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  1. it arrived today thank you.
  2. B725

    New Pard 008

    It's a Logun Axor superb gun to shoot, but what with the rain, having to top a lot of grass at the farm and our Laura's wedding next week I don't know if I will have much time to play with it.
  3. B725

    New Pard 008

    NV008P as I wasn't bothered about the range finder.
  4. B725

    New Pard 008

    Well I've just been out and bought myself a retirement present of a Pard 008 NV first impressions are very good, I've set up most of the bits on it just need to put it on the Logun and play with it.
  5. I've sent you the money and my address 👍
  6. I will have the range finder please
  7. Thank you for all the replies certainty food for thought, as she is getting married a week on Saturday when its done and dusted I will take her with me to the local gun shop and we can have a look what may be suitable.
  8. So where are all these dead bird's unless he's eaten them it certainly looks like he may have.
  9. I know what you meant just couldn't resist, I want something as light as possible but don't know what would be the better option.
  10. We went on Friday it was ok but a lot missing I'm not sure if we will go again, the food was stupidly expensive £9 for a roast pork cob, cider at £6 a pint. We got there at 9am and left around 2.30 with nothing left to see. Hi Emma Welcome to the forum if you post in welcome to pigeon watch there will be more people see you and please interact a little more.
  11. She is 26 so I can't see her growing into it. I have got her going out beating with me and it wasn't that long ago she wouldn't even touch a dead bird but she has overcome all that, I would love it if she could come shooting with me to close the circle so to speak.
  12. About 7 stone 😊 The lighter the better as she has a bit of a problem with her shoulder.
  13. I am concidering buying either a 16 or 28 bore so I can have a lighter gun just to chuck a few cartridges in the pocket for a mooch around the field's behind my house but also for our Laura to learn to shoot with as she is only a slip of a lass and dosnt need anything too heavy, I have no experience at all with the smaller gauge guns.
  14. The Haldex unit is fitted to most AWD drive car's and is very reliable, my Freelander 2 had it but Landrover claimed sealed for life. I did have the oil and filter changed prevention is better than cure. My current Volvo XC60 has it and when the warranty runs out I will have the oil changed on it.
  15. Yes you can its a bit of an inconvenience I had the same problem when I swapped my Maverick for a Discovery. DVLA should send you a letter stating someone else has requested the log book can you confirm please. It's not that uncommon.
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