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  1. B725

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    I have a BASC dog kit in the car it was only a tenner but could be used for anything
  2. B725

    What are these ?

    Looks a bit like a filter for a kitchen extractor fan
  3. B725

    Best lube for a semi?

    I got it through a company called BSS it's used for lubricating pipe crimping machines.
  4. B725

    This is Barney Sprockett.

    That's better he looks like a good un 👍
  5. B725

    This is Barney Sprockett.

    Can't see anything but a million random letter's and numbers is it a trick picture lol
  6. B725

    Best lube for a semi?

    This is what I got for mine
  7. B725


    Try JF Neville in Alfreton they sometimes have second hand one's
  8. B725

    What to wear for informal syndicate?

    Bob Parrot has a retirement sale on but they have moved a lot of stuff and at good price's
  9. B725

    dummy launcher

    I don't think any are better or worse than each other. The problem will be if you are using on your own the dog will learn very quickly what's about to happen and it may encourage it to run in unless that part of training is perfect. I have used one for a number of years but now don't like the grief it gave my wrist as they have a bit of kick to them that's why I sold mine.
  10. B725

    Windows 10 driver issues

    I had the free window's 10 update it's the worst thing I ever did it's so slow and a pain to use that I do almost everything on my phone.
  11. B725

    Retirement sale

    Just been on the site again as the wife wanted something and a lot of stuff has gone so if you want owt I would do it soon
  12. B725

    Retirement sale

    www .bobparrot.co. uk are having a sale due to retirement there is some good prices to be had. I had some neoprene wellies for £40 waterproof waistcoat £10 plus some other bits and it's all good stuff ordered Saturday came today
  13. B725

    Semi Auto Club

    I have recently got hold of a winchester xtr 1500 for 50 quid with all 3 win chokes and the key plus a gun slip. I suppose the semi auto is like buying a automatic car you never knew you wanted one until you got one and then wished you had one year's ago. I do like the way it shoots but I have removed the varnish like finnish as I found it slippery in this hot weather .
  14. B725

    The Game fair - Ragley Hall

    Can't be twins ours was Ernie and he is still around
  15. B725

    Winchester, The house that ghosts built.

    Yes please bank transfer ok