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  1. Yes you should have bought a larger cabinet! As long as the action is secured you can store barrels outside the cabinet quite legally, lots of us do. As a gentle warning, please be aware that your FEO may start to show interest if you are listed as having a 3 gun cabinet and have more guns. Whilst their security is your responsibility, some FEO's will make comment. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you.
  2. So you've filmed other dogs barking in your area as a defence for yours barking. What do you intend to do with the footage? You may have more than one neighbour complaining and you will be adding to their complaints if you ever use the footage you have. If you don't understand why your neighbours do not want to hear your dogs barking perhaps you need to sit back and consider the situation. A little consideration is all it needs!
  3. Tactical voting might well come in to play!
  4. If it does happen the Isle of Wight might vanish!
  5. I knew we could rely on you to do the research properly!
  6. And then saw it all drop away as Remoaners were sent in to do the "bargaining"
  7. I tend to do one about every five or six years just to keep me up to date!
  8. Oh yes there is, it's down there, the ice sits on it and is up above sea level!
  9. Up to your usual high standard I see. Well done James.
  10. That is a very fair way of looking at the situation. It is rather strange that PM Theresa May is getting all of the blame for the **** poor situation.
  11. If you mean the small ones they use at Cowes to start the yacht races, they inevitably have short barrels so would not come under Shotgun definition.
  12. He hasn't visited since August 25, 2018
  13. Slowly, gently, steadily! Nicely does it Mate.

    Fish Kettle

    To do the middle of a stick would take 2 holes!
  15. So now we have all the MPs fighting to make a workable deal that the Prime Minister has failed to do. I would put good money on another extension followed closely by revoking Article 50. Democracy is DEAD.
  16. Years ago a Mate and I called on another Mates home and his Father offered us a glass of wine, we both chose red but martin asked for a sweet version. I got the basic Boots red kit and martin had the same with a crushed Sweetex tablet added. The lad we were visiting couldn't contain his laughter when his Dad left the room and he told us his dad just "doctored" the same home made red to try and match peoples tastes. Rapidly became known as "What Vintage is that Wine? Last Tuesday!!
  17. Parliament are taking over the running of Brexit!
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