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  1. fireboy

    go pro

    sorry not posting
  2. fireboy

    go pro

    its 100% waterproof and is good for close up stuff go on you tube have a look at go pro vids
  3. fireboy

    go pro

    price droped to £80
  4. fireboy

    go pro

    hello no you cant adjust zoom you can change the feild of view its not that sort of camera its a action cam thanks anthony
  5. fireboy

    go pro

    hello i have a go pro 3 white for sale has 32gb mem card head strap mount 1 year old £90 pick up only from pulbourgh west sussex
  6. hello you not far from me black down clay shoot is good one 50 sporting every 4th sunday very friendly
  7. i have just received my chair from Paul Hart ''pigeon shooter'' excellent service good quality what more could you want
  8. take it back and get them to sort it out
  9. head mount all the way
  10. bit of topic but guy martins autobiographer is a top notch read very witty
  11. hello you can restrict what they use it for in the setting for internet or in the privacy settings hope that helps
  12. i very much doubt it is anti virus https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download download the free one and run it it will get rid of all your junk files which slow computers down it is very safe software to use then post back your results if better or not
  13. you can only go a very short distance from the site where you are working you cant just track where you like with one and any damage they do you have to put right as it is criminal damage and also you need a banksman when on public areas i.e roads footpaths and the like i use a 360 digger and thats what we have to abide by and a lot more other rubbish
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