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    Shooting, Fishing, and making stuff - not in that order, and not normally at the same time...

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  1. Dunkield


    I built my motorbike (separate thread on here somewhere)mostly in our conservatory but also in our tiny shed, I thought it was pretty small until I saw this
  2. Thank you, I followed your sage advice 🍷
  3. Well as it has turned out no one submitted anything that outscored him. So as CIC have closed the books for 2019 now this is the highest scoring buck of the year 🙂
  4. Dunkield

    SSD issues

    As stated if you slave the drive in a USB caddy on another computer there is a chance you could recover your data. It <might> just be the boot files that corrupt. Does your notebook have built in diagnostics you can run?
  5. Airport passenger services/customer relations - actually involved miles of walking each day.
  6. At the risk of putting a slight downer on all this, I would query the magic self healing lung theory, although I have seen people get almost immediate health benefits after quitting. My dad gave up 40 years before he died, he died of organ failure exacerbated by reduced lung capacity (COPD) and was on oxygen for 15 hours a day for the last 2 years of his life. Of course he may just have been unlucky, we now someone who's nan smoked 80 a day all her life and played football until she died at 110 🙄 I have never smoked but I genuinely wish anyone who does the very best luck giving
  7. Only just seen this, did you end up going Zapp? It's only when I see paid per stalk prices I realise I should shut up about 'paying too much' for our syndicate
  8. For an 'A' licence you have to take the test on a 600cc "This test must be carried out on a motorcycle that produces at least 54bhp or 40kw and is over 595cc"
  9. Similar to that, we went to Iceland and booked a afternoon on the glacier on snowmobiles. When we got to the meeting it hut we were surrounded by black ash, the snow was about a quarter of a mile further up the mountain. When I asked whey they didn't build the hut nearer (it was almost new) they said they did, only a couple of years before they were constantly surrounded by snow. They had to produce their own snow for the slopes that year as they do in many resorts these days. How it is happening may be up for debate, the fact it is happening isn't.
  10. Hopefully it goes without saying, but if you are transferring rifles to someone else, that person would need to have the spare 'slot' on their licence. Shotguns are far simpler.
  11. Saw these but I couldn't see which codes they read, a lot of the cheaper ones only do engine codes.
  12. The numbers have been uploaded to CIC's site, they have confirmed as the biggest buck this year and 26th biggest ever measured.
  13. Having waited 30 days I had this measured officially this afternoon, as always slightly less than I made it but still a big number , way better than my other two, and gold by a country mile! Be interesting to see how that compares to the rest submitted this year, CIC say it's up in the top 5% they have measured. Time for a glass of wine.
  14. As I have to wait 30 days for the antlers to dry out before they can be scored officially, I shall report back then
  15. Looks like I may have been way to pessimistic about this one. I have only run a tape quickly over it and come up with a number of 74. I will get Mrs D to do the same later and see what she makes it, men have a reputation for exaggeration 😛 I know from experience CIC always measure less, but there is a lot to play with there, gold is 61 and over.
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