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  1. Scottish Members Clay Day 11

    Hopefully we see you there! It’s a pretty relaxed days and with the wildfowlers semi autos or pump guns are expected 😜 so I’m taking mines! Rollcall so far Johnnytheboy, Gregg Tam Docleo Macd243
  2. Chokes

    I’d take the Mobil extended 1/4 I’f it didn’t sell!
  3. Scottish Members Clay Day 11

    Gents we had a great day at the NSC we were well looked after by Stewart and his team and we have had a fantastic round of events last season so I think we should push on if possible with planning the next one. There is a fair percentage of the attendees overlap with being members of Pigeon Watch and members of The East of Scotland Association of Wildfowling and Conservation. Last year Tam gave PW members an open invite to the ESAWC annual clay shoot which we all attended and gratefully received the invite. The venue now is tbc but I was wondering if we could have a tentative show of hands to attend on the 6th of May, it will most likely be centralish Scotland.
  4. Beretta A400?

    I had an xtrema2 andswapped for a400 xtrema and I’m happy I did, seems a better gun, both have the secondary mass damper in the stock as well as the kick off system I really like the muller decoy Waterfowl choke in the a400
  5. Binoculars

    I had a daft wee pair of practica sport binos which really need the bin, I was wanting to buy another pair but when I look at the price of dome if them they are dearer that the last car I bought, is there any budget priced binos worth looking at?
  6. Dacia Duster

    Yes for sure, we have a Vito sport and they do the exact same van in 4x4 in Sweden etc, I have a 4x4 sprinter which is bit extreme! I’m thinking on changing the Vito for a transporter 4motion unless the release 4x4 Vito, but I don’t think they will. But mentioned above is berlingo vans, they also come in 4x4, all the post vans in north Scotland are 4x4 berlingo
  7. #boycottaigle

    I’d agree with that, I ended up with Arxus and they seem ok do far!
  8. Dacia Duster

    There is loads of 4x4 vans, they don’t import them to the UK
  9. Leatherman wingman new

    Do you ever get to Edinburgh? I have some
  10. Dacia Duster

    That might make sense as a dual use vehicle, if say you were a trades person and done abit fishing and shooting at the weekend! Let’s hope it does well as it would be a good secondhand buy! (For me)
  11. #boycottaigle

    Has anyone seen this on Facebook and twitter, the old frenchies are up in arms as Aigle the wellie boot manufacturer are now tied in with the LPO which is kind of like the RSPB, they seem to be the main opponent to hunting in France, below is an article in it translated from French. The announcement, or rather the partnership, which was signed yesterday between the LPO and the world-famous company Aigle has had the effect of a bomb on social networks .... of hunting On the one hand, we have on the one hand high quality products appreciated by hunters, and on the other an association that viscerally hates hunters. The two mixed together form an explosive cocktail that will not take long to explode Let's see why Eagle and the LPO decided to join forces. As everyone knows the logo of the brand is none other than an Eagle. It was Hiram Hutchinson, the creator of the (American) brand in 1853 who chose the raptor as emblem.In order to move forward in an eco-responsible way, even within the framework of a CSR approach (corporate social responsibility) Aigle wanted to engage in a cause, and to do this better than to take part in projects around eagles. For this reason the firm is close to the LPO and yesterday signed a three-year agreement with the association chaired by Alain Bougrain-Dubourg. The CEO of Aigle explains this partnership in the following way: " We are willing to interact differently with our customers, via a new loyalty program called Terres d'Aigle, newsletters and social networks . We reach a million consumers and interact regularly with a few hundred thousand of them and therefore as many potential ambassadors. »» Aigle will therefore take part in large-scale projects for the protection of the Eagles, through actions led by the LPO that Aigle will finance. This is where the rub, the hunters, who form an important part of the clientele of Aigle, feel blousés and betrayed. Not because Aigle is committed to saving a species, on the contrary, but because the company will finance the LPO. Basically, buying Aigle boots amounts to fund the main opponent hunting association. A little masochistic, no? In any case it is clearly what hunters seem to be saying on social networks since this morning ... Before shooting red ball, let the time to speak on the subject, the brand has always been with the hunters until now.
  12. Lure making

    I made loads about 15 years ago, same method, bloody good fun to catch a fish on your own lure!
  13. Windsor and surrounding area

    So we have a family holiday booked for Windsor, any tips on things to do where I can generally avoid my family! Shooting shops, clay shooting? Any fishery’s I could take my nephews to that is an easy day for kids? Any advice about the local area generally welcome!
  14. Scottish Members Funday 10

    I only shot 54 😂😂 id be happy with a 57 😮
  15. Scottish Members Funday 10

    Fantastic day as usual and well looked after by the team at The National Shooting Centre, thanks to everyone who popped up and made it a great day, hopefully everyone enjoyed it. Through a cloud of vape smoke I managed to work out the scores, they are as follows 76 - Bunnykiller 69 - Tignme 67 - Watty 66 - Fifegun 63 - Docleo 55 - Tam 54 - Johnnytheboy 48 - Grant 44 - Ewan 29 - Honeymonster