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  1. Hello, should be called,British Bias Corporation 🤔
  2. Hello, god I'm still in bed at 7 🙄😁, have a good day Chris 👍
  3. Hello, watched salvage hunters once, if that's that Drew ****** same as the bidding room, where do they find these so called dealers
  4. Hello, the new Drama on BBC 1 Sundays at 9 pm is worth a watch, started last Sunday, also ITV Unforgotten
  5. Hello, yes and have you noticed the wrinklies getting paid to advertise ? I see Eamonn Holmes on one recently 🤔
  6. Hello, good point Dave, that's just in London
  7. Hello, I cannot understand why USA citizens would want a 78 year old man as president
  8. Hello, that maybe true for the Thames there's millions of them so may well be why there a fewer fish species , not forgetting the 2 legged poachers,
  9. Hello, they look very good for £50 , did I read the lowest setting was 10 amp ?
  10. Hello, having used oil cooled and those heavy types I would look at the electronic type like a Sealy sip , you can adjust the amps better when welding steel sheet to 5 mm angle iron, it will do a multitude of welding work, as mentioned a machine that start on the lower amp range cost more but worth the extra cost, £100/150 should get a decent welder,
  11. Hello, on the BBC Southern News, reference the beavers then BBC 1 red button on the fresh water fish in serious decline, ? most of the decline of freshwater fish in UK is man made ?? Any PW member fish the Dorset rivers ?
  12. Hello, get one with a known brand like Sealy , 120 amp minimum, then can weld steel to 5 mm, if you get a 90 amp you might find to low for some jobs, they are very useful for many projects, some start on very low amp ideal steel sheet, mine is a 160 amp and like a small suite case and so light, , and change the earth clamp if have a tinny type, some chrome leather gloves and apron, most of all get a decent mask as those that come with these small cheap welders are naff, keep rods in a warm place, those with a low starting amp are more expensive but worth buying, some eye wash just in case you
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