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  1. hello TT i phoned them and no joy or other local suppliers, i found these, METALS FOR U and they stock ally/stainless/and steel tubing and cut to size, i phoned to ask what steel tubing i can buy that could be made telescopic so trying to work out sizes, could you have a look on their web site and see if you think what might work not one for metric !!!!!!. cheers
  2. hello, i am looking to make some 3 section hide poles as all seem to be 2 , it was a a recent post where a PW member wanted some that were telescopic down to 2ft ? going up to 6ft, that could be fitted in a bag and easier to carry, so i thought why not try and make some, me being a oldy retired handyman, steel tube is stronger and cheaper, as a project to start with, 1/2 inch OD top 5/8 inch middle 3/4 bottom pole but need to fit internally, only a camo net, thanks to reply with your diy project
  3. hello, seeing the post on hide poles and a suggestion of a 3 section pole any PW member know where i can source the above, must fit together as telescopic, i have sourced some tube twist locks for 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch O/D tube and 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch O/D tube, ANY HELP APPRECIATED contact via PM, CHEERS
  4. Hello, any PW members using the above here is a good deal on the 12 volt 23 amp battery , just bought these to go in my remote ebay number 113060409911, cheers
  5. hello OB, i know the feeling not mine but dads old car was a Wolseley 444 with a reg 41 BMK
  6. hello, i have trawled the internet and can only find two part poles, i have an idea to make some, i have found suitable size twist locks and cloths prop tops, it is a matter of getting some steel or ally tube, 2 x 1/2 inch x 2 feet long 2 x 5/8 inch x 2 feet long 2 x 3/4 inch x 2 feet long
  7. Dinsmore Syndcate carp bank sticks go out from 30 inches out to 5 ft, screw ends and can buy the Y rod rest tops, 30 inch tool bag to carry in, anglers essentials shop ebay bag from army surplus
  8. hello, how short do you want the poles to go down to ?
  10. hello, you not alone, i have had IBS for 20 years, hope you get sorted
  11. hope you can get that sorted TT,
  12. hello, yes a good chap to have on this forum, so what did you buy ?
  13. hello, bananas/melon/yogurt/green vegetables/oatmeal/ low fat milk , and plenty of water, do you have a dietitian in your Gp surgery
  14. hello, why plumbing ? if i was looking to retrain it would be in the heating service industry like gas/oil gas safe engineers are in demand more than plumbers fixing a leaking tap, although you may need to pay for this, what about utilising something from your professional work you do now
  15. hello, and me to wisdom, eley at £3 a box, shot loads of those S and Bs they were much cheaper. the Alphamax was the duck cartridge i used when i was in Chichester Wildfowlers, gun shop was in South Street Chichester
  16. hello, used for training air gunners and pilots clay pigeon shooting
  17. hello, i am sure Lidl or Aldi had some bresser spotting scopes in stock recently, good warranty
  18. hello, lots of people use a side by side or game gun/field for clays but if your going to shoot often and 50/75/100/150 sporting something around 7llb 7. 5 llb would be more suitable with recoil, this is not to say a lighter weight will not do, what ever you buy just enjoy using, good luck
  19. hello, it was broadcast on video but has now been removed
  20. hello, i am happy to pay extra to the TVP to fund extra officers and support staff but why oh why do you need the Crime commissioners, what can they do better than the Chief Constable or who ever is in charge, TVP even have a Crime Commissions deputy, a former Council leader, talk about jobs for the ******
  21. hello, what ever happens in a persons life it has happened to others, we have a saying, its not the end of the world !!!!! time to think time to spend together so what ever you decide same type job/new job, i can only wish you the best
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