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  1. Thats better and you have learnt him to put the gun away.πŸ‘
  2. I thought you had a big green egg from a big green bird😁 I also had to Google it chuff me they are expensive.
  3. Its now been done and the cameras recalibrated I just hope nowt else happens.
  4. Well that was a wasted afternoon they have just phoned to say they are not coming now until Monday morning chuffing great.
  5. I have a pair and the to be fair they are quite good.
  6. After god knows how long on the phone they are coming this afternoon to replace it but they cannot recalerbrate the camera and radar on the screen that will have to be done next week when its booked into their workshop.
  7. Well done and yes I would waz myself if you fell over, didn't realise your only 3 foot six high and needed to stand on a mole hill to see 🀣 When you win your first trial and it won't be long I will buy you some silver polish for the cup. You set yourself some fairly high targets for Ted and stuck with it now everything is coming to fruition well done both of you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. I didn't think you could claim for branches falling, my Mrs was frightened to death as it was hell of a bang. There is a small scratch on the roof I think it should polish out.
  9. I can't believe my chuffing luck a branch fell off a tree and mullered the windscreen.
  10. I'm not going to ask what you use that for 🀣
  11. B725

    Smart Meter

    I have said it before as it's been asked a couple of times at some point you will end up with a smart meter it belongs to the supplier and in the end they will fit them.
  12. B725

    Volvo XC60

    Been for a test drive today and pick this up tommorow
  13. I've done two with Joe Neville and thourglly enjoyed both days.
  14. B725

    Sat navs

    Just use Google maps on your phone.
  15. I don't care a toss about what anybody thinks my little dog will be protected regardless .
  16. I've just been out with my dog when a large greyhound comes bounding up to mine, bearing in mind a German shepherd has had a go at him so he doesn't like large strange dogs it ended up with me telling the t**t in no uncertain terms what would happen if I he didn't get it under control. Some people are just stupid and arregant as you have no idea how strange dogs meeting will react.
  17. B725


    Jesus Christ is that all people have to moan about someone having a fake cigarette on a tv drama, I pity their lives if it is.
  18. Thats the problem some people have dinner at dinner time some have dinner at lunch time and some have dinner at tea time 😁.
  19. If that's the case I will have a slab and let the guns I shoot with try them, not holding my breath that will happen.
  20. B725

    Stag head

    One just come up in the for sale section
  21. I clean mine each time its used and take the chokes out and clean them, I spray a tiny amount of gun oil on the thread and then wipe off.
  22. B725

    New motor

    All down to the tyres and what you want to do off road. I am going from land Rover to Volvo but the Volvo did do what I want
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