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    1. Living where we do I am bored of Kites, but that is an incredible picture - well done
    2. I seems to combine the worse elements of a car and a motorcycle. A bit like those massive Gold Wing combos with a trailer and flags etc...
    3. I would have said that is more rifle than shotgun, maybe contact Teal to see if there is a way it can be linked into both sections?
    4. Although clearly a clunker, the fact it is so asymmetric would mark it down scoring wise. My last one wasn’t that remarkable but was almost perfectly symmetrical so lost very few CIC points as a result. Of course a medal isn’t a medal until it is scored officially. The term ‘medal’ gets overused to describe what is sometimes just a decent sized buck.
    5. I had two in my patch that had better heads, a better body weight than him, but haven’t seen for about a year now. Having said that I have two gold medal shoulder mounts in the house I am not sure we need any more 🙂 Yes he looks like he has been in a scrap or two, missing tusk and a chipped ear - looks relatively young to me? The curve in those antlers makes me think it could be quite decent once clean.
    6. Not dead this time, snapped by a local photographer. As I know a lot of you don’t have these in your patch thought you might appreciate this.
    7. Nice head, but he seems to have bad front left leg?
    8. Image Size - seems to be rated and is free
    9. I think that is a reference to the £1234 price tag, presumably that is with scope and IR included? If not, you might want to clarify by stating the rifle only price.
    10. It's all dry now. Here are some write ups from times past Not sure why the pictures have shrunk over the years, but if you click on them they enlarge. We always went with a local guide and bought a day ticket from Club Goran. I haven't been for a few years but keep meaning to go back sometime...
    11. I didn't know it was finished, last I heard the owners didn't like the original version of the bunker and asked for it all be re-done. It does look great though and more real world than the straight across targets at Bisley
    12. Dunkield


      Any updates on South Devon please?
    13. Dunkield

      Stopping drinking

      When I quit for a while last year I went through most of them starting with Becks Blue which I used to think was OK. If you try San Miguel or even Carlsberg 0,0 you will realise they have come in leaps and bounds and Becks is now probably one of worst.
    14. I think they have noticed more and more people doing just that. Firstly they weren’t available during the game season, now they are but they have bumped the price up by more than £30/1000!
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