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  1. My daughters Damnation was untrainable, it ate thouands of £'s worth of stuff around her house including her sofa and about 3 square feet of dividing wall. We used to have it for the day sometimes and it would dig one particular piece of lawn, nothing seemed to deter it, eventually I laid my ladder over the lawn where he liked to dig and 10 minutes later I had a series of square patches, dam thing had used the ladder as a template.
  2. My other half makes sausage rolls with chutney (caramelised onion or mixed fruit but any chutney works well) alongside the meat, divine.
  3. Sounds like heaven to me, imagine the millions of people sat home watching Britain's got no Talent, now tell me who's the saddo's.
  4. I bought a gun and the stock smelled of smoke for months, it dissapeared after about 6 months but someone suggested in future leaving it in cat litter overnight.
  5. bruno22rf

    Why ???

    I can assure you that at 60 yards my .22 at 28ftlb rarely exits a pigeon with much energy (JSB Jumbo) and certainly will not travel far if it does (there's 2 fields behind before any public right of way anyway), perfect for sitting pigeons and chest shots as I'm nowhere near good enough for headshots at such ranges. I also think that few FAC .177's come up for sale as very few are sold in comparison the the larger offerings. But If Stu reckons .177 FAC are a good option I would go with what he says, he forgets more about Air Rifle balistics every day than I ever knew.
  6. bruno22rf

    Why ???

    I use my .22 FAC Air rifle, 30ftlbs, for pigeons in trees, too dangerous to fire 40g bullets upwards in most cases. I also think there is some doubt over stability with .177 pellets at higher velocities?
  7. Dont worry about it BASC will be on the case, like a striking slug.
  8. Not a firearm as you would be arrested, all you need is a 6 foot pole with something sharp on the end.
  9. Got one here, pretty sure it says MOD on it, pm me your address and I'll pop it in the post - it's got a knurled ring so fitted by hand, 2" overall length. Came with a 101 many years ago.
  10. Gun collected today as planned, way better than I had imagined with a tiny mark on the wood otherwise 9/10. Absolute pleasure to meet you Richard and seeing the Falcon that you were working was a dream come true, what a truly stunning sight.
  11. Quick someone, rip his arm off, well under priced.
  12. As I only have one eye I bought a monocular for bird spotting etc, absolute nightmare to use, better off with binoculars as they are easier to hold steady.
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