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  1. hello, hardly use it now, finding some bouncing poles better and easier to carry,
  2. hello, of course you would not want to do that OB, a high amp lithium is much more practical if you have to carry your shooting gear to a particular place in the fields,
  3. hello, i use a car battery off my dihatsu when i bought a new one, just keep it topped up, lasts enough for a days shooting
  4. hello, yes even made in sunny Weymouth
  5. hello, this is the new changes with TVP, my advice if you want either licence is to get one sorted, i had no problem with my GP, good luck
  6. hello, yes its a bit high and cloudy due to this recent rain, not seen many fishers out yet around Abingdon, the EA released a good number of chub and barbel at Letchlade.
  7. hello, try your nearest Decathlon, you can order online, i got some shells 6 for less than £20
  8. hello, i also think if you read about him in his early years this may now be the case some say lost his way in life, and what ever parents do the son or daughter do not see reason and follow a path that may not be ideal, any parent with a child having autism in which ever form is a very difficult situation, but this young man has to face up to his responsibilities he put himself in, what his parents did was mistaking fact from fiction in his plea for sending money, now to their detriment, his parents are from the farming community,
  9. hello, according to some reports today Boris and this lady (girlfriend) get a lot of abuse from neighbours and people living in the area
  10. hello seems a reasonable assumption then why they involved the police,
  11. hello, you have to ask yourself why the neighbours recorded this and chose to give to the Guardian newspaper, heard a loud bang and the house shook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more like a mansion to me!!!!!
  12. hello, mine are tinted yellow good for cloudy days or dusk,
  13. hello, yea old school apprenticeship 1965, still worth doing on your home mig, cheers
  14. hello, it looks ok on the reviews, a 4 step amp and simple wire feed, those tinny earth clamps can be a problem, but with no gas wire you do get problems with the roller and metalic build up in the liner, most are like a net curtain wire if you know these, for a tenner a Mig torch Teflon liner will help, easy to change, and a tin of anti spatter spray
  15. hello, what make and model, wire size ?
  16. hello, i have a nice Grice and Young Avon Royal Supreme 111
  17. hello, sounds good, that is a long way there and back, is it not worth to RFD ? or make it a day out, good luck
  18. hello, the solid rubber recoil pad is 12mm ( Yildiz 12 g O/U) and need to reduce to around 5/6 mm, DIMENSION 5 inch long/to just under 1 3/4 inch at widest point, one that fits straight one would be ideal, cheers
  19. hello, already done thanks although it is still a good buy, cheers
  20. hello, that would be just ideal for your daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  21. hello, expecting camo net today till the posty dropped a card through door, please can you pay £2 as seller underpaid post, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  22. hello, not only for re loaders that is a good deal on the LED RAY 900
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