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  1. I wonder if you could run Bullaces through a fruit press then simply add to spirits?
  2. Don't pay a single penny for my 11k acres, never would pay, I'm providing a service.
  3. I've often wondered if a slightly different approach might be beneficial. Permission would be sought but by invitation only i.e. the Landowner meets and checks your references, licence etc and then grants written permission on the basis that you only shoot when invited (for example when the owner sees his crops being attacked), maybe this would help A/ the farmer who is best placed to see his crops and has no concern about you wandering around with a gun whenever you fancy. B/ you get to shoot when the vermin are on the land. Might need a bit of tweaking but it might just get some perms? Just a thought.
  4. Never take out an extended warranty, your consumer rights protect you for up to 6 years.
  5. What better companion could a man ever ask for? Lay down now old fella, your work is done.
  6. Very well done indeed, making memories to treasure.
  7. Doesn't it all depend on who cooks the meal, pretty much like any foodstuff? I've had hundreds of bland Chicken Tikka Masala's then discovered a restaurant on the edge of MK that does it so well that you could dream of it.
  8. Seems a bit of a con tbh, it has a lower nutritional rating than the dry and you need to feed more of it, around another 100 grams/day.
  9. Spent £80 on the semi moist EDEN Wild Boar and Pheasant to see what mine think, one seems to like it but the other isn't over impressed, he actually seems to prefer Butchers cheapy stuff but being the farty one it's getting a bit Eggy indoors.
  10. Essex cut price airguns are selling the pp700 for £100, that's a PCP pistol with a regulator, 100 shot count recoilless pistol for pennies, you will struggle to beat that.
  11. In MK, if you shop around you can watch a film, get a Kebab, 2ltrs of White Lightning Cider (made with organic anti freeze), a bag of chips, a post card of DFS shopfront when the sale has ended and a night out with the man of your choice for around a tenner.
  12. Now there's about as much entertainment as you're likely to get (with your clothes on) for under a ton.
  13. Speak to your surgery, most use something like "Wellness" GP app, search Evergreen GP and you should find it, think you will have to speak to your surgery to get a password. You should then get complete access to your Medical history, any letters you have been sent and be able to re-order prescriptions etc etc.
  14. Why can we not just scan a copy of our medical record from our online GP History account? Within seconds I can see my history over the last 20+ years. I should be amazed that BASC have not challenged all this rubbish, but somehow I'm not.
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