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  1. Relium Tornado Trigger Diagram

    some were I may still have the exploded diagram for mine that I bought many many years ago,as i have to rebuild my own one day, it will however take some finding if I can i will send you a copy

    Any news yet.
  3. Fordson super major restoration

    That is the way we used to do it
  4. Fordson super major restoration

    first thing i ever drove it was on my 13th birthday SRR 711 if I remember the number plate correctly, it looks tidy as it is.
  5. What do you do?

    Heating engineer and if all goes to plan 34 more pay day's then they can shove it where the sun don't shine
  6. September Dawn DVD

    Yes please bank transfer ok
  7. Rats in Cover Crop

    We used 3 foot lengths of plastic pipe and pushed the poison into the middle and placed on one of the rat runs that way only the rat's got to it. We also used the accelerated lead poisoning method Sit quietly with the air rifle
  8. Doesn't want to retrieve..

    For what it's worth all my springers have lived in the house and it has never been a problem, my 9 month old pup can do almost what he likes in the confines of the garden but he is not allowed any free running when we are out.He is coming on at an unbelievable pace, I have taken him to see a trialing judge and trainer at Melbourne and at 9 month old he is now ready for the rabbit pen. thanks for little Stan BB
  9. Inset stoves.

    I forgot to say flue liner is the better way to go as you still need to seal the chimney and buy the best not the cheapest
  10. Inset stoves.

    it should be registered with building control or it may invalidate your home insurance also you need to check if you are in a smoke controlled are as not all are suitable .If its over 5kw it will require a air vent .The inset stoves are not that good free standing is a better option.
  11. Any plumbers (or handy folks!) around?

    Flow restrictor at a guess is the problem
  12. Centrel heating

    Turn off all the other radiators using the lock sheild valve allow the radiator to get hot then open one valve at a time but only just open enough to allow hot water to flow into the radiator. This will restrict the flow to the radiators that get hot it can be time consuming
  13. Oil service light.

    Look at www.freel2.com you can find anything you want there
  14. New pup.. advice

    Take no notice and let the pup play with its toys as long as you train the dog a little at a time all will be good My springer is now 7 month old unbelievable forward with his training but still allowed to play with his toy's at home good luck with it a picture would be nice

    BASC are saying not to pay it lots been posted about it