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  1. Hello, I can see this going like smart motorways, πŸ€” or is it to keep more motorists out of town and cities, I see a lot of cyclists not following the highway code as it is now, they jam up traffic, go through red, and many still ride with no lights or florescent tops,
  2. Hello, I quite agree looking at JCs latest prices πŸ€” , only other RFDs are Swindon, more expensive, Thame, same as JCs , that's why I have a Wanted add for cartridges, I don't really like these RFDs πŸ™„, Swindon only discount to friends, Thame seems to be the same, any new person they try to charge top prices, cheers
  3. Hello, crikey if I had kept every shotgun I would need 10 cabinets πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜
  4. Hello, I would take the recipient to a decent gun shop and buy something suitable that fits their LOP rather than buying blind, buying where you can try a few clays might help them get the right gun, it may dampen the surprise but he/she will have the right fitting gun
  5. Let us know how you get on, try some splatter targets πŸ‘
  6. Hello, can't help thinking how we would have fared with this pandemic if labour had won the election,
  7. Hello, my Yildiz weighs 6.5 llbs, I think Kofs and ATA do a similar weight game gun,
  8. Hello, can be if in really good condition,
  9. Hello, like the barn owl ? there's a pair on the farm here and quite often see flying around the barns, look forward to watching how you get on with the C50
  10. Hello, there's one on the gun watch web site, Sheffield area for Β£100
  11. Hello, well done Simon, what was the total ? Ah a nice 100, , Looks a bit untidy there πŸ€” just like my friends farm , despite my go at tidying up, 😁
  12. Hello, when I had my 525 using Napier bore solvent made the barrels clean out perfect, if you have not tried it give it a go, about a fiver, I must say being an oldy much better than Young's 303
  13. Hello, well done TT, decoys look good πŸ‘
  14. Hello, I read some people buy the cord and use a solution called salt peter , potassium Nitrate ? Soak in rope and leave to dry, not found a supplier of smouldering rope, although on the farming forum it seem you can buy it but nothing comes up on google
  15. Hello, something like a BSA Back pack 43 inch, ?
  16. Hello, get some yellow tinted shooting glasses, good in low light like roost shooting
  17. Hello, what qualifications do you need to be a parliamentary whip, πŸ€”
  18. Hello, that's a strange title to work in parliament , lots of talk about whips whipping certain MPs to toe the lineπŸ€” and what about the underhanded threats ?
  19. Hello, thanks, only need what is on wanted add as have given him my Rotary Magnet and spare camo net, cheers
  20. Hello, Baby, Pram, Toys, remind anyone πŸ€”
  21. Hello, they do a camera mount plate for the generation 3 model
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