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  1. hi what twist rate is the barrel cheers del
  2. Hi All am after some 17 Remington Brass once fired or new & .17 Bullet Heads 25gn let me know by pm please cheers del
  3. del

    Wanted 17 cal heads

    Hi all so picked up a 17 remington today and am after some 17cal heads for reloading let me know what you have and how much you want for them cheers del
  4. del

    Wanted 17 Hornet

    pm back to you ddemarco04@aol.com
  5. del

    Wanted 17 Hornet

    hi all am looking for a 17 hornet ( and the reloading bit aswell) if anyone has one or see's one for sale in there local gun shop let me know please cheers del
  6. del

    Theoben Bits

    Hi allGot some stuff to sellExtra air bottle for mfr £60 posteddovetail rail 140mm long £20 2 piece picatinny rail 135mm long £23£18 for the plain bolt £28 for the 7 ball£20 for the 177 single shot adapter.22 weihrauch 16" barrel FAC ported £85 would do the 22 cal change barrel mag and inner and outer probe together for £120 posted1 x 22 mag £3822 inner and outer probe £25cheers del
  7. hi all anyone got any 60gn hornady v-max they are not using pm please cheers del
  8. Hi AllAnyone got a Hornady headspace bushing for 223rem i believe it to be the (A) bushing pm me please
  9. del


    hi all anyone got a hornady anvil base they want to sell cheers del
  10. Hawke High Match Mounts 30mm tube 20mm rail fitting, (Weaver / picatinny) Double screw with Allen Key. Still in original packaging. £12 posted yes please pm me payment details cheers del
  11. Hi all Looking for Universal decapping die and 223 Rem modified case Cheers del
  12. Hi all Looking for Universal decapping die and 223 Rem modified case Cheers del
  13. Hi all am going to start reloading for my 223 so want to see if anyone has a reloading press / kit for sale before i go and get the lee kit , PM me with what you have cheers del
  14. del

    Wanted Theoben .22 mag

    prob can Mice but want to see if there were any second hand about cheers del
  15. as above lads am after a .22 mag for my MFR cheers del
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