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  1. I learnt the best way to deal with a horse fly bite on this forum. Stick a spoon in a cup of boiling water (as soon after bite as possible) then apply back of spoon to bite, and hold it there for long as you can manage.
  2. I turned off after the second question, the woman essentially using the BBC to broadcast that we shouldn't leave the EU as it might affect her hugely privileged life "my husband is in property, one of my sons works in the city and the other is a vet". As for Rory Steward, quite why he is in the Conservative e party baffles me
  3. He should enjoy Flambards, its a bit on the pricey side, but if you have Tesco club card vouchers these can be used to buy your tickets (might have to do it online)
  4. I know a brexit supporter who travelled from Coventry to help canvass. He went home after a couple of hours as there were so many other brexit supporters out canvassing, and so many people saying they were voting BP that he felt wasn't needed.
  5. He just did not look interested in being there. I'm surprised he found time to train at all in between doing endorsements for just about any and every product out there. To quote Teddy Atlas quoting Haggler "You don't get up at 5am to do your road work when you're sleeping in silk sheets"
  6. treetree

    Gas BBQs

    Hi, I know that real men use charcoal bbqs and all that, but I'm looking to get a gas bbq. Does anyone have any recommendations for one? I'm not looking to spend the kind of silly money for Webers and other brands, more like £100 argos type. Only for me, wife and small children. Thanks for any advice
  7. Watched a Steve Backshall programme at the weekend where they went off climbing in Greenland. OK enough to watch apart from the continual and almost obligatory preaching about climate change. He took a team of climbers, a film Crew and whoever else accompanies them off to a place so insignificant and remote that they climbed a mountain that had not been climbed before (including crew, climbers and gear being helicoptered in) . Seemed his carbon footprint was of no consequence when it came to being the first to do something. I reckon he's done more flying in the past year than I have in my lifetime, but I'll still have to pay his hefty salary to preach to me when I just want to relax snd watch a bit of TV. Don't even start me off on Attenborough.
  8. treetree


    Invest £20 in a moka pot. Makes the best coffee by far. Take a little gas burner out with you too and you can have fresh coffee anywhere. Just make sure the coffee you buy is suitable for moka pots.
  9. For those opposed to capital punishment, what reason would you give for it not being used on the likes of Peter Sutcliffe, Fred West, Harold Shipman, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley. Given the heinous nature of the crime and the absolute certainty of guilt, what reason for not using capital punishment?
  10. treetree

    Decking help

    Hi, New house has an old decking that is past its best due to a lack of care. The wood is weathered and the old stain is patchy and flaking. Had a brainwave that I could save replacing (or pressure washing) and flip the boards. Did a couple and they are in great condition. Can decking boards be used either side? The reed side was up, the side I want to flip to has deeper and fewer grooves. Any reason I can't do this? Many thanks
  11. treetree

    Keith Flint

    Probably not to everyone on the site's taste, but their material was as good today as it was when I started listening to them in the early 90's. Such a shame he felt there was no one he could reach out to.
  12. treetree


    I read this idea in a Peter Hitchens column, the idea being that when we get into a 1 tonne protective cocoon of metal, the sense of protection and invulnerability this gives people often causes them to drive like twerps without regards for those around them.
  13. treetree


    I think some of you are being a bit harsh; this is the first accident he's been involved in since 1997.
  14. I had some for a smallish garden and loved it. It dries out more quickly than grass and no muddy patches which meant the kids were out on it much more frequently. I used a company called Namgrass to supply and laid it with a handy mate. It does look that good that you can become a little obsessed forever picking out leaves and whatever else is blown onto it.
  15. Traction is just another form of movement, but more walking orientated. I think the basis for METH is to keep the blood, with all its healing properties, flowing into the injured area and to stop the newly healed soft tissue from becoming too stiff. Another thing is if you need pain relief, no ibuprofen for first 72 hrs. Disclaimer: all the above is based of conversation with physio mate, and the Internet researchof a very bored man. Please seek professional medical help if needed!
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