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  1. Kent own Gamebore, wrong way round!
  2. johnnytheboy

    Browning A5

    I look for one for ages, good luck bud!
  3. johnnytheboy

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    There is no prices on the Kent website! We were over their shooting the premium steel cartridges, they were roughly £18-20 a box granted they were 3’ Steel but my opinion is you need to go heavier with steel to get effective range. The bismuth are about £23 a box for 32g 5s, Just cartridges are charging £38 for the same cartridge here in the UK, these cartridges. So a cartridge where the shot is manufactured in the UK and shipped 3800 miles to another manufacturer is £15 a box dearer! This is what the uk consumer should be fighting against!
  4. johnnytheboy

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Jump on a flight to the states then!
  5. johnnytheboy

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    This is already in action, Gamebore are owned by Kent Cartridges, Gamebore manufactures bismuth shot in the UK and sends it to Kent in North America who manufacture Bismuth cartridges and sell them at the same price as steel cartridges in the North American market! We are being ripped the **** out of in the UK Gamebore also manufacture steel shot fibre wad cartridges and sell them in Denmark for various types of shooting not just the 32g 3” duck loads we have on offer.
  6. I usually buy 2000 clay cartridges for the year and looking at prices the Gamebore steel are as cheap as it gets! Obviously I’m not shooting any great competitions but it did have me wondering, ethically what’s best Steel shot with plastic wad Lead shot with fibre wad Do I want to leave plastic wads or heavy metals in the environment?
  7. johnnytheboy

    Best cheap cartridges for pigeons

    They are doing plastic for £190 a thousand up here 32g no5s, a few boys using them on pheasants this year plastic wad though, what price you boys paying for fibre jockers motty?
  8. johnnytheboy

    Jebs High Voltage

    Advice please chaps, want to buy a jebs, what’s the chat with the chart, I wanted a 675 but it says only for shot size 2 smaller etc, I didn’t think it said that before, this is for my a400 xtrema, should I avoid the 675 and buy one of the other ones, it’s for steel shot on flighting geese over the foreshore from gamebore bbs to rc 1s, what would you guys go for?
  9. johnnytheboy

    Lanber Unknown model 12 gauge

    Hi there, is this 3” chamber? Wee boy st work has just started shooting
  10. johnnytheboy

    Discovery 3

    Lol you know me, currently running them about in a £200 terrano 🙄 your right, would be safer lol Thank you 👍
  11. johnnytheboy

    Discovery 3

    What mpg are you getting Jay?
  12. Is this advisable? I have a floored loft but it’s not heated other than what’s coming from the house underneath. More are steel for Wildfowling so I don’t go through them overly quickly so it would be longer term storage. Space in the house is limited so I’m trying to find an alternative area to store them. Thanks again folks
  13. johnnytheboy

    Beretta Silver pigeon 1 20 gauge

    No it’s mines for a quid, forum rules I said first 😂😂😂
  14. johnnytheboy

    Beretta Silver pigeon 1 20 gauge

    Ok I’ll take it for £1, been looking for a 30” silver pigeon all season
  15. johnnytheboy

    Scottish Members Clay Day 12

    I’m 71 miles to Bisley from Falkirk