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  1. Yesterday was a cloudy day with a very strong wind and not really a bad day for shooting although at times the wind got the better of me and made some shots far to difficult for an aging body , well that's my excuse . I spend most afternoons looking now with the odd one out decoying , I had spent a fair bit of time going from field to field without seeing any decent numbers on any of them , yes we have got Pigeons but as already mentioned they are well and truly scattered about . Saturday afternoon is always a shooting day unless it is raining hard or foggy and after looking around during the week I more or less knew where I was going , partly because I was protecting the Peas , being able to drive to my hide position and being under a flight line where the Pigeons were going out to the various corn fields . My set up was two dead Pigeons on floaters , the magnet with the arms fully extended and a dozen flock shells laying on top of the Peas , this week I didn't make the same mistake by having the set up to close and the nearest decoy was a good 25 / 30 yds away , the first Pigeon came from nowhere and caught me half asleep and ended up going up the tree without having a shot fired at him , or her , the next one I did see coming across the field and gave me the first one of the day which was a youngster , this carried on off and on for the next three hours , never fast and furious but getting the odd shot from time to time , My dog had to work very hard to find the long ones in the high Peas and we finished at dead on 5pm with 21 Pigeons and all found , out of the 21 I had four fairly young and another good size Pigeon without the neck band , so nearly a quarter of the bag was made up with young ones , this might be that the older ones have got more sense and keep well away from two pigeons going around in circles , still it was a nice bit of sport and tomorrow I will be looking to see where the next bit of sport is going to come from , hope YOU found a few as well. All the best MM
  2. REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE £10 Collected , £13.50 POSTED
  3. Might be easier if you sold your cartridges and then buy the fibre with the proceeds , cartridges go quick on the forum if they are priced fairly . GOOD LUCK either way and if you were closer I would had been happy to bought them , but you are not so I won't be buying
  4. A good quality pair of steel capped safety high ankle boots , these are in like new condition with very few signs of wear. From a smoke free home . Any question ? Please ask and THANKS for looking. Bargain £12 Collected , £15 Posted
  5. We used to be one of the first in the area to be vined , this was the last week in June or the first few days in July , I used to have my weeks holiday the same week the Royal Norfolk Show was on , I would be shooting Pigeons on Peas for the first two to three days that were either cut or ready to be cut , then a day up the show for a mid week break and then back on Peas or stubble for the rest of the week until I went back to work on the Monday , happy days then but would now be way to much and two or three afternoons is more than enough . I found the early Peas the best as the later ones were vined just as the grain harvest was starting and two weeks of cutting weather you have got 100s of acres that pigeons can feed on .
  6. A very good report as per normal , Could you kindly try and keep us up to date on the normal times which in the past was Saturday night , the reason I ask is with me staying up late while expecting the report I am losing some of my beauty sleep and I have now got very little ,if any left to lose I was going to say the exactly the same about the Pigeons being spread out far and wide , in some respects we are lucky with having a lot of grain fields to shoot over but we haven't got a huge amount of Pigeons to cover all the land we have got , today was just a looking day and every time you go out you see a few Pigeons on the wires that were not there a couple of days ago , on one of our Pea fields we have got three Winter barley fields that are on three sides and a rape field on the forth side , the rape have been sprayed off and a few Pigeons are dropping in the thin patches , two of the barley fields have got wires going across and are now attracting a few Pigeons and Covids , and the other barley field is drawing in several Covids plus the Peas in the middle have now got sizeable pods on , as for shooting , the barley haven't got a stem out of place and you could easily do more damage than the Pigeons , same with the rape which is also a nightmare for a dog , the Peas can be shot over although they are very high , the best and safest place is a wide game cover that run both sides of a long hedge , this is ideal as the plants are short enough to put decoys on and you can put a magnet on the edge of the barley field , not big numbers expected but enough to pass the afternoon away . PS .... With the cold Spring and a long dry spell this year the harvest could start a bit later than normal , could now be the third or forth week in July , but like all things in life it could change from day to day .
  7. I don't think , or rather I know that nobody in our village would ever had came up with that idea , my ole mate only shaved now and again and bath nights were far and few and mainly when the moon was Blue , no doubt we looked and smelt the same so no one was really bothered , as for the police officer joining in , three in a mini might be pushing it a bit , excuse the pun
  8. They were not only happy times they were also exciting times , our local W A club was formed then but didn't have any marshes to go on , the only shooting we had was on the estuary , no crops were grown on the marshes then and once the cattle was off they were left alone , this was when our night times activity came to life , we knew all the access points and many a time we would go and have a look first to see if any bikes were leaning against the gates or foot prints in the snow , how ironic that a lot of the land where we roamed without the owners consent we got the full go ahead later on in life, either by the land owner or at club level and I still roam and shoot the exactly same marshes that I did nearly 60 years ago , could we have got away with it now if we were only just starting out ?, not a dogs chance in hell and we would lose our s g c before the ink was fully dry
  9. That is early for pea stubble , well it is for us and I can't wait till ours are done , this then make life easy with being able to drive anywhere you like , I say can't wait but three of our fields are going for seed so they will be possibly another month , these sort of fields are worth waiting for as they can produce good shooting , anyhow it will be only a matter of time , bring it on .
  10. What I noticed today was the Pigeons have left the Peas and sitting on various telegraph wire that run over some of our grain fields , the heavy rain we had Saturday night didn't really knock any down and the Pigeons that were down today were in the tram lines where the sprayer had been turning , the fields in question were , Winter Barley , Winter Wheat and Rye . A day in farming this time of the year is a long time and tomorrow might be entirely different , all we can do is keep our fingers on the pulse , or so they say
  11. Out of interest Mr Grumpy , what is the new state pension age and when do it start ?
  12. THANKS for that old'un , as clear as a bell , I know a man who could sort that out , trouble is , he have moved to within shouting distance to H R H , even though he is long retired his services are always in demand , what his services are we can all but guess but Ginger might be a clue
  13. Maybe my laptop might want a drop of weld and some T L C as I couldn't find the op's photo nowhere
  14. This was the only show where you had to pay to park your car , I believe this year is £8 , I know at one time you not only had to pay entrance fee , you also had to pay to get get in the flower tents and to see the dogs , total rip off , far to many stewards wearing Bowler hats and getting expenses .
  15. After been off for the last two years due to the virus it is back up and running for this year at the end of June . Looking at the gate prices , car parking and the fuel to get to the venue and park your motor it would cost in the region of £70 for me and my wife who are both well over 70 , sorry to say we will not be going , far to expensive . As money is tight I have noticed several local venues are now offering but one ticket and get one free which make sense , better to get a little than non at all .
  16. It would have been a excellent bag under normal conditions but with it been the hottest day of the year it was an outstanding bag , I went and had a look and the first port of call was a lake we have got on the estate to give my dog a swim so he walked around the Pea fields with a dampish coat to keep him a bit cool . Our Peas have now got flat pods on and would be about three weeks away from been vined , as for Pigeons , the fields were quite but several were in the trees no doubt shading from the heat , going to give it a go early next week , instead of going dinner time I am going to give it a go from mid afternoon till 7 .30 ish or a bit later if they are still about , no harm in trying .
  17. A Pair Of APACHE Work / Safety Boots Size UK 8 , these are in brand new condition , Anti Shock Heel , Anti Slip , Oil Resistant and with Steel Toe Caps . Size is UK 8 £12 COLLECTED £16.00 POSTED
  18. Even the farm / estate where the op do his Pigeon shooting would sort it out in no time , I find the farm boys are very adaptable when it come to general repairs on metal work and a broken flapper arm would be a doddle to them
  19. THANKS hitman ... I have got one or two Geoff Garrard videos where he do put a Hazel rod straight through the Pigeon and stick them in the ground at a slight angle and as you say they seem to work a treat , with me being a ole skinflint I make all of my cradles out of ole fencing wire and can easily make them at different heights , cradles are one of the most important pieces of kit in all your pigeon gear as incoming Pigeons must be able to see your decoys at a distance , having said that , the little field of Peas I went on yesterday afternoon are that tall I put 12 shell flocked decoys on top of the Peas with no supports , extended the arms on the magnet and the first two I shot I put on a couple of floaters , what were about came in a gave me shot or two but the afternoon was very hot and in the end the heat was to much for me and I only managed nine , it would had possibly been better to had gone later when the sun was dipping down as tonight when I went for a walk you could have easily shot till at least 7 . 30 and even a bit later , might well try that next week when we will be reaching the longest day of daylight hours . All the best for the weekend , or the next time you get a chance to get out
  20. If you knew someone who have got a M I G welder I am sure he or she could devise a way of putting it back in working order , can't really be that complicated , or can it ?
  21. Correct , there is only one sure way for the op and that is checking it out just before harvest and then virtually on a daily basis , then if you think there is enough to go after then go more or less straightaway as the next day might be to late . P S Don't worry to much if the tractor go on and dice it over as there will be still a lot of loose beans to be found , the time to give it a miss is when the first Green leaf start appearing on the Bean and you know then that the best is over .
  22. As you well know they could be here one day and gone the next , this time of the year a pigeon haven't got to look far to find a meal , as for getting a good bag you can sometimes find a field that is off the beaten track and the pigeons using it have been ignored or unseen by fellow pigeon shooters , whereas , when you get fields close to the farm and near road ways it is easy for the farm staff and pigeon shooters to keep a close eye on what numbers are working on the fields, and then making a good bag will be that much harder . P C and his fellow friends know just about all there is to know about pigeon shooting and the habits of Pigeons and yet there will be times when even they find it hard to come across good numbers , there lean spell wont last long and this week you could be reading a totally different outcome .
  23. IF they are going to show an interest ( as not all Bean fields will produce ) will be when the pods turn Black and the ripe beans start dropping out of the split pods , we find the best time is a good week after they had been combined , around our way it would be early to mid August . Hope the wait is well worth it .
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