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  1. Looking for the above in the midlands - 28" multi would be nice but will consider anything really.
  2. Friends of mine have 6 or 7 of them - I cannot believe anyone could use them for hunting - they are so slow, clumsy and difficult to train.
  3. Does it fit? Can you swing it nice and smooth i.e. it doesn't have 34" magnum proofed tubes? Does it come with multi chokes (we all like to fiddle whether we admit it or not - also gives an added excuse if we miss an easy bird)? Is it a decent brand so you wont lose much money if you change after a year or so? If yes then you are on to a winner.
  4. Before you buy give Evolution a call - they sell ex demo machines about half the price of new ones - basically means they have been out of the box - some have actually been used or had minor faults that have been fixed - I've had 3 off them and they have all been as new - one had sawdust on the blade. Keep an eye on Aldi for blades - carbide tipped normally around £7 for 3 and they work just fine for me.
  5. 2 weeks ago we had 100% take on all feeders - went out twice last weekend and didn't see one Squirrel - Thursdays report - best feeder was 50% whilst others are virtually untouched. Considering taking up Golf.
  6. BenBhoy - respect to you sir for defending the police - now give TVP a call and ask them how many officers are dedicated to protect children against Sex Offenders then ask how many are on speed camera work every day.
  7. Winchester Trap 100 (don't know if you can still get them?) used to give me a headache within 5 minutes of using them - no other cartridge has ever done the same?
  8. Don't laugh but you can buy a pop up toilet tent in various guises for about £15 - use the opening at the rear as a door and cut a slit in the front - if you are handy you could maybe cut a square patch out and sew a piece of mist cammo net in? Something like ebay item 173299616385?
  9. Mmphmmmmmm - hours of work to catch a Thief or Rapist - no income there - nab poor old Joe Public doing 34mph after a long days work and that's £100 - Cha-Ching.
  10. Simple way would be to look at what load your barrels are proofed for - lets say 1&1/8th oz - weigh out the load minus ,say 10%, then cut a cartridge down till it holds that exact amount of shot - you can then use the same cut cartridge to load the powder - square load.
  11. Kranks do a variety of bits - but online you will find just about anything you need. Reloading BP is not without it's hazards as the slightest spark, even from static, can set it off - pretty sure that a standard reloading press is not particularly recommended due to this? The licence, I found, is pretty straight forward but you need a special box to store the stuff - you can get them online or find plans and make your own - licence btw is free. You will also need to store the powder away from your house, if possible, and the storage box will need to be bolted/chained to a wall - it's also worth letting your local fire station know that you store explosives. If you live near a BP stockist then that will save you a lot of money - shipping the stuff is going to bankrupt you - have you thought about BP alternatives - Pyrodex etc is a lot easier to deal with.
  12. To make myself clear - my advice was also aimed at anybody on here buying and then having problems. However - I am going to try and explain to you the FACTS - you bought the gun from a UK based shop yes? For gods sake stop talking about SMK - it has NOTHING to do with them - it is 100% down to who you paid the money to - why are you bleating on about trade pacts????? Not once did I suggest getting TS to take on your case - why would I? - you can approach them for advice but not much else. I would respectfully ask you to name the person you spoke to at trading standards regarding your dealer being simply an Agent - Bullpoo - pm me with details if you like and I will gladly have a word. I know consumer law - your response is totally irrelevant to my attempt to assist you - why not name the dealer as they have sold you a dud? READ THE 2015 CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT - unless you bought the gun before1st October 2015 in which case the Sale of Goods Act protected you.
  13. I think she should be welcomed back with open arms - maybe made a Dame? Really cannot understand everybody shouting off about not letting her come back and then when she loses her right to return we all bad mouth the Foreign Secretary - best decision he ever made. I DONT GIVE A POO ABOUT HER OR HER DEAD CHILD - she is responsible end of.
  14. bruno22rf


    Got a Barnett Pro Diablo gathering dust - sight is long gone but totally useless anyway - got the 3 balance bars and a reasonable band on it but most likely needs replacement - yours for the price of posting - about £4 I think.
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