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    Use the buttons on the tv not on the remote have to do that with my samsung
  2. blade

    Xbox one controller

    Anybody got one of the above in good working order kicking about please
  3. blade

    Volvo XC90

    One i was going to look at is a bit older 2004 but only 99000 miles and is manual.Are the auto boxes better don't see many manual ones .And i prefer the cream leather 😁
  4. Anybody drive one just looking for pros and cons and off road capability.My old xtrail is getting on a bit in miles now.Looking at a 2006 /2007 model xc90
  5. blade

    Miruko mk38 stock

  6. Heat gun the benelli tubes are locktited in aswel took some shifting but got it out in the end
  7. You sure that's right 48" is 4ft across
  8. My puppy once ate a full scrabble set the vet said he would be fine but when he had a poo it could spell disaster 😁
  9. Just read the GL36 has anbody read the bit where it says consumption .Says you can eat the birds you shoot but can't be sold for human consumption ?
  10. Would you meet at Melton mowbray ?
  11. Heard some game dealers are laying off no pigeons to process.And a long way off the game season .Knock on effects all round
  12. Trouble is some of the big bags are shot on stubble which doesn't help with the crop protection argument
  13. All we can do is wait and see i can go 2 days without crop protecting 😁
  14. Did you have to apply for the general licence before ?
  15. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-control-certain-species Just scroll down passed the different licences
  16. You don't need to apply it will be just like the old one but worded different.People only need to apply now if you have to shoot over the weekend.I for one can wait 2 days to see what happens
  17. New general licences will go live on GOV.UK from next week commencing 29 April. These will: cover the majority of circumstances previously covered by the revoked general licences, GL04, GL05 and GL06 ensure landowners can continue to take necessary action, whilst also taking into account the needs of wildlife If you need to act within the law before these are ready, use the relevant application form on this page to apply for a licence to control certain wild bird species
  18. The ones on there website are for people who need to shoot now if you can hang on till monday the new GL will be out then Supposedly 😁
  19. Keythorpe game might take them
  20. Only commented because its surprising how many people don't know the law. Thought this site was here to help and educate people won't bother next time
  21. Sorry thought a crow call was to attract crows maybe its for luring in great white sharks my mistake 😁
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