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  1. Hello, I payed N I from 16 to 65 which I believe is more than enough years but it made no difference to the pension, yet I know people who never paid their full years and there better off with DWP entitlements Hello, another hit from David Cameroon's government, did he not say , if you live longer , you pay longer 🤔
  2. Hello, all depends on budget and the quality of glass ? Hawke vantage rimfire saves you having to judge distance , but compared to a friend's top range scope there's no contest, my old Nikon prostaff has some good glass but I prefer a side focus now so I have a Hawke on my CZ 455
  3. Hello, did you hear Boris bleating his way through an interview on sky news 🤔
  4. Hello, yes I see your in Northern Ireland, ok good luck 👍
  5. Hello, I have only been looking on line and there are a few reviews, stoeger are part of the Beretta group, there not bad looking but as always the proof is in the reliability buying from new, you don't want to buy one and find it having to go back to importer every month , even with warranty, they seem better made than the Chinese SMK cheapies, my advice is to try one if you near RFDs ok with that, £300 for the kit better than a Gamo, just make sure you can get a refund if in warranty, Air Arms are loosing the plot and even having their rifles sent back, oh make sure you can buy spare seal sets if the XM 1s a keeper, keep us posted,
  6. Hello, as above at least £150 looking at what others sell for some in not good condition,
  7. oldypigeonpopper


    Hello, seems Chris has not come back to his post, as we know not likely to get a multi shot 22 but there's no reason to diss a cheap Springer and scope, i sure we all started with some sort of air rifle, I only started again 20 years ago ratting on a friends farm with £50 Chinese lump and open sights until I was given a scope, not much good at night till I bought a red torch , it's been all go since 👍
  8. Hello, as if the citizens of Ukraine have had this war brought upon them by Putin's war machine going on many weeks with millions displaced, 1000s killed, cities and homes destroyed now I see Russia is stealing 1000s of tons of Ukraine wheat grain, is there no end to what Putin is doing to destroy Ukraine by any means, also it's not headline news much in UK, if Ukraine join NATO will it be to late ? , PS , looks like Turkey wants the wheat grain to ??
  9. It might seem a bit of a faff to remember , I leave spray bottle in door panel just like winter de icer
  10. Hello, is that initial grant applications or changes to your FAC certificate
  11. Hello, if you mean that first initial switch on when the blade rubber stuck to the screen with the heat and dirt and it's a few seconds before the washer activates , living in a town my screen gets dirty more than most, I buy ready mix or bottle you dilute screen wash, try a small spray bottle and fill with screen wash, leave in motor, then spray screen before you start engine , that will help sticky blades, then as you leave use car screen washers,
  12. Hello, they keep changing to new models but look at 14160
  13. Hello, not a sci fi watcher , the only one I remember was Quatermass 🤔, shows my age 😁, I'm a TV drama addict, tonight's Walter Presents 👍
  14. Hello, have you ran out of adjustment, took ages to do my XT, had to shim in the end,started at 20 yards and worked up to 60 yards, it's not easy doing the 1 shot zero so we dialled in like a normal scope, this was held in a work bench with a home made rifle clamp,
  15. Hello, did it not come from a government lab ?
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