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  1. Pinfire cartridges

    Would it be possible to make them from plastic cases? Drill a hole inside the cartridge base ( after removing any primer) big enough to take a percussion cap side on - With a shell in your gun mark the centre of the pin position then remove the cartridge and drill down to meet your countersunk hole (drill size needs to be pin dia obviously) position a perc. cap side on in the countersunk hole then push your pin down until it enters the perc. cap and thus holds it in place. Then just reload as usual? Bit fiddly but you could make a jig to drill the pin hole in the cartridge to speed things up some kind of rod to place the cap in the hole would be useful. Pin length would be trial and error.
  2. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    Distinct lack of prairie dogs in Brighton Stu - at any range but as you say - any target popping up at close range (as often happens) is really going to p on your strawberries so there is, in fact, no advantage whatsoever in mounting a scope so high - simply fashion over function. BTW thanks Jamie 1e for your considered opinion - a serious view well worth considering
  3. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    OK then - just suppose that you were firing from the hip ( bear with me ) but were still using a scope at eye level - the sight line and flight line will still cross at 2 points but the impact point of the pellet would be vastly different either side of these "zero" points - you would need to allow far more hold over/under than you would if the scope were as tight to the barrel as possible. High mounted scope better at longer ranges?? might be but we don't get vermin habitually determined to appear at such precise distances - when using Airguns with limited power and thus loopy flight you need to keep hold over/under as small as possible and allow yourself a better chance of hitting small targets such as Nutty's head within your limited range. ps Winnie and Bezza if you really have a Titanium Focus we need pictures or are you just blowing smoke? pps Just noticed that the OP is from Brighton so cannot help but wonder if he only bought the Bullpup because full length Sequined Gunslips are so expensive?
  4. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    Basic fact of accuracy is that a scope should be as close to the barrel as possible (line of sight - line of flight), even more important with the loopy low powered Airgun trajectory - how did the designers at FX forget this basic principle unless they were more concerned with appearance than functionality. OK using an M17 on a terrorist at 60 yards with a reasonably high velocity round but sub 12ft/lb on Nutty Nutkins at 30? - harks back to fantasy land.
  5. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    .25 puffgun with 45 fl/lb? just thinking of the trajectory makes me want to hum "somewhere over the rainbow". As for the S200 being ugly all I can say is that it's main design brief was not winning Beauty Shows but to put pellets in the same place time and time again at sensible ranges and for few Beer tokens - bit like the A10 Tankbuster "ugly, but well hung" as the yanks say. If you want something nice to look at buy a puppy not a Bullpup.
  6. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    No stu - the focus is lost over muddy terrain or towing a 2 ton caravan on Ice. Rabbit at 90 yards? Any £100 cz 2e can do that as well. Debate on .
  7. Gun rest

    Yes please - how would you like payment?
  8. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    Gay as!! I must be missing something here - unless you have a fetish for pseudo military guns with a view to playing GI Joe in your local woods, what does this gun do at well over a grand that , for example, the S200 doesn't. And lets not play silly games suggesting things like shot count unless you can, hand on heart, say that you have run out of Air while hunting or that old Magazine writers fantasy of being more manoeuvrable in a tight situation (such as the office store room?)....come ooooooon, really? No disrespect to you, dbarnard, but I don't get it and this forum needs a good debate .
  9. Range Rover

    Rover Group, including Land Rover were taken over by BMW in 1994 - 2nd series of Range Rover was introduced then according to Wiki. 2002 -2006 vehicles run on BMW engines.
  10. GP letter. Should I worry?

    I think you should you visit your Doctors and show him your middle finger
  11. Range Rover

    They do have an amazing array of features - my 04 vogue Wing Mirrors have, for example - demist, auto dim, dip when reverse is selected and move left or right as you turn corners to give you the best rear view, mind you they are just over £800 new.
  12. scope mount advise

    Cut a piece of 12g cartridge case to sit in the bottom mount.
  13. Teacher bashing!!

    Teachers at the school where I worked did not work 5 days a week with children. Teaching assistants did the majority of work day to day while the actual Teachers took one day every week to plan the following weeks lessons - this entailed them huddling in a room that we had to decorate in "relaxing " colours and ordering personal items from the internet and constantly chatting about their holidays.
  14. Range Rover

    Bought my 04 plate 4.4 v8 about 4 months ago - yes it has cost more in fixing faults in that time than my previous Saab did in 5 years of ownership but they kinda grow on you. I went to look at a BMW X5 that turned out to be a bit of a dog but there was a RR for sale at the same garage and as soon as I sat in it I wanted one. Mine purrs like only a v8 can and sitting on the motorway in those luxurious leather seats, feeling the car sit down on the suspension after a few miles listening to the stunning music system is so addictive that you can forgive the beasts attempt to bankrupt you at every opportunity. NOTHING drives like the RR and you need to experience it before slagging them off. Maintenance can be reduced by miles if you are a little savvy and steer clear of RR dealers - my last service invoice shows that the previous owner paid £25 per Spark Plug!!!!! There are plenty of smaller garages that specialise in RR's and good ones are well known on the owners forums - besides that basic servicing ie Oil and Filter change can be done easily at home for under £75 using good quality Oil.
  15. RiP Ken Dodd