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  1. Gordon, it is the ONLY thing he is good at!
  2. Can you really imagine enough of the Conservative Party voting Boris out? Further more, what buffoon would be stupid enough to replace the buffoon in post? Boris will bluster it out and keep running the country, no one else wants the job! Starmer would run a bloody mile, Ed Davy has nothing to offer. There is no alternative to what is already there.
  3. Yes indeed, I fitted an alarm 12 or 15 years ago at the insistence of my FEO at the time.
  4. I wish someone would point out to Sir Kier Bloody Starmer that with all his pointless bluster, he still will never govern this country. At a time when a decent opposition should be able to hold the government to account and potentially replace them. He and his useless team are getting absolutely no where.
  5. Blimey An 11 page explanation of his defence. A very strange document! Apparently he and his team of advisers DEMAND a trial in front of a jury! Well if you are going to keep up this front it might just all come crashing down.
  6. I suppose you're not allowed to use the company helicopter then?
  7. But you are using weighted hooks and I use spreader arms, two very different ways of doing the job.
  8. Quite agree, but as always if the licensing authority ask for an alarm to be fitted, SGC holders will have very little choice but to comply!
  9. Could it have collided with a window at some point and been dazed?
  10. Fair enough! Very glad he likes it that much, happy to wait.
  11. Threads like these always benefit from some PICTURES!
  12. Have you had the renewal letter yet? That will tell you when they want you to put it all together and send it in. These days it will invariably be an online submission only.
  13. Come up with OF sometime, strongly suspect my eldest Son will be at the front of the gun queue.
  14. Just been out to the store, as Rob says, the box and the cartridge are labelled 7 1/2 and more importantly 2.4mm. So a good old English 7 They work very well on clays and I have shot pigeons over decoys with the fibre version. Great cartridge and at a very good price at the moment.
  15. I believe the terms are; "As a land owner, occupier or authorised person, use this general licence to kill or take certain wild birds to conserve wild birds, flora or fauna of conservation concern"
  16. I thought Long Siberia was a rifle range when I used to shoot Bisley some time last century!
  17. I strongly suspect someone is hoping they turn out to be True 7s.
  18. I shall look on Saturday as I delivered them on the way to work last night.
  19. Well as horse ownership is possibly the most pointless and expensive way to get around and I use my push bike to get around locally, I will continue to run my small Italian sports car. I am annoyed that I have to break down the gun in to a motor case, but hey it can be a hard life. Now in the unlikely event that ALL road users start to abide by the Highway Code and all the existing Road Laws I shall thoroughly enjoy respecting and being respected whilst travelling on the open road. But I won't be holding my breath.
  20. The garden is substantial and the farmland beyond is quite large too. 21 Grammes was the cheapest shell at the time with a fibre wad, we will find out on Saturday afternoon if they work well. Having used similar cartridges before and currently using the RC Romagnola's in 28 gramme plastic wad when shooting Registered Competitions, I reckon they will be fine. Just Cartridges have their place in the life/work balance. but as you appear to be planning to order enough to gain free delivery I think you understand the game.
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