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  1. Stock and forend refurb

    Had my Browning done £80 really good job
  2. Theoben .22

    I will give you a quid for it
  3. Turner Richard dummy launcher

    Tibshelf nr Alfreton it is on hold depending posting costs
  4. Turner Richard dummy launcher

    All depends on postage
  5. Turner Richard dummy launcher

    Send me your address via pm and I will find out how it will cost and let you know
  6. Turner Richard dummy launcher

    Posted to where as I am using the phone I can get a costing for delivery but not sure when as I will be at work if you can wait a couple of weeks I am having a few days of work
  7. I have for sale my dummy launcher it has two black dummies and one ball to simulate running game, the best part of 100 blanks that work fine 20 odd that aren't that good don't ask why and another tub of 22 blanks but I have never used them. I have used it this afternoon so all works ok £65 I don't want to post but I don't think you can post the blanks
  8. A day of firsts

    Today Stan had his first morning out shooting and his first time working with 3 more springers everything went perfect, hunted nice and tight dropped to shot and never moved or ran in well chuffed with the little chap I got him a Lansdown therma dry coat it has kept him warm and dries him really well
  9. Plastic

    We used to take pop bottle's back to the shop when we were kid's so nothing new
  10. spaniel hunt command

    hi BB you will see him soon enough and there will be no swearing I promise
  11. spaniel hunt command

    I normally just say away but tonight I tried an experiment and said go on F off and he did
  12. cocker bitch pup

    A friend of mine is after a working pup but the colour has to be from lemon to gold he is not after a dark couloured dog
  13. Coast to Coast

    I know it's moving away from the op but regarding the bench done for Frank was anything done for Sid Wright having been out shooting with both I had a lot of time for them
  14. Lesson Notts/Derby/Worksop

    Let us know what you thought and how it went
  15. A day of firsts

    Today was the first time out with the dog and gun he has had a lot of training with the starter pistol.The gun never bothered the little dog at all dropping toshot each time. As we were working a hedge line Stan flushed a hare and surprisingly it came out my side no more than 12 inches from him.the dog sat immediately and with no furthr intervention from me watched it go until out of sight he was then pipped away from the flush and carried on as if nothing had happened. This little dog never ceases to amaze me I thought my last spanner was good but he is something else