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  1. Down to price plain as for me. Good intentions come second to paying the bills and doing a bit of what I enjoy. It is nice to do the right thing mind. I went fibre wads today as the price was only 2 quid extra I can live with that for a slab
  2. How come us welsh folks got a small one
  3. Yea I was in middle of digging out a pic of me old mk1 lol
  4. Very nice. It is a tasty cut but all the cheaper cuts have gone right up in price last few years
  5. £2 a slab price difference Just saying but I pick them up when I see them though they are unsightly
  6. The gear soon mounts up. You can manage with very little but to be honest it is nice to have all the toys with you at times. I have just bought a rotary which is quite weighty. Got me flapper as well which light enough. But at times with every thing I was struggling to walk in as it was so it might be time for a barrow or some thing. Heading mid fifties my self and not too bad fitness wise but its still a slog at times. Nice to also see the older generation still lugging stuff about. Reassuring lol
  7. Not so much a book but this guy talks sense. Basically keep all over the little sod and dont give them much freedom
  8. The is a fact there will come a time when you can't kill any thing unless your some licenced to the hilt pesty. Thankfully i wont be here to see it but my grand kids will miss out on proper country life
  9. What is benefit of MedCert over going direct ? Price and hassle ?
  10. Thats a first it was just on the news giving it large all pheasants are full of lead shot. Do gooding bunch
  11. Told the mrs this morning I thought it was the plesiochronous doppler buffer causing issues
  12. Yes the arms extend proper quality job. Just need the spring drilling and get unlocked hopefully by then. Just got figure best way to carry it
  13. Ah ok so just point it the other way then. I guess I would have sussed that me birds started going around backwards lol
  14. false alarm lol goes at right angle
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