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  1. Happy day's 👍👍👍👍
  2. B725

    22 pellets

    Forgot to say they are. 22. 5.5
  3. B725

    22 pellets

    I have just had a look and I have 5 tins out of my 10 left but I will let you have 1 tin. They suit my Logun and I cannot buy them anywhere near me anymore. If I go to the shooting show in February and he's still selling them I would be happy to buy some for you.
  4. B725

    22 pellets

    Me and my mate brought 20 tins from the shooting show @£5 a tin just because the tin was damaged, nothing wrong with the pellets it's just that they could not sell them in the shop.
  5. B725

    New era

    Conservaties win Bolsover for the first time in history.
  6. Isn't there talk of scrapping the BBC tax and making them self funding like all other channels have to.
  7. As above, keep the dog's food fairly dry.
  8. B725


    Me as well it sounds minging 😁
  9. We could have a referendum on it.
  10. We did a few year's ago, we trapped 22 in less than 3 months, one even had a docked tail almost everyone just sat in the trap, only a couple of truly wild one's caught and they went nuts when approaching the trap.
  11. Nice video 👍not everyone on PW is on instaface and such like, maybe the odd one on Grinder 😂, put more on PW for us to see.
  12. B725

    R.I.P old friend

    It's never easy, I've had to do it a few time but rest assured you did the best thing for him and now he's at peace.
  13. That's a very good picture it captures it all, but did he break the clay.
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