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  1. pm "ant.mass" he had some reasonable scopes for sale a few weeks back - if you search the Wanted section you should find my "period scope" post and he has a list on there.
  2. Personally I prefer Nikko Stirling scopes, you could buy a Mountmaster for next to nothing - I would search for something with better glass that's second hand. Going to need to be Air Rifle dedicated or AO if not - cannot stand ir but that's just me. The S410 is a superbly accurate Rifle - give it the eyes it deserves.
  3. You could try Mice! - on the Airgun section often, he might be able to help.
  4. bruno22rf

    Wet shave.

    It's even worse than it initially sounds because I pre shave with a Merkur then use disposable blade razors to finish the job so they're not actually doing much work. In all honesty I think the WS Hydro3 is about as good as i've tried if you throw sharpness and cost into the equation.
  5. Yes please .pm me your details and will do Bank transfer.
  6. bruno22rf

    Wet shave.

    Absolute garbage - blades are made of jelly - 3 shaves and they're burgarred.
  7. Check out the schematic drawing on chambers gun spares - make sure you have all the bits.
  8. 1/2" above the words Trail Cam01 - behind the weed.
  9. I'm a shooting man with a Range Rover - didn't pay BASC inflated membership - that's how I afford the car !!!
  10. Try a heavier, harder pellet - 30ft/lb is not ideal for many Airgun pellets.AA Field Heavy would be my suggestion.
  11. You are, most likely, spot on lancer425 - I had a quick glance at a pic and they looked the same - my bad.
  12. There's a newer version out soon with a "scratch & Sniff" section "in the rear".
  13. Sold one a few years back - nice enough but, from memory, not a gas auto - pretty sure that I remember it sounded like 2 Skeletons bonking in a biscuit tin when you fired it.
  14. I would suggest that anybody who paid for a year should ask for a refund for the whole fee depending on how many months you have left of membership - not just a refund of the insurance element. To my mind, if you joined under a belief that insurance was covered, once such cover has ceased the BASC have broken the terms of the contract - I would ask for a complete, proportionate refund.
  15. As you are most likely aware - the further above your barrel the scope sits, the more important it is to learn hold over/under - my Wildcat scope sit's 2.75 inches above the barrel and is a nightmare much more than 5 yards either side of zero.
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