its not as complicated as some would make it out; just know a couple of knots, and have a few diagrams of rig set ups (or just start off lure fishing) and you're off. Head out with friend who can show you the ropes, or stick a request on World Sea Fishing forum.
  5. Henry d - Genuine question: How many should the UK take. At what point would you say " no more"?
  6. From the terrible dangers they face in.... France?
  7. Got the same, no problem at all, just be considered in everything you do (esp where the cord is). Like most of the titan range, great value for money.
  8. I think it's that or watch inflation and a one off 'Covid tax' eat away at your savings. Any ideas what though? Even buy-to-let has got me a bit spooked; if significant numbers of renters say "lost my job, cant pay the rent, got no where to go so staying put" then I'm not sure what could be done. There are enough organised anarchist groups out there encouraging this.
  9. I don't mean to be overly pessimistic, but how do things get repaired in this situation? The Gov has borrowed incomprehensible sums of money to pay healthy people to sit at home doing nothing, plus various other initiatives. Unemployment, and associated costs, is about to go through the roof. Individual debt (even excluding mortgages) was already at unsustainable levels with many about to realised they can't service it. I can see the printing presses being fired up, so if you have worked hard to put some savings together, wave goodbye to whatever you thought that was going to buy you.
  10. What we are seeing is the rearranging of the deckchairs as the ship slowly, but surely, sinks. I can't for the life of me work out if these politicians are so inept that they can't see it coming, or if its some psychological trick, appearing to have initiatives to get us back on track, so the inevitable fear and panic is pushed a little further down the road. Worrying times ahead for the majority.
  11. Not sure about that, I think its more a case of robustly not allowing and taking umbrage to NATO flexing on its doorstep in areas that they shouldn't. Have you seen how many troops NATO has sent to the border areas? Talk about sabre rattling
  12. Well I had my shorts tugged on by a seal while swimming last week. He then popped up 6ft away from me. The head on the beast was unreal, it was like staring at a massive swimming pit-bull. We stared at each other, then he made an explosive dive under the water at which point I headed for shore at a speed i wasn't aware I was capable of. I see them eveytime I go fishing, but to be in the water and so close to one (and being pulled on) is not something I'm keen for again.
  13. Where? How far from the shore? Is this for real?
  14. A friend just messaged me to Google 'Rod from God' As others have said, that's like nothing seen before
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