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  1. bruno22rf

    AA 510 Extra

    Mate of mine has just such a rifle - you wouldn't prise it from his dying fingers.
  2. The council is legally obliged to search every avenue (including any monies owed) before they can apply to court for an eviction - they must prove to a judge that all possible assistance has been given (including time to pay rent arrears) before a court will rule in favour of eviction - this young woman must have known this eviction was coming for quite some time and there must have been a court order for repossession?
  3. bruno22rf

    New tool

    That's no coincidence, London Best, FX engineering is similar to that of the fifties.
  4. Bought some from Tesco a couple of months back - sausage type treat but didn't give it a thought until I noticed the sell by date was about 6 months - concerned about how much preservative must be in the treat further investigation did indeed reveal that China was the producer - bit late however as , by now, both my Dogs were sick. We only use Purina Adventuros Sticks or Nuggets - yet to find either a Dog that doesn't love them or has any side effects.
  5. Carole Nash - but it's not all good news as they took payment twice and their customer service centre seems to be in Calcutta.
  6. Sold my Duke 996 just over 3 years ago but now, after meeting an old chum who's mad on biking, I've got the bug again. Languishing in the back of my shed is a 1998 XV1100 Virago that I bought in 2014, rode a couple of times, before spraying with WD40 and forgetting about her - to cut a long story short I have dragged her out, had her serviced and repaired (Tank full of rust, Mice in the Air Filter, Mice eaten some of the wiring and a dead battery) and begun to put her back on the road - here's the bit I'm struggling with.....last time she was Insured I had 9 years no claims so was expecting a bit of a hike - was £96 comprehensive in 2016.......4 years later with no no claims the price is £74!!!
  7. I, personally, have my house and pension thanks to John Bercow's intervention when the DWP found me fit for work whilst suffering Chronic Kidney Disease, with his help we brought the DWP to a tribunal and charged them with Professional misconduct ( my G.P. refused to sign me fit for work) - Mr Bercow was with me when they were found to be guilty and forced to pay me back pay plus considerable compensation - so he's not all bad in my book.
  8. Aha - got you fibbing Mice! - David Nickerson shot that target - he's even signed it. Cant get one over on me.
  9. Looks very similar, islandgun, was 10+ years ago I reckon but I remember the stock was a work of Art and Manton was stamped on the inside of each lock.
  10. Mice! - oddly enough I said exactly the same thing to my Mrs this very morning.
  11. Fraid not ,islandgun, never used to bother......plonker (me, that is!)
  12. A 16 gauge Stephen Grant SxS under lever with Damascus barrels and Manton locks - cannot recall who I sold it to but wish I hadn't.
  13. Was using one this afternoon - guy bought it new and it was good for 6 months but then starting messing around - Air Fective serviced it and all was well but the owner was never 100% in love with it - someone suggested a Bowkett fettle so he paid the pennies and has been over the moon since - I was putting 10/10 inside the 8 ring at 50 yards and I'm not a good shot!!
  14. Top strap pin not correctly aligned either - not a good sign.
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