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    The Father of a friend walked out to get in his car some time last year only to find some inconsiderate scaffolders had literally caged him in and would not release his car. Their reasoning was that their scaffolding was on shared ground. He was parked wholly within his numbered parking space and was without his car for 3 or 4 days. Hopefully the scaffolders employed by your neighbour will be some of the good ones. Good luck.
  2. Surely a nice old reel will be quite expensive?


    As does your support for Jeremy Corbyn!
  4. Fascinating Mate, had it cracked through drying out or was it just age and neglect?
  5. Been with Green Flag for 4 or 5 years now, very happy. Moved from the RAC when their prices got silly!
  6. Will you play the Chevy Chase part?
  7. Come over and start looking, let us know when you find it!
  8. I am sure that sort of place exists, but it is far from typical.
  9. Oh and parking is far easier at the Countryway!
  10. More great work, I look forward to seeing it and the Kydex sheaf together, can you post some pictures of making the sheaf?
  11. Gawd knows, I'd rather catch my own or get the Lad to do it!
  12. That must be because you were good enough to lend it to him, some things are just meant to happen!
  13. Might be easier than finding enough pieces of antler!
  14. I hope he appeals against the judgement and the sentence.
  15. Scapa flo, one of the German Fleet let off a salvo before being scuttled!
  16. Gentlemen, this is the WANTED Section!
  17. A very sad state of affairs hempered by a massive fear of being labelled RACIST becauase you went after a minority!
  18. Very nice, look forward to it being completed.
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