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  1. Hello, I always thought it was labour who wasted millions of £££sss then tried to claw back on the average working family, looks like the conservatives are in the same bed,
  2. Hello, ok I can understand your liking for 6 shot,
  3. Hello, local pizza delivery drivers do it all the time here, right on a pedestrian crossing, even park on there and the footpath, anyone who walks past this shop at night risk their lives , police don't have time to stop this until someone gets hurt or killed, to be honest I find no one cares about parking much in town, it's a free for all,
  4. Hello, Mr Crow can crow all he likes but I shall continue to use 7.5s , cannot be a PW member who asked the question ?
  5. Hello, I thought these had a warranty , did you not contact supplier ?
  6. Hello, ok thanks, next time I will get a free test and look online, 👍
  7. Hello, well done steve, did spec savers give you the prescription readily ?
  8. Hello, the ad on tv says it all 🤔
  9. The 7 ltr I have cost £168, but bought in Gloucester , if your looking at compressors to fill cylinders where you work there about £2000, those I have that need testing your welcome to take and see if there's any where to re test around Farnborough , if they pass would be ideal to take in motor when out shooting,
  10. Hello, ok, not likely to be the Mod,where I shoot it gets dusty around the barns so could be in the wind, anyway a good clean should fix this,
  11. Hello, have you checked inside the case you keep it in ? I hoover mine out,
  12. Hello, just get yourself a proper 300 bar PCP air cylinder and guage, even a PCP pump should do for a 100, there's good reviews on the wolf man store with cylinders and free post,
  13. Hello, there's been quite a few scammers on these selling sites, and gun trader sent an email reference hacking, it pays to be cautious with all selling and buying, What rifle were you looking for Vince ?
  14. Hello, try a Google on Champion Tattersall shirts, 👍 I have a few as well as other makes of Tattersall , I find some good bargains in country wear on a local market, today was a pair of Hoggs moleskin trousers, like new £10,
  15. Perhaps Boris reshuffled in his soft shoes 🙄😁
  16. Hello, this lady Coffey seems to live on another planet !!!!, Did I hear she came up with a plan for those loosing Universal credit, work some extra hours !!! Now I maybe wrong but is this benefit given to those that are unemployed 🤔
  17. Hello, these companies are all trying it on, look at BSA, HW, sometimes Air Arms, many importers, once you buy a product via a RFD and have a problem getting something done about it is another matter,
  18. Hello, as above, I have given my SMK PR 900 to farmers grandson for rat shooting in winter, not being techy is the a decent red torch that runs on AAs , adjustable beam, 3 mode ??
  19. Hello, these are 2 x 4ltr cylinders inline 300 bar cylinders which means the connect together giving 8 Ltrs, a strong handle makes them very portable, Oxford Dive centre would not test them, needs a proper cylinder testing company,
  20. Hello, I did not know pubs use breathing air type cylinders, ?
  21. Hello, the 30s reduced to £246 now,
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