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  1. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    Now that looks interesting gary pm'd you.
  2. Why buy a Greenhouse? - keep an eye on facebook and you will soon find one for free, all you have to do is dismantle it which is childs play. Replace a few side panels with clear plastic and just use 4 clips to hold them in place - when the greenhouse hits 40 degrees you simply remove the panels. Ditchy hit the nail on the head - get one bigger than you think you need.
  3. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    Sold the Cat about 2 weeks ago (in about 3 hours!!), was thinking about a smaller scope Stu. mmamonster - when did you buy yours, best price I can find is £475.
  4. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    Toyed with the idea a while back but never got round to buying one - you can get an extension on the bay of plenty for around £30.
  5. My deepest sympathy to you and yours. Your words sing the song of your heart.Be strong, be well.
  6. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    The US S510 is 3.4kg which equates to nearly 7 1/2 lbs according to the AA blurb - about half a Hippo according to my arms!!
  7. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    According to my kitchen scales the 510, scoped, is 9lbs 4 oz. I dont walk around at all when the gun is out of the bag so a sling would not really help,but just carrying her in a case between feeders and from the car is exhausting, so much so that I'm beginning to miss the furthest feeders. It is no fault of the gun, it's just my failing health (something that I seem to forget about everytime I buy another gun!!) and the 510 is going nowhere as I will continue to use it when I'm targeting one particular feeder. The review I looked at for the P15 says 4.4lbs? Hopefully, if I keep down the scope
  8. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    I think the titanium cylinder and thre fact that it's regged keeps the price up, never seen one in the flesh but need something really light as the 510 is going to kill me.
  9. A victory roll by a Spitfire would have been nice but Hey- Ho. When all is said and done nobody does dignity like the English, forgetting Brexit, BLM and all the pandemic woes just for a moment in time, an opportunity for an entire nation to share it's feelings in unity rarely comes our way. Sorrow, respect and compassion is clearly the order of this day - well done indeed Sir Tom, the nation salutes you on your way.RIP.
  10. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    Yes, I saw that but dont really like what's been done to it + can get a new one for £475!!
  11. bruno22rf

    Artemis P15

    Ideally in .22 but .177 considered, cash waiting.
  12. I bought a pop up toilet tent for about £15 that does the job but if you do a recce and find a good vantage point to shoot from using natural cover then you dont really need a tent. I use my gunbag and natural as below.
  13. Your buyer makes the agreement with his RFD regarding RFD fees - you stand to lose around £30 for postage in total, as long as your gun is as you describe it then it is unlikely to be rejected. Shooters tend to be an honest bunch - put an Air Rifle up for sale Sunday before last and within hours a buyer had put £650 into my account having never seen the gun. I suggested that a holding deposit would be a better bet but he would not hear of it, I also said that the gun may be a heap of junk to which he replied "well that's my problem now isn't it cos I've paid for it" !!!
  14. All joking aside, few more write ups like that and I could see myself sitting reading a book full, dare I say, reminds me of Collin Willock and his easy reading style.
  15. You need to speak to the buyers RFD and ask him if he is happy to receive your gun that you are selling to Mr ***. The RFD should agree not to release the gun until the buyer has viewed and you have confirmed that payment has been received. RFD fee should be paid and agreed by the buyer.
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