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  1. Yep, the picture shows two but one member was quick and the drag bag has gone. The inside is unmarked and it does open flat. The outside is undamaged but could really do with a brush and warm soapy water unless you're into the 'used it yesterday' look. UK made. c45" internally. Collection ONLY from EX8. £00.00
  2. Assuming 12 bore and they're below RRP - define "been offered" - fill your boots. Unless you're getting a real bargain and provided that load is traditionally used for your intended quarry species, it's odds on that any pattern is going to fail before the pellet energy and consequently, as ever, money is better spent on whatever patterns best to suit your gun and the quarry at the range at which you'll be shooting. Advertising doesn't kill, pellets do.
  3. Good for 45 yards as per BASC or perhaps 50 if you play the odds.
  4. Not surprising seeing as how I screwed up - it should have been ANS, Apologies. American National Standard. If you didn't know, you'd have trouble deciding whether you were reading CIP or SAAMI.
  5. It may be worth perusing the NAS info' whereby it's all done voluntarily, but done it is.
  6. It is in reality as although perhaps the youngsters couldn't buy initially, renting was usually an option. Now it's that housing stock that's disappearing as soon as it hits the market for holiday homes. As we know, currently there is a worker shortfall pretty much across the board. In Cornwall NHS workers who have come down to fill some of those vacancies even if they can find somewhere to rent, can't afford to do so. One hotelier has built an extension to house the staff he so desperately needs.
  7. I haven't a clue, but it might to someone thinking of getting their prize possession so proofed. It would have been made in the same manner using the same materials, but possibly quite legitimately and in order to save weight - or any other valid reason - the barrels were struck such that where a canon was not required they didn't make them as such but it sailed through proof then. but would it have done so with an additional pressure applied in a differing area from the norm? Fortunately, all of this rigmarole is not going to affect me.
  8. From t'net, can anyone confirm what I think I read/understand that for HP steel proof there is an additional pressure reading taken further down the barrel than is the norm?
  9. While staying with my uncle and his family (up the valley in South wales which should give an idea of his work) I'm told we're going fishing. Now, 11 years old or not I'd fished for a few years and knew full well that you needed things like rods, reels and some form of bait. Nothing. Just a rucksack and roll of chicken wire - and what the devil are we doing at the stream at the bottom of the garden? A few muffled thuds and a look at the wire now spread across the stream a few minutes later answered my question. Way to go! The above took care of the scales and for the feathers all that was needed was the old style cone shaped sweet bags, some treacle and some grain. A Thermos of Camp and a packet of Woodbines were also handy while you waited for the fun to start.
  10. Thank you all again. The mobile bench rest keeps me going so not too bad.
  11. Have previously used 22WMR, 22LR and !7HMR in Anschutz flavour all with light 2 stage triggers. The rabbit for all intents and purposes disappeared so I got shot of the rifles in order to buy a decent shotgun or two, just keeping the Ruger 22 Hornet for fox. Now, I can't remember exactly except that all was well with those triggers. My oppo who kept his 22LR and !7HHMR and who also has a 22 Hornet, all Anschutz, which he's had for quite some time swears blind that the first stage on all of his triggers remains light in comparison with the second. I believe him. I've just bought (mentioned elsewhere on here) a 1761 22WMR and not realising what the arthritis was playing at went, as ever, for the light trigger. Mistake. I couldn't control the first stage at the 'stop' and let fly (initial dry firing). No option, get the heavy unit. Impossible, something not right. In round figures, whereas at the lower end of the scale the first stage is well low compared to the second on both units. However, as you increased the loading, the ratio between the stages reversed. I gave in and bought a single stage heavy unit (which seems fine by my measurements at 800g) when the loading on the heavy two stage got to 1000g first and 200g second giving the max of 1200g which was unworkable for me. I will need to check the 800g in the field to be sure as I've only fired the rifle with the default setting of 1000g - this I measured by dead-weight and also spring balance to be 1200g which is the stated max, but there was plenty of adjustment up left. My 800g was as low as I would go because of the adjustment screw thread engagement. The lower end is supposed to be 400g While toing and froing to get the triggers changed, I had a play with a Weihrauch 22WMR with a two stage trigger with the second set at 600g. No problem. Now there is Anschutz USA, have we 'benefitted' from their idea of trigger pulls one wonders?
  12. Many thanks, appreciated very much indeed.
  13. Good question! Your suggestion will do nicely.
  14. Yep, and even then only for goose at Findhorn.
  15. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag as it were by asking any leading questions, so simply are there any long term Anschutz users who have noticed a difference in the triggers and especially the two stage ones?
  16. Thank you, All. The above are options, not choices and it depends on the workload as the surgeon works out of the two locations. Been kind of lucky as if the particular arthritis treatment hadn't messed with my lungs which resulted in some pulmonary function tests and a switched on medical technician doing them hadn't noticed and asked about my ticker it would not have been discovered that my long term mild stenosis had gone off the Richter scale. Hope all goes well as I've finally got the new Anschutz sorted to my satisfaction.
  17. Owing to the state of the rest of me, open heart surgery is non too clever so TAVI it seems is the way to go and is subject to one final check. Also seems that based on the workload of each, there are two options (not my choice): I can either get myself down to Plymouth for the op' and then get myself back home two days later, or, I can be driven by car to London to a top notch private hospital and then driven back home two days later. Both options courtesy of the NHS.
  18. It's getting to be such that they're all the same!
  19. In short; no. It and two others were caught by the same chap who put them back thinking that as they were bass they were undersize - hence my confusion - it was a fortnight or so ago and I was only emailed the 'evidence' today.
  20. I did think about something similar regarding a street name a few years ago.
  21. Cheers, exactly what I was thinking - it's the 'skin' and its colour that persuaded me.
  22. C Can't make my mind up - something about the skin - also not too clear a photo.
  23. Take care with some of the research. The American idea of lethality or, put another way, 'baggable birds' is not necessarily the same as ours. The definition had to be rewritten during one of the big mortality trials.
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