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  1. This thread has made me question my gender, turns out I'm a Volvo
  2. I cannot understand why we now have all these different group's of people, LBPGTIPS69+ BAME BAM and umpteen other's, growing up we just had men and women and no one really cared what side they batted for or what colour they where life was so much simpler and people just got on with life.
  3. Try Empire cartridges they occasionally come on here.
  4. The dog has took to the starter pistol so much so he is dropping to shot, the odd time he will just stop rather than sit like I prefer but it early day's . Two new dummies being delivered tomorrow so he can be taught left and right retrieves or stop on one and go for the other, going back is progressing but no more than 20 yard's at the moment, the only problem is I want short grass to start off but that attracts other people with their mutt's asking if the dog's can play. He's come on so well I can mix and match his training so he doesn't second guess what's going to happen.
  5. B725

    Growler gate

    I find it incredible the standard of morals of today's politician's Angela Rayner goes off one big time about being accused of distracting MPs by crossing and uncrossing her leg's but it turns out she herself made the comments about flashing the ginger growler or at least 1/2 an acre of it, so we have disgusting blatant lies told by her and nothing happens. I think the whole lot of them should go and start again with strict rules that means they have to go immediately for breaking the rules and loose all benefits and pensions.
  6. It will work better if you can get a bird from elsewhere it's not uncommon to catch two at the same time, we used to make our own traps from some roof batons and chicken wire
  7. B725

    Lewis Hamilton

    Is Lewis in danger of becoming just another driver, George Russell is out pacing him and the ultimate embarrassment Max lapped him, I do think he is talented but when not in the best car he is no better than anyone else. They should also ban the DRS so they had to actually race and have the nut's to do so .
  8. The only time I use short grass is as in the picture learning to jump its easy for the dog to see and when I start to use directional retrieves , if the dog can see both or more dummies it adds an extra thing for the dog to think about plus I don't loose the dummies. All the hunting is in tall grass to start until the recall and stop have been perfected. I know some may say he's too young but I've always done it this way so him working is fun and engrained whilst young. I only do short sessions gradually building up to longer sessions but only at the dogs pace or ability to absorb what is being asked of him,the rest of the time he can have as much puppy play as he wants. My last few spanner's have been a joy to take shooting unfortunately I don't think anyone on here as seen any of them working so I can only write a few words to give people an idea of what they turn out like. I also like my dog to hunt close i.e 10 to 20 foot infront because if you cannot control him at that distance you would have no chance 100 metres away. By the way I would have no intention of telling you to foff 👍👍 ,
  9. That's one mighty fine looking dog.
  10. My new dog is coming up to 6 months old now he is quartering quite well with less input from the whistle, retrieving is progressing as is sit and stay and also stopping to the dummy being thrown well most of the time 😁 not the best picture as it's difficult on my own to capture exactly where he comes back.
  11. A lot of spaniels will fade if too cold and wet, a couple of years ago we were beating in really wet snow and it was bitterly cold by 1pm the spaniels were giving up to the point of a couple of them had to be carried back to the car's and these were fit dog's that would go all day even the guns had enough and called it a day.
  12. It's a 60 mile round trip but well worth it and the bacon freezes well, just make sure that its well sealed in a bag before putting it in the freezer.
  13. Glad you enjoyed it did you have normal smoked bacon or the triple smoked, I had to have some bacon last night as well 👍👍
  14. I nipped in the vet's today to have the pup's glands cleaned out, I've never seen so many over weight dog's mind you some of the owner's had a right truck end on them so it's hardly surprising.
  15. That's how we are around here I have not got a clue who is who and never see anyone.
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