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  1. John Partridge Tweed Jacket ???.

    hello, interesting to see it is made in Staffordshire, £150, quality jacket, should last years. i have a british made tweed costing £60 a few years back, just bought a Hoggs but not the shop price, some times you pay extra for a named label, cheers
  2. Aldi

    hello, can you check on aldi web site if any left across the aldi stores? just like toolstore i can see if in stock in abingdon,
  3. Victor sarasqueta

    hello, maybe try on a pattern plate so you can get a better idea of what shoots best, mine has 1/4 full choke, i found those 28g 7.5s did ok for pigeon but 40 yards max.
  4. Tweed manufacturing

    hello, i must of had a bargain when i bought my Hoggs tweed jacket, £1, it did need a small tear in sleeve sorting by a seamstress for £8 so a jacket for sunday best for less than a tenner,
  5. Victor sarasqueta

    hello, my V S 6 E C side lock is up for sale but i have only used 28/30 g cartridges, 32Gg seems a bit OTT
  6. Thermal question.

    hello, been wearing thermal under wear for years, i tend to pay around £10 a set which is average decent, my son bought me a set from M and S for christmas, now my sunday best
  7. Anti Fog spray/wipe

    hello, its £7.50 posted from SB but they and amazon are sold out, looks very good on U TUBE
  8. A question

    hello, i always used a piece of hard wood block below what i was drilling in a drill press vice
  9. Monopod vs Bipod vs Tripod

    hello, it is the mark 1 photon not the XT and i limit my range to 50/60 yards although my added I/R will see an easy 250 yards, when the clocks change i go back to a Hawke rimfire scope
  10. Monopod vs Bipod vs Tripod

    hello, to add i use my 5 ft sticks with a CZ 455 22 L/R and a photon night vision scope,
  11. Monopod vs Bipod vs Tripod

    hello, home made sticks, i have just made a set for another PW member, 2 x 6ft green poles from home base £8 and a nice leather yoke from Mel and Lin, cut up old bike inner tube 1 inch to hold together,
  12. New member

    hello, welcome and is there no pigeon shooting for you on the 2 shoots you help out on ?
  13. Choke combo

    hello, this is my opinion but i think walked up would be 30g no 6 and maybe 30/32 6 for pigeon/ 32 no 5 for crow, walked up improved/ half/ pigeon 1/4 3/4 crows 1/4 full, but there again i was using cheapy 7.5s roost shooting with 1/4 3/4.
  14. Choke combo

    hello, a lot will also depend on what cartridges you will be using??
  15. .410 cartridges

    northern area of Lancashire