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  1. johnnytheboy

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    Looking for recommendations of a solid built gunsafe with digital opening, getting ****** off carrying this key about all the time. I currently have a Brattonsound sentenial plus cabinet and it’s bombproof, I’d be looking for something as sturdy, maybe with inner ammo safe
  2. johnnytheboy

    Pike fishing -Norfolk

  3. johnnytheboy

    spray underseal

    Not a bad idea tbh, I am going to try this on an old junker truck I bought, dinitrol is to good for it lol
  4. johnnytheboy

    Victory Cartridges

    They make the hull themselves rather than buying Cheddite ones like everyone else
  5. johnnytheboy

    Victory Cartridges

    I just have so much faith in those white rabbits tbh I dunno what the 36g would be like!
  6. johnnytheboy

    spray underseal

    Just a side not but their cavity wax is ****, terotex hv350 is much better
  7. johnnytheboy

    Victory Cartridges

    I really like the 35g victory white rabbits, I emailed victory in Cyprus to ask if they did a fibre version, basically I got the Foxtrot Oscar response, I think that’s crazy not to offer one of their best cartridges in fibre for the UK market, RC oro 35g were such a great high pheasant cartridge and they are discontinued Victory white would have been an excellent replacement
  8. johnnytheboy

    Aftermarket Chokes

    I found it hard to get Carlson in the UK and just used briley which are more readily available, so much so if you wait they will come up in the for sale section on this forum if there isn’t some already on there I like the fact you can tighten them by hand, if I’m out fowling etc where there is no choke key available
  9. johnnytheboy

    spray underseal

    You won’t need to degrease if you use dinitrol, just wire brush as you said and once dry spray it, it will be alright, just done my terrano and it looks the bomb!
  10. johnnytheboy

    Slippery ***** Gun Wax

    Folks thanks for the advice, went and got some wood silk, I don’t think it’s the finish that’s the problem it’s the wax on the stock, it’s powdery and a little strange, I’ll try this wood silk, thanks guys
  11. johnnytheboy

    spray underseal

    Dinitrol 4941, we do loads of new trucks at work and it’s by far the best thing you can use, we have used everything over the years and it’s the best If it’s an old truck wash it underneath first, knock off any loose rust then dinitrol it. Buy the 1 litre cans not the aerosols as there is very little product in any aerosol and you ol need 2-3 litres to coat underneath a truck Wash it annually and use the aerosol to do any touch ups as you won’t need much
  12. johnnytheboy

    Slippery ***** Gun Wax

    🙄 it was Saturday I noticed it!
  13. johnnytheboy

    Slippery ***** Gun Wax

    I used this slippery ***** on my new silver pigeon as it was getting good reviews, everything was spot on and the results seemed to be decent. However I was out shooting the other day and the gun got wet, just wet during drives not soaked or anything scary, the wax has went white and powdery like it’s affected the full coating on the wood. It also seems that the small parts of the grain are sticking up at there is rough surfaces on the wood. I doesn’t look like the wood grain that sticking up someone on here mentioned that the wood is coated in polyurethane varnish, if it is this it’s like it has drawn the varnish out of the grain. Has anyone seen this before or know more about this, it’s tottally weird and it’s kinda ruined my new gun! Could it have sealed the varnish and not allowed it to breath or something crazy?
  14. johnnytheboy

    Simulated shooting at Holland and Holland

    I done that in the summer it was fantastic fun, we had a clay lesson as well, it came in at £287 per person, disappointed we didn’t get to fire the cannon, that was only another £100, that would have been fun! We got to fire a 500 nitro express Holland and Holland elephant gun
  15. johnnytheboy

    Budget tires

    Because you would be hanging about shooting the **** with the likes of us if you could!