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  1. Your bang on about the folding up. I gave it a quick test today . All I did was drill a hole in my floater and just push on. Stayed on a treat but as you say the wing curls up. One real bird and one floater on here No idea what the pigeons think as not a bird to be seen. I should have known mid day is waste of time but it was just to test the magnet really and see if the plastic burd held together
  2. I will do some good ideas here. I think I can mount my floaters y just drilling one hole so won't wreck them after all. Just be handy to use rather than fresh birds
  3. Ok thank you. I have a couple of these but never use them but I find the magnet worth its weight in gold at times. I guess I could drill a hole straight through them and couple cable ties failing that buy couple of hyper flaps
  4. Can you get plastic birds to fit on these please? I do have a couple of enforcer floaters which I rarely use so was thinking of butchering them maybe
  5. Another thing I dont get is soldiers on the news wear face coverings all the time. I have no idea but when shooting the more awareness you have with hearing and vision the better. When your life depends on it even more so. As for a tank you wouldn't want to be any where near one
  6. I just find it unthinkable. Just as one example. Pottering about on a frosty morning with a ferret and a dog. That rumble under the ground before a bolt. That man and dog team work. To outlaw some thing like that is insanity . You have to draw a line
  7. Simon Hart ? though not many like him for sure sadly
  8. This was on fieldsports Britain. Worth a click for sure https://huntingkind.com
  9. We don't need any more laws got enough ******** as it is. They were plain stupid
  10. I bet they weren't watching it disappear before there very eyes like we are though
  11. The end for all field sports is getting nearer and nearer we are losing ground at a great rate. What with what is happening in Scotland regarding hunting dogs and now this. A few more years be lucky if you can go fishing. There has to be some thing that can be done. We are effectively getting bullied
  12. So from the news the latest is The US president also made headlines during his European trip, announcing any chemical attack launched by Russia in Ukraine would be met "in kind" by Nato. Though he declined to go into detail. This now means there is a point where we will get involved which is a development. If doing the right thing puts my kids at risk then I am not for doing the right thing. If it was just me that would be different
  13. Well I emailed basc and they rang me today in fairness . Nothing much will change if it does go through and you can still use one or two dogs to flush hunt and catch a rabbit for example. He also said when the government or Basc ask for the surveys to be filled out it is important we do so as they take notice. For example one was sent out in Wales recently to do with game birds and out of 7000 members in wales only 200 did it. So they are trying
  14. Nothing to do hounds that has been lost. The issue is lurcher work and all the people that go ferreting and lamping legally which there are plenty. A proper way of country life where you nip out for a few unbeatale hours of sport and puts some food on the table if you wish. How they have the audacity to take that off people amazes me
  15. It is the job of the likes of basc and others to stand up and stop these things. But I get the feeling lurcher work does not come onto the radar It is sad fact that in years to come this mag cover won't be seen again
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