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  1. You couldn't make it up could you? BASC have lost their touch on reality.
  2. Perhaps a little more research into the actual events that shaped Agincourt would be wise before calling it a victory.
  3. The OP AFAIK, has not mentioned the effectiveness of either calibre but rather questioned the price difference, besides, being in the states I'm guessing that power levels are far higher than in good old blighty so the parameters are different. I would say, after spending out for the gun why quibble over less £1.50 on 500 pellets?
  4. Starting at 29p I wasn't expecting much but thought I might as well give em a go.....planted 20 lettuce and 2 cucumber and, after 6 days, all but one seed has geminated, that's a far higher result than my usual packs at £2.99. If you do pick up cucumber seeds make sure you read the description, though, as some are for Gherkin type fruit.
  5. OK, so pretty much off topic, but I would really like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for those guys on here that take the time to write a full and descriptive account of their forays, due to reasons that I will not bore you with I struggle to get out anywhere near as much as I used to, the snippets on this topic keep me going and, to me, are worth their weight in gold.
  6. SMK don't make the P-15, as you know, they are made by SPA or Snowpeak/Artemis, you know the one, the largest manufacturer of Air Rifles in the world with over a million units a year currently being made. Not sure about BSA sales, probably best to speak to their Spanish parent company. I really wouldn't concern yourself about an Artemis sullying your collection of BSA's, you would soon sell those old crocks once you had your hands on a decent Chinese built gun 😀.
  7. At the risk of repeating myself, the SMK P15 is under £400, it has a Titanium cylinder (the BSA, no doubt a Spanish steel el cheapo), will match the CLX IMHO in any test, is Regged and weighs slightly less than a Haddocks bathing costume, 100 shot before any noticeable drop in power, is like a Meccano set to work on, if you ever buy a CLX Stu, I'm happy to meet you for a shoot off....100 shots, pellets straight from the tin, 40 yards, winner takes the opponents gun?
  8. I would get a PCP VICTORY PP700sa from essexcutpriceairguns, £140 for a PCP pistol, buy a cheap pump (£20) and away you go.
  9. Unpopular Opinions.....mine that I'm a good looking sex machine.
  10. OPP, just google cop punches dog or look at Alex Belfield on youtube.
  11. So this is a Police Officer, a man supposed to be employed to protect the innocent and be caring of others, punching a Dog for pooing on his carpet. Why are the RSPCA not demanding that the dog is removed from this vile creature?
  12. Just about anything sung by Mirusia, Ave Maria can bring you to your knees.
  13. If I see anyone leaving their house to take part then I guess it's ok to go and walk all over their house and garden?
  14. A friend of mine grows loads from seeds every year, struggles to give them away hence me asking for one and receiving 4 (well 6 actually but I've given 2 away)
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