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  1. johnnytheboy

    Benelli M2 issue

    I would suggest the latch issue, I have owned all popular models of benelli and never had an issue with hull cartridges, a few of the franchi semi autos have feed issues and it’s been the shell latch every time
  2. johnnytheboy

    Am I mad?

    That made me giggle! Ditto, your mad! Advanced warning rust conversion chemicals do nothing 😂
  3. johnnytheboy

    4x4 for £2.5k

    Crv buy a subaru and you’ll be mistaken for a hare courser regularly 😂
  4. johnnytheboy

    now all sold

    Which tweed colour is the waistcoat?
  5. johnnytheboy

    3 inch goose cartridges

    3” is fine for Wildfowling shot a Vinci for years and regertbselling it for a 3.5” sbe2
  6. johnnytheboy

    A400 tune up

    Tx200 sorry
  7. johnnytheboy

    A400 tune up

    Hi Gents, Could anyone give me advice on who/where/how to do a tune up on a tx200, I’m buying an old one that’s a bit of a mess cosmetically but it fits my budget and the fact I’m just shooting pigeons with it, but I would like it to be mechanically sound! Any help is appreciated
  8. johnnytheboy

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    Not a diesel if it’s short journeys or you’ll get the the old particulate filter clogging up issue!
  9. johnnytheboy

    Beretta 686 stock

    If we are talking game guns, Pre 2015 686 stocks had 55mm drop at the heel and post 2015 have 57mm, maybe worth watching out for what one will fit the new owner
  10. johnnytheboy

    Nissan Terrano

    I wish you could, but the metal is flaking off like it needs a new cast case, it looks totally knackered!
  11. johnnytheboy

    Early Season Mallard!

    I would have agreed with that but somehow the shine is taken off it for me! Every bloody gorse bush has someone in it on the first! I just don’t feel the same about the first! I think social media has a lot to answer for. However as soon as I hear that wink wink over the house that’s it! The hairs on my back stand on end! I just don’t get shooting huge bags of junville mallard like it’s pigeon shooting and plastering it all over social media?
  12. johnnytheboy

    Early Season Mallard!

    For some reason I just can bring myself to shoot early season mallard, instagram is full of the pictures of huge bags of immature birds, I know everyone wants to be an internet legend but shooting out all the young ducks just doesn’t seem like fowling that I know! Most of these pictures are full of birds in eclipse! Just doesn’t seem right! Is early season not for shooting a few park geese for the table before the migrants and proper fowling weather arrive? Or is shooting 20 plus young mallard the done thing these days?
  13. johnnytheboy

    Nissan Terrano

    Where did you get it mapped about? Instrument panel is good thankfully, I’m not going to use it daily so I ordered a solar panel that straps onto the backside of the sun visor just in case, thanks for that info 👍 Checked the rear arches today and they are ok, so I scrubbed the full inner arch with soap and a brush, I’ll coat the full thing up with dinitrol to protect that bolt if it’s a vulnerable area, just waiting for that to dry. I heard that tbh! I wondered what it was, the front end sits down slightly so I was going to adjust up the torsion bars and check out what the noise was but you answered that, thank you👍
  14. johnnytheboy

    Nissan Terrano

    Axle is porous leaking oil everywhere 🙄
  15. johnnytheboy

    Nissan Terrano

    Just picked one of these up, needs a back axle but everything looks ok apart from that, anyone else cruising in a terrano? Any hints or tips, things to look out for on these old trucks? Limited slip diff on rear axle should be good, not get stuck on wet grass like a modern £30k pick up 😬😂