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  1. Why would you feed carlos fandango rounds to a gun like that? Plenty of power but accuracy is limited so why all the extra poke? Try RWS HP HV - sometimes hard to find but a real quality round that just gets the job done.
  2. bruno22rf

    hawke scopes

    Not really - near £150 new and this is as new, but thanks for your interest.
  3. bruno22rf

    hawke scopes

    Hawke 4.5 - 14 x 50 AO half mil dot - vantage max - unused and still boxed £60 + £5. postage. No mounts but cheap enough on ebay.
  4. Forum's a bit dull at the mo!!
  5. Problem seems to be,S Kewitsch, that your eyesight is more likely causing the problem - if you need to screw out the eyepiece that far then it can hardly be the scopes fault? At the end of the day you will not find SMK scopes being used by top FT shooters and there's a very good reason for that - they are primarily aimed at the real budget end of the market . I,like strimmer, always try and buy used scopes - for under £50 you can pick up a some very reasonable glass - not a Hawke fan, I prefer Nikko Stirling myself.
  6. 3-4 hours does me - but then I could nod off at the drop of a hat in the afternoons - rarely go to bed before 2am and my alarm (set for 6am) only goes off if I forget to turn it off when I get up - I seem to spend most of the night on the internet or reading - local burglars hate me.
  7. bruno22rf

    FWB 127,

    If it's in really good condition I would leave it - not really built for plinking as it's an out and out sporter and one for the collector - it seems a shame for such a rifle to spend it's days perforating tin cans. As an investment it's not a bad bet cos prices are only going to go one way - but make sure it's the later model - collectors also seem to like the original ASI sticker on the cylinder.
  8. After noticing my lad (ESS) has been breathing fast, even at rest, we popped him to the Vet today and 2 hours later heard that he has an enlarged heart and a "kink" in his Aorta - he is only 5 and we are devastated to hear such bad news. According to the Vet his condition is either genetic (unlikely as he has a string of FT champions behind him) or has been caused by Trauma - there is a Dog where we walk him that seems hell bent on running into other Dogs as they run past. If we have been lucky and caught the condition early then he may lead a long and relatively normal life but he is going to have to learn to calm down - not easy as he is manic most of the time. He is on a strong initial dose of Diuretics to try and remove the accumulated fluid from his stomach and lungs so the next few days will be critical. I'm , tbh, in pieces over this, just thought I would share.
  9. If you can pull that shot off 9 times out of 10 then good on you - if not then you were simply being irresponsible risking wounding an Animal for no more than a challenge. There are many Rifles out there that would kill at such a range all day - why not buy one?
  10. 8-9 most of my life but following the recent GL fiasco I would guess about 4-5.
  11. Ah, I see what your'e saying Walker570 - but what you actually needed was MY Springer 😃
  12. I always find option 2 the best in the long run - but from day 1 my dog is totally off lead at home and learns to follow me around the house/garden. I may well be wrong but I tend to find that the first thing on a Dogs mind when on a lead is how to get off it - in a young Dog this seems to become somewhat ingrained and then leaves you with more problems than you started with - get him to follow you like a shadow when he's a puppy and I find the Dog will never stray far from your side.
  13. bruno22rf


    FWIW I think London Best is about on the money advice wise - meeting farmers without asking permission is far more likely to gain their trust - markets, farm shops etc. Don't be afraid to start small as one guy who may have little more than a paddock may seem insignificant - mentioning his name and adding that you shoot for him can carry a lot of clout .Over the last 4 years I have gained over 6K Acres by bumping into farmers whilst out walking the dog - pretty sure that , had I turned up at their door and asked, I would not have been so lucky.
  14. What are you feeding her?
  15. Try Glucosamine - you can get it from your Vet, who will give it you in a posh box with a gasp inducing price tag, or you can get it from your local Pharmacist or online for pennies.
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