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  1. Hello, I think it is a very interesting TV drama and many can remember this as well as the Fred west killings, it must be difficult for those families who lost loved ones in such a cruel way and many still not knowing where their missing family members are, cannot remember the quote of the actor writing the book when he met the detective in the pub but some humans can do such crimes that we can never comprehend the answers
  2. Hello, there is a chap on the UK airgun forum who makes very good silencers on par with HWs go on there and look for the MWSS silencers, chaps name is Matt,
  3. Hello, thanks for info, never thought on a garden gun👍
  4. Hello, is that the new model 007 Edd ?
  5. Hello, your right Vince even the X PMs! ! note the X 😀
  6. oldypigeonpopper

    Stag head

    Hello, have a look on auction sites, you get sporting sales which may have something
  7. Hello, sorry I missed this, am a few 100 miles away but thanks for offer, hope your feeling better now
  8. Oh no here's another one, were all in this together Cameroon 🤔
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