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  1. Brexit is happening. You need to find a way to get over it and move on with your life.
  2. Yep, the media is on full overdrive setting the narrative that Trump is a tyrant unwilling to relinquish power, and will be redonsible for riots that haven't yet happened. Its like a coup, where the media and Silicon Valley will do anything to get their man Biden in.
  3. I think the trouble will come if he wins; there's no chance the BLM / Antifa mob will stomach that. Mind you, even with all those guns I'm sure it will be "mostly peaceful".
  4. Watched that yesterday, the best thing is I look out over the bay they were fishing. I might need to upgrade from my 9 foot spinning rod. Read on the WSF forum a boke describing being able to watch them launching themselves out of the water while he fished ftom the shore. Fishlocker also has a good video on them.
  5. Sepsis, caused by food poisoning
  6. Thanks, presumably you are signing yourself up first?
  7. I know of someone who did just that, and it killed them. I would urge caution if you don't know how / when it died.
  8. Had exactly the same. Vowed never to have the jab again.
  9. treetree

    Irish passport

    So sorry to have caused you such aggravation, had I known it was going to cause such a fuss for you I'd have never voted to regain self determination and a parliamentary democracy.
  10. Don't forget that he gave all our gold away too
  11. treetree


    Why oh why are you wishing to impose a police state on yourself and the rest of us. Is that really the kind of world you want your kids / grandkids growing up in? Surely mask wearing should be on the basis of irrefutable science, not "decency and condideration". The evidence for mask wearing is weak.
  12. Its OK, Banksy will get his stencils and spray cans out again, graffiti some wall somewhere with deep and meaningful message, and the world will fawn over his brilliance and all will be forgiven.
  13. Friend of mine has gone from never having fished to becoming addicted, and rather good, in a short time. Its not as complicated as some would make it out; just know a couple of knots, and have a few diagrams of rig set ups (or just start off lure fishing) and you're off. Head out with friend who can show you the ropes, or stick a request on World Sea Fishing forum.
  14. Henry d - Genuine question: How many should the UK take. At what point would you say " no more"?
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