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  1. oldypigeonpopper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    hello, having lived through the years on joining the EU and all that entailed right up to the point of the the peoples vote i was sincerely hoping our Prime Minister would stand up for this country and tell the other 27 countries and Barnier and his gang we will not be bullied in to submission for a deal you want us to have and not in the interest of the UK and wishes of the people even though the vote was a small margin to leave, now from what has been proposed by TM in her deal and what we had hoped for seems so far apart even i would have signed a resignation letter and back the 6 MPs who state this is such a bad deal even a no deal is better and we just leave the EU next march and say England is open for business but remember we buy goods and services from your countries by the ££££££££ billions so let us go in peace and still be
  2. oldypigeonpopper

    RFD's around Worthing

    hello, my friend has the 455 in 22 L/R and a 17 HMR,
  3. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, we tried some eggs in a Larsen trap on my friends farm, it might have worked had it not got run over with the tractor (not by me) at least the eggs survived
  4. oldypigeonpopper

    RFD's around Worthing

    hello, the only problem with buying out of your area is if something goes wrong with a purchase and one long drive back, when i was waiting for my FAC i researched on 22 L/Rs as these were the best for the land i shoot and advice from on here and the FEO, i chose the CZ 455 with synthetic stock and one local gun shop was happy to get in so i purchased and very pleased although i wish now i had taken the wood stock version, so far its be a good reliable rifle , looks like 3 in your area worth a consider, rakers/west sussex/ and chichester, i am sure there is one that would be happy for your custom,
  5. oldypigeonpopper

    New to welding, Advice please!

    hello simon, farm bought me these last time i did some welding, Phoenix 6013, but i do not reckon you can beat ESAB mild steel rods
  6. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, i remember you made this steve as i bought some plastic eggs off Aliexpress, i just put mine out with a crow or magpie/s decoy
  7. oldypigeonpopper

    New to welding, Advice please!

    hello, i have tried one before but i always kept thinking what if it did not darken, silly realy but when you have used the old masks for 50 years its hard to change, which one do you have now ? tool store and screw fix near me ?? or a machine mart in Swindon, cheers
  8. oldypigeonpopper

    New to welding, Advice please!

    hello, i remember those, my first welder was a Pickhill bantam oil cooled, compared to my now modern 160 amp digital these welders are so better for welding on the farm, hello, keep us posted how you are getting on impala, i am old school and have a mask that must be years old, think its time i got myself one of those auto jobbies
  9. oldypigeonpopper

    Making beachcasting rigs

    hello, thats a fair blow Diss, and fish caught, i use to love that salty air and rough sea fishing, cold nights in thermals and all in one suite looked like the michelin man but hey happy times fishing
  10. oldypigeonpopper

    New to welding, Advice please!

    hello, that is interesting phil, have had a few of these welders and got fed up with cutting out mid weld although many years ago, can you post a pic of you SIP ?
  11. oldypigeonpopper

    Making beachcasting rigs

    hello Diss, how did you get on with your days beach fishing ??
  12. oldypigeonpopper

    New to welding, Advice please!

    hello, here is my 2 penny worth, battery type auto mask, looking at the SIP welder change that tinny earth clamp to a decent one, spare anti spatter front lens, get some G clamps to hold scrap steel while welding, the rods simon mentioned would be better to learn with and i would favour 2.5, welding up to 5mm steel, with your scrap steel it may help to put the amps at a slightly higher point than what is recommended as it help to strike the arc and the weld flows better then reduce to the normal amp setting as you get more proficient, it is normal for this type of welder to cut out from time to time, wait till cools down and start again, most most important if you do get welders flash known as arc eye stop welding and use eye dilating drops, or optrex, good luck
  13. oldypigeonpopper

    14 million in poverty

    hello, i watched that Hamster, so much for the Conservatives saying we are going to build a better Britain i have heard that from different Parties this last 50 years, 50 years on we have food banks to help people on moderate incomes let alone those who are caught up with this new benefit system,
  14. oldypigeonpopper

    Is something missing? SKB 200E

    hello, looks like the metal part that was made to go in the recess is missing, make something to replace it, i use to put youngs 303 inside the hollow on some spanish S/S to stop any rust from damp, squirt it in and let it travel both ends and let it drip out excess
  15. oldypigeonpopper

    Making beachcasting rigs

    hello, it is a long time ago since i fished the beaches, most at night, although day time could still be good fishing, i used rag worm/ peeler/ lug, fish strips/ or a combi, always found best after a westerly storm, i have an old book (1960) on sea fishing in Dorset by Hugh Stoker, well worth getting if you go fishing in this lovely County