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    Wasn't she one of the first with an outrageous pink Range Rover with a private plate. Says it all really.


    It always amazes me that any bloke would want to have anything to do with the old trout!


    Gawd knows, she must know where the bodies are buried. What a wonderful role model, an old slapper who is almost celebrated for her terrible decisions over the years.
  4. Should have paid in over the years. Lucky to be able to top up.
  5. Have you tried here? https://stephenandson-gunmakers.co.uk/brands/official-fabarm-shotgun-dealers/
  6. What, face down with his hamster showing?
  7. Unless you are a contortionist!
  8. Ditchman's bluff being called! I might well be free, not too far to Stafford. The all powerful works computer system at my disposal.
  9. No they say it is used by the lazy people!
  10. Yes the Saharan dust has travelled here to coat EVERYTHING!
  11. Now to really make things work you should............................. A. Commend her for her good choice. B. Sell off the samples!
  12. It would seem your taste has improved, has the good lady commented?
  13. Any of the Legume family will fix good amounts of nitrogen in to the soil.
  14. Are you not shooting the .410" Championships then?
  15. Yes, leave it to season for as long as possible. The last I used was 3 years drying out.
  16. Exactly as expected, they are not thick and learn quite quickly. One of the Farmers I get called by on a regular basis knows now that when I have been to the same field twice, they will go somewhere else. I usually get around 40 on the first outing and 15 on the second visit. He used to phone me without actually checking the field, but he has learned to let me sort out the problem.
  17. You REALLY need to get your workshop up and running!
  18. New blades fitted in to the existing frames would be the cheapest quickest fix. Is the windscreen spotless before you leave the car parked up? Vinegar is a good screen cleaner.
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