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  1. "Lead ammunition alternatives the manufacture and supply and the effect of restrictions on businesses and shooters" A key principle we must not lose sight of is that further restrictions must not be imposed until effective and affordable types of sustainable ammunition are available in sufficient volumes to meet demand." This should not and must not apply purely to the driven game boys, but all shooters. I trust no one is suggesting that in the event that the availability of steel shot does become reduced, that we lesser financially endowed folk are going to become sporting outcasts. Some comments and not to mention the actions of the odd shooting association seem to reflect that this is could well be the case.
  2. It's what the 9mm garden gun was designed for.
  3. I think, perhaps, I might. Possibly my mistake was giving an example - one commonly used when explaining 'public places' to shooters as it's something we can all relate to. However, see the 1968 Firearms Act - Section 19, I think. Alternatively, try Miscellaneous Firearms Offences in Chapter 8 Firearms of Fair Game by Charlie Parkes and John Thornley.
  4. That could be loosely defined as "anywhere" the public can gain access to. Just been browsing out of boredom. May pay to add, "legally at the relevant time". Eg, the farmyard but the farm shop is open.
  5. I have 4 pensions which I've earned - some the hard way - and all are paid for by the state so none will be described as generous. However, they are supposed to be index linked, but for the passed few years I've slowly but surely been going financially down hill so, thank you, I'll take the dosh and put it towards the TV licence which I 've been conned into continuing to pay along with the income tax.
  6. For me, that equates to joined up meat/fish.
  7. Came within 10 minutes - but then he is the guy that will doing my extension. The problem was immediately obvious - not the shower, that's beyond all hope, but the defective isolator and its location - we were going to have a revamp shortly so have decided to bring it forward so for ease of access the bath is coming out on Sunday morning and the pipes capped so we can have the water back. Somehow I don't think we'll see the doctor here.
  8. Why do the disasters always occur late on a Friday afternoon and usually while you're out - Murphy and Sod as usual. A shower unit has let go and although I managed to get to the isolator it's not 100% effective so the water is off at the mains (apart from a quick on/off to top up) until Sunday morning - who'd have thought it, a builder/plumber quicker than a doctor!
  9. Did that Wednesday, mine's Tuesday.
  10. Freshly caught fillet of bass lightly coated in flour a couple of minutes in the frying pan served with a slice of bread and butter.
  11. It must be said that after all the problems that I've had getting the 22 Mag, obtaining the final item was simplicity itself. Thank you Black Rifle for your superb service in getting the moderator cover to me less than24 hours after it was ordered. As I want to end on a high note, we won't talk about me and the Anschutz trigger.
  12. One could argue (see Bang bang Nik 19 Aug 2012) that as the job is getting done, don't rock the boat. BUT. Things are going to get increasingly expensive and those paying out will be jealous of their sport. Consequently, it's not a bad idea to consider the eminently sensible post quoted and to make sure that you're covered for your pest control activity and especially at night. Sight a copy of Fair Game and acting on Page 30 is not a bad idea. Just one point worth noting - if you are stopped by someone authorised (Page 31) to see your authorisation (Page 30) and you haven't got it with you, then you are not authorised at that time.
  13. Just saying, like. Did you try LV?
  14. You could try Greenfields of Salisbury but unlike a range of 12 and 20, there's no mention of 28.
  15. Seconded. The adjustment cap on my S&B was showing signs of wear so I thought I'd like a new one. Delivered FOC the same day by hand.
  16. The answer lies in China and how much profit is made on soft iron shot production set against pollution levels - could it be one of the products to go in their possible ferrous output reduction?
  17. Quite right, David, but things have moved on a little (as they so often do) to whether or not it is legal to accept what is shot as payment in lieu of cash for a bona fide employed person. Former PAS students are now all reaching for their 'bible'.
  18. First point, not too fussed, but will say that what I quoted is not the same as is given in your reference. Secondly, should David feel so inclined, I'm perfectly content to abide by his (BASC) findings and appreciate the wording may well differ (legalese) but not the intent.
  19. The collective noun for the 2000 - pornocopia - perhaps.
  20. Don't know about BASC's underwriters, but here's the law:- Any other person, bona fide employed by him for reward in taking and destruction of ground game. The keeping of ground game satisfies the requirements of reward in the absence of money.
  21. On a rimfire - anyone use one? If you do and have decided that the maker's instructions re cleaning aren't for you, best have a look. Just fired c150 rounds consisting of 6 differing makes through a new 22 mag and mod and couldn't believe what was inside when I dismantled it to clean. This from someone who cleaned his Parker Hale every 10 years whether it needed it or not.
  22. Well written. The problem is is that just like us he is very good at what he does. I have no doubt that he is aware that his MO has been rumbled, but it matters not a jot as he is very good at grabbing the attention of both the media and the general public and additionally acquiring funds from both. We, on the other hand, are very good at crying in our beer.
  23. I haven't a clue, but I do know that back in the day when the night shooting of rabbit was far more strictly controlled and the number of people 'qualified' to shoot on any given land were few and far between, payment in kind - ie what was shot - could be deemed to be wages.
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