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  1. Can't be leave it has come to this an absolute joke. I can't walk up the road a drop a pigeon because I feel like. It's a bloody pigeon not a golden eagle. A beautiful bird and tasty as hell and gives great sport. But still a bloody pigeon. Complete madness
  2. A meat thermometer is really handy. Great bit of kit. I have only ever gone the slow cook way for a whole bird but I might try and just roast one Just fried up a mallard and wigeon last night
  3. I am not in a position to worry about it but if you have spare money is it not safest to just keep it or just throw into bonds? I have known a few people who have retired with a little nest egg and then thrown into a little business only to watch it go down the pan. Or have inherited and again started a little business and watched it go.
  4. The laws for the hunting man just keep getting tighter and tighter for all aspects. Does any one actual know of a rule that was lifted or relaxed espeacially in the last few years. But yes it would be nice for basc to look into Sunday shooting for wildfowlers
  5. Just curious has any organisation tried to over turn these Sunday shooting laws in certain counties ? If not why not lol. It is a pretty pointless and outdated and as some one who lives in such a county a real pain the the neck. I have a limited permissions and weather dependent so the chances of it all coming together on a Saturday are a bit rare and working all week it cuts right down on chances to go.
  6. I have noticed when I have minced either goose or pigeon espeacially it tends to be very wet and mushy
  7. Yes exactly. My dog was basically ruined by dogs running up and having a pop. He didn't a vicious bone in his body and ran off and hid behind a tree from a pug lol. But then he matured and now would put the boot in first and his 30kg of muscle. My fault really for not keeping other dogs back. I won't make that mistake again if i ever have another dog
  8. My dog is not good with other dogs at all so all ways on a lead. Trouble is it works both ways when people with safe dogs let them run all over the shop and do what they want. All dogs should be tight at heel on or off leads unless working or in none public place
  9. Mine has all ways worked well until both barrels went off last night at same time. Hopefully a one off. Glad I didn't have the mammoths in lol. A might fine bang and a flash in the dark and I missed
  10. No there havent lol. They have an old review
  11. Out of my guns I all ways reach for the winchester But like said each to there own
  12. I love mine and shooting well with it at the moment plus I can put any thing through it steel wise Been doing well on the ducks with it too. Handles so much better than the old hatsan semi I really love it.
  13. Is it not the old local distance is classed as five miles and thats ya lot?
  14. Your not going to catch it stood on a foreshore some where or walking the woods. Stopping driven shooting is probably a good idea though. Regrettable though it is
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