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  1. They legally only have to supply parts and servicing for upto 3 years after the vehicle was sold so I would think the parts infrastructure will crash on its head, wouldn’t want to be owning a reasonably new Mitsubishi just now! Watch the RV plummet!
  2. johnnytheboy

    PW Gamebags

    I’d take one
  3. Anyone got one of these knifes lying around they don’t want?
  4. I was looking at one of these for a rough shooting gun as they are quite light but some of the adverts on older guns say updates or modifications carried out and some of the new guns say they are the updated model, has there been a problem with them, a recall or something?
  5. Stake the legs in and tie them to the stakes!
  6. Roll call johnnytheboy + Gregg + Colin + Scott P fifegun tignme - tentative Ewan + Mark Tam + Douglas Daniel W Stephen + Scott + JK Wee Dave + his mate
  7. Well the next clay day will be Sunday 5th April at Rothiemurchus by Aviemore, lead shot and fibre wad only please Rest of details tbc ref prices and food, we can arrange a car share again
  8. All, Thank you for a great day! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, we had 21 guns turn up, I’m useless with what everyone’s handles are in comparison to their real name but you can work out who is who from the list below. Some great shooting with Gregg and Mark entering a shoot off for 1st and second place 56 Gregg U 56 Mark L 53 Barry 51 Alec 49 Dave G 49 Watty 47 Tam 47 Stephen S 47 Scott P 45 Ewan P 44 Gregg W 43 Derick 43 Colin 42 John F 41 Lynelle 40 Dave B 34 Eddie 26 Graham Mc 25 Mathew P 23 Scott P 20 JK
  9. Harkila long expedition
  10. Does this work ok? If so I’ll buy it
  11. Anyone tried these? They look quite unique https://feedacone.co.uk
  12. Updated role call, tried to put it in car share teams tam + Lynelle john + watty + scott p + tignme + fifegun Euan + Mathew + Andy + graham + mark stephen s + JK + scott P Johnathon O + Mathew stevie no show Derick + Eddie + Colin + Gregg gregg w + friend dave at kelton salmo + boss
  13. ****, they have banned steel shot as well 🙈
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