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Discovery 5 wheels/tyres ?


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Hi, Hoping someone can help re my 2020 discovery 5 landmark.

The tyres now fitted, are road tyres 285/40 x 22" and I want A/T tyres fitting.   A suggestion by farmer friend is to try Renegade radar A/T which seem be good value.

Use will be mainly road, probably ( 75%/25% ) but also some rough farm tracks, fields ect, not heavy off roading.  Problem is, as car has air suspension, will A/T tyres catch/rub as car raises and lowers ?      Will I need change wheels to a smaller size ?....... of course, I'm hoping I can fit A/T tyres to my existing rims, but what size ?

Thanks for reading and of any advise offered. 


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There are 275/40 x 22 A/T which the only 10mm narrower than 285s. To find the dia of a tyre width x aspect ratio ÷ 25.4 x 2 + rim dia. For you tyres 285x0.4÷25.4×2+22=30.976.  The 285x0.45 are 1" larger in dia.

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