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  1. bruno22rf

    Ebay rip offs

    The Bay has become a hot bed for con men and thieves - been looking for a Motorhome around the 10-12k mark and there are about 10 that stand out - but the name of the seller keeps changing and the Business address listed has never heard of him. More annoying are sellers who state that they are UK based - only if China has moved!! Why cant Ebay sort these jokers out? There's a seller on the site at the moment who seems to have hundreds if vehicles for sale starting at 99p, Cars,Bikes and Motorhomes .
  2. bruno22rf

    B2 refurb

    NEVER use a Dremil to get varnish out of your Butt groove! Love the turning on the outside of the cylinder - feedrate of about .5mm/rev at a guess.
  3. bruno22rf

    Hughie Fury

    When I first switched over I thought I was watching the Comedy channel - LardBoy spent all the time hiding behind his hands. It's watching garbage like this that reminds me how good some boxers really were - the likes of Ali, Tyson and Frazier spring to mind.
  4. Buy a bottle of Rice Wine Vinegar and a box of Cornstarch (Morrisons do both) then ask google - it's so easy and if you do it once I reckon you will use the method time and time again. I think that it coats the meat and seals in the moisture - we treat chicken this way for our chinese and Indian dishes - wish I had discovered it years ago cos the difference is remarkable.
  5. If you use Chicken breast then try "velveting" it first - really easy to do and the meat is so tender and moist - never have to eat dry or chewy chicken again. It'a a technique commonly used in Chinese cookery bit works in any dish.
  6. According to an email in my possession (from the Tula factory) these bright finished guns were made by their "very finest craftsmen" to be used as demo models - around 50 were made - the stock is walnut and usually has skip cut checkering.
  7. bruno22rf


    Dont charge to more than 150bar - remove any mod that you have fitted and single load 10 rounds then get back to us.
  8. bruno22rf


    Got a 13 yo Springer here very much on her last legs - she collapsed this very morning and we had to carry her near half a mile to the car, after a good rest she has perked up but I fear the inevitable looming. Really feel for your loss - if you find a way of avoiding becoming a blubbering wreck please let me know, in the meantime my thoughts are with you.
  9. mudpatten - I'm going to need some educating here - some Browning's are bored at .741 from new so how come they are not "out of proof"? I always thought that a gun in the UK is proofed at it's stamped size (and they vary from make to make) but then became out of proof only when the bore becomes worn .010 thou or more?
  10. But I am not a trader!! so different parameters apply. At the end of the day it's the way I normally like to buy/sell but if the buyer/seller does not like the "terms" then the sale simply does not go ahead. Another way of looking at your food example is that I Cannot think of a Supermarket that doesn't offer a 100% refund on an item that "fails to satisfy" - I have returned hundreds of food items for a refund that were, in my opinion, below standard - even if it's simply a lack of flavour. If you want to return a car after a short while (30 days I think) then you simply view the car without giving any details - wait a few days then buy it over the phone, you are then covered by the distance selling act - you have the right to return the car within said 30 days without even giving a reason. I fully understand your points and I did not think you were suggesting that I would rip anybody off, but there is normally 2 ways to look at a problem and a myriad of solutions.
  11. Rewulf - if the seller doesn't like the agreement then they are under no obligation to sell to me, most shooting men are honest in my experience. Why would I rip someone off? Have also posted Airguns with payment agreed once the buyer has inspected and approved that the gun is as I described - I also offer a money back promise if anything goes wrong in the first year - not worth ripping people off for a few hundred quid is it?
  12. Bought quite a few guns this way - NEVER paid up front, always agree with the seller that he pays postage to you but you are responsible for return costs if the gun is not right.
  13. I think that this is the way forward where hunting rifles are concerned - once the system has been thoroughly tested confidence in it's ability will grow and larger production runs will bring prices down. How often have you pulled the trigger only to have a twig move in the way or a Squirrel drop it's head just at the wrong moment - with your quarry alarmed even the slightest click of a side lever being operated will cost you the kill - the ability to send another pellet down range without any discernible sound or movement can only be a bonus. Only downside I can see is that some idiots may be tempted to follow a moving target and just keep firing - the chances of wounding would be unjustifiable but I can see the temptation.
  14. Our local Park has started using them in small numbers over last Winter but only in areas where it is impossible to shoot. They have put them up high enough that you need a ladder to reach them as one was stolen and camouflaging them makes them less effective because Squirrels are naturally inquisitive and drawn towards them being strange. No non target species have been found dead so far but foxes tend to remove anything dead within hours of it hitting the floor. Downside to date are price and the need to attend the trap regularly to see how many times it has triggered or change the Co2 capsule. WORD OF WARNING - these things keep a charge in the "chamber" even if you remove the capsule - I know of at least one person who put his finger inside an "empty" display model only to get his finger smashed.
  15. That's the ONLY nice thing I will ever say about a Daystate.
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