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  1. All, Will we go again? New year new venues? Try again for the first Sunday of the month? How does this sound (subject to clay ground availability) 8th March - Forest Experience 5th April - Rothiemurchus 3rd May - Wildfowlers (Cluny or NSC) 7th June - BASC Open, County Clays 5th July - Houston
  2. So I got an old airsporter to bash some squirrels at the shoot that are destroying our feeders, it’s not the prettiest old thing and something is wrong internally, but it’s cheap and i want to make it a practical machine for squirrel killing, what’s everyone recommendation, I was thinking tunning kit metal trigger polish all internals good clean anything else? Any recommendations of tuning kits?
  3. If this is right 70 boxes for £60 I’ll take them!
  4. Can’t wait to get out in duck season with this gun, it was great to meet you and thank you very much
  5. Second hand beretta a400, mechanically superior to any other semi auto
  6. johnnytheboy


    Anyone drive for UBER is there any money to be made?
  7. You’ve never seen me shoot, a strap is the least of my worries 😂
  8. Folks, can anyone recommend a rucksack for walked up shooting, I get a right sore back with gamebags pulling me all to one side
  9. I have spoken to most folk and the opinion seems to be that the gamefair is not a good idea based on the entry price and potential spend on the day. I agree, it was good in theory but in practice to expensive. So the plan chaps is to visit North Ayrshire Shooting Ground on the 14th July, this being the following Sunday after the gamefair, we have a few members wanting to look at guns and buy ammo for game season and as we know NASG is the cheapest around to stock up so it kills two birds with one stone. The plan still continues that we shoot Houston Clays in August as the final shoot before game season.
  10. Is it a 110 crew cab? I need a set of sticks for one of them?
  11. There is two shoots during that day, basc interclub competition and basc members open shoot.
  12. As far as I know this is still on! Who is all going? So so far I think Edenman Tam Johnnytheboy + Gregg + Ian + JohnO StevenR
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