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  1. B725

    First lab pup

    Do you put anything in it? That could give you a few replies you may not expect. Just tie it in a knot to start with and let the pup play about with it.
  2. B725

    Waterproof moleskins?

    Have a look at Deerhunter Muflon they are warm and waterproof not the cheapest but very good
  3. B725

    Untrained terrier

    It's a shame that they don't get told as it spoils other people's day. I guess that some dog owners don't give a stuff thinking their Fido is just playing about How's the new dog coming on
  4. B725

    Untrained terrier

    A bit drastic JD I assumed it worked though, it's a shame that the dog's on the shoot aren't under control I would not take mine if I couldn't control him
  5. B725

    More wreaths, sorry!

    Very nice BB my niece has seen some similar around £25 yours look a lot nicer 👍
  6. B725

    . 22lr cases

    That's a kind offer I will keep it in mind for the future Thanks
  7. B725

    . 22lr cases

    Case's arrived today please let me know how much I owe you. Regards
  8. B725

    Gundog working tests

    Do have a picture? Dorset is a tad far.
  9. B725

    Gundog working tests

    Curled up on my lap waiting for Friday still impressed how well he's doing.
  10. B725

    Ditchman manual flapper

    You could always sell the drawings 😁
  11. B725

    Gundog working tests

    Nice to see your back adding pearls of wisdom Alli, have you been hiding. from PW
  12. B725

    Proud owner

    Sound's like you have a good un and it's good that you let the work it out the only bit I can add don't let him get to point that he thinks he don't need you as it's a fine line to cross, it's a nice feeling when it all comes together 👍
  13. B725

    Cert has landed!

    You will need deep pockets now out of curiosity where are you having lessons, Joe Neville does them at Matlock and very good the gun shop in Alfreton will give you the details, good choice with the 725 👍
  14. B725

    . 22lr cases

    Not the best of pictures but hopefully you'll get the idea of the coat rail.
  15. B725

    . 22lr cases

    I will try to show a picture of both, but me a a piece of wood aren't the best of bed fellow's but the coat rail she was well chuffed That's a nice offer I may take up for a future project using the bigger case's