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  1. In his facebook post he seems to me to actually give the impression that we need his permission and his actually got us by the short and curlies and his doing us a favour. So I know where he can shove that
  2. longer as long as dont go green seeing as they fresh
  3. Parker reproduction looks great really nice. I keep hearing about the aya guns and there quality. Think if I came across one local I would struggle to resist 😞
  4. That 10g is a beautiful gun. Regarding Gerry's comment I assumed single trigger sxs all had selective barrels like my Winchester obviously not.Personal I prefer the double trigger and I assume they less prone to going wrong
  5. Burning the candle both ends good for you. Lovely dog too I can see a springer on the list when the lurcher goes
  6. Bloody rediculous the countryside needs to step back 20 years it was a much better place at least for country folks. Now we have to keep all the carrot nibbling I don't want to see any thing dead plums happy oh make that 30 years
  7. Regardless of what the GL says it's an absolute joke. Can't be-leave it has come too this we been well and truly whooped
  8. I know one thing I save on cartridges too. With the semi that third cart the majority of the time tends to get wasted with me at least. I do some times fall into trying to aim the sxs and once I do that I miss badly. At weekend first shot on a crow I aimed and missed realized what I had done and second shot just swung after it and focus on the bird and down he came.
  9. 23 Pigeon Grade on gun trader at moment £595 then they hit near 900 and onward
  10. I have not touched them. Out of interest what is best to wipe them down with ? Tend to just wipe with oily rag at moment when i wiping barrels down
  11. Loving the side by sides compared to my escort semi. Getting the hang of shooting them too. Just don't look at the gun but keep focused on target. They are a bit addictive I have from left to right the winchester 23 pigeon which is 3 inch magnum and handles a treat and has been opened up so I whack steel through it. Just picked a up the Ugartechea/Parker Hale 604 sidelock ejector which sorted out 38 crows a charm at weekend. Then an Ugartechea which has seen better days but still hits stuff is nice to handle. Going to be a fun winter and I don't need any more lol
  12. No a lot to say really what you see is what you get £40 inch postage. Open to offers to be honest not sure of worth
  13. The Howard Leights are great value but they get in the way a bit when mounting so I might try these shoots
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