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  1. Only just seen this reply I didn’t get a notification?? Any way do you have any details and pictures on the gun you mentioned.. it’s age, condition, and how long you have owned it.. thanks woody.. woody4x4@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Big thanks guys had a great weekend camping/shooting with my kids, good banter, BBQ & beers.. Looking forward to next year.. 🍳⛺️🍻👍
  3. Hi all, just to say me and my sons had a great weekend camping and shooting and Meeting you lot, We really enjoyed the campfires and the banta.. Looking forward to next year.. 😀👍
  4. Hi there I have a broken motor in my pinewood rotary, pinewood will send me a replacement but I have the old style ( body about 85mm long ) and it will need a replacement body to allow the new longer motor to be fitted, I'm looking at £70 plus p&p 😩 so just wounded if anybody had manged to find a replacement geared motor. ?? Thanks Woody..
  5. Recived today and well happy with it, cheers Dave top bloke
  6. woody4x4

    223 moderator

    Hi my mates selling a T6 of his 243 only had 80 rounds through it, £130 any good to you..
  7. woody4x4

    ferret finder

    Hi you still have the m3 finder I'll pay £55 posted cheers..
  8. woody4x4

    half inch UNF MOD

    I have one £15 posted or £10 collected from derby..
  9. Hi there I'm after a mk1 or mk3 ferret finder with or without collar, thanks woody ...
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