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  1. i,ll leave it i think mate ,i thought you might be nearer to me and i'd nip and fetch it atb ade

  2. I have an unused Bratton Sound gun cabinet for sale - its the compact break down cabinet for 2 guns,(over and under only, will not fit semi-autos) Cabinet model is called an SA2 I think. Collect only (Staffordshire) or arrange your own courier : £70.00 REDUCED TO £65 for quick sale
  3. Owning both Benelli and Beretta semis, I can honestly say the Benelli is quite amazing - it just doesn't get dirty like the gas operated semis do and is a great pleasure to use - I guess there are far fewer Benellis around as they are quite expensive and there are loads of very good value old Beretta 302s and 303s available for very little money compared to 4-figure prices for new Benellis, not that many used models around, particularly newer Benellis. Go to a good gun shop attached to a shooting ground and try a few.....then go with what seems right for you. Inertia though,is generally B
  4. Hi Blaser, the Benelli is just perfect thanks, but some of those Blasers have some good looking wood! My cabinet is full and I'm happy with the semi's and a Silver Pigeon III for O/U days I visit the board and read but rarely post anymore......
  5. Having tried several guns, I find a semi by far the nicest to shoot, with the least recoil, and tires me the least......Beretta Semis fitted me well with some shim changes, and currently shooting with a Benelli Supersport which I absolutely love......you won't go worng with a semi, and you can get a nice Beretta 303 or similar quite inexpensively......no need to go for a 20g, the 12g cartridges are cheaper and the 12g semi is a nice gun for a woman
  6. Its a superb semi auto and really does the business - I absolutely love mine, despite the carbon fibre / non-wood stock. The lack of felt recoil and muzzle flip really improves my confidence every time I shoot with it. All the best and hope you enjoy it!!!
  7. Superb gun, wish you well using it. I too never thought I would ever want a synthetic stock but do I care with the Supersport? No! The lack of felt recoil is another great plus for me as I struggle with arthritis and somehow, the ported barrel seems to make a lot of difference as well - the gun gives me a lot of confidence and performs superbly all round for clays. Wish I had tried it before some earlier more expensive mistakes........ I guess its about fit as well - I'm only just over 5 ft and about 10st and am astonished how a 20st guy over 6 ft could have aproblem with recoil on this gu
  8. I certainly hope not....there are a fair few of us, including me, who need semi-autos due to medical problems - I wouldn't be able to use an O/U, and I know quite a few people in the same position. Let's hope that common sense, which isn't too common really, unfortunately, prevails!!!!
  9. As details of Bird's mental state emerge, it seems to me that there are many other questions other than the FAC / SGC issues: like why did it take the police so long to react? A police helicopter with firearms officers onboard could surely have stopped the rampage long before the 3 hours it took? Bird covered an extensive distance and took a long time - there are loads of questions as to the police operation and their response time, I think. Plus, if he was turned away from the hospital when asking for help re his mental state, there are lots of questions there too, not to mention the "
  10. Reefcat, you have a PM. I'll take it if its not yet sold.
  11. Sorry, car was sold some time ago now....perhaps take a look at the date of the ad for a clue?? At least the leather was real.....
  12. ? Advice is usually to carry it barrel facing directly / straight upwards, placing the butt in your cartridge pocket if convenient, showing the flag / open breech /Saf-T-plug clearly. Carrying it barrel down is decidedly unsafe in the event it did go off for any reason at all as the shot will spray round your legs / those walking with you / vehicles in the car park etc - DON'T DO IT!!!! It looks unsafe and is almost (although not quite!) as bad as walking around with an unbroken O/U barrels facing ground. :blink: As you say however, there is absolutely no issue at all with using a semi o
  13. BBC News is showing that someone described as "male...in their 50s" was found at Kibworth with fatal gunshot wounds.... :sad1: Tragedy for the man and his family and another incident for the gun-hating government to use against responsible gun ownership in this country..........
  14. HullCompX 28s cycle really well with almost no felt recoil for me everytime. Also used Eley VIP fibre and Procomp Fibre in 28s which cycled perfectly and shot well.
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