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  1. Hello, the only style of benefits one gets at pension age is a pension or pension credit, there are others relating to disability and caring for a family member, so a husband caring for his wife get just over £300 a week, and this is a lot of 1000s of couples in UK who have served their time yet were not able to afford a private pension, this will come round again when the 25 to 40s of today paying so much rent they can hardly afford to save, then there are people like myself who give the allowance to a family member due to a medical condition and unable to work, if a person has no need of this allowance and applaud your wife's grandmother ok but the vast majority I think do,
  2. Hello, hope you get it sorted, I found out who owned the one I had for many years , a Navy officer, it was made like a XXV box lock but I'm sure 26 barrels
  3. Hello, it's just what I'm looking for but a fair distance from you, I would look at a respray to black, and would need to sell my Dihatsu Terios
  4. Hello, I take that to mean large lake and reservoir ?
  5. Hello, I must say neither have I, but had no choice on EDF , will change as soon as U switch find a better deal, Oops decathlon crow decoys 🙄
  6. More likely given orders by the French government, how about boycotting buying French goods ? ?
  7. Hello, to those on a very basic state pension recieving the pension top will welcome their winter fuel payment, more so this year, to those who are on the normal state pension and a small private pension who cannot get the pension top up will welcome their winter payment, single pensioners male/female, widows/widowers of the above will be the ones who need this payment as their circumstances don't reflect the income of a married couple or those living as a couple with 2 incomes, but that said despite it going to millionaire pop stars and Sir Webber as mentioned I am happy to get mine, as a side note you only need 35 years of paying in to receive a full state pension yet a certain government decided as people are living longer hey you cannot retire to your 67 , !!!!!
  8. Hello, my son went to ATS for his motor check up and gave a long list of faults, took it to a local garage for a service and m o t and passed , no ATS faults 🤔
  9. Hello, born in Britain from Somalia parentage , 🤔 What is this country coming to when you cannot go about your life with out fear , thoughts are with family
  10. Hello, in most circumstances it pays to get a meter fitted, I would recon your parents would benefit Steve , if you live in an area of multi meters in one meter pit make sure your meters correct as it has been known for meter mix ups
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