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  1. Cheers folks think I will have to let this drop and get on the pigeons end of Jan lol
  2. So does high water mark include tidal rivers ?
  3. The dog was the final straw
  4. Only the last couple of days have we had frosts where splashes have frozen. Same as ferreting by the time the cover has died down the rabbits are back breeding. Out of interest the does the high water mean tidal rivers. In other words can I shoot duck flighting x amount of miles along a tidal river until feb 20. Also I have a splash that when the river rises the tide pushes it up a ditch and into a field, All seems a bit vague
  5. In land splashes for me I am afraid so next week end is the last. Going to be a long summer
  6. Classic example this morning. Pulled up at the splash about 6.30 and ducks all over. The adrenaline was pumping but come first light gone. Very light when we got there with a clear sky and half a moon. Must be a seasonal thing too because early in the season they would arrive first light. All good fun and only one weekend left
  7. Loving my hatsan now I have got used to it. Only complaint is the camo colour lol
  8. Been wondering my self but just had a thought I have a break a way fishing box mmmm
  9. Fair play Grandalf good on you. Got one of them my self the 3 inch and now I have got used to it starting to grow on me. Apart from the camo colour
  10. Yea hobs are more fun for want of better word. But castration makes a huge difference for the better
  11. Ferrets are very entertaining and if you get a hob get him castrated that sorts out the smell and also turns them into puppies so they don't go all hormonal in the summer
  12. bit of sheep wire and thread a bit of local vegetation through it. Put net on the inside and your good to go. Roll up and leave tidy in the hedge for next time. Work a treat our hides have been invisible using this method of late. Been using two bit cable tied to give what ever height we want. Can bend it over it needed.
  13. no no 12. Looking forward to getting my eye in on the pigeons ready for the ducks next season
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