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  1. People will not have there minds changed and the hunting folks in what ever form that is will all ways be out numbered. Some people hate all aspects of it and they will never be changed. Some don't give a toss either way. The simple fact is the minority should not have to have the views of others forced on them espeacially by people who have no clue
  2. I tried mine with normal carts and to be honest it wasn't good enough. But not a fair test so I will have to find some subsonics on line and retest
  3. Yep its just down to money. But the country was much better place back in the eighties in my opinion. We had the little village shop, post office. Used to sell a rabbit on the way home and nip in for a mars bar. Lovely times. Just a barren village now with sod all
  4. No idea to be honest going back years. Best pic i can find
  5. I have a plastic maintenance free shed. Had it I guess 10 years and it is like new. But in the winter major condensation
  6. Why go to all that effort and expense to find some thing out they can do nothing about. Yes who ever did shoot it at some point is a plonker. It could have been an 11 year old kid with an air rifle or what ever. Maybe some over enthusiastic pigeon shooter got his reflexes in a tiz. But what is the point . Just drama and creating work for people
  7. Who ever designs these must be idiots to hide a part that you know will need changing quite a lot. I have to take the battery out just to change a sidelight bulb on one side and the other is nearly impossible
  8. At the end of the day unfortunately its dead not like they are going to catch any one if any one needs catching.
  9. The gun I saw turned out to be 2 1/2 so I left it there and will wait to see what bargain comes along during the summer in 3 inch
  10. Our local shoot has a good market for his ducks with the game dealer and he insists on steel. Job done. Let the rest of folks crack on we have more than enough rules all ready don't need any more
  11. Looks like separate plates. We did a test this morning with standard clear pigeon and my mate went 50 yards a 100 and then a bit more. All though it was a big quieter it still gave a fair boom. The difference is distance made little change to the sound Now the reason I bought it was I picked up a good perm but the best game spot is two fields from the yard. The issue is the guys dog is very gun shy. My mate said as it was this morning it would still be too loud. Obviously not a fair test as I need to try subsonic so will have to order some from online some where
  12. It don't bare thinking about
  13. Hi this is the reply to my original inquiry Hi. You could fit it to a Hatsan choke, but for the Squires you would have to use the 10” detachable Hushpower moderator If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me Regards Jon Yes mine is the 12B one to go on my hatsan semi. I think it is the 10Inch. Going to pickup a single barrel 410 next and get the smaller one to go on that
  14. Collected this morning. Was hoping to find some subsonic locally but no luck. Will test with standard carts tomorrow and get a mate to stand at various ranges to access sound.
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