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  1. They couldn't scrap enough of the behemoths to satisfy me, saw one recently and nearly upchucked.
  2. Varies wildly but on a 30k car your statutory rights would give you, in most cases, a year. You are covered by the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. A manufacturers warranty is always little more than an add on compared to your legal Rights as a buyer if you buy from a dealer.
  3. Just a quick scan over their warranty terms - they will not pay disassembly costs, so I guess if your clutch goes they will charge you to strip it down before deciding if the part (plate or thrust bearing) is covered.
  4. As cazoo are a dealer I'm guessing they must offer you your statutory rights, never seen a warranty worth the paper it's written on. Why buy from a dealer and have to pay for the first years warranty.
  5. Depends on what is causing the blockage, swelling or mucus build up. Swelling is likely due to infection/ cold etc and needs time or anti biotics but mucus can be cleared. Mucus can be cleared by putting 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and a teaspoon of salt in a wine glass of hot water, stir well and wait for the mixture to cool to blood temperature, then use a plastic syringe to squirt the mixture down your nose as you hold your head upside down over the sink, once the nose is full try and wait a couple of minutes before turning your head over and blowing your nose into a tissue, you will be amazed at what can come out. I suffered for years but eventually had a private operation where they drilled up through the roof of my mouth and into the nasal passages breaking up the bone, not for the faint hearted.
  6. Some of the larger ones have an O ring on them, might be stuck with limescale?
  7. But you can visit 90% of the steak houses in most areas and be served worse "cack" at 3 times the price.
  8. That's similar to a friend of mine, she has just returned to position she held several years ago, rehabilitating sex offenders, and week one retraining is Kayaking lessons.
  9. Not so according to a local Beef Farmer, McDonalds only buy the best Beef available to protect their reputation.
  10. Do they not already know the vast majority of shooters feelings on this matter, where have they been these last 2 years?
  11. So a friend of mines dogs days are numbered, his elbow joints have cracked and the vets say an operation is unlikely to show much improvement. An associate of my friend mentioned that she uses a Physic to talk to her dead Horse (seriously) and gets to catch up on her Horse once a month for £65. So my friend gives it a go and sends a photo of her dog and awaits a response. Yesterday the phone rings and it's the Physic who chats away telling my friend all she has learned about her dog. As luck would have it she got absolutely everything as wrong as it could be and my friend told the Physic that she was nowhere near describing the Dog or it's condition and ,as such, she wanted her £65 back, the physic agreed but covered herself by saying that she had no intention of further consultations as she knew that the dog had been lying!!!!
  12. If you have a mixer tap in your kitchen you can unscrew the insert and buy a Hozelok type hose adaptor that screws back in for less than a fiver, then you simply attach a hose to the tap, hang it out of the window and Bobs your uncle.
  13. I can see the solution as can 99% of the British population, so why are we powerless to stop them? I'm looking forward to times when a bunch of locals sail out and take the law into their own hands, like the people pulling those ****** off the road while the Police, who are being paid to remove them, stand and watch.
  14. Had my RR 4+ years now, had a battery go (replaced under warranty) and a suspension Air Compressor (just under £300 and fitted it myself) otherwise she hasn't missed a beat? And she's 17 years old, not a spec of rust, pulls like a train and is more comfortable then your favourite armchair. Had more breakdowns in my Skoda in under a year. Saying that, when the battery died over night, the car sat for 3 weeks as not one Auto Electrician (ignore it when their Ads say "all types repaired) would even contemplate looking at it.
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