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  1. They are 3 months behind with renewals,i've just got mine through.no home visits at the moment,so not sure how they'd go on with a grant
  2. 😀 We will be reminising about the talking action man and stretch armstrong next🤔
  3. My mate had one.that is a blast from the past👍
  4. London pride or bombadier👍
  5. Thimbelby is ok.top end of yorkshire
  6. Have you tried kirklees guns? Only a stones throw from you
  7. Save up and stretch to a pair of meindl.you wont regret it.
  8. I've used brian and he is very very good.but doesnt open saturdays,so would mean taking 2 days or half days off work.to drop off and collect Thanks for the reply.will give it a go
  9. Still got mine from 88.doesnt need renewing every 10 years😊
  10. Can anyone reccomend a gunsmiths-one that does repairs,not just sells guns. Looking to have a dent raised on a 20 bore barell
  11. I use an english side by side 20 bore. 2 and half inch chamber,27"barells,improved cylinder and quarter.weights 5 & 1/4 pounds. Ideal
  12. Dont go anything over 30gm.unless you have a friend that is a dentist
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