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  1. hello, anyone interested
  2. decoying

    where in uk are you WW,? or can we assume Wales? BASC do basic pigeon shooting instruction days
  3. I need a new cartridge bag

    hello, if you want just 1 cartridge bag for 2 types of cartridges have you thought to pm Mel B on here as his wife Lin might be able to make you one, Lin made me a bespoke pigeon bag the size of a posty bag with a divider, ideal for summer shooting a few hours rather than taking a full decoy set up,
  4. Browning 425 "Elite" circa 2001

    hello, sounds like a nice gunl you found to buy Paul, let us know how you get on shooting with it,
  5. Claiming ppi

    hello steve, Lloyds had my information going back many many years, even stuff i could not remember, still waiting to hear, talking of Barclays my younger son had his PPI x 2 paid by them and he did not need to apply, quite a windfall, good luck with yours, cheers
  6. Another example of NO justice

    hello, has not Enoch Powells speech come back to haunt us? should we not revoke the human rights act? and agree with newbie where the offender is given more concern than their victim, this young lady will be scarred for life but in the mind, having had a family member many years ago go through a similar experience but was raped and strangled to a point of passing out, her scars have never healed, he was give 8 years but out in 6,
  7. The one and only Single Shot Club

    hello, i can add my single 12, an early BSA made in Italy 2/3/4inch chamber full choke, hammerless, and raised rib, i read some where they were made for DTL clay shooting in Italy and imported for BSA

    hello, having some good information on my water quality testing post, i would appreciate some legal advice to follow on if a claim can be sought, please PM if you can help, thankyou
  9. decoying

    hello, you could also buy an old copy of this book, pigeon shooting by archie coats,
  10. Something different to complain about, well not really

    hello, yep its a funny old game at least a day out in the fields, but hey a box of cakes !!!!!!
  11. Side by Side Club

    hello, there is a sporting auction on june 9th at netherhampton wiltshire southern counties auctioneers, listed end of may
  12. Side by Side Club

    hello, what a cracking photo, are you hiding
  13. Trout fishing newbie

    hello, just buy this book and will tell you all you need, can get for a few £s, a pocket guide to MATCHING THE HATCH, by Lapsley and Bennett or more technical the waterside guide by John Goddard
  14. Drilling !

    hello, nice one LS