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  1. bruno22rf

    Any thoughts?

    I doubt that W&B, considering the limited range that shots are normally taken over, the PCP's that I use are barely "ticking over" when out controlling Nutty although the ability to reload quickly has often enabled me to shoot 2 or 3 in quick succession (I can clearly recall one incident last year where I felt like I was being mobbed by the blighters as a group of 10 + ran through the trees above me) - the lighter weight of some PCP offerings ,however, is an undeniable Carrot as my health is not the best - also need an Ambi or LH gun as my right eye decided to quit several years back. I must admit though that it's fun searching for the new tool - the Compatto keeps popping up in my thoughts or even () a Bullpup - now that would look odd in my collection .
  2. bruno22rf

    Any thoughts?

    Most of the suggestions I think I have owned over the years - used to "borrow" Rabbits with a BSA Meteor without a stock (tucked under my coat where one day, whilst walking nonchalantly away from an estate worker, it shot me under my arm resulting in about 15 minutes digging with my pen knife to remove the pellet) - first ever Rifle was a Relum, not sure on the Mk3 and the Diana "G" range were pants. Trouble is that while looking at pre War guns I will most likely end up buying a Compatto, but I will keep looking.
  3. bruno22rf

    Dirt flask!

    Dishwasher Tablets are great for jobs like this - another good trick is to put one in the bottom of your sink plug hole in the kitchen and just let it dissolve over a few days - stops stinky plug holes and prevents blockages.
  4. bruno22rf

    Any thoughts?

    Been mulling over the coming seasons Nutty bashing and my tiny mind has started to realise that shooting PCP's is rather "industrial" and may, in some ways, be somewhat guilty of introducing a feeling of boredom into my previous forays. We all know the feeling of a "dead" PCP on firing and an almost detached sense of the proceedings after pulling the trigger - "clinical" would be a good word. So, with my brain firing on both cylinders I seem to be convincing myself that I might want to try stepping backwards in order to go forwards i.e. trying something that would be more likely to be seen on Antiques Road show than the Airgungearshow. The idea is that, by involving myself more in the "launch control" of my chosen projectile I may rediscover my passion for the job in hand (this is not a first for me as I find greater pleasure in the use of "front stuffing smoke poles" than using my modern O/U shotguns). So armed with my first significant brainwave for several months I'm pondering on the feasibility of using a 40-50 year old puffgun to upset Nutty and wondering if any of the older offerings would be A/ accurate enough to hold a good enough group to make the practice worthwhile and B/ carry sufficient energy to "do the job". Guns I'm considering are Webley's service mk2, BSA Cadet Major or maybe something even older. So anyone any thoughts? I'm not hankering on dressing for the occasion and involving myself in a "Pride and Prejudice" re enactment ( though the idea of stalking thru the woods in an evening Gown is worryingly appealing ) but simply replacing new with old for a change. Let the micky taking commence.
  5. bruno22rf

    Rat pellets

    Give H&N Baracuda hunter extreme a go - had good results on Squizzers at short range.
  6. bruno22rf

    Out of Town - Jack Hargreaves.SOLD.

    Not sure that the locals would agree with the "gentleman" title - when he lived in the New Forest he was pretty much shunned by most local shooters as he used his money and influence to get sole shooting rights over much of his local area.
  7. bruno22rf

    parking tickets

    Just been had by UKPC for the same "offence" - I had run out of a heart tablet and my Pharmacist kindly bought some to a local (Milton Keynes) Hospital for me to collect - nowhere to Park apart from a drop off space and that cost me £40 despite appealing and displaying my Blue Badge. Threatened to cause a ruckus at the Governors meeting and tried appealing to just about everyone I could speak to at the Hospital but nobody seems to care - PALS were a waste of time. In the end I just paid - but you might want to check in case there's another occasion - most Hospitals allow you to park in a normal, i.e.non Disabled, space anywhere on site for free you just need to have your parking ticket validated by whoever is in charge of Parking.
  8. bruno22rf

    SYMONDS 16 gauge

    sold pending usual.
  9. bruno22rf

    Series 2a

    Strewth - pity nobody releases chicks like that in my area .
  10. bruno22rf

    .177 Target Pistol

    Contact chambers gun spares for a new piston seal, breach seal and spring - job jobbed.
  11. bruno22rf

    How reliable are cvt boxes

    Why not just an Auto?
  12. bruno22rf

    SYMONDS 16 gauge

    Pictures updated - apologies for poor quality previous pics.
  13. bruno22rf

    TULA Exhibition Hammer 16 gauge

    Flats are stamped BNP 2 3/4" plus loads of other markings - from memory (I may still have the email from the factory) she was made in the 60's .
  14. bruno22rf

    To FAC or not to FAC

    No "heated" discussions twixt myself and Ultrastu I hope strimmer-13 - all I'm aiming at is an intelligent and broad minded exchange of views and experiences, something I have come to expect from Stu.
  15. bruno22rf

    NKPC worth a read?

    topic removed