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  1. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, just to up date, now waiting for my add on to arrive today and now have a Hawke S/F scope to complete this night shooting kit for my 455 L/R. the add on has been made different to the usual screen fixed to scope, just hope it all fits ok. cheers
  2. oldypigeonpopper

    Crow Call

    hello, thankyou pete, hope all ok
  3. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, many thanks to reply, i made contact with andy at Ludicrous lumins and he suggested to unscrew pil deflector and reverse, so will try tonight, also will use a figure 8 clamp rather than fixing on photon, will also try out that tape, cheers for reply,
  4. oldypigeonpopper

    Crow Call

    hello, did you sell you pigeon decoys ?
  5. oldypigeonpopper

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    hello, same here john, bored out to improved / 3/4 choke, cost £8 per tube, i watch while the gunsmith did this as the gunshop i knew well and use to frequent often, now its got me thinking of a J Venables side by side
  6. oldypigeonpopper


    just to update, contacted Andy at ludicrous lumins and he gave me some information that should help, if anyone has a TR and with the AS pil and has same problem he suggested to turn the pil reflector around will improve beam and avoid white out, will try out this evening, cheers
  7. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, is that right they call it JACKS ?????? maybe the tesco chiefs think, i am all right jack **** the shoppers, i have noticed a lot of prices in tesco are going up daily maybe to subsidize this cheap jacks ???? Trip to Oxford next week ALDIs👍
  8. hello, as above, ok i have just changed my day scope back to my MK 1 PHOTON on the 455 L/R and last year used a T torch with a stand I/R pil and worked ok out to 100 yards, but decided to go for the up grade TR torch and AS I/R pil so last night tried out and it just blanked a white screen even on low power as its 3 mode, i put the torch on side rail, any ideas to over come this problem, is the AS pil to much for the photon, ???? all help appreciated, cheers
  9. oldypigeonpopper

    It could reduce a grown man to tears

    hello, have been interested in antiques and anything vintage mostly british for over 40 years sometimes buying and selling or finding stuff that friends want, i do not think there are many dealers that do not understand values what ever it is they are buying, but i hear so much about boot sales and people selling not doing any research on the items so even those on tv find bargains, today i find local boot sales are full of foreigners and they let in dealers early for double/treble the cost of the general public, only last week my friend a wheeler dealer bought a mint condition english made vintage fishing rod, split cane, HOW MUCH !!!!!!! £3 i kid you not. cheers
  10. oldypigeonpopper

    Help needed in tuning semi auto triggers

    helllo, your location might help steve,
  11. oldypigeonpopper

    Jack's game

    hello, this famous salmon fishery has a etiquette on fishing that all fisherman must abide by and it was clear he did not so he was asked to stop fishing and banned, having said that it was many years ago that i went fishing there, but not to fish this particular part of the Moy, but my friend did so that is where we heard about this from the owners of the fishery, i cannot see any difference in your comment, breaking a rule defines cheating, anyway its no matter now,
  12. oldypigeonpopper

    Jack's game

    hello, he broke the rules on the famous Moy salmon fishery in Ballina, still i enjoyed watching jacks game
  13. oldypigeonpopper

    Jack's game

    hello, he was not a favourite of the local fisherman at Ballina, got caught cheating so it was said on the famous salmon fishery there
  14. oldypigeonpopper

    Jack's game

    hello, is there videos on Jack Charlton salmon fishing the Moy ?
  15. oldypigeonpopper

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    hello, that was my first spanish side by side, mine had a flat rib, as others mention try a rubber slip on and pack out till you just see the bead and the butt is snug in shoulder, i also found that using a hand grip in front of fore end gives you a better up and swing, i used the hand grip on all my side by sides, many years ago , theres a good book by Major Ruffer on the art of shooting, side by sides in general,