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  1. oldypigeonpopper

    Painting scopes?

    hello, if it is not and expensive one but in GWO i would mask off the glass and turrets and spray black
  2. oldypigeonpopper

    177 recommendation

    hello, Well good luck with that, and for your scout work,
  3. oldypigeonpopper

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    hello, contact some local fishing clubs with ponds/lakes/river, i am sure once you get the EA permits etc they would be pleased to get rid of them, you can buy pots off ebay check out daveys pots the plastic tunnel ones i think better but take up more room,
  4. oldypigeonpopper

    177 recommendation

    hello, good scopes, and can understand not upsetting neighbours, happy shooting
  5. oldypigeonpopper

    177 recommendation

    hello, well done i thought you would have got more shots than that, what scope did you get off tony?
  6. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, it will also come with a digger spade if can pick up,
  7. oldypigeonpopper

    Barley Frustration

    hello, i had a pair of prescription glasses made for shooting with a slight yellow tint to enhance the light and still ok for sunny days
  8. oldypigeonpopper

    advice on milling...........

    hello, the machine in the top video looks good to, when i did my time at 16 we had a few oldies but did the job perfect, (over 52 years ago
  9. oldypigeonpopper

    advice on milling...........

    hello, what an interesting machine, thanks for showing video
  10. oldypigeonpopper

    Begara Folding Shooting Chair

    hello, i can always remember my dear mother saying good manners cost nothing when i forgot to say please and thankyou more so when on a visit to the sweet shop🙂
  11. oldypigeonpopper

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    hello, thats a mighty fine drainage ditch mel b are your sure it was not the river TEST
  12. oldypigeonpopper

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    hello, well done leaf, there are plenty in the Thames and yes once you get the EA approval another tasty source of food can be caught, we have a chap here with over 50 pots out and makes a tidy sum selling up in london.
  13. oldypigeonpopper

    Wheat going begging.

    hello, while on the bus yesterday i noticed a lot of areas on wheat sprayed off
  14. oldypigeonpopper

    Cheap rifle for Ratting

    hello, £250 should get you a new HW 99s with a reasonable scope, 30 yards is a long way for ratting, a 177 or 22 depends on your preference,
  15. oldypigeonpopper

    Different Hawke Scopes

    hello, i can see your point steve, shame i cannot use the Hawke rimfire scope on my 455 now, anyway got to save up for the add on