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  1. Hello, I can only think a .25 air rifle pellet would warrant FAC
  2. Hello, I think your right, Brocock founded in 1989 gives the ACS details,
  3. Hello, when you return take some photos, go on Wiki and you can find out on the Brocock history and should detail air rifles made from start to the new models came out,
  4. Hello, that's about right, I thought he was in the house of lords?
  5. Hello, no i thought I saw John Prescott in the line up, or maybe he was there to cheer the Labour candidate loosing 🙄😁
  6. Hello, what happened to Teflon Tony's mate 🤔😁
  7. Hello, that looks good, any prices yet ?
  8. There's a chap on BBS makes pard rings so I asked if he did these, will let you know, cheers
  9. Hello, is not most fruit and veg put in cold storage first ? going to try the new Lidl today, will see how long the apples last, we have a very big farm shop near Abingdon but the prices do not seem to put customers off,
  10. Hello, you do wonder how many chickens are killed/ taken by foxes all over the UK in a year, must be 1000s , years ago a farmer I knew lost most of his prized chickens, the few left did not deter another visit but I found the run along a ditch and waited perched on a large bough just high enough to be out of sight, sure enough it came along and armed my AYA No 3 with heavy fives got both barrels,
  11. Hello, after contacting Mick the cost and change over to FAC is not worth doing, so it is a matter of buying an original FAC air rifle if TVP approve, I will look to sell the FX in due course, cheers
  12. Hello, yes they do not make for the T 12, hope you get sorted,
  13. Hello, maybe he should have kept the chickens more secure 🤔,
  14. Hello, back many moons ago I knew a writer who often done a piece in the shooting times, there was one titled My first 100, reference to a days pigeon shooting, all from the comfort of his arm chair 🤔
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