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  1. Thank you he is sorted now and I will let him know about the mazda. The old girl is getting old now so his constantly after some thing
  2. Never been a boot man my self. You can't pop them all walk around sum muddy fields for an hour then walk in the house with out taking them off which is a palarva more of a welly guy
  3. I have a perm where I am a few hundred yards from few house and I called around and they were ok. Problem is what if one was against shooting. Do you then give up a legit perm or go against them. In which case you would be better off not asking in the first place. Not that I asked I just said I was going to be shooting be hind there house so they new
  4. Awesome start to the season for you. Lovely looking spot too. For some reason I am struggling to hit a duck so far.Been on pigeons all summer with some good shooting but can't hit duck to save my life. Last year I was on the money with them. I think I am just over excited
  5. Stand together simple from the fella out with his lurcher for a bit of sport to the man in his tweed on a high bird day. Unfortunately all ready to late for some but we need to unite and fight tooth and claw for what is left.
  6. That is true no one gives a hoot what is said on here. Fact is hunting/shooting will never win any majority votes. But the big organizations that have a bit of money behind them are the only hope. But by and large even they just roll over with every thing is stead of going on the offensive and clawing things back. The poor old lurcher folks get thrown under the bus every time as well. The good old waterloo cup was incredible sport absolute poetry in motion. Just a sin it was stopped. Heritage down the pan to pacify a bunch of carrot nibblers
  7. Your bang on an such is the world we now live in his words will hold sway. As you say it all sounds like a stunt. I really can't imagine any field sports man from any discipline donning a balaclava stealing a range rover. Lobbing a burning fag in it and walking off like bruce willis while it blows up behind them. Were all too bloody knackered and grown up to be honest. The guy is like a big kid
  8. We should all be in this together. I have not even looked at what the post is initially about. But I gather a hunts man shot his dog which as long as it was done well is ok. Not some thing I could do personally. As for hunting with hounds and using terriers nothing wrong with it. Yes things can get a bit intense for want of a better word but it is or was part of country life and should have remained so. Hare coursing was a beautiful sport as is running a dog against a hare. It is shameful it was ever banned. All I see in this thread is I am all right jack and I think I am so much better than the rest of them. Bloody shameful every one should have stood together back in 2004 because they had not got it passed the shooting world would also be in better shape than it is now with likes of packham ripping us apart and walking all over us
  9. Regarding this comment I made ( Fields sports all ways involves some form of cruelty) I made above I will say all us decent hunters/shooters try and keep the suffering to a bare minimum. That is just part of being decent. But unfortunately there are mistakes but we do our best. Also and I am preaching to the converted the hunters in any form are also the best conservationists. But anyway the hunting with hounds or hare coursing should never have been banned it was a chip off the block and they won't be happy until every thing is stopped. Shooting hounds if done properly at the end of the day is better than a stressful visit to the vets. I wish when the time comes I could walk my own dog and shoot it while it stood there completely unaware in the outdoors doing what it loved all its life rather than on a vets table scared to death. But I don't have it in me
  10. Fields sports all ways involves some form of cruelty and you can dress it up how you like. Hounds can kill a fox in seconds fact. Shooting no matter how good you think you are can lead to clipped and wounded animals and that is a fact. I have no problem with either but I don't like seeing one branch of sport ripping into another because they think they are better than them
  11. So simply don't do it but why impose your will on others with in reason of course. Loads of people disagree with killing any thing at all and they heading out to impose there will on you and they will. Might not be in your life time but I bet a pound to a penny your grandkids won't be sat on a marsh dropping a goose on a morning flight. Or out shooting pigeons on the stubble. Or if they are it won't be with out some dam ridiculous licencing that makes it dam near impossible for the majority of people
  12. That is cobblers it is all well and good sitting on your high horse but when you lose doing what you love which you will at some point and that is a certainty see how you feel
  13. captainhastings


    Some farmers like geese around here at least. They tend to only arrive just after harvest so don't do any damage. Farmers like to see them
  14. You would thought so. The part he needs is a caliper carrier . He can get a chinese copy but looking for for one from scraped motor
  15. Any one got one that is being used for parts. My mate needs a part for his brakes apparently and he can't source the part as they are not made any more. I can find out the exact part if any one has any thing. Thanks Terry
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