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  1. Why will a .22lr round, of the same weight and velocity as a .25 (or as near as you can get) bounce around anymore than a .25 pellet? Look up .22 BB Cap rounds.
  2. Such is the popularity and variety of .22lr ammunition that you can buy rounds that will mirror image any .25 PCP round that you care to mention - you also dont need to refill with air and an accurate .22lr can be bought for pennies - I would guess that £200 would buy you a rifle/scope/Mod.
  3. Line your cabinet with cheap polystyrene tiles - keeps the temp stable and prevents moisture - gun socks and VP90 does the rest.
  4. I generally walk with a stout stick to prevent my Springer from being attacked - he seems to attract male dogs who either want to hump him or bite him? As he's a rescue and was miss treated by his previous owner he is timid and offers no defence - I,on the other hand, will not hesitate to take a stick to any dog that shows mine aggression and have nearly come to blows with other dog owners on a couple of occasions - one guy reckoned that my dog was "leading his dog on" when his mutt tried to constantly hump mine - he quickly learned the error of his ways. At the weekend a Lab came running past me screaming in fear as it was being chased by 2 Wolf Hounds - got a txt earlier today from the Wolf Hounds owner saying she had been banned from the park and cannot understand why? Beggars belief.
  5. Totally agree with Houseplant - leg swelling can be fluid build up and kidney and heart issues are the normal culprit - get it checked out.
  6. bruno22rf


    I don't believe you shot that group at 30 metres Arron - your hand is on the target 🙈.
  7. If anybody has a spare spoon lying around the house can they please post it to Mice as he's determined to stir things (dont tell him but he will also not be getting a glittery Christmas card this year). Truth be known I stare at the bruises on my legs from where I kick myself everyday since selling my S200! Wildcat has let me down once already ( Wildcat Mod post) and she no longer gets to sit on my lap being stroked although she did put another 5 shots thru the bull again today as way of an apology, but it's hard to believe that such an expensive gun can be built using push fit pins on a moving part.
  8. Hopefully this show one "tube" in place with 2 spares below? Free to anyone who wants one.
  9. So there I am - in the rare situation of being offered several possible sitting Magpies when my new Wildcat decides that it simply will not cock - shouting " $%&@##" at it appeared to make no difference so it was off to the workshop (Dining room table) for an autopsy. Removing the stock revealed the answer immediately - under the trigger unit the trigger rod is attached to the sear with a tiny (supposedly push fit?) pin - this had simply fallen out! What a poor design. Thinking cap on and I'm pretty sure I have cured the problem. Good old cheap disposable pens are the right internal dia to fix the problem - simply (with a junior hacksaw) cut a slot slightly wider than the sear lengthways for about 10 mm along the rear of the pens body - then cut the length to about 8 mm and clean up with a file - you should now have an 8mm long tube with a (roughly) 3mm slot along it's length - this will now slide over the rear trigger rod and prevent the tiny pin ever coming out again - looks good and doesn't foul anything.
  10. TBH - your picture does seem to indicate a very dead Goose.
  11. Greeeeeeeeeeeen with envy - loved BOP since I was a child - had a Sparrowhawk for a while but she died on me. Keep doing what you are doing - it truly is the sport of kings.
  12. How about an 18mm dia carbon fibre tube - on the bay of plenty for pennies (from China) - thinking outside the box here but you could cut it to length and drop it down the barrel after the main wad? Just a thought?
  13. Personally I would try a thicker wad on top of the powder - I'm guessing that you are currently using a 1/8 card wad over the powder? Might be blowing the pattern.
  14. Clay and Game do a variety of fibre cup wads - around £15/100 in different lengths?
  15. Am I having a blond moment - 60 grains for 1 1/4 ounce sounds a little light - you say the gun is shooting low, are you sure that it's not the velocity causing the pellets to drop? Have you tried 70 grains? BP Guns are very tolerant on powder loads. Have you thought about maybe using 18mm diameter plastic tubing to use as a cup - just a thought?
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