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  1. yeah totally agree, and the plan is to get somthing a bit tougher and built for purpose. probably an SXP or a super nova but as always life gets in the way and the season comes round before we know it and im a bit cash strapped atm. its not that im frightened to get it messed up the gun is very much a working tool. its just a run of the mill 11-87, not rare, sought after or expensive by any stretch and weirdly not the first 11-87 ive fired, but it just fits me perfect and i shoot like a god with it,hence the name, so id rather not beat it into the ground before its time. its my go to for all but PSG now but the saltmarsh is just so brutal an enviroment thanks everyone for the replies, ive ordered a tub of renassance wax as a bit further reading into it its somthing thats showing up a fair few times on other forums and posts. plus it looks worth while having it around for long storage and stuff, ill post to let folks know how i got on with it
  2. ive seen them. they solve a problem we've all experienced i guess but require you to carry a mash hammer and the 20mm steel driver bar. if youre carrying that why not just use the mash hammer to drive a 20mm steel bar into the hard ground and put the poles into the piloted holes and save the £40?
  3. anyone got any tips or tricks for keeping rust at bay on blued steel on the salt marshes?. im a clean freak as far as my guns are concerned and none go back in the cabinet dirty but i just feel im fighting an unwinable fight. i do plan on buying somthing thats plastic stocked and coated that made for the job as soon as i can but atm its just not financially justifiable before september 1st gun gets a health coat of napier gun cleaner/lubricator spay on all internal moving parts, once thats evaporated the chokes get plenty of choke grease and the outside wood and metal get a good wipe down with napier oil then when im done it gets a wipe down with an oil impregnated rag, boresnaked and it goes into one of them breathable silicone socks, and a full strip and clean is priority when im home. anyone found something that give you a bit more time before the orange devil shows up, or know if any products that offer a bit more protection. i know prevention is better than cure
  4. gloves... imo a good pair of gloves are pretty much required kit like ear protection when shooting. if its cold they keep you warm and stop fumbling, and numbness, if its hot they keep sweat on the metal work and what youre experiencing to a minimum. plus they keep your hands clean and to an extent protected when setting up a hide around brambles and stuff or handling shot game (if sweat affects the finish like this blood will rock your world) or a hot barrel (i do PSG). i cant think of any disadvantage to wearing gloves over bare hands other than trigger control and feel but a good pair of gloves pretty much negate that if they fit right. mcwets are like a 2nd skin. if youre prone to not going home straight away or have been shooting if more adverse conditions put it inside of one of them oil impregnated socks instead of/ inside of the gun slip ive found they tend to give me a chance to get the gun sorted as soon as i get home on the long drive home from the salt marshs. anyone know of any better way to prevent/ preserve blued steel in those conditions please share it. im 100% fighting a loosing battle on that front
  5. my farm drilled beans for the first time in years last week and had loads of spill. i shot it the next day and had a fairly poor day. the seagulls and crows found it pretty much as the field was being drilled unless they were after the insects and worms. left me scratching my head a bit going back up on thursday for another bash. hopefully i was just a bit too keen and didnt give the pigeons time to find it. like i said above first time on my permision to shoot over beans. they a drill and harvest window kinda deal? or do the pigeon hit them for a while. none of my permisions do OSR anymore and wheat seems of no intrest to the pigeons other than just after harvest.
  6. never had too much drama in the pigeon hide touch wood. i tend to lay the nice on thick, unload and step out well in time and say hello. its been annoying at times but i stand to win nothing by giving them a telling off.but stand too loose everything. all they have to do is take it bad, call the police and give some fabricated story saying somone in a field pointed a gun at them and then the armed response are out. i work in forestry and its pretty scary the amount of people think they have a right on land simply becasue they walk it often. had people move signs to walk through, come into a working area to watch. doesent matter how much high vis orange, noise or cordons you put out if its a path they walk daily theyre coming through. as somone said above tresspass isnt a criminal offence its civil. unless you can prove its aggravated tresspass i.e prove they are doing it to intentionaly disrupt or intimidate(good luck doing that) all the police can do is escort them off property they probably wont even come out
  7. Ah I see. Sounds daft but ultra sonic cleaners are good. Can get them for about £30 of Amazon and they come in handy for all sorts of gun stuff
  8. Never delt with carbon fibre gun parts but deal with carbon fibre in bikes all the time. It’s advise you don’t use anything more aggressive that soapy water as the carbon fibre is lacquered and you never know how good thst lacquer is.but tbh I doubt that will shift 15 years of dirty 22lr residue. You sure it doesn’t strip apart? It’s probably a carbon shell with steel baffles. A monolithic moderator would be incredibly hard to make from carbon and would end up being very expensive to produce not to mention a really stupid design for Rimfire ammo for the reason you’re having right now.
  9. Difficult one that mate. All the brands do high end clay loads just depends on how your gun shoots them. Perceived recoil is as unique to guns and shot pattern. One thing I would suggest is for sure treat yourself but don’t save them for comps. Changing to somthing you’re not used to for competitive use cannot improve results surely
  10. Me personally if I can’t carry it in one trip I’ve got too much. Done the hard slog like a pack mule enough times to have learned it just sickens you more when it’s not a brilliant day and it’s at the back of your mind knowing you have to lug it all back plus Birds. I much prefer the Spartan approach. Get set up quick enjoy the sport, pack up and move spots if needed and can get back to the car easy when I’ve had enough. Might not be as effective but I sure prefer to have a relaxed 20 bird day than a 100 bird day that requires planed logistics
  11. no its just a fact that heavier loads of 6 hit harder than 28g of 7.5 thats just physics. what im saying is their has to be some merit to using clay loads IF you shoot allot of clays with a specific cart and gun combo chances are youre going to be more consistant in terms of range/lead estimation and shot placement than a game cartridge that you may not be as familiar with. making arguably more humane kills and less wounding with clay loads. however a few have stated above, "use whatever is avalible and cheapest". how is just chucking any old cart up at the birds regardless of, shot load, shotsize, speed , pattern, consistancy or familiarity as long as its saving a few quid remotely respectful of quarry?.
  12. well "best cartridge" is a subjective thing really too many variables and it depends on the shooters needs. strangely enough i use eley pigeon hv have got fantastic results for me since they released and the percived recoil is very good given its a fast 32g load downside is only 1 retailer within reasonable driving distance ive always been a strong beliver in respect for the quarry so ive stayed away from the "as cheap as possible" mentality and clay loads for pigeons (not to open that can of worms) but i shoot way more clay pigeons than live ones so in terms of familiarlty with a gun and cart combo, olympic blues are way ahead for me and surely that has to cound for somthing right?. plus they pattern great and being £60 per 1k less is nice as price is getting to be a factor the way theve steadly crept up. i think i am going to give them a try and see if i can kill as cleanly and consistantly as i have been with dedicated pigeon loads.
  13. nah theyve probably not colapsed the poles all the way or pushed them down into the canvas/rubber bottom. you have to kind of pry it open a bit when its new as it pretty robust material and its probably been packed flat for months. when poles are at the bottom i assure you they fit with plenty of room
  14. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/hunting-hide-carry-bag/_/R-p-180792 i got that along with 4 decathalon hide poles and 4 cross braces. its really good quality. ive also got my bouncer poles and hide gun stand in it with a 1.5x5 rolled up net clipped to the outside of it with the 2 clips on the bottom. the bottom 5 inches is a really tough ruberised canavas or somthing so you dont poke holes in it over time. decathalon/solognac are now my go to pretty much. ive slowly replaced all my pigeon gear with decathalon stuff becasue most of it is cheaper and better quality than the competition and its all got a 2 year no drama replacment warrenty. Need them to just hurry up and bring out a rotary magnet and some 3 ply stealth nets and im gona look sponsored. only downside is the gear is heavier than most stuff and i can imagine that can present an issue to the less physically capable among us or those who trek to the hide location. ive handed jack pyke money for trash for the last time i think. the french have got us totally and utterlly beat on this one it seems the waterfowl and stalking gear is better than anything in its price range aswell
  15. Bit of a head scratcher this one for me. With everyone trying to encourage us to prepare for the transition to none toxic cartridges, the way steel drops off energy faster than lead and thats even allot of shooters are now on the fency about its ethics, i thought it was a given that it was also time to transition away from super high birds aswell. Just seems a bit like a waste of R&D on eleys part bringing out a cartridge aimed at a very small minority of shooters in a world thats got 4 uninterupted covid free seasons if were lucky, 1 or 2 if were not left before its made obsolete by the ban. Top that off with a payload thats pretty much going to obliterate any game shot that isnt a super hight bird, at 425 for 1K i cant see it being a massive hit. Would of been time and money better spent figuring out how to get steel into a fiber cup and keeping it under £300 for pigeon shooters
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