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  1. At around 5 foot the exhaust temperature is minimal, any closer and the leaves go everywhere there is a huge amount of air blown through it, I will have to try to measure the litres a second it blows.
  2. Getting out and looking is the only way to learn if there is any pigeon about, the pigeon don't send you a text saying that they are now feeding on a given field.
  3. I use my 50 quid Winchester xtr for everything but game shooting.
  4. Keep us updated with her progress,by the way what have you called her.
  5. Cracking looking pup you have there BB.
  6. Some of you do eat some disgusting things.
  7. Not really just run it with a bit extra 2 stroke it gave me a headache blowing the leaves so I think the rats will move plus its nowhere near as loud as a chainsaw.
  8. I have modified the exhaust so the fumes are going down the air fan outlet so it is either a leaf blower or a rat smoker.
  9. I have just fitted an AA Road Patrol only £30 it does exactly what it says and the app works well making it easy to alter things if you want to.
  10. What is the alternative? Tax and spend Labour ?
  11. We are fairly confident that we now know where the couple live and he of all things is a policeman. Even though the police have said they are going to call this isn't going to go anywhere. The bruise on her leg is around 4 inches and is still painful.
  12. How is your dog now,getting better I hope.
  13. Was the family called the Ashton's ? It was such a long time ago when I last saw it.
  14. I watched it as a young un I thought it was great
  15. And thats when the head becomes bigger than the man.
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