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  1. I clean mine each time its used and take the chokes out and clean them, I spray a tiny amount of gun oil on the thread and then wipe off.
  2. B725

    New motor

    All down to the tyres and what you want to do off road. I am going from land Rover to Volvo but the Volvo did do what I want
  3. There isn't anything wrong wrong with mongrels as pet's but people choose dogs a bit like cars, how many people actually need a 4x4,just personal choice.
  4. Using spaniels as an example the show Springer and the working Springer are nothing like each other. I don't care for Crufts they take the dog around the arena with its head pulled high with the lead, hardly how the dog should walk naturally.
  5. That makes sense, I will see if I can get a bit more when I change my car.
  6. It's buying a used car it must be for tax reasons for example x 20k car is on paper sold at 18k and the trade in at say 10k is shown as 12k.
  7. Several times in the past when I've swapped car's the garage has said do you mind if we swap the figures as its just a paper exercise,do they benifit tax wise or other from doing it. I am going to look at another car next week and if they do benifit from it then they can give a bit back. They on paper reduced the selling car price and upped the value of my car.
  8. I do remember remember your MercπŸ‘
  9. Dont know what some of you lot have been looking at 😁
  10. It was I work for a local authority and we have had three in the last six months all young uns , what I cannot find out just who should have the qualifications .
  11. I have just had an email offering a full refund to which I have accepted.
  12. What a great day you and Ted have had, all the hard work has finally paid off I don't think you could have asked any more from the dog well doneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. I need a couple of internal bits for my old sub 12 air rifle and they have to be sent get so I would say yes you will have to.
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