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  1. What are his load/range parameters as I imagine he would have set an objective?
  2. Obviously don't know the layout but if it's all enclosed think about serious ear protection.
  3. A tight gun. The barrels are (were) 0.720" ........ oh heck, as above - WHEN MADE/PROOFED
  4. Not been for several years now, but always well looked after. As above, not cheap but you got what you paid for.
  5. No argument from me, cracking guns and more available with the 2 triggers than many other makes. I just liked the weight and the smooth lines of the C35.
  6. One from Labour and Conservatives and one independent but a slack handful from one other Independent. It's going to be interesting here in Honiton/East devon as the existing Con' MP is not standing again. I have a feeling that he knows what's coming and did not want to be the first Con' ever to lose this seat. The "one other" Ind' has the whole area covered with posters and is really going for it and she gave the Con' a run for his money last time out. Not for me though, Remain and an anti.
  7. No bearing what-so-ever. Murphy has it and as they normally go hand in glove, it is to be hoped that on this occasion Sod was absent.
  8. Having worked either in or with HM's Forces for over 30 years, I'm in the ND camp. The only time a safety catch should be in the OFF position is when there is an expectation of an imminent shot. Should the catch be in that position at any other time and the rifle was dropped even unintentionally then unfortunately ND it was.
  9. Sometimes not saying something avoids the need to apologise later.
  10. Someone somewhere mentioned beaters and rightly so it seems. The problem with penetration tables is that you never know what the author had in mind in as much as for field use several factors are variable dependent upon species and their associated threshold energy and any boundary layer which can affect the pellets' sectional density upon which the result depends. This time of year the beaters are well wrapped up so simply looking at the vulnerable bit - the face - we can ignore any of these variables and just look at the figures for "soft target" gelatin with the pellet velocity as given and for 1" of penetration - which would smart a bit. For Lead: UK 7 shot 111 yards UK 5&1/2 shot 133 yards UK 3 shot 175 yards For TSS UK 9 shot 186 yards
  11. TSS these are not, but are still an attractive proposition. If you aren't going to use them you probably won't have much trouble moving them on if you don't fancy loading the shot into something that you would use. Have to confess I don't know about the monetary aspect of the last idea - may not be economic.
  12. I'd hang slack until there's more of an idea how they pattern. Have a look at Stonepark's photo. Underneath the paper there are - everything now ish - 4&1/2 squares of which the pattern covers 3. So at 1.2 metres for the paper the pattern covers 32" at worst. That's off the scale - although I imagine that as he knows what he's doing, the 1200 V0 would suggest that this may well have been his intention. With a better idea of what's what, it may be handy to harvest the shot and have some loads made up to do whatever you'd want them to do.
  13. Best GUESS is it's Improved Cylinder. Trust your finger although the old white candles were better and see if it falls between Skeet and 1/4. Probably a mis-stamp if you find that it does. As ever, it pays to pattern the gun but my starter for ten would be to complement that one with the Teague 1/2 and go shoot.
  14. I think that it's probably fair to say that it's easier to believe a pattern that you've seen rather than one which you haven't.
  15. I think you're right. What little I did have is disappearing with the millions of brain cells I'm shedding daily. Just as well there's enough nous left to recognise a mistake when I make it.
  16. When it goes wrong it really does go wrong! My programme agrees with the above figures (I wasn't giving Motty a range, just figures). Consequently, I couldn't understand the T18 discrepency particularly as I remembered that it wasn't the KPY that had the BC problem so had a look at my end thinking that you may well have got it right and I found the fault. Namely, me. I have 2 formulae for BCs. Sometime back I got in a muddle using one which I sorted by using the other. So I did so again. Unfortunately, as the TSS is so far removed from the ballistic characteristics of lead or anything else close to it, in this case I should have used the other one. I have run the programme again using the revised BCs and have altered my figures to suit. We're now pretty much in agreement - certainly close enough for all practical purposes.
  17. "The software has it all pre-programmed in." Something funny somewhere. AND I'VE FOUND IT AND IT'S DOWN TO ME. APOLOGIES ALL. Figures have been corrected and will explain later.
  18. Yep, at my age - and one other member will confirm, while a tad younger - I can quite easily make mistakes so my calculations can be way off as you say. However, when they're right they're reasonably accurate. The thing is energy, velocity and pattern on their own are not the be all and end all of pellet performance. I was hoping that you'd popped back to answer my question regarding the goose and No 3 shot and I was then going to explain why you are correct and also why the effective range of lead 9s is not 19 yards. The problem is is that this would involve more calculations so we won't go there after all.
  19. Don't you find those figures somewhat excessive. What ballistic coefficients did you use?
  20. Yep, that might just be do-able. Was that shot size USA or UK or better still, can you remember the diameter? EDIT: Bit more work: At what distance do you think a lead No 3 would drop a similar goose in similar conditions to the ones that you mentioned?
  21. Yep, a Welsh speciality - they're oval.
  22. Not 100% sure about this as with the limited time I had and the fact that all of the necessary information was not in just the one place, there may be an error. But as an indication and assuming a MV of 1400 ft/sec, for a UK 6 the energy level drops to 1.5 ftlbs at 82 yards (UK 6 lead is 39). And for a UK 9 the energy level drops to 1 ftlb at 54 yards (UK 9 lead is 19 yards). The above relates to the T18.
  23. Yep, that's all any of us can do. Sometimes if you have an itch it just has to be scratched so why not give these new boys a call and see if they can help. You never know - before they changed hands Express knocked me out just 2000 Supreme 1 oz of 6&1/2s which they did not do routinely at the time.
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