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Achilles Tendon


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My 8 year old Springer bitch had a freak accident 3 months ago in the garden.

Since she was a pup she would jump up and sit on the garden bench once left out of the kennel run and on this occasion, she slipped and her back leg went between the bench slats and twisted her leg.

I was cleaning the kennel out at the time and ran out as she was stuck and yelping.

I managed to free her, but she was in terrible pain and dragging her leg and I thought she had broken her leg.

I took her to the vet, and she was examined and had a scan and no broken bones, but she had injured her Achilles tendon and was given medication for the pain and swelling.

The vet prescribed complete rest and to avoid any exercise and she was given a splint to wear for 4 weeks and I had to visit the vet every 2 weeks to check on her.

It’s been very difficult not being able to exercise her with the other dogs, and she would be left behind in the garden for my wife to fuss over.

The good news is, today was her first time out in 12 weeks, and she is fit and running around  like she was before the accident.

Took her early this morning along with the other dogs up to a local pond, and she flushed the 5 Canada geese off the pond.

I think she was lucky with her injury as it could have been a lot worse and required surgery to repair.

The garden bench now has slats closer together to prevent the same thing happening again.




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Cheers oldypigeonpopper I wasn’t confident she would recover the way she has, and I was convinced I was going to have a 3 legged dog.

Preventing her from jumping around in the garden was difficult.

I kept running dogs most of my life, and had a deerhound lurcher, who whilst chasing a rabbit at night injured her back leg by stepping into the rabbit hole in the middle of the field going at a considerable speed.

She was catapulted down the field squealing and in agony.

She took almost a season to recover, but was never the same again catching rabbits.

I’m just glad my spaniel bitch is back to her old self, and a little bit fatter, but she’ll soon loose a bit of weight, now she is out and about working again.


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