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  1. paypal catherinelowe53@btinternet.com
  2. .303 stripper clips used for sale £10..00 x10 clips +£1.00 P&P
  3. K31 swiss stripper clips used for sale £10.00 each P&P £1.00
  4. tony1


    How far north I live in east midlands
  5. Its fairly obvious that the are on line and checking out Pigeon watch are they members?
  6. Hi!

    Do you like Hug-San rifle you've  purchased earlier?

    1. tony1

      First shower

      Our rain arrived at last it lasted as long as it took me to walk from my front door to shut the gate till I walked to the back gate and was gone
    2. Years ago I use to visit Penn St station New York just to order there Pastrami sandwich on rye it was delicious I have never quite found the same flavour or enjoyment in this country.
    3. 50 loose un-used lapua brass cases mossin nagant 7.62x53r for sale £37.00 including p&p 100 used .223 brass cases ( mixed 1 to 5 firings ) got mixed up, £12.00 including p&p
    4. Will the motor car be included in it.
    5. For sale Swiss ppu 7.55x55 used brass ( no fault of my Grandchildren the above brass has become mixed) fired once to three times £15.00 per hundred +p&p £3.25 100 unused ppu swiss 7.5x55 for sale £30.00 + p&p
    6. I also had the same problem I live in Derbyshire my son lives in Nottingham the guns where stored with me In derby, the guns wereon both our certs all was well till my son move from Derbyshire to Nottingham, when it was time to renew the certificates my was given the run around with lots obstruction's and delays in the end he got so fed up he just cancelled his FAC, just to get some the peace and quite in his life. I hope you have abetter outcome with the shared certificates.
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