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  1. B725

    Strange methods 🤔

    I don't need a hi_viz dummy to send my dog back.
  2. B725

    Strange methods 🤔

    Hi BB from memory we just had regular green ones, we all know you could blindfold a spaniel and it will still find it. I wouldn't want to take my dog there
  3. B725

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    I have the Cens Mino and have been pleased with them big box of spare batteries of the bay for a tenner.
  4. B725

    Suggestions please

    My neices Kuga will do 60mpg on a run its 2 wheel drive manual
  5. B725

    Strange methods 🤔

    It is all about hunting and using their nose. How would the fuzz train springers and cockers to find drug's and gun's etc. Its fairly obvious when watching a dog hunt and it uses the wind then turns on a tanner. BB does the guy actually use gun dog's for what they are bred for, I'm fairly confident I could put little Stan against owt he turns out.
  6. B725


    Is it for sale , not the ex gf 😂
  7. B725

    Strange methods 🤔

    At the game fair last year on one scurry there was a woman screaming at her dog like a lunatic to pick up the orange dummy not the green one. I nearly wazzed myself, also I was stood next to someone who's bitch was in season hardly fair on other people's dogs. Can dog's see in colour?
  8. B725

    Scrap metal & free skip hire

    SIMs metal do but they are large or at least they used to.
  9. B725

    Barrel length ?

    Are you thinking of robbing the post office
  10. B725

    A public thank you

    I would just like to thank davewh100 for his help and generosity, we have never met just a few phone calls and text messages, you sir are a gentleman it's nice to know that there are still some genuine people about.
  11. B725

    British Shooting Show 2019

    It was indeed
  12. B725

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Me and my mate had a good day he got a stunning silver pigeon 3 special edition and we both got a gun fiting voucher free
  13. B725

    Hide Poles ???

    I did exactly as Westley has done.
  14. B725

    Slam Discharge in Semi Auto

    I always release mine but hold onto it as it never seems right to release it by just pushing the button maybe I'm just over cautious.