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  1. Most important thing make sure glands are out the way
  2. Not so much pigeon but hundred upon hundred of rooks on the drillings but in sunny wales we can't touch them
  3. This is the thing farmers don't want hassle most of them can hardly spare the time to say yes crack on let alone any thing else
  4. Its a harness no hare courser would be seen dead with one of them but a pet owner would and that would also explain why its not stock broken as the bulk of pet owner don't bother
  5. Basically this https://www.djdecoys.com/product/aimcam-pro-2-fully-loaded-kit/ Brand new and un-opened Due to a change in circumstances much as I would love to keep it I can't really justify it. £180 posted recorded delivery
  6. Are there any farmers out there that actually run around wasting there time trying non lethal preventative measures when shooters will happily do it for free. Yes I am sure there are a few but it really is a joke
  7. Big field of bean by me all laying on the top and not a single pigeon on them. A few in the hedges well 2 but nothing in the air. Come august there will be loads
  8. I don't know who proposed this season on hares but you can bet your life it has sod all to do with hare coursing and just another cinch on the belt for field sports that is getting tight and tighter. As said the people who do damage wont be affected by it any way. So basically it should be rejected as we manage our selves any way. Not that we will get any choice in the matter.
  9. Us country folks have our own seasons for rabbits and hares. I might catch the odd rabbit during the summer for the pot but rarely as for hares never. Lurcher lads don't all go around driving every where like idiots. By and large we get treated like villains when the majority have a great respect for the countryside and wild life
  10. He sounds a character. People like him we need. Hope he keeps on going
  11. Excellent video now that is the type of thing we need in main stream media over here in the uk. Obviously centered around what we have have access to. If you could do similar centered around a rabbit or pigeon, fishing etc. Young folks and even older could not help but get inspired and think yea I would like some of that. It would bring people across which is what we need
  12. Fair price too. Interesting dogs
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