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I done a SuperSporting on Saturday - Merseyside Championship - at Mickley Hall. Please to say I shot a 77 - I cleared 4 stands - got into a total Tiz on the simo pair on another stand (I thought another bird was the first bird for some reason) to do a 9 on that - but had a couple of stands that caused me problems. I am considering going back Thursday (late night) to get my head around those stands to see why I didn't have the "tools" to deal with them (one stand I had 3 out of 10!!!) so scores were 

6/6/10/10/3/10/9/7/10/6 - stands weren't necessarily taken in that order though as I finished on a 9 & 10 on the last two stands

Very pleased with it overall being the first time I had shot a Registered at it. Due to the format we had a squad of 6 - I would say ideally in a bigger competition it should be done in squads of 4 as having 3 full use of gun, 2 on report pairs and a Simo pair can take time...

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I’ve done a few supersporting comps recently and really enjoyed them. It’s great to have the variety rather than 5 pairs that you sometimes get on sporting.

Although it has been around for some time it has recently had a revival and adopted as a CPSA registered event. 
I think it does need a bit refining. A problem I had at one ground was that the menus were at the side of the cage instead of in front of you and as you say it does take quite a while to get through with 6 in a squad.

From the ground owners point of view I’ve heard that it is a lot of work to put on and they might be reluctant if they are not sure on numbers attending compared to a regular sporting.

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