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  1. Bit strong mate, agreed he’s worded a few of his post different to what I’d of done but if he calls it a day on pigeon watch what’s achieved? he’s butted heads with a few people on here and resolved it in a phone call. I’ve not seen anyone else from basc rock up to get involved. Atleast he’s willing to comment.
  2. thanks for taking the time to type that out and clear that up Conor. It would seem that the voluntary move may have a role to play in mitigating/pacifying the potential outcomes of the HSE proposals. given the circumstances you've pointed out above i imagine the 9 organizations next move will be to play for time and extend deadlines.
  3. well i took your advice and ive wasted my time. was looking for an actual answer and the closest i got to question 1 was "What happens from 2025 onward will be for the organizations that announced the voluntary transition away from lead shot and single use plastics for live quarry shooting with shotguns in 2020 to decide and announce." and i may be wrong but none of those organizations can in fact impose anything on the shooting community. in fact this has added a 3rd question to my list 3. when it was clear that the voluntary transition was clearly not gaining the intended following or traction why has it been so heavily perused for 5 years?. its literally been pushed to the 11th hour and when the time frame expires the goals have not been met whats the plan? why the hell have they still been banging the drum over this and more than likely going to need to make a U-turn thats not going to cast shooting, shooters or the organizations in a good light.
  4. sorry if these questions have been answered but 13 pages of long winded comments is not something im gona go through word for word on a sunday afternoon. ive brushed through it all and get the general idea but ive got some questions that ive not had a rock solid answer too. 1. the voluntary basc transition away from single use plastic and lead for game. how voluntary is it?. its year 5 of 5 and some progress has been made but realistically its not looking like a complete transition will be achieved not even close so what its the consequence of that?. to my knowledge basc are an organization not a governing body, if its decided by the majority of the shooting community to ignore this transition out side of a cautionary tale what can basc actually impose? am i correct in thinking this isnt and wont be law? (for the record im BASC member and use non toxic when practical but can very much see the reasons and sympathies with those who dont) 2. whats the score with this HSE matter? where are we at now i know that is being pushed to be a legal ban however it seems to keep deferring and stalling and to my knowledge is a EU proposal thats now been scraped in the EU. how is the wind blowing with this is it looking like a matter of time or is this starting to loose traction?. when has this been pushed back too?
  5. quick search in this forum archive alone found someone feb just gone asking for advice. hed applied in september and as of feb hed heard nothing. one of the commenters said 18 months. i think cheshire are very much the exception to the rule atm the whole country is on a very long and frankly unacceptable turn around time but what can you do? you get funny about it theyll just revoke you.
  6. mate if youve just put in for your ticket youve got a year to wait. and loads of guns will take your eye between now and then. and if youre like anyone i know as soon as get your section 2 you dont but THE gun youll find youll probably buy about 5. and the one you shoot best with will naturally become the go too. in the first 5 years of having my ticket i must have bought and sold 25 shotguns. and ive held onto the ones i really enjoyed. thats the beauty of section 2 if youve got the money youve got the gun easy as that
  7. having this exact problem, i broke one of my keys and im using my spare. its a double bit key and local cobblers/key cutters are all asking for 30-50 quid to cut the key including timpsons , and all saihd they have to order the blanks in. keys are poor metal. like a cast pewter looking material. timpsons do offer but 1 get 1 half price bit its still pricy toyed with the idea of just buying a key cutter for £90 and having a crack.
  8. 1 or 2 screws will do so little damage to the tree it will be negligible.
  9. i was a member of a club for a few years, but i lost interest when the club wasnt really offering anything and was more of just the old boys getting together to reminisce and i think thats what the club was for to keep the old guard who may not be able to get out anymore in contact so fair play to them. One thing they did all agree on was its not like it used to be. they said the birds dont really arrive until it gets colder in October and its all over with by xmas. ive been a permit holder at lindisfarne a few year now and they do seem to have been telling the truth with this one. i go on the 1st day of the season as its tradition for me and my pal but we blank more often than not outside of the window mentioned above
  10. Most home office approved clubs upon application ask the police if you have an previous and if it would or wouldn't be wise to grant you membership. then you usually have to take part in an induction/firearms safety course and satisfy the club. If all goes well then you will enter a 6 month probation period, once complete THEN the police will entertain a firearms application. applying before the probation period is over is unlikely to be successful and applying without being a member on intent alone is 99.9% sure to get refused almost immediately. most clubs have access to club firearms and you can buy and use ammo aslong as it doesn't leave the premises so if you are intrested in shooting and wish to do a bit target practice you can scratch the itch until youre granted an FAC. to save confusion use references that arnt related to you in any form, and as far as im aware no profession will speed up the process.
  11. great idea squeeze more people out of the sport and impose more restrictive rules
  12. aw for sure, from a blank slate im in agreement with you but, the OP has a just got his 17hmr so a new rifle in a totally new caliber plus variation and land approval might not be viable. as he asked about a more suitable ammo for his current setup
  13. canadas probably weight close to the same as a fox, and youve got thick feathers breast meat then a solid breastbone, clearly youve made it work but i think you might be asking allot of the 17hmr. id probably look down the route of a heavier 20gr round thats designed to go a little bit deeper instead of the 17gr balistic tip stuff.
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