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  1. hello, WHAT !!!!!! its about £15 around here and only £1 off for us oldies, not been for 6 months if you check my other post
  2. ok, google HW and part number ?? for sale uk, you might find an online shop open, or put a wanted ad on the UK air gun forum marked urgent😀
  3. hello, hope you get sorted
  4. hello, cheapest new i found is ebay 332984460726 £133 plus post 10 available, you could send pm just to be sure posting at this time,
  5. hello, well done giving the farmer and son help in this difficult time,
  6. hello, did you manage to find ?
  7. hello, no problem, thanks anyway
  8. hello, B 1049 Chambers air rifle spares
  9. hello, did you check it out ??
  10. hello, why not contact Air Arms and see what pellet they test the rifles with
  11. hello, anyone with a AIR ARMS PCP once you find the right pellet i would suggest if you cannot get zero check the scope or mounts
  12. hello, what cartridges are you using
  13. hello, no wonder i dont get any luck driving my old Terios
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