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  1. yep id happily pay 400 for cartridges today if a family could get on the property ladder and raise 2 or 3 kids on a single income while the other parent stayed home which was the norm in the 70s. Its just not a possible feet these days without crippling debt or government aid and thats is just a nice way to say mandatory charity fOR the tax payer. im just not about that whole" back in the day life was harder but better" becasue i dont buy it.
  2. soft on the shoulder but not soft on the wallet. only fired a hand full i got in a bag of odds and **** of a fella who was having a clear out. eleys game flagship, coper plated shoty aparently helps minimise deformation. if you regularly use eley 30g of 6s i cant imagine these would be worse might not be better but its hard to see why they would be worse when they apparently use the best components. advertising being what it is youll probably find them very similar to what youve used just pattern then to make sure theyre not all over the place. were soft, and cycled my auto very well and i did ok with them but i only fired about 20 so not really a scientific test.
  3. have an old baikal o/u and that came with 2 sets of barrels, 28" and 32". its bark and recoil is signifigantly harsher with the 28" on. With the 32" the extra weight when swinging the gun through is way smoother. both meaning i can get on the second clay faster. however i still prefer a 28 for live quarry as its just easier to manouver round a hide, shoulder and get into all those weird shooting angles you find when not braced and ready like you are in a clay stand shouting pull. got to be somting in it otherwise all the serious clay guns wouldnt be 32"
  4. Not to pick a fight and simply to play devils advocate (as a target shooter indoor and outdoor,clay shooter and live quarry shooter so i have no horse in this race) can you see that from what you said in your opening comment by listing why you should be allowed to keep lead and listing a few reasons why others shouldnt and why its easy for them to switch and not you, you totally undermined and contradicted yourself about having one voice and throwing disiplines under the bus?. the suggested dangers of lead are either acceptible or they arnt to human health. its nothing to do with how accurate it is for you on paper, people could easily argue a clean kill is just as important if not more so from an ethical point of view. food for thought.
  5. "We want to live in towns and cities with clean air and safe streets. Politely asking and protesting for these things has failed. It’s time for action. Join us." translation- "we didnt get our way, so now were going to activley commit aggrivated tresspass, harrasment and criminal damage to people whos circumastances we have no idea of and who have no control over us getting our way and we encourage you to do the same." cant prove who created the website, cant prove whos doing it, catch them in the act and risk major legal action if you deal with it, expect minor legal action if you let the law deal with it.......... the 2020s have proved to be a very scary, frustrating and confusing time so far.
  6. as a cheap close range decoying load you may be onto somthing. anyone tried it? is it the same soft iron stuff?
  7. yeah i looked into this aswell and the answer is pretty simple it turns out. its not a manufacturing defect or a technicality its as simple as as long as it has more than 1+2 in it youre commiting an offence and if youre caught youre getting done. theirs no other way to effectly restrict tube mags. in theory you could load up shorts and cram half a dozen in. loads of stuff like this with shooting its the norm. most 22lr rifles have threaded muzzles. and you can buy a moderator intended for 22lr for a sub 12ibs air rifle no problem. but as soon as you put it on the 22lr if its not registered on your Fac.... instant fire arms offence. standard law really. whos car cant go faster than the speed limit?
  8. ive had a few like that. american guns seems to be where you see it most or atleast guns that were aimed at the american market. The reason being is their average sporting shotgun is 1+5 but in some states to hunt waterfowl the need to be 1+2 so they come supplied with a removable plug to restrict them. when they get shipped over here its usualy easier and a job alreay half done to make this plug a permanant fixture.
  9. like i said extremes and hypotheticals. insurers havent refused to insure ships carying them and i cant see why they would. was a maritime accident. cargo ships cart all manner of dangerous goods all over the world i cant imagine carrying a nissan leaf is the one that they decide is too much. im sure the fires are difficult to contain but theirs like 400'000 ev and 750'000 hybrids in the uk statisitcally they will be in accidents and faults will occure. its not like theyre popping off like its bonfire night. and the response and the means on how to deal with them will be developed and tackled case in point if thats what youre mate is doing right now. EVs atm arnt the final end product. infact this is like the dawn of them. look at how quick mobile phones advances when they started to catch on. look at flight.... went from off the ground to across the atlantic in like 20 years. theve come a long way and they will no doubt go a hell of alot further. ive not got one im still on diesel they havent quite reached a state that theyre practical for me but to think theyre a none starter is a bold statment. and to give people who have them a hard time is a bit rought. theyre the folks that are funding the break throughs that will get them to the point that fossil fuel will seem so mental to the next generations
  10. this thread is the PW forum in a nutshell lmao, arguing the merit of something based on extremes and hypotheticals. if 1 charge got 1000 mile and could tow 15 tonne someone would demand theyre usless becasue they might need to drive 1010 mile and tow 16 tonne. somone will be along to blame it all on basc shortly
  11. i got given 2 of these of an old fella when he heard i was shooting. mine are spread wings so about 18 inches wide and i thought they were really cheap bouncers or somthing. ive never used them. maybe if i put them on stakes instead of fiberglass poles on the ground they may look a bit like landing birds if they move in a breeze like everyone claims or maybe theyre worth somthing to colectors as a piece of shooting history. be a shame to dash them with 6s if theyre rare and as imaculate as they are.
  12. i think youre right.... i do a fair bit of shooting from PSG to pigeon and honestly maybe 1 in 10 is under 50. i think in the next 20 years as folks pass on or just get too long in the tooth we will see a sharp decline in shooters
  13. was at the northern shoot show just gone and there was a small stand called Vouzelaud ammunition, touting some ammo thats currently getting developed in europe. its £200 a slab so its very expensive but the bloke just said its early days. main issues theyve alread cracked are its steel, its bio, and it can be fired through any choke and its standard pressure. and the bloke said they shift in the region of 1300 fps for an ounce of steel 3s. https://www.livequarrysteel.com/ main thing i took away from it is once these kind of solutions and tech become common place (which they are very quickly) economy of scale and competition will see the prices get to a point that the margins are small. i mean damascus is still a no go, but damascus has been on borrowed time since smokless became common place. eventually were gona have to just come to the understanding thats its not a particularly good metal for gun barrels however pretty it can be its been in its twilight for 100+ years. put them in a museum already and not on a peg
  14. the knee jerk "blame BASC" is easy to jump to when frustrated and were all a bit guilty of it but its not very constructive. This isnt basc, this is another EU proposal that we didnt manage to outrun with brexit. we were given the heads up that this proposal was coming down the line when we voted out and then again just after we got out. Same as the ban on lead for meat heading to the food chain. its resourse managment, realistic goals and planning. The more people leave basc the less effective they will become. and as far as i can see every other representing body have completly gone dark on the subject. I dont see an alternative. If basc were just blanket refusing to negotionate on the subjects people bash basc about for meeting half way like the 5 year volentary transition, we would probably see very short term wins for shooters and very catastrophic long term loses. its a tough gig as bad news and pressure is all coming thick and fast for shooters atm but if we pull ourselves to bits were doomed.
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