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  1. Thanks for your advices. Are there no british crow shooting available in your country? best wishes, Hubertus
  2. Im looking for some crow shooting videos. VHS or DVD. Does anyone know some videos about shooting or calling crows? Thanks! Hubertus
  3. What does it mean? I totally agree to that BTW: Nice to see you LB
  4. Well done Teal. Do you have the trophy already on the wall? Lucky if you have a Quad :yp:
  5. Nice to see you too :o Great bag Konings! I have used Geco Jagd 36 No. 6 (2,7mm). It was absolutely fine. Thank you Frank Ok, here it is :o
  6. Hi Guys, sorry was absence on PW for a longer time. First because of the technical problems and then was very busy. Hope you are all well Have been out for ducks first time this year. Was with my girl friend and the two dogs on a small river (2-5 meter diameter). That creek is very thick because of grass, trees and so on. So we both were walking 15m away from the water and let the dogs search the mallard. Really great sport! We walked some kilometers and got 19 ducks! That is really a good bag (there is no feeding of the ducks and no released birds). Hubertus
  7. HI Don, why not? Isnt it better shooting the young ones then adult ones that could have little rabbits? Hubertus @Mark, what have you done there in your holiday? I will have a guess: Shooting. Am i right? Hubertus
  8. what species are there dazza? Looks nice. Hubertus
  9. They are feeding at the moment on clover? Over here is now the first barley cut... Well done remmy. Hubertus
  10. Yes in the big forests they cut them. Its specially made for hunting purposes. They are brilliant and called crow feet (because they look like them). If they come over the first or second one you can wait at the next one with the rifle. Another aspect is, that they plant there grass for boar and red deer. Its very quiet there and they can feed there during the day. That reduces the damages to the trees. Hubertus
  11. ratcatcher, can you explain please whats the idea behind this decoy and how does it work. It looks strange. Well done by the way with the magpie. Hubertus
  12. a nice bag mark and a good buck. You should have some gine now Best wishes to the UK, Hubertus P.S.: Its so hot over here. more then 30° C!
  13. Thanks Deer Man! No loden coat there Dont unterstand the sentence "do you cut your rides?". Please explain. The scope is a Zeiss Varipoint 1,5-6x42. A brilliant scope! Hubertus
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