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  1. Hello, there must be some farms in your area that need some rat control, ??
  2. Hello, when I started shooting on my friends farm 20 plus years ago apart from the pigeon and rabbits I was doing 4 nights a week and shot 100s of rats, any weather, now the cold takes its toll but there are still a few about in the day time and early evening, with the harvest it's even more important to control the rats getting in the sheds and grain dryer, it's also part of the rules on farm payments, Simon's video shows how the rat population on his permission can escalate if you don't keep the numbers down, we seldom use poison unless it's an enclosed space where rats cannot get out in case the kites and buzzards grab them, am putting out 8 rat boxes this year, getting a pest control company in cost £££sss ,
  3. Hello, it's very addictive Simon, I could just imagine the BBC filming that, who would be the compare , Cummings πŸ€”πŸ˜
  4. Hello, sounds good, let us know how it goes, what Logun rifle ?
  5. Hello, I shot 6 rats last night, tried some new to me pellets as the JSB Jumbo's keep going through the rats, it's only 20 yard max, they come in the big shed from the back, climb up the 4 ft wall ,under the steel cladding and drop down to the spilled grain, so I have put boarding on the wall and back stop in 4 places with some grain as bait on the wall board, so what happened with the new pellets, Hades, went through rat and board, πŸ€”πŸ™„,
  6. Hello, I cannot remember what discipline this young lady is doing but good luck to her, πŸ‘
  7. Hello, wait for the gongs to be handed out after the games, seems rowing a boat gets you a knighthood, yet how many NHS workers who lost their lives deserve recognition
  8. Hello, I just heard on the news a young GB lady competitor had to get crowd funding money to go, I thought the lotto paid for UK competitors ?
  9. Ok sounds good, hows the new springer Sam ?
  10. About the cheapest place for mounts etc I know plus free post and quality items,
  11. Hello, πŸ‘ joining PW, plenty of air rifle advice on here, what rifles do you have to sort out would be a good start,
  12. Hello, have you looked on ANT supplies Sam ?
  13. Hello, if you get a new washer from AO, make sure you take off wrapping while the delivery people are still there, the 2 men who brought my sons new washer and left out side front door and were gone in a flash, yeah it was damaged πŸ‘ŽπŸ™„,
  14. Hello, we done Stu and friendπŸ‘ Hello, just keep looking, any beating this season ? Fenny advertised some pigeon shooting, good luck
  15. Hello, Trap shootings on and UKs doing well
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