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  1. Bank transfer is safe as flynny says he takes the risk of it not being posted, you get your money within minutes.
  2. B725


    Has anyone worked out how many £millions the last three years have been wasted. Each time remoaners block thing's it just adds more wasted money.
  3. Springer all day long but other's will disagree.
  4. It was on sky Amber Hill and her shooting partner took silver medal.
  5. I will if I remember I am getting old 😊👍
  6. Today I was stood behind a couple of experienced guns and at least 5 had been pillow cased one was no more than 15 yards and going away so Jacko don't worry it happens all the time but a lot won't admit it. Next time you go forget what happened try to be a little more selective but above anything else enjoy your day, and don't forget to tell about it warts an all 👍
  7. Well what a wet miserable day, we didn't get much opportunity today to pick up much, what Stan did pick he was fine. He was sent for two pricked duck and as he was just about to pick them they flew off. The dog's natural instinct is to chase and he did however both time's he was told to stop and he did instantly so I'm happy with that. What's interesting is other people with their dog's, some have to tie them down, and some have to pick every thing they can and then you have the dog that runs about with naff all control. We may not have had much to do but he sat perfectly all the time, only went out when asked never used the lead and never had to correct him, the poor little fella was like a drowned rat but wagging his tail. He is a joy to have out with me.
  8. Use the starter pistol as if shooting at a bird, and use the stop whistle a millisecond after unfortunately it's repartition, repartition untill it's second nature for Ted to stop.
  9. Just the 1 don't want to spoil it.
  10. I would spend 165 million on fast cars, fast women and drink, the rest I would squander.
  11. I spent an hour on the combine with a farmer and he is moving to growing rape 1 in 4 year's as opposed to 1 in 3.
  12. Maybe TC but at least he's being honest. 👍
  13. It's his first driven day and I dare say it was fairly exciting maybe even a little in awe of it all. So no one else has ever shot a low bird in similar sircumstances. I still see so called experienced shots take the odd low one. I am sure next time the op will be a bit more selective, glad you had a good day.
  14. You could also put your hands round your spuds they should always be warm 😂
  15. £16.99 and thanks for not restricting to face book etc.
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