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  1. When i had my s1 shotgun,it was one of the conditions for clay target shooting.i didn't ask for it to be put on,it automatically had it.
  2. Have a word with bk webster gunsmiths. He can do wonders with stocks/fit etc.
  3. Ring stuart gosney gunsmiths.he specialises in a 5's
  4. Hankook dynapro at.had em on my jimny.quiet on the road,would go anywhere off road
  5. Anybod that wants to ban shooting🤷‍♂️
  6. Depends who they matter to😚
  7. I live very close to sniper 0161 but am unable to commit to night time shooting (in fact i sold my cf rifle on hear). I'm seriously hacked off because it is a very very good offer.
  8. Try ogdens shooting supplies.proper quality and a nice guy too.
  9. Not the northwest but about 1 hour drive for you. Park lodge have a skeet layout.nice tidy ground too.
  10. I used to have one.i think they were called the sc.usually came with nice timber too.good luck with your search👍
  11. Isnt the fleur de lys the marking for high performance steel?
  12. Lovely pup and yes cockers are testing charachters.bella?
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