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  1. bruno22rf

    Budget tires

    I'm guessing that everybody who believes that price = quality only buys food from Harrods - ultimately it's the food you put in your mouth that protects you from Salmonella yes? Many years ago I was one of the first bikers to put Maxxi's on a superbike - hands up, because they were cheap - but they remain one of the best tyres I ever experienced - Bridgestones were also dumped in their thousands when standard fitment on many Riceburners, but look at them now. Research reviews before deciding on what boots to fit and you could save a packet.BTW - madmax666 is correct that the better grip tyres should go on the back - watched a programme on the box about it a few weeks back.
  2. bruno22rf

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    But you have spent considerable time and skill "fettling" the S - the vast majority of Airgunner's would find it difficult to sharpen a pencil without gaining a pointy finger - as for the weight, pretty sure that my 77 and my sexual self sufficiency were both instrumental in building my biceps .
  3. bruno22rf

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    IMHO Ditchie, the Mercury was never going to be in the same league as the 77 and once people started buying and experiencing the Germans potential it was going to be something rather special to halt the 77 Train, we had to wait for the TX to be born to compete.
  4. bruno22rf

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    Such a shame that BSA did not realise that cutting corners by using a pin to hold the barrel into the breach prevented the gun from competing with it's German rivals - 10% more spent on production would have made the gun 100% better.
  5. bruno22rf

    John Wilson

    Sad news indeed - kinda bloke that you would love as a favourite uncle. RIP sir.
  6. bruno22rf

    Cocking problem. Bettinsolli diamond

    Most of the parts in the action will be hardened and not really prone to corrode enough to stiffen your action - remove the ejectors and try the action again.
  7. bruno22rf

    Mini One

    My daughters Mini (02) has done 165k miles and still pulls like a train (1600) - electric steering pump has been dodgy from day 1 (bought with 98k on it) but turning the car on and off clears the fault - moving the seat with the ignition on lights up the Airbag fault lamp which is a pain but overall the car is a delight to drive - gearbox is notchy but local mechanic did something with the linkages? and it works ok.
  8. bruno22rf

    Budget tires

    Thought I had found a bargain with a set of Avon ST5 tyres - around £35 a corner and, thinks I, Avon have always been a good tyre - what a disappointment - they have less grip than the (bold) Michelins that they replaced - sometimes the car just seems to wander off line like it's possessed.
  9. bruno22rf

    Get your dogs insured.

    Did they charge you for returning after he had broken one of the pins? Surely they didn't use a strong enough pin? So many cons now with pet insurance - latest one seems to be that each insurer has a list of approved vets that they will pay as they follow a particular pricing structure - if you take your pet to a vet they do not list then the insurance company then refuses to honour your claim - best bit of all is that no insurer will provide you with the list so let's say your dog is hit by a car and there's a vet just across the road - do you ring and check with your insurer or just get him treated?
  10. bruno22rf

    FAC advice for a new member

    Back into my gingham skirt and back on my abacus Yellow Bear and you are, of course, correct - my bad, this means asking his FEO for a CF rifle on a piece of land with a maximum range of 311 yards - apologies for my error.
  11. bruno22rf

    FAC advice for a new member

    "Quite a shot"? bumpy22 - if my calculations are correct (and it's a long time since I sat at school in my summer frock and pigtails) then that's around the 600 yard mark - 850 ish corner to corner.
  12. bruno22rf

    FAC advice for a new member

    How can you assume that the shot will not be over the length of it? If it were 10 acres in a perfect square (just to make life easier) then just about any CF will shoot from end to end without even breaking a sweat - a .17 hummer is still going to be angry over such a range - you also assume that the shot will be taken from an elevated position and into a hill or safe backstop - this is the first time , I believe, that the OP has owned a CF rifle so I would presume that his FEO is going to err on the side of caution. No doubt that your ticket is "open" bumpy22 and therefore you have far more experience - that changes the parameters considerably.
  13. bruno22rf

    FAC advice for a new member

    10 Acres is a bit er....petite for a centre fire to be blatting out rounds isn't it.
  14. bruno22rf

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    I don't support the BL - long story but I always attend remembrance day.
  15. bruno22rf

    Deer Skin

    moondoggy, you're a man after my own heart.