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  1. You might need to get out a bit more
  2. You could always go here for updates https://shootingshow.co.uk/
  3. Looks very clean, I wouldn't have thought it needs masses doing to it. Belts while it is apart of course, Ducati people always obsess about belts....
  4. One of the best looking bikes ever produced, appreciating classic too - what's not to love. I still fancy a 748, if I dicker about much longer I won't be able to afford one
  5. I would struggle to believe you could pull up anything convincing just using maths, I think swept volume is what you are looking at measuring, not sure how you could do that without dismantling it?
  6. We have a Nespresso commercial, as already pointed out they take nowhere near 5 minutes to brew, it’s under a minute easily and your staff will thank you for it. We had Starbucks in our old office and they were way slower at serving and the coffee was no where near as good as this.
  7. Not bait related but to answer your question about getting them into your camera, sunlight seems to be very attractive for them. Saw three muntjac on the morning dog walk today, all three were seeking sunshine in relatively dark surroundings. Just a thought.
  8. That would depend on what they have been eating, like us if they get everything they need from their normal diet they don't probably don't need to supplement it. I have put licks out and had trail cams watching them for days and all I got were sd cards full of pictures of squirrels with deer walking past in the background I've put apples and apple mulch (from cider making) out for muntjac and watched them step over it to get to sweet grass or a pheasant feeder. Muntjac grow very well on my ground, I have had 3 serious gold medals (including the best in the uk last year) just on what nature + a commercial shoot provides.
  9. Salt licks only tend to work if there is little else to feed on, the muntjac on my ground ignore apples as well - but commercial shoots are like a year round harvest festival to deer πŸ˜„
  10. Dunkield


    I built my motorbike (separate thread on here somewhere)mostly in our conservatory but also in our tiny shed, I thought it was pretty small until I saw this
  11. Thank you, I followed your sage advice 🍷
  12. Well as it has turned out no one submitted anything that outscored him. So as CIC have closed the books for 2019 now this is the highest scoring buck of the year πŸ™‚
  13. Dunkield

    SSD issues

    As stated if you slave the drive in a USB caddy on another computer there is a chance you could recover your data. It <might> just be the boot files that corrupt. Does your notebook have built in diagnostics you can run?
  14. Airport passenger services/customer relations - actually involved miles of walking each day.
  15. At the risk of putting a slight downer on all this, I would query the magic self healing lung theory, although I have seen people get almost immediate health benefits after quitting. My dad gave up 40 years before he died, he died of organ failure exacerbated by reduced lung capacity (COPD) and was on oxygen for 15 hours a day for the last 2 years of his life. Of course he may just have been unlucky, we now someone who's nan smoked 80 a day all her life and played football until she died at 110 πŸ™„ I have never smoked but I genuinely wish anyone who does the very best luck giving up, not just for you but your family and friends too
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