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  1. hello, thanks will let you know when i take bottles in to dive centre
  2. hello, the one on my bottles is in need of repair so will get a new one, has a round hand knob, if i get this new portable i might sell bottles after test, it is 2 x 4 ltr twin bottles inline making a 8 ltr unit
  3. hello, no its £48.50 for test and same for new guage, as happens last time they sent away now do in house testing, not going to sell my PCP until i reach that age of uncertainty its a MK 1 22 FX Verminator, been serviced by A S I, yes if i get that 12 volt HPA portable it will fill up easy
  4. hello, a chap i know had one in as new condition, sold it to buy a shotgun, get it fixed!!!!
  5. hello, have done that with white spray paint on fence posts, easy to see with night vision
  6. hello, have seen a lot on ivy berry around the vale
  7. hello, if i did that i might be a real pooper if it went ***** no your right, my bottles are due a test in early march and need a new guage, best part of £100 plus £10 a fill, but have to show dive centre first, thought if they cannot do in house i was thinking to buy that 12 volt compressor instead, have to wait till monday for reply from seller and manufacture as on holiday,( chinese new year) if they can retest and put new guage on i might sell as i dont like to keep indoors, cheers
  8. hello, i read they are building a special new hospital, or maybe refurbishing one that will be only used for this Coronavirus outbreak
  9. hello figgy, yes i watched this video, a message from Ebay/Warrior company seller is they are on the Chinese new year holidays, cheers
  10. hello, i have emailed the Ebay seller so hope they might get some in stock, my bottles need a new test in early march and new guage, this 12 volt portable as mentioned will be more suitable i reckon, thanks figgy
  11. hello, it helps very much figgy, many thanks, i was thinking of the New Warrior portable 12 volt HPA compressor, more suitable for my accommodation, i am going to contact this seller to see if can stock, thanks again
  12. hello, thanks figgy, have you a link to the UK seller on the new 12 volt Warrier ?
  13. hello, out of date sentencing, out of date Judge, previous crimes were inadmissable, 1 rape 2 machete attacks, is this what we can expect in UK in 2020, Snowflake Judges
  14. hello, as above, anyone purchased the above, whats you views, have done the hand pump/ bottles need new test and not sure will pass, Aliexpress do a similar unit at £300, there are other makes and prices, any thought PW members
  15. hello, what ever you think of China as a country you have to show some compassion for its people and the situation with this new virus, millions locked in their homes making cities no go areas and it is soon the Chinese new year, oh and the death toll keeps rising, if it is true what they reported on the first citizen to catch this and it said came from an imported animal we do not consider should be part of any food chain perhaps this barbaric system should be banned,
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