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Another good day


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Went back yesterday to the same area and farm  I shot 141 on sat  just a different disced in field with grass and weed growing in it the birds had diverted 500 yards from the stubble to this one  only answer to that is they were shot off the stubble the day before ,must of been after the weed and what little grain they could find on it  multiple lines coming in but they where landing all over the field a fairly big open one with little cover to set up at   so the best option to set up  would be an old veg sorting trailer  sat on the track that spilts the field  it  hasn't moved from there  for many years  despite it being a permanent fixture they were wary of committing to the decoys a lot skirted round the decoys at 60 yards  or flared at the last second they have been shot heavily in this area by us in the last few months on a weekly basis  so I put it down to that fact still 86  came close enough to shoot so that's thats what we ended up with  lost around  10 birds that flew on and dropped  over the boundary  or to far to get a good mark on them 


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Another brilliant day's sport , 86 in anyones book is a very good bag , setting up against a bit of ole farm machinery was certainly a good move , the Pigeons look in good condition and are you getting many young ones in the bag ? , my bags are only small in comparison to yours but haven't had any young ones for quite a while now .

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1 hour ago, marsh man said:

Wow , that is a big percentage with roughly half the bag being young ones , have others found the same in your area ?

I honestly don't know but I bet they are getting plenty young birds it's always the same,around here in sept  large amounts of young woodies

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