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  1. Thanks for that. They did the barells on my 20 bore a few years ago.true gents and first class work
  2. Hopkins are very good,but john(one of the two brothers) has retired,so not sure how much is done in house now. Branthwaites are also proper gunsmiths,who do the work in house. I'd steer well clear of another well known "gun room" in stockport.
  3. Branthwaites raised a few dents from a stock for me.one i didn't think was possible to do. It was like new afterwards.
  4. Perhaps he is a male pheasant😉
  5. 1/4 maximum.plenty good to 40yards,which is a lot further than most folk think
  6. I dont understand the point of this post?
  7. Rice breast? Didnt know that anything other than wildfowl could get it. Every day is a school day.
  8. Sounds like a good day. Always make sure there are no dead birds lying on their backs.a red letter day will happen,eventually. Thanks for sharing👍
  9. Mr grumpy

    Brady slip

    Replied to your pm
  10. Mr grumpy

    Brady slip

    Where abouts are you located?
  11. Its a 28" fixed choke field model
  12. Thanks for that.i'm looking to put my eell 20 in against one.got a 525 12 bore,after shooting 20 bore for over 10 years.love the 525.
  13. No.but they are of a far better quality and properly engineered.not after an argument mate.
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