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  1. Any tips or trips for lifting birds from where you don't want them ? Like the opposite side of the field your on lol? Thinking of maybe a couple of blue bags lofted up on bambo or some thing
  2. Only acquired the gun about a year ago. Like I say been quoted 80.00 now. Won't be able to get it there for a week or two so will use as it is for time being
  3. No it is definitely the top lever locking plate screw that has sheared. The spring is fine and I assembled with out it and every thing functions as it should. £80 for a service plus parts if needed so will get it booked in
  4. Thanks Rob. All I do is dry it and wipe down really with smear of oil Thank you for that I was quite interested how its was seated. Think I see now
  5. Was funny on the news the police said drunk people are not capable of distancing. What a shocker
  6. No but apparently they have 2 gunsmiths in house. I will give them a bell tomorrow
  7. Yes with in forty minutes any way. Never used one before. A sense a big bill coming lol. I will get a service as it will be worth it though
  8. Thank you. Have been very helpful
  9. I will do thank you. When you say a service. What exactly does that involve. Is it just cleaning? I really enjoy the gun and hit far more with it than my hatsan semi.
  10. ah the little block with a screw in one side is the top lever locking plate I think your right there is a short bit of screw sticking out the block. Balls thats me out. Gun smith it is then
  11. ah that spring might be the top lever spring. Just got figure where the bits go and the fact they fell out is that normal or would be why it wasnt working ah the pointy rod is the top lever splunger
  12. Ok I bit the bullet and took the stock off 3 bits fell out a pointed pin. Fire pin I take it. Little block with a dimple in it. A spring I can see the top lever moving but no sign of a broken spring, Also how to get it back together
  13. not too sure if i am up to that lol
  14. yesterday but prior to that is has been a few months. It goes back and forward fine if I manually use the lever. Got wet yesterday but I wiped it all down when i got home Also is i safe to use like that. I do notice it won't fire unless I have closed it right up
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