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  1. hello, sorry he sold the rifle
  2. hello, no but i will contact him later,
  3. hello, yes a few miles away from salisbury, the commission look good, might take a look at the next sale, 2020
  4. hello, my friend has an as new and boxed blue streak in .20, he purchased from new and only used for targets a few times, he was thinking to sell if anyone interested, he is not on PW
  5. hello, was that at Netherhampton ?
  6. ok, the only thing i can suggest is get one of those 3 legged disabled seats like i mentioned and extend the legs, ally/steel/timber?
  7. hello, yes TT some are, can you not find an empty drum and leave by pond, just take a cushion or ? thats what i did many years ago, had a lid so kept barley in to.
  8. hello, you can buy the 3 legged type with seat for £14 on ebay,
  9. hello, i have fished the Portland beach on the right hand side going over about 200/300 yards down from the pub in a good westerly wind can get bass within a good 30/40 yard cast, caught my best bass off west bay, was a good tackle shop on the Portland road and in West bay, king rag if you can still buy, night fishing is the best time but you will need some good thermals, i had an all in 1 thermal suite under a top coat, leggings and wellies, living up in south oxon i use to phone the tackle shops to see what was being caught and where also to order bait, drive down saturday if a good high tide around 10pm so fish 8pm till 12pm, buy this book, Sea Fishing in Dorset by Hugh Stoker (later edition), gives you all the info on Chesil beach fishing, my beach caster is 12ft with a fixed spool reel but its big, 18/20llb running line and 40/50/60 llb casting shock leader, i made all my own traces, 2 hook flatties/single hook bass/ a good rod rest, i have a 3 legged Ian Golds jobby and a spiky rest with a bottom cup for sandy beaches, , any more info just PM, cheers, i think there is still a box of casting leads in my sons shed,
  10. hello, can you not spur off from the lighting cable in the attic ? then fit a on/off pull switch or ? to the strip light,
  11. hello, Jds right, the PSA is just part of a check up, i had that plus a scan plus an internal examination, i go again end of month, hope all goes well JD when you get to hospital
  12. hello, the ATA sporter is nearly 8 llbs in weight, my O/U MC is 6.5 llb and a look at the Hull Comp X 21g 7.5s these would be ideal or even 28g 7.5s but not high velocity
  13. hello, i find it best to get a coach but depends if your near a bus station,
  14. hello, best one i found was Jaguar,
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