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  1. bruno22rf

    Humane dispatch

    So it's ok to shoot the wretched creature if by doing so you use an unloaded Rifle?
  2. bruno22rf

    Stans first full season

    WOW - stunning looking chap, you have so many great times together to look forward to - remember them all .
  3. bruno22rf

    Humane dispatch

    I'm also guessing that a Deer in agony by the side of the road would constitute an "excuse" - it would be daft to put a blanket ban on humanely despatching a wounded animal that was injured due to a road collision. It clearly states that it is only an offence if by doing so you " in consequence a user is injured, harmed or interrupted".
  4. bruno22rf

    Can i buy an air rifle from a friend ?

    Now you need to ask ultrastu in the Airgun section - he's an expert on these IMHO a far better gun than the RM8.
  5. bruno22rf

    Humane dispatch

    Unless my memory is failing me - discharging a firearm within 50 feet of a highway is only illegal if it is likely to cause injury,harm to property or livestock, or something along these lines?
  6. bruno22rf

    Anscutz Mag.

    Thanks telf - yes I've seen some for sale but way expensive new and I'm a tight get .
  7. bruno22rf

    Can i buy an air rifle from a friend ?

    Loads of fans of the RM8 - personally I wouldn't have one if you gave it to me but if you like it - loads of the for sale which might say something?
  8. bruno22rf

    Anscutz Mag.

    As above, anyone have an Anschutz mag in .17hmr they no longer need - same as the .22 magnum I think.
  9. bruno22rf

    Can i buy an air rifle from a friend ?

    As said - as long as you are both over 18 then no rules apply unless you are banned from owning a firearm - FAC doesn't really come into it as the owner is unable to sell to you anyway. You might want to ask the Mods to move this to the Airgun section and tell us about the gun and the amount you are considering spending.
  10. bruno22rf

    Paper cartridges

    Loved the Baikals - you could virtually build a T34 Tank engine using the bits of metal mixed in with the shot of a box of 50.
  11. bruno22rf

    Shotgun Cert renewal

    POPP = pensionable oldypigeonpopper?
  12. bruno22rf

    Can i buy an air rifle from a friend ?

    Assuming you are 18 - give him the money, he gives you the gun - job done?
  13. bruno22rf

    Barrel blowups

    That looks like it's been rolled - it has a seam? Never seen a Damascus barrel made out of flat sheet that is the rolled! You can see the fold on the right hand side - how strange.
  14. bruno22rf

    Screw cutting a rimfire barrel

    Bread and Butter work with a CNC Lathe.
  15. bruno22rf


    Unless you want the crunch or large onion pieces you could use the Indian method of grating the onion then squeezing out the water - cooks much faster and will caramelize giving a better flavour.