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  1. Just in case you were considering one for your car - they do not work on many cars - to check you need to see if your cigarette lighter works with the ignition OFF - if it does then you should be ok.
  2. bruno22rf

    I need shotgun restorer suggestions

    I'm with Old Boggy - the guy is a genius with old guns and a real gent to deal with - wait till you get the gun back from him then ask how old he is - amazing.
  3. bruno22rf

    Horse fly bite

    Walker570....considerable swelling eh? now that's given me an idea . Mice....any pictures of the Dog wearing wellies and trousers?
  4. bruno22rf

    BSA Defiant

    Be interesting to know how many of us have ever double loaded a PCP - I'll start - 20 + years using only PCP's for hunting = zero. Keep your eye on the ball.
  5. bruno22rf

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Surely Rock Salt is corrosive to metal? - driveway/car - I wouldn't risk it?
  6. bruno22rf

    Car suffocating in heat

    Sounds like a possible fuel issue - get it on a Dyno/rolling road and get it mapped.
  7. bruno22rf

    Patio cleaning/odour removal

    Our bins have really been unpleasant due to the hot weather and the other half constantly putting dog eggs in them which then bake nicely in the sun - got so bad that I was avoiding walking past them if possible but then bought some Zoflora from Poundland that I mixed up with 3 litres of water and wow-what a difference - at a squid a throw it's got to be worth a go and it smells really pleasant.
  8. bruno22rf

    Any hard core opera fans on here?

    Love Mirusia Louwerse - her voice can bring most people to tears - stunning.
  9. bruno22rf

    Air Gun Rifle charger

    Might also be worth considering that , if you mess up on filling, 232bar is less likely to blow your gun to bits than 300bar .
  10. bruno22rf

    Problem with a dogs ears

    Just tried "Thornit" powder after wasting £130 over 2 visits to the vet - what an improvement after only 2 applications - mentioned it to our vet and was told that they do not recommend it.....is that because they cannot charge you a fortune for a prescription for it?
  11. bruno22rf

    Cheap options

    No decent dealer would "shoot you down" - you are the customer and firmly in the driving seat - we all have to learn and we all make mistakes but a quick trip to the dealer should put your mind at rest - you could say that you just wanted to check the power level with the particular pellet that you have decided on if you are not comfortable?
  12. bruno22rf

    Cheap options

    Just take it back to your dealer and ask them to chrono it - why mess about? There is also a possibility that your friends S400 has crept over the limit - they have a habit of doing it.
  13. bruno22rf

    rws diana mod 45

    Trigger guard looks odd to me - mine had an ugly almost square one? Always had a soft spot for the 45 (had some kind or weird rifling from memory) - one of the most under rated guns ever built IMHO and a very capable rifle - loved the 35 as well.
  14. bruno22rf

    Range Rover v Discovery

    Best advice really, chris, is to suggest that you drive one - mine is pretty old and slow by modern standards but the comfort and drive are like nothing else, don't expect it to be economical on fuel though - if you see 20+/gallon then you are winning but it doesn't actually seem to bother me - strange, these really are Marmite vehicles.
  15. bruno22rf

    rws diana mod 45

    Looks more like a 35 to me?