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  1. That's not a sale, it's a giveaway - it pains me to see so much gun going for so little money.
  2. Pain is negligible but find a Tatooist with a superb reputation - if you are anywhere near Buckinghamshire look up Dean North in Buckingham - absolute genius.
  3. I think we should go further and discuss the, so far, unmentioned ROS (rate of spin) or RPM to simplify - surly a higher RPM in .22 would negate any advantage over the diminutive .177 due to the Gyroscopic effect? The twist rate of your barrel, I'm guessing, is a conversation you have yet to have with your local RFD when buying a Puffgun. Only kidding - but I wouldn't mind a squid for every time this debate has been aired. The correct answer IMHO is either calibre but not both - use one gun and learn to shoot it.
  4. Bought a similar HOGGS coat off here several years ago - must admit that, occasionally, I have nodded off waiting for Pigeons whilst wearing it.
  5. Just to clarify team tractor - you've had your guns taken away yet not committed any offence - you are a fully paid member of BASC yet nothing has been done? Just about sums them up doesn't it? What about a legal challenge from BASC, using their considerable "fighting fund", to charge the Police with theft?
  6. Our Neighbours had an extension done and one of the builders dropped a brick down a drain - next time we had heavy rain their front garden flooded (about 3" water) - next time our Insurance was due (has there ever been a flood within 50 metres of your home) our premium was increased by ............£600. Told them to shove it.
  7. Mine split on my Range Rover - rang my local RR spannerman only to be told that they don't replace CV boots anymore - they replace the entire driveshaft!! Thank god I shopped around - genuine driveshaft over £700 + VAT......J&R trading (terrible reputation) £49.99 inc next day delivery - arrived in a damaged box with a snapped jubilee type clip but replaced that for pennies and the shaft has been on now for nearly 2 years without any bother.
  8. Why would it have to be sent to your RFD? He could post it direct to you for around £15.
  9. Now there's a picture to treasure - superb.
  10. Tramadol certainly works for me - on the 2 occasions that I have taken it, it stopped my heart beating both times - certainly made me forget the pain though.
  11. Be honest and play fair - you will usually receive the same treatment.
  12. Nobody near me seems to stock it - online it's around £6/bottle!!
  13. Only going by what it says on the label - NEW in big green letters? Things are getting desperate now - found myself sipping it from the bottle the other day. Will look around for your sauce TIGHTCHOKE.
  14. Out of interest, can a business post an Airgun back direct or does it have to be via your local RFD?
  15. "It will be interesting to see how many of these Turkish guns are still around in 10/20/30 + years time" - didn't everybody say the same about Japanese Motorcycles? I've got a KOFS and I'm well chuffed with it - also heard many rumours that some Italian guns are made partly in Turkey.
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