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  1. oldypigeonpopper

    VINTAGE FISHING TACKLE, any PW member use ??

    hello, nice photos simon thanks to show on PW, i think your right on greenheart, the 3 feather rod with a patent number could be an early Hardy rod, you could send a email to Hardy at Alnwick www.hardyfishing.co.uk there is a phone number and email, if you google forest and son of Kelso fishing rods you will find some good info on rods sold at Auction
  2. oldypigeonpopper

    FOR SALE a YUKON PHOTON 5 X 42 MK 1 night/day rifle scope

    hello, this is still for sale, £180 pick up or £200 posted RMSD, thanks for looking
  3. oldypigeonpopper

    Yukon Photon battery pack

    hello, did you get sorted ? i use one on my MK1 photon
  4. oldypigeonpopper

    FOR SALE, NIGHT VISION SCOPE ADD ON, NEW plus 2 chargers, 240v/12v

    hello, this has now gone to a PW member
  5. oldypigeonpopper

    Shotgun Cert renewal

    hello, just an update, had the FEO visit on monday but declined my tea and biscuits ha ha, anyway he was satisfied with my early renewal application,cabinets shotguns and rifle, ammo box, key safe, references, gave me an open FAC ticket/ no Dr costs so good to 2025, will have to change PW name to very oldy OPP
  6. oldypigeonpopper

    Scope / NV

    hello, let us know how you get on with your new n/v set up steve
  7. oldypigeonpopper

    VINTAGE FISHING TACKLE, any PW member use ??

    hello simon, i checked those 3 feather rods out and found an old dated auction house selling one and prescribed as once owned by HRH
  8. oldypigeonpopper

    Recommendations for 1st shotgun

    hello, its par for the course unless you have a gun fitted, most lower end priced O/Us are made with an average stock dimensions, some have recoil pads with extra spacers, with a budget of £600/800 i am sure you will find something suitable, good luck
  9. oldypigeonpopper

    Lightweight 12 bore under and over

    hello, have a look at the Yildiz shotguns to as the 12g is only 6.5llb, i prefer an auto safety in all shotguns i have had over 50 years
  10. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, try wabbitbosher on here ak Mick, he sells a lots of Baikal shotguns, good luck
  11. oldypigeonpopper

    Weather over the Wolds.

    hello, very sunny with a cold wind in the southern regions😁
  12. oldypigeonpopper

    Gillette ad

    hello, i buy a pack of 5 from the pound shop, the better BIC
  13. oldypigeonpopper

    bornaghi cartridges Pigeon 36

    hello, one of the best professional pigeon shooters only used eley gand prix which are 30g in new terms
  14. oldypigeonpopper

    USA Shutdown

    hello, i see a report on the White House this morning, no staff to do any work as all laid off so President Trump sent out for BIG MACS/ HOTDOGS and American fried chips
  15. oldypigeonpopper

    Gun Auctions

    hello, ok that looks some nice shotguns, the other thing with Auction houses is if there is a no sale you have to collect which if as you say down south might not be easy to do, is there a local RFD who would sell on commission ? or you could sell via gun watch bearing in mind RFD costs, if it were me i would make a list of what you wish to sell, then look at what prices these go for or sold prices say on google, once you have a price decide if you want to sell a bit lower as you mentioned and add cost to RFD, i cannot see any of those guns not selling for the price your happy to get, good luck