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  1. bruno22rf


    Went to bed this morning at 1AM and up at just after 4 so you are not alone. I sometimes listen to rain/storm sounds on youtube played via headphones but I'm guessing not working and packing up the ciggies you have experienced quite a lifestyle change. You could try reading or doing crosswords before you sleep or, at the end of the day, a glass of Whiskey can do wonders.
  2. Over 3 weeks and £48 to get my form back from the GP - then only after 3 phone calls and a threat to charge them if my guns have to go into storage,
  3. Not all side plates are true sidelocks? I thought that it is either one or the other - a Sidelock is a totally different Animal to a Side Plate - a Boxlock can have side plates, a Side lock cant?
  4. Kayleigh - Marillion, from the Album Misplaced Childhood?
  5. I use a late 70's Original 35 occasionally.
  6. Welcome to the forum, LHE44, if you decide to stay awhile (and I hope you do) you will learn that it is considered bad form and a little naive to think that you can join and get shooting the easy way - unfortunately this forum see's many shooters who believe that the world is waiting eagerly for them to come along with their Grandads Airgun and shoot Willy Nilly. With the greatest respect might I suggest that you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and what you do, your experiences in the world of shooting or just of life in general. With the current situation I believe that now is a time to learn or teach, to make alliances and to enjoy the ramblings of others, not the time to seek shooting. We all know how depressing it is to be "Armed to the teeth" and have nothing to shoot at but the vast majority of us have all been there and come out the the side, some by giving up, and some by hanging on in there and eventually enjoying this phenomenal sport along with it's social and personal benefits, there is a relatively new member on here who refused to take no for an answer and is now , I believe, enjoying the fruits of his labour - I will not name him as I do not have his blessing but he has done well. So might I suggest that you sit back and enjoy the forum and who knows what the future may bring?
  7. We had Airguns from the age of 13 and went to War with the street the other side of the main road - we would gather at the woods next to the local playground and shoot at each other, I still have a scar where I got shot in the back of my arm by a .22 Meteor and my friend has a scar right on the bridge of his nose where he got hit by an Arrow - luckily the steel tip had long since been broken off.
  8. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of guns that fire BB's and Pellets would be smooth bore - BB guns are famously inaccurate and a pellet fired down a non rifled barrel is likely to give similar results?
  9. Scully - Yes it is a Unique Reference Number, it's part of the agreement with the landowner - the public have free access to the land and the owner's do not want Armed Response units turning up every 10 minutes - never been a problem over the last 3 + years but now TVP have decided that they will play God - much the same as with the FAC renewal forms where they freely admit to working outside Government guidelines.
  10. Someone best have a word with TVP then - last time one of our vermin control group asked for a URN (essential under our terms) they clearly stated that Pest Control was not considered essential and refused to give the code.
  11. Sold mine to a fellow forum member - would give him a shout to get him to back up my comment but I doubt that he would hear me - we're talking the CO2 pistol here aren't we? If so then I stand by my initial comment - no mod on my one.....BOOM!
  12. Er....hate to burst your bubble but my Rat Catcher sounded like a .22 Rimfire.
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