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  1. I've been exactly where you are and after spending a fair bit of money on so called premium cartridges I found no difference at all using the gamebore clear pigeon 32g 6s, so that's what I use all the time now.
  2. As I understand it that upto 20% hydrogen is to be added to the natural gas supply so I can only assume that the boiler will burn cleaner, I can't find any information regarding combustion analysis on the the mixture of natural/ hydrogen . Isn't adding ahp or ghp going to be a bit like the electic cars being pushed on us,as the colder weather just makes them use a lot more electric and we don't have much spare capacity. Just before I retired we had to replace two gas boilers at a school, the ground source heating had been out of use for ten months as no one anywhere could get the parts to repair it, the school kept asking for it not to be repaired as it had saved them thousands of £s in electric. The maximum temperature this unit could achieve was just over 40'c hence the back up gas boilers.
  3. Seeing as the government is now pushing people towards expensive ahp why not go down the hydrogen boiler route as most fairly modern gas boilers can be modified to run on it and zero emissions and not that expensive for the average house to pay.
  4. How is the gun now you have had it a while, as I've been thinking about buying one.
  5. I assume you have a Y plan or S plan heating system are you sure the mico switch on the motorized valve is not stuck therefore giving your controls a false reading?
  6. If you have the gun for more than 72 hours you are supposed to enter it on your SGC.
  7. I used the hill decent on a trip to Layburn we had to take a detour that took us to the top of a very steep hill covered in ice and snow, after pondering for a few minutes we decided to go for it. Pressed the button and away we went wondering what would happen especially as there was a 90 degree bend half way down. The Freelander went down perfectly. My Volvo also has it but it takes a couple of seconds for it to settle and goes down 2kph faster than the Freelander.
  8. I have litrally just had an email reply saying that I will miss the 14th of October cut off but hopefully sorted for November, this is local government we are talking about all still working from home, what do they think people live on .
  9. Yesterday was the last day for them to respond but havnt so I now have issued a CCJ against him the next step will be the bailiffs.
  10. Unbelievable but its 5 months since I handed my notice in and my last pay day was July 25th and despite numerous emails and phone calls they still haven't paid me a penny of my pension, last week payroll admitted they forgot to tell pensions but claim it will be paid this October but concidering I haven't received the paperwork with my pension options for me to sign I can't see it happening anytime soon.
  11. Some people make a career out of claiming and that's the problem, we have some round here that are just out and out bone idle but it dosnt matter as someone else will fund their lifestyle. The genuine people should definitely get help but there has to be a purge on the scroungers.
  12. B725

    Fracking for gas.

    Thing's have moved on a long way since the early days of fracking I've not seen or heard of problems lately
  13. The ATAG boiler also work's out the load required and utilises the room stat and outside detector 70/30
  14. B725

    Fracking for gas.

    I've just looked at solar pv at home I sent the spec to an M&E designer friend of mine, and as the export funding is so low it would not be cost effective for me.
  15. You forgot to add second hand dentures 😁
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