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  1. Thankyou,'ve just googled it.sadly too far for me.that is a very generous offer of a day out for someone.
  2. Thanks for the sugestions.i dont want another mortgage🙂 so i'll take a look at the tourbon ones.thanls again
  3. Are they not the same as a rizzini? I think they were made by them
  4. Thanks for the review.almost felt like i was there!
  5. I thought that they looked too good to be true
  6. Thanks for the ideas.will take a look.does anyone know what the quality is like on the guardian cases? Other than that might have to be negrini.nowt on ebay at the moment.
  7. Perhaps i should have been a little more specific.i have a beretta,which came in the standard flat plasic blue box.i am looking for something more stylish/better quality.idealy in a true motor case/compact configuration,although i may consider a flat type of case.
  8. Looking for reccomendations for shotgun motorcase to suit an over&under
  9. If you have anything at all,which you are in any doubt about,declare it. I had medication or 3 months depression,over 20 years ago. I never declared anything then or since on my renewals. When last years renewal was going through (albeit by post,due to the pandemic) the licencing officer mentioned it during a phone call. Good luck with the renewal
  10. I dont find them too heavy,even after a full days beating.they have never let water in or split at the back,like some others appear to do.i was hesitant to make a big spend,but wish i had done it earlier.far better than my le chameau wellies and they were not cheap.
  11. I too have ankle trouble and pondered this.bought meindl dovre extreme.had them 3 years and cant reccomend them enough.
  12. It is indeed swings and roundabouts.i would never deal with malmo again.you have to go where is best for you
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