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  1. My lurcher pup was a pain and we have neighbours so couldn't just let him get on with it. So over a period of two weeks I slept on the settee with the crate in front of me and slowly moved it back then after a while i started sneaking up stairs. Also help was not letting him sleep at all in the evenings so he was whacked. I think that was key. Every time he started nodding off i popped in yard for fresh air. Got there in the end but it wasn't easy
  2. Will be giving that a go for sure. Will have a look around for the paste
  3. We have a few pigeons I just can't hit them
  4. Well it was blood boiling yesterday after work but I needed to walk the dog and fancied a pigeon for the pot. The only field of stubble was right at the bottom of the farm so I had sweaty old hike in with all the gear. My shooting was dire with the pigeons coming in full steam with a strong breeze behind them. You can tell by the dog things were bad. As a rule after every shot his bouncing about wanting to storm out the hide. I would like to say so he can delicately fetch them back nice and tidy but really he just wants to smash them to bits and spread all over the field. But his good company anyway after a few shots were fired I ended up with 3 in the bag. Back home then and got them marinading in garlic and soy in the fridge. quickly fried tonight for 2 minutes with roasted new spuds in the halogen and fresh cabbage, beets and broad beans all from the plot my daughter loved it.
  5. Thanks folks the gun I maybe able to get apparently looks a lot like this and is very old I am a bit worried about proofing ? and would it be ok for 2.5" cartridges. I was reading an old post on here discussing an old 410 and one comment was "gun is only proofed for Black Powder, another problem with old Belgian .410's."
  6. Been offered a hammer folder quite old. Never used a hammer type before. What are they like to use ?
  7. Thank you for the replies but hoping to find some thing local to avoid the extra charges of delivery
  8. Most of us have to work but the dog soon gets the routine. As long as it exercised and well fed its not a problem. Ours is left some times for 5 hours crated no worries and he just sleeps in his crate. If he was to be left for 8 hours I would rather he was in a run outside just so he doesn't have to hold him self in the house if he got caught short. But he is good at that any way and has a routine. There are much worse off dogs in world unfortunately. So if you can provide a good home and exercise i don't see a problem
  9. any one have a cheap folding 4.10 for sale in west wales please
  10. Give it a go by all means why not. But it is hard work with longs hours and little money. I remember a few times still working boxing chicks up at 2 am after starting work at 7 am the day before. Then get a few hours kip and start again. You also get fed up of the site and smell of pheasants they look great strutting around some little wood all pristine looking but not quite so when you have hundreds in a pen. But saying that I am glad I did and in hind site wish I had stuck with it as I was heading for a position with a cottage provided and a good future. So by all means give it a try and see what you make of it
  11. Thanks for the pointers every one. I think drut I am the same as you as you say with the hushpower I blot out the target and thats when I hit but with the o/u I need to do it differently
  12. Started back shooting this year with a 20g s/b hushpower. At first I couldn't hit a thing but when I gave up trying too aim it and now basically point it in the right direction with both eyes open and obscure the target with the barrel I am having success. I rang out of cartridges the other day and swapped too my baikal o/u and thought with no drain pipe barrel I should try and aim but no luck I couldn't hit a barn door. Plus having two barrels I found I was just wasting the second shot in a forlorn attempt. Any advice for me please ? I just shoot pigeons as a rule
  13. Well glad I went yesterday tried again this morning and only 1 pigeon just the odd one about. I think the two chaps yesterday stayed all day and gave them a battering. I will give it a couple of days too regroup and try again
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