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  1. Hahahaha indeed... Cheers mate but at least we've got somewhere too shoot now
  2. Yep South Shields... but work in Sunderland mate
  3. Congrats matey we just need to sort a permission now lol
  4. Thanks for the advice Martin will definately give it a go next time i'm out shooting... can understand where your coming from... If I shoot with the right with both eyes open I tend to see two guns lol yet if I shoot left handed I don't seem to have that problem... but yes I will definatly try to pick up on your method... Thanks again Dave.
  5. I'm also left eye dominant and chop and change from side to side to no avail... still Mr Magoo... So is it better to use a bead sight? If so what type... Or what type of sight should us blind gets look for?
  6. make a canny little overnight shooting motor... mind you probably make a canny little price as well
  7. I not all us living in South Shields are sand dancers lol... Born and bread Geordie here moved to the south side about 7 yrs ago...
  8. Good Luck for tomorrow mate
  9. Here's my two toys... Suzuki Sv1000s (Lots of mods) Aprilia Pegaso 650 (not many mods lol)
  10. Mainly the top barrel about a foot from the end went off to the right like a banana :blink: lol... 31/60 for me woo hooo only 2nd time and a range ... had a few shots at the farm with the clays but nothing major Ps. was a good day out mate!
  11. Hi mate It'll be here before you know it
  12. mines called Basil as in basil brush 'boom boom'
  13. Thats just BO11LUX that... :lol: :lol:
  14. Frontera's are cracking bits of kit plenty of standard protection underneath, Easy to do suspension/body lift on if needed whack a set of muds on and bobs ya uncle!
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