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  1. Being a dim layman, I believe it all revolves around the word 'intent'. In my example it was the intention to control mammal vermin. Would you intend to control avian vermin while stood in the middle of a wide open field? Or is your intention when shooting a solitary corvid/pigeon purely a sporting or casual action? I have a sneaky suspicion that a half decent barrister could convince a jury that that was the case and I for one would prefer not to be the fellow in the dock while the beagles fought it out.
  2. Many thanks for the input, Guys. I will get some photos done - and defy anyone to find a single blemish on it. So far I've found that it prefers heavier pellets in terms of energy output - Baracuda Match at 11.6 and Exact Heavy Diabolo at 11.4 - still to do accuracy. I'll tell you what though, I was going to take the Hawke Airmax that came with it off and put my Frontier on, but I've changed my mind and the Airmax is staying put; I really like it. Another thing, while packing up it suddenly occured to me that I can't remember having pulled the trigger. I like this gun.
  3. Have the above with the Minelli stock which has the adjustable comb. A tad confused as my adjustable bit only has two standing rods and not the three which I notice most photos show. I slipped up and the weekend is going to get in the way before I get the manual sometime next week and the downloadable version does not cover this aspect. How do you adjust it? It looks like a Torx head screw down in the recess. If so, anyone know which size and is it just a matter of slackening it off, adjusting and retightening? I don't have any longish reach ones to try and don't fancy messing things up with a hex head - I did try gently but it wouldn't move so I stopped.
  4. It looks as though you're right for anything other than Hornady (Browning or Winchester) and Browning have set their standard for customer relations. Having waited a week for a response and then a second week for a response to my reminder, nothing.
  5. Sorted, 'er indoors has a Polish friend.
  6. Was quite happily sorting out a bulb problem - which one had failed? - and the car door was opened which cancels the display. When I got it back it was in some foreign lingo as was the Sat Nav which I have corrected but I'm dashed (no pun intended) if I can correct the dash display. Any help gratefully received.
  7. I'm really confused now. In responding to my post you were greeting Charlie T. I know how it happened - our Devon Colours are designed to confuse the grockle and the foggy dews. As far as I'm aware Charlie raised no question - just made a couple of good and valid points. However, enough. To answer your question, I agree with you entirely. We do need to be careful on this one.
  8. Most importantly, please note the smiley. In reply could I just ask which post you were responding to this might help me with my answer.
  9. Possibly it's just as well that you didn't dive in. 😄
  10. Because I've only had experience of Service items I know no better, but as thermal scopes have been mentioned can we now get sporting versions that will positively identify a fox sized quarry? Or are we actually talking spotting scopes?
  11. Having them might be a tad pricey, but I wouldn't know. Yep, if they're there - there's a symbol that tells you - the viewer can select them. They are a boon for those of us who are hard of hearing. Mind you those like the ones on enfieldspares link are worse than useless. By the time ou've worked out what the jibberish could be you're 3 sentences behind.
  12. wymberley


    Yep, well pleased as is the seller so a good result. Collect on Thursday.
  13. Well, it obviously wasn't you that was either mislead or misunderstood. But someone was/did. Whereas the nose/hand relationship is valid this comb/ fingers thing is as you say, a right load of tosh. Shame the OP video doesn't have subtitles.
  14. Two valid posts, let's join them together out of interest. All wild birds are protected. The GLs provide an exception for vermin control. Zeroing in on Lloyd 90, you are shooting squirrel/rabbit - whichever takes your fancy - having nothing else but your shotgun and a pigeon/crow - whichever takes your fancy - flies over and you takle a pot shot and down it comes. A rabid anti has seen you and calls Plod who duly arrives. Question which does need definition is are you and by association all shooters, guilty of an offence?
  15. wymberley

    diana 52

    I had a Diana 1 in177 in 1954 if that's any help.
  16. Well, at least Anschutz would agree with you.
  17. wymberley


    Often wonder on these type of threads which will run out first - our members or the options.
  18. wymberley


    Fortunately, I'm not too fussed. Yep, I had preferences but nothing was going to be a deal breaker (apart from me having to drive half way across the country) if I could find either a Weihrauch, Air Arms or BSA. If I can plonk it down on the bench, pull the trigger and occasionally hit something that'll do. I've found a nice package* that barely qualifies as used at a very good price which takes the edge off my pension outlay - not to mention some decent bits that I don't need and can sell on. With any rifle fitted with a scope I always have had to raise the comb by fair means or foul. It's lucky that the BSA wood stocks are adjustable whereas some just reserve this for the laminates. *Which, to whom it may concern, includes an air bottle. 😀
  19. wymberley


    I can see that this is going to be fun. Why on earth would you advertise on Gun Trader if you don't/won't deliver? Must have learned their sales techniques at Browning in Belgium.
  20. wymberley


    How about Ultimate Sporter R Laminate - which I suspect is your "US" - just add 'ed'.
  21. wymberley


    Help, please, Guys as I'm well, well outside of my comfort zone. OK, £1K tops for a non FAC PCP, 177, Thumbhole (unless someone mentions Air Arms), preferably a carbine barrel possibly with a moderator supplied, laminate stock and adjustable. MTIA
  22. Just in case I get lucky, would you care to PM me with a better idea of East Cornwall? Cheers
  23. Never empty a bottle but leave some residual pressure. This keeps any moisture laden air out. I might well know a carrier for this one if it's still available after I've found a rifle.
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