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  1. woody4x4

    Beretta A400 Xtreme unico 12 gauge

    Only just seen this reply I didn’t get a notification?? Any way do you have any details and pictures on the gun you mentioned.. it’s age, condition, and how long you have owned it.. thanks woody.. woody4x4@hotmail.co.uk
  2. woody4x4

    Winchester SXP WATERFOWL 12 gauge

    SOLD SOLD !!
  3. woody4x4

    PW Rifle meet Catton hall

    Some pics from the weekend..
  4. woody4x4

    PW RIFLE SHOOT WEEKEND 11th-12th JUNE 2016

    Big thanks guys had a great weekend camping/shooting with my kids, good banter, BBQ & beers.. Looking forward to next year.. 🍳⛺️🍻👍
  5. Hi all, just to say me and my sons had a great weekend camping and shooting and Meeting you lot, We really enjoyed the campfires and the banta.. Looking forward to next year.. 😀👍
  6. Hi there I have a broken motor in my pinewood rotary, pinewood will send me a replacement but I have the old style ( body about 85mm long ) and it will need a replacement body to allow the new longer motor to be fitted, I'm looking at £70 plus p&p 😩 so just wounded if anybody had manged to find a replacement geared motor. ?? Thanks Woody..
  7. woody4x4

    mk3 ferret finder plus 2x collars

    Recived today and well happy with it, cheers Dave top bloke
  8. woody4x4

    mk3 ferret finder plus 2x collars

    I'll have it pm sent..
  9. woody4x4

    223 moderator

    Hi my mates selling a T6 of his 243 only had 80 rounds through it, £130 any good to you..
  10. woody4x4

    ferret finder

    Hi you still have the m3 finder I'll pay £55 posted cheers..
  11. woody4x4

    half inch UNF MOD

    I have one £15 posted or £10 collected from derby..
  12. woody4x4

    Wanted ferret finder

    Pm sent, Henry d
  13. woody4x4

    Wanted ferret finder

    Hi there I'm after a mk1 or mk3 ferret finder with or without collar, thanks woody ...
  14. woody4x4

    Beretta Xtrema 2 12 gauge

    !!! Sold !!!