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  1. 1000 times better than your shotgun 😃.
  2. Few days after cleaning my SxS BP Repro, I was busy loading her, powder,wad,shot, wad....Hammers at half cock, or so I thought. It turns out that after removing the locks I had over tightened the retaining screw and the LH Hammer was actually jammed against the wood. Cradeled in my left arm,Percusion cap on LH nipple then as I tried to put the RH nipple on I must have touched the LH Hammer - this duly fell and fired the gun just as my friend walked past me to my left. The blast removed the front of his Belstaff jacket along with 2 buttons but, apart from burn marks, he was untouched. Been ultr
  3. And here's living proof that, with considerable effort, you can even devalue a gun that was worth nothing to start. Horrendous.
  4. He's looking better now thanks, but if he sees water he's in it and everthing is mud around here at the moment so we have to clean and treat the wound twice a day. I sent a TXT to the copper and he has asked me not to contact him again following advice - looks like it's going to go to court as the Police have emailed me to say that no offence has taken place so it's a civil matter - it's no suprise that most people have absolutely no faith in them whatsoever - only time I see a copper is if I'm doing 33mph in a 30 zone. TBH - I am developing a loathing for them.
  5. If the car ran for a while before conking out it may have been running the ignition system on battery power alone - the battery warning light would be lit if this was the case - sounds like a earth or alternator/rectifier problem to me.
  6. If you contact the owl trust they may help or even give you a box?
  7. And will it be more accurate? Free floating a barell is great if you are bench resting or never get your gun knocked or dropped - but on a sub 12 airgun? Waste of time IMHO and there are far better ways of ensuring accuraccy - weighing your pellets costs nothing but will give better returns.
  8. Dont bother - the s200 , in it's standard guise, is far more accurate than you will ever be. If you really want to throw money at it then get a larger cylinder and have a Reg fitted. Nothing short of brilliant little guns in my humble opinion.
  9. Sorry cant help but these are fetching good money at the moment - not sure why. I'm in MK ,if you are anywhere near then you are welcome to come and try mine for a couple of hours to make sure you like the thing. As suggested on "another" forum - budget an AirFective service at just over £100 - it's the best money you will ever spend on a Cat. The MK1 doesn't really need a mod so dont miss buying one if you find a gun without one.
  10. Last weeks attack - first visit to the vet was Friday where he was given pain killers but he was not happy over the weekend so we took him back today - wound has become infected so injections and a clean with antibiotics to follow.
  11. Another trip to the vet today after a local Police Officer allowed his (pet) Alsation to attack my dog as he was looking for a ball - now infected and his temp is over 40. Bill now stands at £171 and rising.
  12. bruno22rf

    22LR wanted

    Got a ZKM452 (BRNO) scoped and moderated - about 15 years old but as new, still have the original instructions somewhere. Im near Buckingham.
  13. I can say, hand on heart, that I never have, but then I dont shoot deer. I prefere to watch them.
  14. The fact that it was a second shot makes it worse for me - who's pulling the trigger? Mr Magoo? To attempt to justify this clip as anything other than downright cruelty is sheer folly - and as for why are clips like this released, is it OK to let this kind of practice continue as long as no body sees it? The shooting community needs to clean up it's act and damned fast if it has any hope of surviving long term. Laughing as an animal dies in pain and fear is the act of a complete moron - no excuses.
  15. This kind of scam is getting more common - some forums now insist that you write your user name and the date on a piece of paper and include it in the picture - might be worth the Mods looking into?
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