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  1. hello, you should be able to waterproof these ?
  2. hello, not seen yet in my local Boots, local GP surgery do over 3 saturdays, i have had flu jabs now 5 years, whats the 10% discount for John ?
  3. hello, would not think so as you had used bait elastic, big bass are like industrial hoovers, i have had on occasion the same but bit through the line taking hook and bait, i used 60 shock leader and 18/20llb main line, good luck if your out again, cheers
  4. hello, makes you wonder if they have done this to other customers
  5. hello, i have never had that before, what you think, big bass/ conger ? i look on google maps very rocky either side of weston beach 100/150 ? yards out, any more fishing before you go back home ?
  6. hello, that sounds interesting, was that a whole squid, what size hook
  7. hello, that fat man on the left looks like he has just got out of bed, 3 against 1 does not seem fair, but he put up a good defence and interesting information against their facts or hear say, i think land owners who run grouse shoots need to make sure their keepers are well supported in doing their job but have a better vermin trapping policy
  8. hello, if the water is cloudy put some smelly bait on, rag worm with slice of mackerel or squid to hold it on the hook, taken from a local report, good luck for tomorrow,
  9. hello, my home made black gnat was used to catch my first river trout, your right panoma 1 once you know the basics its only a matter of practice, i taught my son and two friends starting with a double taper line progressing to weight forward, its just a matter of timing and rhythm, cheers
  10. hello, my son has just had his old storage heaters replaced, with the very latest, not sure on name but it has not turned out very well including the energy supplier charges, i can find out if your interested,
  11. hello, Lee On Solent in Hampshire was a good place to fish for flatties when i was doing my beach fishing
  12. hello, you could try a fishing brolly ground spike about a fiver
  13. hello, i always used a 4 oz spiky lead weight on my beach caster but was casting 40/60 yards or more that is with a heavy front leader to a 20llb main line, but with a pike rod and 3llb test curve and 2 oz weight should do easy 20/25 yards, with say 15 llb line,
  14. hello, i have seen people catch these and flounders on carp or pike type rods, just need to use the right hook tackle for flatties,
  15. hello, oh well it nearly blew my friend and i off the West Bay Harbour wall, then we had to drop the rod down and net it off the beach,
  16. hello, you get my fishy feet tingling saying that ha ha, i caught my best bass in a force 6 gale, when you go again, report please,
  17. oldypigeonpopper

    The Sun

    hello, buses in Oxford and area give a free Metro newspaper, whiles away the time Wednesday on my trip to Swindon, i had some 22 L/R ammo, RWS Z Langs on order, waste of time as the gun shop had not bothered to contact Ruag Ammotec
  18. hello, i keep a small beach fishing kit just in case i get the chance to have another go ,
  19. hello, very well done WB, oh i am old school 13 3/8 th inches😁
  20. hello, i know the area, a small village with the usual country houses around, not far from M4 and A4,
  21. hello, is it not time we gave our brave police force the credit they deserve, i would speculate a gang of ***** going round the Area, then they move off to another, a murder in cold blood as we say, i will bring back the death penalty, or life in prison meaning never ever let out,
  22. hello, very good post R S,
  23. hello, i did not see any tracker dogs being used on the TV reports, ?? there are a lot more missing information that is why its made the front page of a national newspaper
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