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  1. Hate to rub salt in to a wound but, around 8 years back, my shooting buddy and I had been invited to shoot pigeons in Cambs - we arrived one morning bright and early only to find out that cattle had been put in the field (clover) that very morning and we could no longer shoot - the guy (was on here at the time) was very apologetic and whilst we stood talking and deciding what to do, an elderly lady approached us and asked if we could shift pigeons from her fields! The day turned out to be a dream - a neighbouring farmer also came to see us around lunchtime as we sat drinking tea in the ladies house during a lull) and asked us to shoot pigeons off his nearby land as well as Rabbits in a paddock near his house. As we were pushed for time we only managed a recce on the mans land but whilst looking over it we were approached by yet another young couple who had bought a small holding nearby and were plagued with Rabbits. Never known anything like it before.
  2. bruno22rf

    Air rifle scope

    Interested in no.12 NS mountmaster - pm me a price with ;postage please.
  3. bruno22rf


    If you had your car moved because of safety reasons it might be argued that, as you also had car insurance thru them, you were simply attempting to mitigate their loss - as per their own Insurance terms dictate.You were, in fact, doing what they have told you.
  4. I would have thought that the fairest solution would be to organise another day, FOC, and give the shoot a chance to redeem itself - if they wont play ball then small claims court and name them - you have nothing to fear as long as you state facts and not your opinion.
  5. Not the way I see it - the classic double is usually fired right barrel first - thus the front trigger rifes the right barrel - the second barre is fired by the rear trigger which is set back and left of the front trigger to prevent you finger catching it on the first shot - to look at the classic layout you would think it has been designed for a LH but the triggers are placed as they are as a matter of safety - think this is where Wb123 is getting confused?
  6. Why is the trigger layout indicative of the gun being LH?
  7. If you get the opportunity - take it, the team that I had were nothing short of brilliant, not going because of any preconceived thoughts of embarrassment or pain are unfounded - could save your life.
  8. You could try Youmove joint supplement - works but usually takes a couple of weeks before you see any benefit.
  9. At 55 you get the camera up the wookey hole treatment - that's 1.2 meters of probe, 2 student nurses, a camera operator and someone to distract you - it's actually not as bad as you might think but the following 2 weeks feels like you've been wheelieing a Unicycle.
  10. Mr Hadoke has written several very good books - very knowledgeable and happy to chat about Guns on the phone - very pleasant chap.
  11. We put £50/month into a seperate account for our Dogs and discussed the fact that we have no insurance with our Vet. I'm fairly certain that we get a special rate because the Vet knows he isn't being paid by a large company and he has done several exploratory examinations/Scans and we have had consultations with him several times and he simply hasn't charged us at all - might be an option depending on how well you know your Vet?
  12. Corned Beef, Beetroot and Salad Cream - fit for a King. CB wise - Aldi.
  13. Golf Trolley would be no good i'm afraid ,Mice, have to negotiate a deep ditch followed by thick undergrowth to get to the Hopper - they cleared a path, of sorts, for me last year but no such luck this year. I, er, took a few extra Steroids in the morning - result on the mobility front.
  14. Well it's Tally Ho for me since getting the "call to arms" yesterday - quick call to the plod (9 minutes wait time!!!) late this morning and off to the Spinney, where I'm reliably informed a large grey tree Rat has been present everytime the Estate Manager has checked the Hopper this week. True to form he was sitting there enjoying an Autumn feast as I arrived but promptly disappeared into the undergrowth as I set up 20 odd yards from said Hopper (the Squirrel - not the EM) and a boring 20 minute wait ensued till he just, as if by magic, appeared feeding again. Well it's the first Nutty on this perm for my Cat (she's previously had 2 in my Garden) but this is the very reason I bought her so pressure's on for her - crosshairs straight down the forehead (forgetting my promise to chest shoot them at every opportunity), a touch of the trigger and the sound of a Mouse passing wind saw Nutty heading earthwards with little respect for the birds pecking away beneath him or any attempt at Acrobatics despite 2 pigeons clapping loudly as they left the scene. Will be getting updates on 6 Hoppers Tomorrow so fingers crossed for the weekend - exciting times and feeling more confident now the FX has managed her first official foray with nothing falling off/bending or needing a service .
  15. Same here - it's been their policy for at least the last 3 years. Sometimes they tell you it doesn't include internet prices but their T&C's state otherwise - just print out the internet price and show them.
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