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  1. What is this twit on about? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/sep/19/lib-dems-can-take-away-boris-johnsons-majority-says-ed-davey His party have 13 MPs!
  2. I just use sandwich bags, expel the air and knot them. Much easier!
  3. It's his baby and seems to be having lots of problems lately.
  4. Ask a very vague question on a shooting forum?
  5. Well I don't know why you don't just go out on a longer picnic and save a lot of the hard work?
  6. It would be interesting to bring that in where I work. Some people regularly struggle with getting inside the white lines of the box.
  7. Could it be as simple as applying some Thompson Weatherseal?


    Indeed, on the nearest busy motorway!
  9. But surely your contract was with Derek Lees.
  10. Ed is a cracking coach, he will help you improve your shooting.
  11. Have a look at this link; https://www.gogroopie.com/all/1rr88er2ljc/emvc_507273-12-8172494-z6TRSz6NSz1VPz5z4MPz5z6KLz1W2Nz1X-555 £17:99 + postage, might be just what you're after.
  12. Which day did you go? Saturday was poor for light, but I had to shoot a competition on the Sunday and missed the P47 "Nellie".
  13. Bloody marvellous, they thought they had a deal with Australia for more old diesel boats!
  14. Gun fit, gun fit, gun fit and a good repeatable mount! The origin of the figure 8 with two beads is from trap shooting where the gun is pre-mounted. NOT Sporting where the gun should be down.
  15. Which is why so many old footballers are loopy!
  16. With the lockdown becoming just a memory, things have stated to return to some form of "normal." I attended the Cosby Victory Show in Leicestershire. Basically an re-enactment show concentrating on World War 2, but with an airstrip that allows some interesting aircraft and some great angles to photograph them from.
  17. Yes I thought the day most appropriate. Yes our American cousins from Lakenheath. More pictures to follow from other venues.
  18. Which shop did you buy it from? They appear to be unable to sort out what should be a relatively minor problem and fail to understand what good customer service is.
  19. I spent an unfortunately grey day photographing the aircraft at RAF Coningsby last month.
  20. I shall be Simona, a lass from northern Norfolk!
  21. Well I just love the irony of this latest re-shuffle. Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary
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