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    Shooting, Fishing, and making stuff - not in that order, and not normally at the same time...

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  1. So there you go, they will even fit big size 9 feet 🙂 I will price drop these and offer them for £130 and I will cover p&p for mainland UK. Please don’t wait for a second drop, there won’t be one. If they don’t sell for that, they will go on the bay, or I will keep them.
  2. Christmas could come early to someone 🎅 I bought these a couple of weeks ago, and have literally been outside the house in them once. As such I can't return them for a refund, I just need to recover some of the cost. These are them - https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/collections/le-chameau/products/le-chameau-vierzonord-neoprene-lined-boots-1 I will take £150 + p&p
  3. Dunkield

    What is it?

    Elaborate cigar cutter maybe?
  4. Dunkield

    Watch strap?

    Have a look on Etsy, there are loads of decent straps on there
  5. What is there? is it just shopping or is there more to see & do? Genuine question I am considering going
  6. Absolutely devastating news, I am still taking it in, we caught up in the summer having not seen each other for ages - we promised to meet up again soon. R.I.P Nick - you will be sadly missed by many
  7. Been to dozens over the years, and the quick answer is these days is 'none of them'
  8. Stumbled across this old post looking for something else, jeez it seems like a lifetime ago 😊 Anyway the punchline to the story was I improved the bike over the following few years. I even got it accepted as an entry into the Shed Built Row at the Bike Shed Show 2020 but of course that was cancelled. Some time later I sold it on, it's new owner rode it into the Bike Shed London not long after and got it featured on their IG page.
  9. Well done Shaun - that was a good stint 👍
  10. Back from the dead indeed, and thank you Houseplant for that injection of common sense. My original point, which seemed to get lost on many, was.. I am right handed, I fly fish with the rod in my right hand, when I spin the rod is my right hand, when I coarse fish the rod in my right hand etc etc But when I go sea fishing with a multiplier it is 'normal' for the rod to be in my left hand, ignoring the fact the multiplier is one of best mechanical advantages out there, and the mahusive fish I have caught [never] is being played on a short rod in my weaker arm. Anyway after 13 long years I don't care, I have drawer full of ABU nnnn1 left handed reels which are actually of course right handed reels, so I just take my own 😋
  11. As above e collar for sale, it is in almost new condition, as we only needed to use it once. They seem to be about £200 now I will take £80 posted More information here: https://www.pacdog.co.uk/pac-mini-small-dog-training-p/pacminikit.htm
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