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  1. What make/model of gun is this for?
  2. IF this is true.BASC (and all the others) should be shouting louder than the rspb etc.perhaps a joint enquiry/court cost(again,if proven to be true) would be good pr for us🤔
  3. At £70 its a bargain.that WAS a cheeky bid😤
  4. I buy these.2 for £20,if that gives you an idea for an asking price.good shirts that wear and wash well👍
  5. They came from the factory with oil finish
  6. A stensby sxs with 26" sleeved barells. Px'd it at york guns,when they were in the town centre.i keep hoping i'll bump ito it again one day.ble with church windows.🤦‍♂️
  7. I'd hazard a guess at a 70'/early80's beretta?
  8. Sounds like an ideal 20 bore configuration.other than my english 20 sbs-obviously😉
  9. I have a browning 12 but a beretta 20.theres isnt much weight difference between a browning 12 or there 20. In my opinion a 20 should be light and used with light loads,otherwise whats the point in using one? A guy i know shoots 30&32 gram through his 20.ouch!
  10. Beretta.no problem selling it if yoy decide its not for you.plus light-as a 20 bore should be.
  11. Perhaps quaffed down with a glass or two of port?
  12. Ogdens shooting supplies do them. Really good quality too
  13. You can click and collect from non essential retailers.get ringing around👍
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