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  1. That's wot I use to get cracking air rifles
  2. Is that the place where the generators are running the power
  3. Very good one off my fav bits of music Wot I was disgustered at is how close that pigeon got to you never seen one get that close to your camara before
  4. I'll be dead by then so not be a problem
  5. bullet1747


    When she signed I was chuffed to bits as it was for one off the show houses nowt needs doing , how wrong was I thought DIY dad was a thing of the past
  6. bullet1747


    I'll second that im mortgage free have been for couple off years , daughter has just had hers accepted if it makes you feel better hers is for 35 years
  7. I've just got back this morning from Florida was telling a couple in bass pro about my break in , they were gob smacked we weren't allowed to use guns , they said any one in your home in Florida you shoot as long as its not in the back
  8. I caught two in my house at 2 in the morning , thank you to my daughters little dog that alerted me , long story but they were in the house ten feet from me and the wife when dog let out its bark Very scary
  9. Hi Is this still for sale I'm in Florida at mo could you tell me a little more about it please
  10. inspect my shed and guns any time they wish , as long as they have permission from the law ,anyone sets foot on my property who isn't invited gets the same treatment
  11. never understood what the passion is with smoking, my family and friends smoke I never have thought about putting a fag in my mouth everyone to there own I suppose
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