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  1. Dog boot?

    Could you maybe fashion a boot from a BMX cycle inner tube? Glue the tube together one end then hold it in place with tape?
  2. Dog boot?

    Try Wedding Cake - seems to heal up most things .
  3. Cocker or Springer

    My Springer retrieves anything and everything, to hand, without ever having had the slightest hint of training - he's done so from the day we got him as a rescue pup. He has the knack of passing gas whilst sat next to you and then walking away only to stare, accusingly, at you from the other side of the room, he brings me my slippers every evening ( if I want them or not), brings the shopping in from the car and will not settle until he has fell asleep in my lap for at least 1/2 hour every night. He will sit and watch Telly like a child but moves like a bullet if you even nudge the treats packet in the larder, leaves a mini river of water across the kitchen floor every time he drinks and blocks the Dyson with his hair practically every other day - who could ask for a better companion?
  4. Help

    plastic push rivets.
  5. "avin a laugh"

    Range Rover XYZ switch (gear position indicator) £593 inc VAT and fitting.....BMW identical part but wires 5" shorter £125.

    Stable Door......Bolting Horse Mice - my daughter has already pushed the 2 together and fallen asleep on them cos there was no room on the sofa .
  7. Via Amazon - large high density foam waterproof dog bed 114 x 80 x10 cm down from £69.99 to £24.99 - just bought 2 for our Spaniels but would fit a Lab size dog easily, removable washable cover but we have covered ours with a Cot Duvet for extra comfort. Seem really good to me and the Dogs love them.
  8. Car insurance

    Change my Insurance company to cheapest every year and never had a single problem, as for breakdown I always go with Start Rescue at around £18/year - service had been superb over the last 4 years.
  9. New Defender 'spotted'...

    They should have more than enough money to develop a World Class Vehicle - I've just bought some genuine parts for my 04 Vogue .
  10. Would you swap?

    No - but then I already have a house full of junk without adding a Premier to the mix.
  11. P38 range rover torque plate fitting.

    Its a Range Rover - think what a normal car would cost, double it then Add a bit more for luck - the cost will be just over that.
  12. IVY

    One of the local woods where we walk the dogs is inundated with heavy Ivy covered Trees - I'm sure that some of the younger ones have been pulled down by the sheer weight of the stuff - I carry a Sheath Knife occasionally and hack thru the lower stems, it's actually really satisfying .
  13. Italian cull

    Honey Monster.....I shoot Squirrels in very public Parks that are open to the public 24/7 - no real problems over the last 3 years. The areas where shooting can take place are checked by a Health and Safety Officer and a URN is obtained from the local police on each foray - TBH the Police are very good about it and as long as only Air Rifles are used with secure back stops then shooting is very effective and safe - we average around 250/year Tree Rats.
  14. looking for info on .22 fac guns

    Excalibre - now that's one sexy gun. Scrap the Daystate and just fondle the RWS. Long wait for Daystate is ,most likely, due to them having to source parts from wherever they can get them cheapest, plus the fact that ,by the time your gun is built, it's been superseded by another model (and £10 says that will be a limited edition). Put some pics up of the real gun here.....RWS.