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  1. You will be lucky this season as it's almost over but you will have plenty of time for the next one.
  2. There's a Lintran box for sale in the sale section
  3. Don't know about continental, more like must be mental.
  4. B725

    Lintran dog box

    That's a good buy for someone.
  5. I've just been looking at guns on pegs and someone is offering pigeon shooting at £1000 a gun estimated bag 100 to 200 pigeon that must be a typo who on earth would pay that.
  6. There was a tory MP on the news the other day and he said that the cost was actually 14k at new years eve not the 500k there are claiming now, I think it should be done.
  7. You have answered your own question Lloyd, as Ted is good at marking and retrieving you can back away from that part ( not all together) and polish up the other bit's.
  8. It's probably a combination of lower incoming water temperature requiring more energy to heat it up and the PHEX scaling up, as someone has asked does it have a limescale inhibiter on the incoming cold supply and is the heating system clean and treated. Limescale and heat together quickly naffs things up.
  9. Is that a Yeti in the last picture 😁
  10. That looks very nice well done.
  11. Looks like even if Sturgeon gave BJ a BJ it's not going to happen.
  12. B725

    Harry, oh, Harry!

    Did he go shooting this Christmas with the other royals or wasn't he allowed.
  13. Yes just tell them you can use the stock and forend that's why you have removed them after all it's only a bit of wood.
  14. B725

    Hurry up

    Aww thanks what with you being a married woman an all☺️ oh you mean little Stan😁
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