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  1. Its a very short pendulum but it keeps perfect time. The top is fixed by two magnetic clips so I can swap the battery.
  2. You mean something like this, my mate did it for me for around 80 quid all I did was supply the clock.
  3. There's no harm in going to have a look at it,its quite possibly an ex motobility car.
  4. Some of the seated gun videos are good,he does remarkably well concidering he is in a wheel chair.
  5. I think he means the pigeons are using Facebook 😊
  6. I had a pair as did most of the lads in school.
  7. Buy Chris Greens video about it and see for yourself how 1000 pigeon had been shot in a day.
  8. Why not haggle ? They all try to sell them at top book price and have room for manoeuvre on the price, my own experience of car sales men over the years is most are full of $### and quite arragant.
  9. I bought my Volvo XC60 during lockdown and got a good deal I even managed another £250 off when I hesitated before signing.
  10. It would have been for me as well but some folk are either blind or just stupid there is no way of tracing it back, she is apparently terrified that her mum will find out how much she paid.
  11. My mates niece has just paid 4k for a boxer pup that had to come from Ireland then collected from Manchester.
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