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  1. They do have offers on subscriptions work's out a lot cheaper. I used to buy the odd sporting shooter at nearly £4 a time but did a 12 month subscription for £12
  2. B725


    When swimming the dog may get its front paw caught up in the collar and if it's working thick cover it may snag on something I never have a collar on when my springer is working Nice looking dog
  3. Do you have a WH Smith near you as they sell all the shooting magazines
  4. B725

    Smart ear defence

    Cens Mino for me I've been very pleased with them
  5. B725

    Wonderful couple of hours

    Have I missed something why doesn't JDog post anymore I also enjoyed reading about what he had been doing.
  6. Does that mean you can use it in the rain and snow?
  7. B725

    Hi from Derbyshire!

    Hi from Derbyshire I'm in the middle of Derbyshire about 4 mile from the man above.
  8. B725

    Beretta White Onyx Field?

    Any new gun looked after properly should outlast you unless you're shooting 10s of 1000s through it.
  9. B725

    Well it's done .....

    Looks very good 👍
  10. B725

    Pigeon and crow shooting m8

    Only 1 post and last on here 28th September seems a little strange
  11. B725

    Free stuff

    I spotted them in a box due to be thrown away but thought they would be of use to someone.
  12. B725


    No problems with mine
  13. B725

    new home for labrador

    A happy ending for a good looking dog
  14. B725

    Free stuff

    Replied they are all your's They was to be chucked away but I guessed they were of use to someone
  15. B725

    Free stuff

    Awesome ta