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  1. B725

    Oh dear.

    They will say or do anything at the moment to get attention, it matters not one bit what's wrong with the world as long as they are in the limelight.
  2. Watching mad dog makes me chuckle (polite version) he is a star on his own, what's the dog called? Good video 👍
  3. Today I have received the first of a weekly newsletter live from BASC, I quite like the idea as it gives links to various items of information. I hope its successful and gets positive feedback.
  4. Grand looking pup's don't think they will be there long.
  5. B725

    Apple tree

    There's nothing in the flesh if you peel one and they taste okay as it was there last year.
  6. Local main dealer's have taken over 100 deposits on it
  7. B725

    Apple tree

    It's not been sprayed but if I can't find a treatment it will be treated to a 16 inch oregon chain.
  8. B725

    Apple tree

    Does anyone know what affecting my apple tree, every apple has it.
  9. Deerhunter jacket for sale, size large as I've lost a bit of weight it's a little too big for me £50 posted.
  10. Diesel and adblue I think.
  11. Some barley and rape has been done but not much, the rape will loose a lot of seed with the rain we keep having.
  12. From day one, making the play time with the dog part of the training so it never realises the training has started, lovley looking pup by the way. 👍
  13. About time she deserves all she gets.
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