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  1. That looks like some sort of medieval torture machine 😁
  2. Good for you if you took the three 0s off it would still be too far for me 👍
  3. A friend of mine had something similar it turned out to be the pellet clipping something in the mod. He removed it and the grouping went back to normal. Fitted a new mod and all was well.
  4. Hi Lloyd, that's the best way short but positive glad the new pups settling in. 👍
  5. B725

    Lewis Hamilton

    It was only worth watching the last 20 laps
  6. B725

    Pubs now open

    I've just been looking at the news updates on my phone showing last night's drinking in the pubs. Some places were packed solid so much for the virus. All this will do is cause another spike and further lockdown. Some folk are just plain stupid.
  7. That was good, I was up ar 4.30 this morning set out after the crow's the first two came in and had a nice pair. There was only three more that came in but none went out.
  8. But Ditchman could unlock the swear filter
  9. I have been to the food suppliers this morning looking at almost every type of dog food they sell. I am going to swap him over to a gluten and wheat free food and faze in raw turkey mixed with it over the next couple of weeks . I honestly have no idea if it will work but I'm prepared to try anything I can.
  10. Thank you I found it interesting I am going to change his diet tomorrow,the present food Skinner's musili mix has a lot of cereal.
  11. I wonder if the BBC would do a documentary about it, maybe not it would fit in with today's thinking.
  12. Still trying to find some positives but struggling he's been perfect from the day we brought him home.
  13. Well the vet's just phoned and it looks like little Stan has the early stages of epilepsy all we can do is keep an eye on him and told to lead a normal life including working him. The blood test showed nothing unusual. If he has another fit we will then start medication.
  14. No need to apologize JD I just wish the phone would ring and some sort of positivity from it.
  15. I found 36 rpm for pigeon and 24 rpm for corvids works best for me 😁
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