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  1. Jack pyke spot shot targets

    Target's came this morning thanks
  2. Jack pyke spot shot targets

    I will have 2 pack's please
  3. .22 blanks

    22 long blanks are too much for the starter pistol the short one's are loud enough I pay almost £10 per 100 for the short one's
  4. Heating system

    You can hire a power flush for around £100 and do it yourself it's fairly straight forward you then will know the system is clean.
  5. Which Dog Coat ?

    I have just got a Lansdown one easy to put on and dries the dog well
  6. Toilet flush mechanism broke

    Replace the whole syphon with a two part one like a dudley turbo you will also have to change the donut water between the cistern and pan Once done as above any other repairs later in life will be a doddle
  7. Dead ni-cad battery

    I didn't have time but will be done soon
  8. Dead ni-cad battery

    Do you turn the amp's down to say 20 or so?
  9. Dead ni-cad battery

    Has anyone tried to repair ni-cad batteries using the welder I have been looking on the net and it does appear to work. I am going to have a go tomorrow
  10. Car Discount - LR

    I don't think BASC publicly show the discount so people just join to get it
  11. Stock and forend refurb

    Had my Browning done £80 really good job
  12. Theoben .22

    I will give you a quid for it
  13. Turner Richard dummy launcher

    Tibshelf nr Alfreton it is on hold depending posting costs
  14. Turner Richard dummy launcher

    All depends on postage