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  1. Due to a death in the family I will be out of the country until the 18th of May, if anyone is interested I will only be able to reply then. Many thanks, Stephen
  2. I am selling my Browning 12 gauge B525 Classic (Grade 1) (Sporter) Over and Under, this gun was purchased new by me in Nov 2008 and I am selling as I simply dont use it. I will be looking to replace it with a .243 for deer stalking. The gun has 28 inch barrels and is in mint condition,has only had about 500 rounds through since new. I am looking for £900 and will throw in x250 Eley 24g rounds. I might consider a swop for a .243 rifle of the same value, am expecting my FAC through next week. Gun serial number #61621MR Includes 5 x chokes,choke key and Browning Plastic carry case and orginal receipt. Will email photos to seriouse buyers. SG Cert holders only and would prefer face to face. O yes I am in Middlesex but travel up to the Leeds/Doncaster area two or three times a week if anyone is intersted form this area. Cheers Stephen
  3. Thanks for the replies. I am not sure what model it is other than its a side by side Miroku 20g, am going to have a look at it over the weekend. Stephen
  4. Afternoon chaps Does anyone have any experience with a BC Miroku side by side 20g? I have been offered one but cannot find any information on the internet about them, anyone used one or own one? Stephen
  5. Hey Boet Another Saffa here, from Cape Town and have here 9 years.Was posted near Roodepoort for 4 years for my sins!! Stephen
  6. As someone who is new to the sport I am one of those willing to pay for the odd day, how else am I to learn or experince a days pigeon shooting? None of my friends shoot and I am unable to commit to a farmer in providing vermin control on a regualr basis, that is if I could get permission in the South East. Living just outside London finding a permission is near impossible,I believe others who live in the Surrey/Sussex or Hampshire area would agree with me on this. I am not one to beg people to take me shooting so am left with no option but to pay for the odd days shooting.
  7. Only my 4th time out and was very happy with my 39 out of 50. Stephen
  8. Try the Oxford Gun Co, I have shot there a few times and its nice and relaxed and very friendly. Cartridges are a bit expensive(£6 for 25) and you cannot use your own!!
  9. Jo Been new to this I would also recommend a visit to The Oxford Gun Co, I got a Browning 525 from them last week and the service was exceptional. They really went out of their way to understand what I needed and time is not an issue. I thought I wanted a Beretta but found the Browning fitted the best, trying the gun help reassure me that it was the right choice. Stephen
  10. Found this on the INTERNET, has anyone had any ordered cartridges from them? Prices seem quiet good. http://www.clayshootingrus.co.uk/ O yes I am in no way shape or form linked to this shop/supplier. Stephen
  11. Stephen


    Pierre Where abouts in Surrey are you? I am just up the road in Isleworth,Middlesex. Stephen
  12. Afternoon all I have been lurking for sometime now and seeing that you all seem to be decent like minded people I thought it best I post and say Hi. I have a fair amount of firearms experience and having grown up in South Africa have shot various game since I was little but have not done any bird shooting. Having received my SGC in the post I am now going to look at hitting the local clay grounds and to learn as much as I can before I even consider looking at game/pigeon shooting or even looking for permission. This type of shooting is new to me and I have plenty to learn. I must add that I was very impressed with the London Met Police, from application to receiving my SGC it only took 3 weeks. So if any of you are in the West London, Middlesex or surrounding area and want to meet up for a shoot and don't mind someone who will ask tons of questions the please give me a shout. Stephen
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