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  1. Good, just check around for best price: Draper 75170 Torque Screwdriver Kit, 1 - 5Nm (craigmoreonline.co.uk)
  2. If you're going to reload and you're not continually trotting up norf and can therefore have a dedicated fox round, you could try Hornady 50g SPSX. These stabilise at 2690 in my 26" 1 in 14 22 Hornet barrel so no problem. Don't think I'd advise for roe though.
  3. As you'd expect, I'm not quite so sure. For example, I think it fair to say that a working knowledge of proof marks for a shotgun user would be considered essential rather than pointless particularly when offering advice.
  4. By gum, a truly 'sporting life'. I sometimes think that we don't know enough about what other members have done in their past. I have dropped the odd deer - roe only here - but I'm certainly not a stalker - and it's just been the odd one for the pot until I got to the point that I could put them down but wasn't able to pick them up. This coincided with a change in estate policy which meant that the venison was taken 'in house' so that was that. What with one thing and another, One can't help but wonder for how much longer will we be able to read about, or, indeed, enjoy, such a lifelong experience. As have I myself at my age, I fear that it will have a limited time. So, perhaps we should keep things close to our chests so that the youngsters don't know what they're going to be missing. No matter, still got a few more pigeon to look after before then. Tightchoke may even get to realise that any ability is often linked to, or results from an, inquisitve mind.
  5. The only folk that can get rid of him are is own mob. After the PPB last evening, I suspect that for the time being that the string is high tensile and secured with a round turn and two half hitches
  6. Thank you. On the mend and within the passed few hours have been able to use my hand to type a bit after having a nasty RA flare up. Having responded to your query about my shooting activity, perhaps you could reciprocate and give us an idea of your voluntary contribution to shooters and shooting if any.
  7. What I'm wondering is what could it be that is so serious that the government - in view of not a lot happening elsewhere and the possibility of a bored journalist tripping over it - have orchestrated a minor cake and - you know what else - party to ensure that the medias' attention and all of the associated news broadcasts are diverted well away from it. There has to be something as, let's face it, this drivel achieves absolutely nothing in its own right except extending any period of grief unnecessarily for the poor folk adversely affected by the pandemic.
  8. This is based on the assumption that you will not be into serious competitive clay shooting and the fact that just like the quart and a pint pot, two into one won't go. Get whatever game gun that takes your fancy and which if necessary can be adjusted to suit you.
  9. I was just going to edit my post. If it's just the one hand/finger causing problems, these are elasticated and I've just checked to find they're not really specifically handed, so perhaps 2 for the price of 1.
  10. I thought that my white finger had come back to haunt me, but no, it was the start of the arthritis. Even on a summer's evening I could suffer. These are not what you asked for, but if it turns a bit chilly and things kick off somewhat, you could try Ussen Flight Gloves. These are not heavy duty or waterproof, but on the other hand (no pun intended) they don't cost a lot. They are thin, grip you as well as what you're trying to hold. Got mine a few years back when they did 4 colours, but now it's just Ford's any colour.
  11. I don't worry about it but just dine at The Jack In The green at Rockbeare and just have either the standard or black pudding version - which ever is on the starter menu at the time. No need to overthink things, is there?
  12. There is an economy out there - old and new money - which you and I know very little, if anything, about and of such a magnitude that we can't understand the meaning of all of the '0s'. The people who live there are not going to be affected by a bit of a cough.
  13. Pity he didn't mention the difference between barrel weight and proof pressure marks.
  14. If I didn't know what I was doing with what and why I was doing it, my father would never have let me out of the house so I got 'switched on' quite early. I recognised the advantages of this and hence the interest in the PAS. I have this reoccurring nightmare where I'm sitting on a beam in a classroom of the Norfolk College of agriculture looking down watching myself explain to the first ever PAS course that my team and I don't know everything, but if we can't answer your question immediately, then we'll get the answer in time for next week's lecture. Error. Big. Error. You can not possibly imagine what questions a classroom full of mainly younger shooters who want to be there and want to learn can possibly come up with. I learned more than any student did having to investigate their questions. Then, just to compound things NTS took off and I got to meet Dr Roger Giblin.
  15. Good question. Nothing to write home about and because of the arthritis, my blasted ticker, coupled to a serious shortage of pigeon, I've not done too much in the past couple of years. Started off on the rabbit when it was still OK to walk past the bank and post-office with the gun under your arm, broken if appropriate. In fact the only comments I ever got were a little later when having shown the barman 'clear' I stood the gun by the public bar door when I was 'nearly' old enough and that was simply had I had any luck. Got interrupted while I did the Trenchard Brat bit and again later on while I was in Aden and then again on my first visit to Germany. Came back to Moray and had some good fun on Findhorn and the grouse moors for hare. Best bit though because it was just down the road were the partridge and rabbit at Milltown. Also driven - walk/stand - on Lossiemouth. Back to Germany, this time single and filled me boots. Rabbit on the airfield and golf course then driven birds as a guest of the local German Hunting Association. Back to Norfolk where it all got somewhat frenzied. Selected as one of the first BASC Hon. Education Officers to run the Proficiency Award Scheme in Norfolk and then a little later, one of the first BASC Sporting Shotgun Shooting Coaches. However, the call of Devon became too strong to resist. So home I went to where Father was already shooting and tagged along. There was an incident involving two foxes and several hundred free range laying hens - the foxes both dead within 20 minutes of me being told about them. This resulted a little while later when 2 small syndicates knocked it on the head on the estate land which the farmer tenanted and which he then had those rights put on his tenancy agreement for my benefit as a thank you. Knees now shot so I called it quits for the game - well not totally, but you don't need to know about that - and the farmer now rents the shooting - touch the pigeon and you're off out of it - out to a small syndicate. So, yep, done a bit.
  16. To be honest, that doesn't sound like an activity that I'd be interested in partaking in.
  17. Yep. No need to actually KNOW anything, just use this:
  18. Was so tempted to quote/copy the final sentence of the above post but with just two words deleted.
  19. Funny you should say that. To use the oft quoted performance figures and their reliance (energy and pattern - although mainly applicable to the latter) upon averages and to quote from the GT publication already mentioned, "is too low to satisfy the 'reasonable' expectations of an expert shot who is also a humane sportsman".
  20. Could be a matter of degree. If it's as severe as described then the old pointy finger test will possibly reveal the dominant eye (unless there's a low comb problem, but we have to start somewhere). Do, though, need to define 'lad'. Folk can find it more difficult to swing a gun one way more than the other. Do we have an early 'teens lightly built lad trying to accelerate an American canon and is having difficulty in doing so in the one direction which requires more apparent effort?
  21. Nice one. Many thanks indeed. Had a bit of an upheaval here and all my references have been out of reach so had an idea on how to show the lad that he wasn't alone. However, his interest was the impetus for me to pull my finger out and I've now retrieved them for him should he want to have a read. Re GT, unlike many other authors, he was quite content to correct some of his earlier work should technology/further experience indicate that it may well have been not totally accurate. Consequently, in later editions of the book you refer to and in particular the chapter (Choice of Gun [Performance]) from which you quote, he gives reasons why this may well not be valid. Subsequent studies reflect that he was right. It is, perhaps, unfortunate that editors and publishers know full well that anything slightly technical is not what the UK shooters want to read.
  22. Frame it and hang on to it. Your great grandson or even just your grandson dependent upon your current age, will have fun trying to work out what that was all about.
  23. Re the dog, wouldn’t it be necessary to actually hit something first?
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