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Lofting Pole Spreader Bar Improvement.

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21 hours ago, Old Boggy said:

I attach a photo of the `dressed` spreader bar made by Tightchoke, now complete with cammo and decoys.

What it didn`t allow me to upload (file too large` etc.) was a photo of the `bare` spreader showing Dave`s excellent workmanship.

A slight modification to Dave`s prototype, I`ve epoxied a nut into each decoy such that they are not permanently fixed but tightened with a locknut so that the decoys can be stored in my lofting pole bag.

Thanks again Dave and I will give them a try next week where I`ve got a small shave of trees yet in leaf, alongside a field of `hammered` rape.:thanks:

Haven`t had time to put the eyelashes on them yet.............. or cut the grass :yahoo:



Morning Chris ..... They certainly look the part but you might get better results if they were showing above the hedge 😉, also this time of the year , instead of having two looking as if they are waiting for the divorce papers to come through the ( male ) box , why not try one trying to tread his companion like they are constantly doing in my garden :good:.

Joking aside , we will be looking forward to see how the Pigeons will react when perched on some old Ash dieback trees that can be used all the year round , any device that bring your quarry into range is worth giving it a go and no doubt like most of the stuff we use we find that rarely two days are the same , one day you think you have cracked it and the next you wander how it all went wrong .:lol:


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