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  1. Hello, what a nice thought 👍
  2. Hello, interesting Harnser, I had to make some magnetic walking sticks as I was fed up scrabbing about in the hedge 🙄😁
  3. Hello, I wish they made one that dropped the empty at your feet🤔😀
  4. Hello, there are quite a few dive shops in N Ireland, check out as some may do PCP cylinders,one may even do second hand with full test, most PCP air rifles with an air tube can be filled via a pump, a 232 bar cylinder with a pcp guage can be used but you don't get so many fills as a 300 bar,
  5. Hello, buy one that fits 28 barrel,
  6. Hello, it helps to know that there will be no financial burden on the family,
  7. Hello, it was a bit like my family 🙄 Coral Atkins went on to open a children's home near Newbury,
  8. I have been watching TV drama many years, some will remember A Family at War ?
  9. Hello, try the new Drama on BBC 4 tonight 9pm
  10. Hello, under 13 do not need a licence, 13 to 16 do but it's free anyway, I can still remember taking my 2 sons in the 1980s Well done 👍
  11. Hello, I will do some research on a book as so many and let you know, cheers
  12. Hello, new gun and ferreting spade mel 😁 my mum use to joke about this but when all said and done I was glad I pre paid like myself as well, 🤔😁
  13. Hello, must be more expensive around here, I seem to remember paying around £2000 with the Co op but Son has the paper work, yes same here on simple 😁
  14. Hello, been there myself but many many years ago, is there a local Angling club near you ? Some fishing lakes businesses hire tackle, even catch your own trout, you can buy a kit cheap enough, my advice is a local pond or lake and a few hours with lots of hot tea, shame you so far , good luck Ps you could start with a good fishing instruction book👍
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