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      Shooting, Fishing, and making stuff - not in that order, and not normally at the same time...

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    1. Nice head, but he seems to have bad front left leg?
    2. Image Size - seems to be rated and is free
    3. I think that is a reference to the £1234 price tag, presumably that is with scope and IR included? If not, you might want to clarify by stating the rifle only price.
    4. It's all dry now. Here are some write ups from times past Not sure why the pictures have shrunk over the years, but if you click on them they enlarge. We always went with a local guide and bought a day ticket from Club Goran. I haven't been for a few years but keep meaning to go back sometime...
    5. I didn't know it was finished, last I heard the owners didn't like the original version of the bunker and asked for it all be re-done. It does look great though and more real world than the straight across targets at Bisley
    6. Dunkield


      Any updates on South Devon please?
    7. Dunkield

      Stopping drinking

      When I quit for a while last year I went through most of them starting with Becks Blue which I used to think was OK. If you try San Miguel or even Carlsberg 0,0 you will realise they have come in leaps and bounds and Becks is now probably one of worst.
    8. I think they have noticed more and more people doing just that. Firstly they weren’t available during the game season, now they are but they have bumped the price up by more than £30/1000!
    9. It’s an 11 year old thread so the link is probably no longer valid. Edit. Here it is
    10. This appeared in my feed this morning, I wish it would stop
    11. In many cases it's a back side covering exercise, same in any profession Of course having it doesn't automatically make you great deer stalker, in same way stalking for years and shooting hundreds of deer doesn't either. A stalker of 40 years + was re-taking his shooting test when I did mine, as he failed it first time round, and you can't put that down to nerves. I have had mine for 15 years and shoot about 60 deer a year, I learn something new every time I go out.
    12. The Pot Kiln for me - some of the best venison I have tasted, locally shot and cooked by people who know what they are doing http://www.potkiln.org/
    13. Ha ha, sounds nice. I have a colleague with a Celica 4x4 turbo asking me the same, he thinks if he gets me drunk enough I will agree to doing it
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