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Ear Bandage

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I had planned on doing this thread months ago, but never got around to it. However seeing that two of the boys decided to have a wee set to. These photos are of the second wrapping about an hour after the first, once I had cleaned the house of the blood that was throughout.


You can see the cut line on the inner ear, at this point the bleeding has been stopped. I have packed the wound with wound powder and it is now ready to be bandaged.




At this point, a clean dry dressing is placed over the ear encasing the tip and the cut. Fold the dressing neatly.






The ear is then folded back across the skull for support and to keep it immobalized. Once secured the dog will be able to shake his head without re-opening the wound.




The ear is then wrapped securly to the top of the head using a cloth bandage. Be sure not to wrap too tightly as the bandage must go under the throat.




Now repeat the wrapping using Vet Wrap.




On the opposite side of the skull, be certain to wrap around both sides of the uninjured ear. This will allow the dog to continue hearing and keep the bandage firmly in place.






If needed you can now get the dog to the vet for stitches or allow the ear to heel without it reopening everytime the head is shaken or the ear bumped.



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also try this get two pieces of sturdy cardboard,and cut to shape of the ear roughly,then cover them in a bandage,apply the cream etc to the ear then samwich the ear ,,,use a small amount of duck tape to hold firmly into place,then bandage it up ..it should work a treat,,,but if the dog scratches at it use a old bucket or something simular and make a funnel collar,so the dog cant scratch it.if the collar fails you can always buy a collar from your vets,,hope this helps mate,,,,,always works on my dogs :good::hmm:

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Continued shaking of the head will sometimes keep the wound open no matter what you do regarding bandages. Therefore, ensure that there is also no ear mite infestation, as every time the dog shakes his head with the irritation the wound will also be kept from healing.


Had this with a Visla many years ago and a small nick on the tip of the ear failed to heal no matter what I did. Finally got the vet to give him a proper ear inspection and as a result of giving him the ear mite drops, the ear healed in 3 days.


I now regularly dose for ear mites as a matter of course.

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