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  1. Looks like he's going to be a big strapping dog 👍
  2. There’s a thread from a long time ago from someone who claims to have shot a hare at 704 yards.
  3. B725

    petrol strimmer

    I got a Titan one from screwfix last year, strimmer, hedge cutter and chainsaw for high level pruning £150 so far I can't fault it.
  4. Get yourself a Primus crow call and pull a few more in, nice enjoyable few hours.
  5. Keep using the tennis balls, Ted ain't daft he knows fairly soon there's nothing for him close by that's why he hunts out further away, Sit him up next to you and just give him a little fuss then move a couple of steps but go back to him give him a bit of fuss. Repeat this about 10 million times gradually going further away. Try not to cut this bit of training short, it's a pain and boring, I still do it now 2 year's on with Stan just to remind him.
  6. Derbyshire delivers by hand now when the FEO does his visit.
  7. I had one very similar of ebay they did bend easy enough but the motor was ****.
  8. Download photo editor app on your phone
  9. There is definitely a leak buts sounds like it's very small and possibly evopating so you cannot see it, Sentinal internal leak sealer won't affect the pump but finding the leak is far better to do.
  10. I have sent you a pm. https://share.octopus.energy/kiwi-mink-519. Use this link to have a look I didn't think I could post it correctly, octapus is very easy to calculate and was the cheapest for me
  11. Starter pistol at a distance, eventually getting closer over time. Get someone to fire the pistol while playing with the pup giving it lots of attention, I cannot think of a worse thing to do than to take the dog to a clay shoot to start it off. If you don't have anyone to fire the pistol stuff it in a game bag behind your back. You are a few months away from doing it yet. What pup are you having?
  12. Does it ryme with bankers?
  13. Did you get asked to be on the mums make porn show 😀
  14. It's on my list to do, I've another for spares as some bits are totally knackered but I want to retain as much of the original as I can
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