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  1. johnnytheboy

    Pocket knife recommendations

    Douk Douk
  2. Recommendations are based on personal experience shooting the cartridges, I had really good results with the fiocchi 32g last season with good clean kills, i do think your getting a good value for money cartridge there. I’m trying to use up all the odds and ends I have a start testing the copper cartridges.
  3. johnnytheboy

    Wide fitting walking boots

    M77 combat boots
  4. Can’t afford it 😢
  5. From my chrono, personally I have had good results with Fiocchi 32g, Rio BlueSteel 32g and the Gamebore 32g. If I was to pick one it would be the Fiocchi. Non Toxic Game 2.75" 1458fps Rottweil Steel Game HV 32g 1449fps RC3 Steel 28g 1440fps Fiocchi Steel 32g 1434fps Rottweil Steel Game Speed 28g 1438fps Winchester Special Canard 32g 1428fps Rottweil Copper Unlimited 34g 1424fps RC Atomic Steel 34g 1423fps Winchester Blindside 35g 1413fps RC Atomic Steel 32g 1399fps Mirage Steel 32g 1396fps Gamebore Super Steel 32g 1385fps Rottweil Steel Game 32g 1382fps Rio Blue Steel 32g 1379fps Fiocchi Steel 35g 1372fps Bornaghi Steel 36g 1369fps RC Technosteel 34g 1328fps Eley VIP Steel 32g 1290fps Cheddite Steel 32g 1282fps Cheddite Steel 34g 1262fps Hull Steel Game Extra 32g 1245fps Eley VIP Bismuth 32g 1152fps Gamebore Tung Mtrx 32g
  6. Always wanted a big swede when I was a kid!
  7. johnnytheboy

    12g Loader

    Can’t thank you enough for that 👍
  8. johnnytheboy

    Bore snakes ???.

    Cheap ones on flea bay! Or tie a dress sock to abit of paracord, works equally as well but much cheaper!
  9. johnnytheboy

    Red cars.

    Red still fades, as does green metallic, however not as much as the old days, it has a protective clear float over it
  10. johnnytheboy

    BASC Scotland Members Clay Day 3rd June

    How did Team ESAWC get on?
  11. johnnytheboy

    Teague Beretta/Benelli mobil chokes set

    What chokes are they? Extended or super extended? Or even flush fit?
  12. johnnytheboy

    Hushpower 12g Screw on Silencer

    It’s a big tube thing with the atec style screw in choke, I think it’s a fair bit cheaper than the atec
  13. johnnytheboy

    Scotland air rifle laws

    So how does it work for me, I have a .22 bsa meteor I planned to keep for my son and nephews, I don’t actually plan to use it although you never know if I’ll shoot the off pigeon out of a barn or something random. I am keeping the gun for sentimental reasons as it’s mint and the type of gun I had when I was wee. I have 12 months left on my sgc and have to apply for the license, what do I apply for when applying for my countermonious license?
  14. johnnytheboy

    Yokel Mobile

    Mentioned on the opening statement, I have no desire to be spending all weekend with acetylene in the drive mending things. Also why did they put the drivers seat so close to the door! 😬
  15. johnnytheboy

    Briley tungsten alloy .675 choke

    Thanks figgy! I got a .675 terror for my silver pigeon but they don’t do them for the extrema 👍