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  1. Someone with a better memory than I

    Stop now - you're killing me......zzzzzzzzz.
  2. Someone with a better memory than I

    "but you described customers a "Leaches"-it's actually AS Leaches - a freebie by return. I used the term to describe people who make false claims as you well know.
  3. A1 decoys poor delivery?

    Got one sitting here gathering dust if you want it - ACME CROW CALL...MADE IN ENGLAND - pm me you address and I can post it Monday.
  4. Someone with a better memory than I

    While I must admit to being somewhat hurt by your constant insults (not) I will refrain from playing childish ping pong posts with you Gordon. We might simply accept that we have had both very different experiences in this matter - I was simply relaying mine.
  5. Second hand scopes

    Bought 1 new scope in 30 + years of shooting - rest have all been second hand - only bad one was off this forum where the seller forgot to mention that the adjusting screws had been completely mashed - hard to imagine how this had been done.
  6. Someone with a better memory than I

    All of my last 3 interviews were carried out by qualified Medical personnel - in fact the last chap that visited me at home had been a GP. You are asked how far you can walk on your bad days and following the "interview" you should get a letter outlining the findings of your interview and you have a chance then to appeal.
  7. Someone with a better memory than I

    Gordon R - what a ridiculous statement! Simply because I suggested that the DWP need to be as thorough as possible to weed out non genuine cases, I am suddenly unaware of the fact that the State already does waste money? What a nonsensical opinion. As for the distance that a person can walk, your relative would have been asked - there is no guesswork or presumption involved.
  8. Sub £200 air rifle for Grey Squirrel?

    Agree with Mice - another £100 puts you in a far better position. However there are several possibilities on Guntrader (am I allowed to say that?)
  9. squirrel control

    Until the cold weather really bites and the vast majority of wild food dries up you sometimes need to "bribe" the blighters with something they love such as Peanuts.
  10. 22lr

    You will spend a lot of time trying to better a 452.
  11. Someone with a better memory than I

    Don't believe all the horror stories that you hear - the "hearings" that I have attended have always been done to ensure that I get the right level of care/assistance. You have to jump through a few hoops but then the state cannot simply throw money away on undeserving cases so the system is designed to weed out as many Leaches as possible - tell the truth and treat the "interviewer" with respect and you will be treated accordingly. From experience the whole affair has become far more pleasant since the DWP sub contracted the task out.
  12. BSA Meteor

    Financially I would say that the BSA is not really worth restoring as MK1's can be picked up for around £100 in reasonable nick.
  13. Dental Charges

    If a Tooth doesn't actually hurt then don't let them pull it out - I have 2 that apparently "had to come out" that have been quite happy in my mouth for at least 5 years. Every time I see my Dentist I make a point of mentioning them. As for Hygienists really?? How hard is it to brush your Teeth?, save your money and spend it on Listerene - saves you hundreds over time.
  14. BSA Meteor

    MK1 Meteor and a good old SMK B2 by the looks of it.
  15. Suffering FAC or shotgun certificate problems?

    Move to the Thames Valley area - the Firearms guys down here seem more willing to help and have always been easy to deal with when they have time - both my SGC and my Explosives licences were renewed over the phone once the paperwork had been submitted.