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    I read this idea in a Peter Hitchens column, the idea being that when we get into a 1 tonne protective cocoon of metal, the sense of protection and invulnerability this gives people often causes them to drive like twerps without regards for those around them.
  2. treetree


    I think some of you are being a bit harsh; this is the first accident he's been involved in since 1997.
  3. treetree

    Artificial grass

    I had some for a smallish garden and loved it. It dries out more quickly than grass and no muddy patches which meant the kids were out on it much more frequently. I used a company called Namgrass to supply and laid it with a handy mate. It does look that good that you can become a little obsessed forever picking out leaves and whatever else is blown onto it.
  4. treetree

    Anyone torn the (gastrocemiuos) calf muscle?

    Traction is just another form of movement, but more walking orientated. I think the basis for METH is to keep the blood, with all its healing properties, flowing into the injured area and to stop the newly healed soft tissue from becoming too stiff. Another thing is if you need pain relief, no ibuprofen for first 72 hrs. Disclaimer: all the above is based of conversation with physio mate, and the Internet researchof a very bored man. Please seek professional medical help if needed!
  5. treetree

    Anyone torn the (gastrocemiuos) calf muscle?

    I'm in the same boat. Grade 2 ankle sprain, and 1 week on still swollen and non weight bearing. I'm certainly no expert, but a lot of research is suggesting moving away from RICE to METH (movement, elevation, traction, heat). Key is to not over do it. 'Active recovery' physios call it.
  6. treetree

    Army short of soldiers

    So the recent advertising campaign showing showing operations in the field coming to a halt so a young Muslim chap could carry out his morning prayers wasn't a big success then?
  7. treetree

    The Salisbury Poison Gas Incident II

    Don't forget the murder of the journalist Babchenko. This was absolutely positively definitely carried out by the Russians. Cue International condemnation of Russia, Putin is a monster etc. Russia says "We had nothing to do with this", the world says "Well, they would say that, who else would want him dead, they are the most likely". Until... It turns out his death was staged by the Ukrainians and the chap is still very much alive and well. Occams Razor found wanting here. Original report of murder. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-44296672 Subsequent revelations. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-44320240
  8. treetree

    Horse fly bites

    As soon as possible after being bitten, place the back of a spoon which you have left in a mug of boiling water for 30 seconds or so onto the bite. Keep it there for as long as you can stand, and then keep reapplying to the bite, longer each time as the spoon cools. If I do this after a bite there is no itching at all.
  9. treetree

    Estate agent fees

    I'm no expert, but you own nothing to anyone, not even EA3. Your contract with EA2 cannot be handed unilaterally over to EA3, you would have needed to sign up with them to have a contract for them to enforce. This is just my lay-opinion, I am not a lawyer, but my gut feeling is that you are quids in! Oh, and if they suddenly send a letter of contract out for you to sign, when they realise their error, don't sign it (a similar thing happened to a friend)
  10. treetree

    The fox "assassin "

  11. treetree

    The fox "assassin "

    A family member did a small good deed this week that was picked up by the local press. The Sun got hold of the story. By the time they had added and embellished the story you'd think she should be in line for the George Cross. A real eye opener as to how the press works
  12. treetree

    Wire fence question

    Huge thanks to all, job now sorted. Thanks again.
  13. treetree

    Wire fence question

    Hi, Just trying to dog proof my new garden. There are concrete post in situ, with holes at various levels. I've run wire ( and tensioned it to the best of my ability) and secured both ends. My real question is what is the best way to now attach the actual wire fencing (a mesh 50mm chicken wire type) to the strained wires. Only thing I can think of is cable ties. Does an actual thing exist for this purpose? Many thanks
  14. They certainly have had others questioning the bombing in Syria, but this guest was one with a huge level of knowledge, experience and expertise in the matter being discussed. Please check his Wikipedia entry, (Jonathan Shaw) to see why the public should have had the opportunity to hear him out.
  15. treetree


    Was just about to suggest this, it is sensational and I can not recommend enough. I hear that Benedict Cumberbatch has bought the film rights, which fills me with dread as the book is perfection and ought to be left well alone.