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  1. hello, yes i see those just thought that one was a good deal, depends if seller will do the RFD sending
  2. there is a nice Rapid 7 with a HW sleeved barrel, £300, it looks very good condition, 28 ft lb, private sale, only trouble in Suffolk (gun trader)
  3. hello, you might find second hand 300 bar bottle at a dive centre near you as you need a place to get air fill anyway, one of the cheapest places for a new one is go dive scuba, sales@godive.net, store around Derby but the 5 ltr is a good deal at £170 with free delivery, they have a range of bottles, you can pick up a bsa super 10 £200/£300, i was looking at a BSA R10 doing 28 ft lb, in 22 you should do 60 yard and 80 max, if the big shed roof is good steel sheet it should be ok, my friend has a super ten FAC in 22 , rabbits at 80 yards, i do not know any thing about the 707 but some on the UK forum have one, did you contact Ed on here, he has a gun shop and i would think give a good deal, the rapids from what i know are quite easy to service, but rather heavy rifles, cheers
  4. hello, i had a look at that and did not think ideal, and over priced, is there nothing in your local RFDs or air rifle shops, i see Ed has some in his shop South Wales but that would mean a transfer cost, have you tried the UK airgun forum or the BBS forum, ?
  5. hello, if that is Brize Norton air base they have a very good clay pigeon club near, not sure if it is still affiliated to the base
  6. hello, a shotgun !!!!!!!! young lad !!!!!!!
  7. hello, have you decided on FAC air ? if so what will you use to fill pump or cylinder ? whats your budget, you will not get many shots per charge on that webley fx, far better a bottle rifle, hope you find something suitable, that FX vermy is only 18 ft lb max so a bit low for longer ranges
  8. hello, ok let us know what you decide then when you get your rifle, i shoot ferals in a grain dryer barn but only use a sub 12 air rifle being a tin roof, anyway good luck
  9. hello, lots of blackberries and i am sure quite early this year around the vale,
  10. hello, i thought ladyjack mentioned what rifle would be suitable for shooting feral pigeon in a long building, ??
  11. hello, the above sounds interesting, good news for the South Wales Industry, any PW member know more ?
  12. hello, go to home base and buy 2 green garden poles, plastic covered steel with point, about 5/8th inch, i use 2 x 5 ft, cut a bit off an old bike inner tube and wrap around 6/8 inches down from top. you can use foam tube for yoke, but i have a leather one made by Mel Bs wife Lin off here, give Mel a PM
  13. hello, do you mean rifle rest shooting sticks
  14. hello, they would have a record of the time you married where ever it was held, ? i think you can find online
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