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  1. Tiercel off here used to swear by his gwp as being extermely versitile. From ferreting, working with and hawks and retreiving off water. A lot of dog though from what i read so too much for me. I guess a gsp would be along the same lines
  2. The ones off amazon you can see a mile away they seem to be fluresent now I don't know if that is by design and a good thing or not
  3. I got the ones off amazon and they are ok. A bit cheap and some of the holes have snapped off but i just secure around the neck I intend to buy some of the AvianX at some point as they look so good. If they make a difference who knows. I have found calling rather than decoys seems to be much more helpful
  4. The old ducks can be elusive for sure. Checked out the spash yesterday and knee deep water. So thought right lets get the hide set to save messing about in the dark this morning. Sent me mate pics of the water level though I could see it draining fast. Sleepness nigth for us both all excited. Got there at 5am this morning and put my lamp on and the dam field was emtpy lol. Not enought water to float a match box. It seems as the winter has gone on the drainage has flushed clean and it emtpies like hell now. So plan b up by the river hoping to catch one going up or down. Could hear lots of quacking the other side in a spash we don't have perm. So move down river to a spot they would cross heading back down. When it got light they lifted and went up lol. Just couldn't win today but still nice to be out even in 40mph gales
  5. I am new to this my self but so far found mornings much better that dusk in fact yet to have decent dusk flight. With weather it seems the rougher the better. Our best morning was gale force winds with a weather warning and the rain battered it down. The ducks loved it. So it seems no such thing as too rough. Just what I have found so far in my first season
  6. Nice to read peoples opinions. I am off to a splash in the morning. Now normally I would expect the ducks to arrive about 7am but I sort of know there's a good chance some will be there when I arrive because of the moon so considering getting there a couple of hours earlier. Rain forecast until about 4am then clear sky. What ever happens can't wait.
  7. So basically just for first few inches of ya barrel then. Thanks folks it is rather nice and yep 12 stamped on the rim
  8. What’s this about ? Is it for a shotgun and if so why would you only clean few inches i was given it
  9. Brilliant stuff. Its a little slice of heaven that is
  10. Moon is waxing fast and I noticed the last time that when we turned up in the morning at a splash the ducks would all ready be there and then disappear just before day break. Is it worth a crack even earlier or after dark in the evening. Can you see the **** fly in a full moon because I noticed ducks seem really hard to spot and sort of suddenly appear yet I can spot a pigeon a mile away
  11. Yea that is the impression I get
  12. I googled this the other day best mpg for a 4x4 and it seemed to rate Nissan Navara 46.3mpg Easy to drive, comfortable and capable of hauling heavy loads, the Nissan Navara is the perfect pick-up. It's efficient too, with front-wheel drive versions officially returning 46mpg while four-wheel models provide up to 45mpg. Factor in Nissan's comprehensive five-year-warranty and it's easy to see why the Navara is so popular with UK buyers. But I can't see how a big old truck like that can get that sort of mpg
  13. Only had one as a young fella. A pleasure to own and work. Tiny little thing and lived 17 plus years
  14. Nice one Steve only a matter of time. Just started my self this year and can't sleep looking forward to getting up a 4 Watching the switch into dawn is the best and then the calling birds in is an experience in its self
  15. Some beautiful guns in this thread. I have recently acquired a Ugartechea, Ignacio 47 years old and also a winchester pigeon grade quite a bit newer. The winchester has been opened out for steel apparently. The sxs are so nice to handle and quick espeacially the spanish one. First walk out with the Ugartechea dropped a surprise duck with a super steel on the first shot They make the old hatsan escort seem so unwieldy oh one question snap caps just pop in and pull the trigger ?
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