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Hawke Bipod 70010

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36 minutes ago, wymberley said:

Cheers, Steve. Damned if I can find any reviews. Just an inch would be a fair bit down-range.

I agree. I'm not sure if I ever had that particular model bipod, I've had and sold so many, but it should suit your needs. Perhaps someone else can comment on this.

EDIT: Read this: https://www.tacticalscope.co.uk/hawke-bipod-swivel-tilt-6-9-15-23cm-adjustable-spring-loaded-legs-70010-7190-p.asp It rotates from left to right as well.

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I bought this:

Shooting Saddle, Rifle Cradle, Hog/Pig Saddle, Clamp for Tripod and Primos Stick | eBay

To use on one of my camera tripods but it (tripod) was all a bit too fiddly.

Then bought this:

Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest - Optics Warehouse

But the weight of the rifle with the butt down level with the tripod feet was too much for the saddle with the rifle angled upwards.

So there they sat until I got the Mk2 Crown when I thought of swapping the saddles. Much more stable and am waiting for the weather to improve to try it in the field.

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On 23/03/2024 at 15:08, steve_b_wales said:

If I remember correctly, they don't swivel much, maybe an inch each way. I could be wrong though.

Just for info in case anyone else is interested it's about 1" in total - more than sufficient for most applications I would imagine. What I will say though as someone who has used nothing but for years, these are not in the same league as the Harris.

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