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  1. Now that is very nice thankyou .👍
  2. Any chance of a picture please.
  3. I have just emailed Derbyshire Police for their take on being able to be out shooting on the proviso of isolation, I will let you know the reply when it comes.
  4. Do three of you sit on it together 😁at the same time.
  5. I've just come off the phone from one of the shoots I go to and they like the other I attend are both hoping to carry on.
  6. B725

    Harry, oh, Harry!

    There is no doubt we will end up paying as no one else wants to, let them pay for it themselves.
  7. B725

    Harry, oh, Harry!

    I bet they expected it, I think this will not end well he just does what ever she says. Megan knew what she was marrying into but didn'tlike it.
  8. B725

    Harry, oh, Harry!

    Just had a news update on my phone saying that America won't pay for their security they have to pay for it themselves.
  9. That's a good idea 👍we have plenty of room for a kennel but she wouldn't want Stan outside as she spoils him daft.
  10. I like to see two Springer's working together, I could always get rid of the wife I suppose.
  11. I would like another pup to bring on as Stan is now 3 and I have retirement looming but the Mrs won't have it as Stan is a house dog and she wouldn't cope with two spanner's.
  12. Not unless it's changed in the last couple of year's you can go whenever you like but have to be considerate of other fowler's already out there.
  13. No I meant it can be very cold and or wet and you can go out without seeing anything,do that a few times and you will understand why a said it's not for the faint hearted,but one good morning and all that's forgotten.
  14. Your out on the Wash as like wildfowling anywhere you need local knowledge and an element of luck. The first time my mate came with me I told him to be careful walking out onto the Wash as it's very sticky and slippery mud,his very first step he slipped and ended up covered in mud. There can be more blank day's than good one's and at times not for the faint hearted but its not always about pulling the trigger.
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