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  1. Can’t see that working you’d need to thin it, also those garden sprayers aren’t solvent compatible
  2. No sweat, I’m happy to help with organising if you set a date/venue on behalf of the forum and the wildfowlers if required? We all hope you get better soon big guy!
  3. There will be one in May with the wildfowlers but the date and venue are unconfirmed, and for basc members one in June at County Clays
  4. Folks, The date is confirmed by BASC as the 2nd June, at County Clays in Dunkeld, this is for BASC members and is 50 bird sporting 28g fibre wad only. There has been a 10 bird pool shoot as well if you fancy shooting for cash, this is a lovely ground and a fantastic opportunity to shoot it. Food available on site as well, was a bbq last year. See attached for details
  5. All we are meant to be shooting with the wildfowlers in May, we await the venue and date, most likely Cluny or Auchterhouse, I will update this when we have the info.
  6. They are, the black box technology has told the insurer that young drivers are among the safest on the road, the top speeders were male/female professionals driving bmw Audi fleet cars.
  7. Fantastic day today folks, scores out of 80 as follows, sorry if I don’t remember everyone’s user names but you know who you are! Well done Shezza top gun at 60/80, sako751sg and Tignme tied second excellent chaps. Stephen - 60 shezza Dave - 58 sako751sg Barry - 58 tignme John - 57 Johnnytheboy Watty - 55 David - 55 Gregg - 55 Douglas - 54 Steven - 53 Tam - 53 Derek - 50 Lynelle - 49 Leo - 48 Alex - 48 Colin - 45 Callum - 44 John - 39 Lynette - 37 I really appreciate everyone going considering it was such a distance from central Scotland but it offered me,bets in the North East to join in which is what it’s all about. Hopefully we will get our invite to the wildfowlers next month, I’ll get a post up about that ASAP and some pictures from today. Thanks to everyone
  8. Still on for tomorrow, same plan meet at the horn 9am ish if your traveling from the south, 11am at seals cove if your local 👍
  9. Our field is a mangnet for them but we bought some devoys and they were scaring them away, took the decoys in and they strayed landing! It was like a silosock but with a fibreglass peg
  10. The va and science centre are a good day out 🤷‍♂️
  11. GAT precision in Fundee have them, you’ll find them on Facebook
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