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  1. I am between Alfreton and Chesterfield
  2. I have a Prismatic 20 x 60 x60 it has never been used and only taken out the box to have a look, it's just been gathering dust on top of the wardrobe, £55 delivered.
  3. Shouldn't it be a dog of colour in this PC World. 😂 Looking forward to hearing how it all goes
  4. Regarding bird's with tattoos what about them with cod lips, I cringe when I see what they have done to themselves and I would pay good money to see Dianne Abbott on countdown.
  5. But its how that boot space is utilised, my Lintran box built for a Dicovery 2 as I had one at the time only just fitted inside the Freelander 2 I replaced it with. The same Lintran box fits inside the XC60 with ease.
  6. Hi BB I was looking at one but not the R Sport as I wanted a comfortable ride. One of the contractors we use had the 2 litre auto and he went to France in it and returned 52mpg. Surprisingly the boot is not as big as you think. In the end I got a Volvo XC60 AWD and got more car for my money, but I do like the Jag.
  7. B725

    Volvo XC60

    I have been pleased with it so far its very comfortable and better on diesel than the Freelander. It has gone into the field's and up a steep slippy slope with no problems. It will never be able to go where the landrover went but it will do everything I need of it.
  8. BB you used to post a lot of good pictures and you should do more, missed looking at them especially as thats how we ended up with little Stan.👍👍
  9. Put these interlocking grids down then sit your new shed on them it will keep the base dry and water will not wick upwards about £100 for what your building.
  10. Its a very short pendulum but it keeps perfect time. The top is fixed by two magnetic clips so I can swap the battery.
  11. You mean something like this, my mate did it for me for around 80 quid all I did was supply the clock.
  12. There's no harm in going to have a look at it,its quite possibly an ex motobility car.
  13. Some of the seated gun videos are good,he does remarkably well concidering he is in a wheel chair.
  14. I think he means the pigeons are using Facebook 😊
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