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  1. I asked a farmer once who rented his fields out who do I need permission off and he said me. The fella renting said the same thing lol. Basically I would all ways go with the owner and tend to ask them first but lucky most people get on well
  2. 20 mph every where now and to be honest really hard to stick too and easy to exceed. Fair enough in front of schools etc but else where 30 would be fine
  3. You can't discipline a kid they are the way they are. You can steer and advise and set an example but they have to find there own path and hopefully learn from there mistakes. In the end it either works out or it don't
  4. Interesting thank you. This is a fair sized pea field and he let some bee keeper put hives there to help pollinate which is win win really. But I thought it would be one or two but there is a good ten or more hives and the air was full of them zooming back and forward. Hopefully the far side will be ok but I had visions of getting swarmed. There is a nice hide position in about 30 yards of them but I don't think I will bothering there lol
  5. Any one had any issues shooting near hives ? As in about 30 yards. Must be about 15 hives and lot of bees zooming around. Just curious really as I intend to go the other side of the field to be safe lol
  6. Yes I think I am going to up the budget and yours looks ideal
  7. Has any one bought a kennel and run of late. Thinking galvanized run with a kennel and a roof. Saying that I do see some half tidy wooden ones. Got a concrete floor.Aiming around 500 mark ideally For a 20-30kb dog when the time comes
  8. Looks great got to say
  9. Most important thing make sure glands are out the way
  10. Not so much pigeon but hundred upon hundred of rooks on the drillings but in sunny wales we can't touch them
  11. This is the thing farmers don't want hassle most of them can hardly spare the time to say yes crack on let alone any thing else
  12. Its a harness no hare courser would be seen dead with one of them but a pet owner would and that would also explain why its not stock broken as the bulk of pet owner don't bother
  13. Basically this https://www.djdecoys.com/product/aimcam-pro-2-fully-loaded-kit/ Brand new and un-opened Due to a change in circumstances much as I would love to keep it I can't really justify it. £180 posted recorded delivery
  14. Are there any farmers out there that actually run around wasting there time trying non lethal preventative measures when shooters will happily do it for free. Yes I am sure there are a few but it really is a joke
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