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  1. hello, i think Vernon was a hero along with all the others involved in the rescue of all the young Thai children and their teacher,
  2. hello, found these on ebay, 153406043984, let me know what you think of these lenses, i am hoping that i will not need to uses my prescription glasses.
  3. hello, i do like that Churchill, many a side by side since has adopted the high narrow rib,
  4. hello, i had a S410 classic from new and shot 100s of pellets every week for the 5 years i never had any problems, must be the best PCP thats still selling well after many years since the first ones were made
  5. hello, the 4 X i ordered is sent from Dublin, about £2.50, could not find any Dublin in China😀
  6. hello, i know this is an old post on the Pard 019 but i just thought to say if anyone needs an extra 49 mm 2 X 4 X or ? that fits the front lens i have found a supplier you can buy as a single item and not the set as on a few links, i just sent for a 4 X, PM if interested,
  7. hello, there a post on here if you do a search, could be the cartridge
  8. hello, most times the wind from behind you but depends on flight line or feeding area, if the sun is a problem just buy some relevant shooting glasses
  9. hello, your location would help and what model ?
  10. hello, it does look that way but i have all sorts of camo and some a bit shiney, never worried about it, it you see the price before reduction it looks a bargain.
  11. hello, thats worth buying 2 as you never know how big a hide required on the day even for 1 person
  12. hello, scopes are ok just get a decent one piece mount, with arrestor stud, put some tissue in thread hole and screw in but not to tight
  13. hello, i like those decoy maize cobs ? where did you get them from ? cheers
  14. that is why i like Hawke Steve, good scopes/ good warranty, good customer service,
  15. hello, what make of pellets have you tried, ? what scopes, what mounts ? the loading port did have problems a few years back but HW say it was sorted for the new models, you are not likely to get a replacement now as over a year owned and you have fitted a tune kit, i never like these types of loading ports on air rifles, have tried a few and some oldies, my last springer was a HW 96K and always recommend those or a 99 S , saying that it still might be the port system, when i bought the 95K the importer sent some HW pellets and they were very good,
  16. hello, what scopes have you tried and type of mounts ?
  17. hello, its only closed for maintenance, you can email Ash at splatt9736@gmail.co, scope sounds good but i only know Hawke, good luck though,
  18. hello, i just looked on CRS web site and Ash has some good deals on the 007 and SRX together, Black friday weekend and he is moving and looking to reduce stock
  19. hello, well as i was there watching the 410 on the chrono i had no need to worry, it never faulted in the 5 years i used it and shot 100s of rats,
  20. hello, i am now using a MK 1 FX verminator in 22 and still using AA fields, i bought a KRAL NP 02 in 177 but still not found a decent pellet for that one,
  21. hello, the RFD checked the 410 on purchase hello, best pellet i found was AA fields
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