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    Shooting, Fishing, and making stuff - not in that order, and not normally at the same time...
  1. Lure fishing

    As I mentioned I have boxes of 'old' lures mostly ABU, I have had good results with red/white Hi-Lo's and a blue spoon I can't remember the name of right now. I bought one of those 4D Perches the other day, back when we only ever used live bait perch was the absolute killing bait - that was in the Thames weir pools though. It may be a while before I pull anything from this water, so in the meantime I will keep going on about stuff I caught years ago
  2. Transferring ammo

    If you load your own and never have any entries on your fac you could face questions about need to own. Oh and advice given by the FEO above is incorrect. I have had ammo bought abroad for me and enter this onto my FAC having checked with my feo. But as Dougy says...
  3. "im mainly (at it again)"

    You could do with a belt sander to help with the grinding, something like this
  4. Lure fishing

    Thanks, with a forecast easterly blowing all weekend it could be chillsome, so we have our excuses all ready The water came as a bonus alongside some shooting permission my mate picked up. I know someone who fished it years ago, although he only ever barbel fished it but said it contained decent sized pike. It no longer belongs to a club, so it has been left alone since, so who knows. I can see some fun fur and fin evenings in the warmer months.
  5. Lure fishing

    Topical thread. We may be going to fish a small stream which is said to contain some decent pike at the weekend. I have plenty of old plugs and spinners from way back they were used as backup if we could catch any bait. It's going to be cold and we will only have a few hours, if the temperature drops the way they say it will the water should be pretty clear. So what advice would more regular lure fisherman have to offer a few hapless chancers?
  6. Baftas

    Are you a film star?
  7. @Walker570 we do see them much smaller, but they are proportionally so, as in good condition not thinner. I think they are really comfortable here, big beech woods and loads of pheasant feeders to go at. Having said all that on the same land we get the odd sorry looking roe, maybe the munties just adapt better? @bumpy22 as you say now is time to see them and shoot them, they will be hiding in undergrowth before we know it!
  8. Fly By HERON

    Another amazing shot
  9. I had to re-assemble a seat on my patch (separate thread on here) as it was bit worse for wear. Despite the fact its a bit of a yomp into the wood it was nice afternoon, so I knew if I left the rifle behind I would end up regreting it. I didn't, so I didn't, I bumped into this unlucky chap on the way back to the truck. A productive trip all round.
  10. Gun smith / screw cutting help needed

    Thank you that's the name I was trying to remember. Give Steve a call, top man.
  11. Damaged Stock With Swivel/Stud

    I counterbore those holes ever so slightly with a flat bottomed drill first, then drill the pilot for the self tapper. But having said that my rifles are pretty battered from field use and scratched to hell by brambles etc so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  12. Swarovski 8x32el

    It's OK, we don't charge by the word
  13. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Looks like super minis are all the rage http://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/2017/12/express-mail-xtr-pepo-mobylette-sp-90.html
  14. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    I have built and modified a few 4 stroke motors but never touched a two stroke so I am following this with interest
  15. Check those high seats

    As I don't have welding gear any more I have bought some heavy duty 22mm tubing to whack down the inside. That and done stainless bolts will have to do. The seat in question has got a year left in it tops, unfortunately they just rot from the inside out.