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  1. Love the decoys but just wondering how folks carry them. All ways worry about snapping them or bending the old wire. I just stuff them in a big bag at moment and they seem to survive ok so far
  2. There is no escaping that one day there will be an end to all forms of hunting. They just keep nibbling away locking it down more and more. You never see any thing being relaxed and heading the other way. My grandkids kids will most likely never see a ferret or a fox hound
  3. Had my first bit of duck shooting this morning on a flooded field. It has been flooded all week but draining now. Had great session and managed one. There was also 3 others there and they did pretty well. So I went back this evening as on youtube you see lots doing dusk flights but didn't see a thing. So as rule of thumb do ducks head out to feed grounds at dusk into dark ? I guess because it was shot this morning they maybe went some where else. Or the field drying out has lost its attraction maybe. Just wondering on there general behavior. It is all a learning curve
  4. After looking at that I think I will stick with me single 20g hush. The carts are a pain to get local so will have to order a slab online. I thought the pump would be more compact. Not a big issue the 20 is nice enough
  5. oh right so a bit of a lump then. Looks relatively compact in pics on line
  6. Has any one got one and what are your thoughts ? I have a single 20g hush and it is like a drain pipe. The main purpose would be after the geese very early and in proximity to the farm house so noise is a consideration in the early hours. In the market for a new gun in next weeks so not sure which way to jump. Needs to handle steel
  7. Sure I read some where years on ago that country club had only ever rejected one claim. I think a staff member replied on a forum some where. I just renewed mine after letting it expire years ago but now I am shooting more for the sake of 33 quid be daft not to be insured
  8. I have a big old bull cross lurcher who never had any aggression what so ever and hid behind a tree from a pug once. But then time after time off lead dogs managed to nail him while on a lead despite me trying my hardest to boot them away. In the end one day a bulldog came out behind us and grabbed him by the face and the switch flipped. So I now have a big fit dog that would put the boot in first because his worried about getting nailed. So thanks for that
  9. Any one bought any of late that they recommend and won't cause a divorce. For use in flooded fields Got my eyes on these they look ok and cheap https://www.amazon.co.uk/Baoblaze-Floating-Hunting-Lifelike-Mallard/dp/B078SNZTZ4/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=duck+decoy&qid=1569745600&s=gateway&sr=8-15
  10. Mr tom awesome hunting dog and house dog but a real pain with other dogs. But such is life.
  11. Opted for the Howard Leight ones which came yesterday. Seem very comfortable and I am looking forward to testing them if this weather ever breaks. Off for the free boots hearing test today. I think I know what the results will be.
  12. All these rules seem to be made by people with no understanding. The best conservationists have all ways been the hunters in what ever there thing has been. Pre hunting ban the country side never looked so healthy. Now it is for the most part riddled with badgers and foxes. Frustrating
  13. It does feel like the end is coming with all field sports though. I dread think where we will be in 20-30 years time. Restrictions are constant and keep on coming
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