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    Home CCTV cost

    I have the Swann with up to 8 camera's pir on them and 1TB of recording, the app on the phone works there is no monthly costs only a small amount of electricity to run the recorder. Forgot to say its also plug and play so you can fit it yourself, easy to set up, mine is all in the loft and have an old small TV as a monitor the image's are extremely clear.
  2. Not from me, Fernox or Sentinal internal leak sealer can help seal the tiniest of leaks that are hard to find I've used it a few times
  3. Good afternoon for you that always makes you feel a little better and as promised no mention of wind speed in kph 👍
  4. Retsdon your farther did your family proud and by working hard to provide for your needs just proves he was indeed a good man.
  5. I agree with you with some of it but it's the idle and the wealthy that both milk the system, the average working man on paye just get on with life and holds his head high.
  6. I would sooner be in work if only for a few quid more than sponge off other's. A friend's wife work's as a housing officer, she has said people try to claim for alsorts loads have the latest iPhone or similar driving new car's huge TV in the house etc. I may not have much but everything I have is bought and paid for by myself, if I didn't have the money I went without untill I had earned the money to buy it. IMHO we have created a lazy society there will always be a need to help some people and its these people who should be helped. We have a few near us who have never worked at all, they just know what to say and do when claiming.
  7. B725


    Just 5 more paydays before I retire and I can't wait to leave it all behind.
  8. They would if they cut the handouts, my parent's had no handouts 5 young kids and it was a struggle especially for my mother, dad died when I was young but she just managed with what we had but above it all she had her pride, so yes they should be made to work.
  9. B725

    No easy life

    And that I believe is were the saying daylight robbery stems from also why lots of house's bricked up some of the windows
  10. B725

    No easy life

    No food banks in them day's or benefits,you either worked or went hungry not like half the lazy folk today who expect everything given to them.
  11. The rape near me looks terrible only a couple of inches high, but the field's are so wet, loads of ground that should be in wheat has not even had a plough near it.
  12. I still believe that the lower paid will struggle to hire one if that's the way they go.
  13. So what about a large number of people that can only just afford to run an older car, when these EV cars become affordable to them the battery replacement cost will prohibit them from having a car. Not everyone has the spare money to buy new.
  14. I will have a look tonight 👍
  15. B725

    Flood water

    Been watching on TV previous floods but with the woman in the corner of the TV screen doing sign language, she was struggling with saying Cockermouth.
  16. The best night me and a couple of friends had was over 200 with the air rifle, we have been back but never came close to that amount again.. I like watching the terriers doing there thing with the rat's.
  17. My niece is going to use them as name card holders at her wedding later this year,we just have to fill 150 of them with plaster of paris to stop them falling over.
  18. The water will wick up to the back edge of the felt, by making an upstand under the flashing and sealed onto the flat roof will eliminate the joint. .picture two show's were the mineral felt just butts up to the brick work with no visible upstand. To use torch on felt your actually melt the bitchum on the back of the felt then fit it by rolling if it's a flat area or gently pressing if doing by hand. The felt is around 4mm thick and stick to any dry surface. Both my car port and flat concrete roof are done this way with the felt upstand under the flashing
  19. The felt has only been put down flat with no upstand, easy fix with torch on felt if your ok using a blow lamp
  20. Buy some torch on felt,easy enough to do you can make a felt upstand and leave the lead in place.
  21. Indeed they are very good.
  22. Scalectric did it year's ago, it would never work here as they are always digging up the road or mending pot holes.
  23. B725

    Storm Dennis

    Just a bit windy and showers here in mid Derbyshire.
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