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  1. hello, i think read something about that myself PC, although the canals represent only a small percentage of waterways in UK, but nothing is impossible given the choices we will be getting in the UKs long term future for water supply,
  2. hello, Bruno is right on the Chinese companies saying based in UK, i always check the post delivery dates, saying that i do think there are some large warehouses used in UK by Chinese sellers, my last purchase of 2 batteries arrive in 2 days, sometimes i find Aliexpress better,
  3. hello, quite a few i would think, but glad you got sorted,
  4. hello, now that sounds a nice fishing day, it been a long time since i have heard any reed warblers, last time on the river Avon in Wiltshire 20 years ago, we use to use fresh water mussels for catching tench in a large deep gravel pit, just shows you do not always need the humble maggot, cheers
  5. well done farm boy, hello, there was one for sale recently on the board in tesco with photos, i can have a look ?
  6. hello, that is interesting john, the wonders of nature
  7. hello, that sound good but it is still a lot of work irrigating the fields, hope all goes well. cheers
  8. hello, yes i thought as much, it very much spoils the trout lakes we rent of the farm, what we pay is nothing compared to the crops and money made with the pick your own, our few 1000s compared to £100,000 per week, it it far more than a PYO every weekend there is a 1000 plus cars each day,
  9. hello L T 1 pellet lube will stop all that
  10. hello, how feasible to channel water down from parts UK that have plenty via rivers/stream/ etc rather than go out to sea or maybe it would upset the ecology of the natural habitat,
  11. hello, i can remember that a few years back after a dry spell the rains came and washed a lot of top soil off the fields into the roads
  12. hello, yes but you know the saying, if you want a good job done do it yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. hello, who is that chap in UKIP made some nasty comments recently,
  14. hello, where does he take his water from ? the East coast has not had the rain like Ireland/ Midlands North UK and Scotland, saying that we have had very little here in the Vale, still on the cards is a new Reservoir the size of Heathrow Airport, and yet they are building 1000s of new homes up and down our country with no thought as to where the water supply will come from, in my life time i have seen 1 river disappear and a beautiful chalk river reduced to stream, i hope the farmer can save his crops Harnser, ps, our trout lakes get a hammering in summer as siphoned off for irrigation
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