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  1. I still have k31 stripper clips left how many would you like

    sorry about delay in replying

  2. 100 unused ppu .303 brass cases for sale £30.00 +£3.50 p&p in mainland UK80 " hxp 303 brass cases for sale £25.00 +£3.50 " p&p in mainland UK
  3. K31 SCHMIDT old used BROWN military issue bullet clips for sale£7.00 each p&p include
  4. Is this why the called them selves the forgotten army?
  5. I watch a old tv with a free serve box (both sharps make) as I am a bit deaf so I have the subtitles on most of the time, however the words appear either behind or in front of the talking any one know any sort of fix I can try ( no unhelpful humour please) and no I can't afford to by new tv or frees serve box, Thanks in advance
  6. can some one show me where the door is to get out the loony bin please?
  7. Excuses my ignorance but what is the three sea shell method???
  8. Boxx gun safe 6 rifle slots for sale, heavy duty steel double lock gun cabinet. come with x2 sets of keys.. £80 ONO can deliver within a 10 mile radius of NG10. or can be collected from NG10 we can arrange for a courier to deliver but you would need too meet these cost.
  9. What about the Cat of nine tails and the birch for violent crimes not a lot of repeat offenders?
  10. paypal catherinelowe53@btinternet.com
  11. .303 stripper clips used for sale £10..00 x10 clips +£1.00 P&P
  12. K31 swiss stripper clips used for sale £10.00 each P&P £1.00
  13. tony1


    How far north I live in east midlands
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