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  1. Is it snowing yet

    hello, i think the gritting lorries are stiil in the depot here in south oxon,
  2. Security

    hello, its worth the trouble to get a good locking system 4 motors stolen over 2 nights in the V O W H area including a defender
  3. Is it snowing yet

    hello, looked out the window this morning snow snow and more snow, tomorrow the UK will be chaos for those trying to get to work, schools closed, trains stopped, roads blocked, no sign of the gritting lorries,
  4. What’s for Christmas?

    hello, i have the Garrett Euro Ace and very pleased with the this one, it has some good programmes, check out some videos and there is a garrett forum. as for christmas presents i buy my own
  5. hello, looks an amazing place, could even stop off at a Decathlon store and pick up some cheap cartridges
  6. Hw100 tuning/service

    hello, if you do not have any luck local, you could ask Alan at Punctum Engineering in Norwich
  7. Picking up a 22 Hatsan 900 X next week, Looking to fit a tune kit ? et

    hello bruno, the 900 was £95 but dont cost out my time, thats what being retired means, i still like to tinker about with things being a retired engineer/welder although i wish i had my workshop, still do a bit of welding, last was welding some plates on a gate post at my friends farm, soon to help a friend with his motor with a bit of mig welding. will see how it goes with the new moderator
  8. Picking up a 22 Hatsan 900 X next week, Looking to fit a tune kit ? et

    hello, just an update, this morning i manadged to get the plastic forend off, took a couple of hours carefully cutting down from the front but not touch the inner barrel, i measured from inside, then i sliced off in bits which opened up to reveal the thread and a round nut, ( not as suggested 17mm nut) that came off ok using mole grips, the washer slid off to, what was left i spliced cut across as it sat on a splined area, once loose it was a matter of a mole grip turning round until loose enough to take off by hand, ok you are left with a 55mm by 12mm barrel end the threaded and splined but the crown is undamadged and i did not need to cut off barrel, so to the fitted silencer i have found a good deal for a HW copy 180mm X 32mm made in UK and this will be made to slip on the 16mm barrel and 2 grub screws to hold, PRICE FOR MOD £25 posted, 1/2 inch UNF also made, will see how the 900 goes with new mod and think to do the internal tune kit.
  9. Why do I bother

    how about a Nissan, ??????
  10. First childhood crush

    hello, Marriane Faithfull in black leather, Bournemouth Winter Gardens about 1964
  11. No Pigeons

    hello, same around the Vale, forcast snow next sunday, maybe that will get some feeding?
  12. Night vision

    i would go for the 6.5 XT photon and a TR 38 I/R torch with a doubler fitted 250 yards
  13. Hardy Reel &Rod

    hello, i would not buy either, well not new, i recently picked up and old hardy rod a 9 ft 5/6 fibretube made at Alnwick, it replaced a 50 year old british made fibreglass that i bought for £5 and was my river rod when i fished the river Avon in Wiltshire, i was lucky this year to get a guest day on the kennet in mayfly time, took the 8ft split cane and 5 weight silk line, now its just most lake fishing and drinking tea. happy days
  14. Gassless mig and scratch start tig

    good luck with what ever you buy
  15. Gassless mig and scratch start tig

    hello, there is and a better one, $66 and first class air mail tracked, i have sent mail to see if UK compatable